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Gursu Mahallesi 318. sokak Makbul Apt.No:10/4 KONYAALTI / ANTALYA / TURKEY
Tel: 00 90 242 230 23 88
Cur Company is London K& Anlalya Turkey based company wilh parlner
ollices in mosl properly regions ol Turkey and Norlh Cyprus, including
Anlalya, Kas, Kalkan, elhiye, 8odrum, slanbul, Kyrenia, Norlh Cyprus. Cur
porllolio wilh over 3.000properlies in Turkey and Norlh Cyprus, our company
ollers a huge variely ol slyles, regions and prices. Whelher you have your
eye on one ol our properlies, or il you would |usl like lo lind oul more aboul
whal we can oller you, please call our consullanls.
Cur leamaims lo give lhe very besl assislance so you can realise your dream
ol a holiday home, lileslyle or inveslmenl properly in Turkey and Norlh
Cyprus. Cur leam ol consullanls will work wilh you and lor you lo lind you
lhe besl resale, new build or ollplan properly in Turkey and Norlh Cyprus.
Aboul us
usueicu iepyuapopuon koinaunen no npopae uepsnnioc:n,
uamn ocuosue oqnc uaxopu:cu s !oupoue (8enkopn:aunu) n
Au:ann (Typunu). Y uac ec: nap:ueps omnuc:se peinouax Typunn
n ua Cesepuoi Knnpe, s :oi nce s Au:ann, Kame, Kakaue, Ce:xne,
Loppyie, C:aiye.
8 uamen ae uacn:sae:cu oee 3,000 oek:os s Typunn n ua
Cesepuoi Knnpe, i npepaiaei pauoopaue npoek: no c:nui,
peinouain ueuai. Lcn 8ainoupasncu opnu n uamnx oek:os, nn
8 npoc:o xo:n:e yua: ome o uamnx npepoeunux, noaync:a,
csun:ec c uamnin koucy:au:ai.
peaei sce soiouoe, :o npeson:n onpaunu caix
scka:eux kneu:os, iapau:npyei, :o npouepypa nokynkn
uepsnnioc:n s Typunn ype: pu 8ac eikon n uapeuon. Hpnope:au
uepsnnioc: c uamen koinaunen, 8noyae:e npesocxopun cepsnc
ua scex 5:anax nokynkn.
C koinaunn
invesl,live and
en|oy Turkey!
To provide our clients with candid, objective advice on buying
property in Turkey and Northern Cyprus.
To evaluate clients requirements in order to create a package
most suited to individual needs and budgets.
To provide ongoing guidance and support, from initial enquiry to
final settlement and property management and rentals thereafter.
To ensure clients get the best possible return on their investment
To offer our clients the maximum choice available for their budget
so our clients can make informed decisions.
To monitor new developments and ensure all properties on our
books have a consistently high standard.
Our company gives bespoke service to each client.
We do all due diligence on all our builders and developers before
Our checks include previous developments completed and their
competence to deliver, legal security and compliance, financial
stability and to deal in an honest and open manor.
npepoc:asuei koucy:aunn no nokynke uepsnnioc:n s
Typunn n ua Cesepuoi Knnpe
Ho 8ameiy anpocy coc:asuei nopopky oek:os
coo:se:c:seuuo kpe:y, peinouy n nupnsnpyauino:peuoc:ui;
nouoc:k conposopaei cpeky nokynkn uepsnnioc:n. o:
anpoca po noyeunu npasa coc:seuuoc:n, a :ake npepoc:asuei
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o:censaei uose npoek:, nponsopni nx nposepky ua
coo:se:c:sne c:aupap:os.
Hama apaa - oecnen: nupnsnpyaun cepsnc uamni
nposopni :ma:euyk nposepky uamnx nap:uepos n
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ycyin. Take i oecnensaei nocenpopaun cepsnc
npnope:eune ieen, ycyin apeup, :paucqepa, yopkn,
Cur services
Hamn ycyin
Cnpoc ua nokynky oek:os koiiepeckon uepsnnioc:n s Au:ann n
oc:ae:cu scokni n s omon c:eneun ueypose:sopeuui. uoine
npepnpnunia:en nn qnpiio:oskynn: Oqnc, aianu, Topiosooqncuoe
noiemeune, Hoiemeune csoopuoio uauaeunu, uoioqyukunouaun
Topiosn Koinekc, Ckap nn Hnonsopc:seuuoe noiemeune pu
coo:se:c:seuux uyp nn s kaec:se soeunu peueux cpepc:s, :o
noya: c:anun n poc:a:ouo scoknn poxop o: cpan npnope:euux
Ha ceiopuumunn peu opunin uanoee nepcnek:nsux uanpaseunn usue:cu
nusec:nposaune s oek:koiiepeckon uepsnnioc:n s Typunn. :o: cnoco
soeunu cpepc:s on:niauo nopxopn: :ei, k:o xoe: o:kp: uosn nn
pacmnpn: cymec:sykmnn nuec, a :ake noyn: npn o: c:pon:ec:sa,
npopan nn cpan s apeupy :opiosooqncux nomapen, oek:os paseeunu
n :ypnia.
There are several reasons lo consider invesling in Turkish properly. Compared lo a
lol ol olher counlries like Spain, Creece, orlugal andrance, lhe prices are considerably
less. There are many properly inveslmenl opporlunilies; like ollplan inveslmenl,
aparlmenl pro|ecls and holels.
Lconomical condilions and awareness ol Turkey is impressive. Anolher good reason
lo invesl in Turkish properlies is lhe slrenglh ol lhe economy. Lconomic condilions
conlinue lo improve and slrenglhen. The main reason is lhe huge growlh in lourism
and relaled induslries around lourism. There are many excellenl vacalion spols, and
lhey are very allordable, compared lo many olher lourisl areas. Also, lhe counlry
has a slralegic localion lo many dillerenl world markels.
When considering inveslmenls in a loreign counlry, lhe slandard ol living is very
imporlanl. Turkish living cosls are considered low, by many slandards, and lhis gives
lhe loreign inveslmenl more properly lor money. any properlies can be purchased
lor subslanlially less lhan olher counlries in Lurope. However, as economic condilions
improve, lhe slandard ol living will also improve. This means lhal il may be lhe perlecl
lime lo invesl in properly. any people lind lhe Turkish wealher and climale very
nice and |oylul. Sun is lree. You may lay down under sun whenever you like. You may
wish lo spend a relaxing vacalion on lhe warmbeached and swimin Turkish Piviera.
The edilerranean coaslline lealures hol summers and warm winlers. However, il
one is inlo cool wealher sporls like skiing, lhe mounlains are nol lar away. The lourisl
spols are an excellenl area lo invesl in commercial properly, holiday home and
inveslmenl properlies.
urchasing Turkish properlies can be a lucralive inveslmenl. The inviling climale is
exceplional lor lhe lourismlrade, and a slrong economy means a brighl lulure. You
may lind much lower prices, due lo lower cosls ol living. However, lhese condilions
are expecled lo change in lhe lulure. Nowil's lhe lime lo invesl in Turkey.
Why Turkey`
Hoeiy Typunu`
Hamn npepoeunu
1. usec:nposaune s c:pon:ec:so oek:a koiiepeckon uepsnnioc:n.
npepaiaei yac:ne s c:pon:ec:se koiiepecknx oek:os s Au:ann ua
panux 5:anax c ioieu:a nokynkn ein n po asepmeunu c:pon:ec:sa.
:o nosoue: nusec:opai siopuo son: cpepc:sa n noyn: o:pay s snpe
io:osoio oek:a, ko:opn iouo ncnoosa: kak nop coc:seuun nuec,
:ak n pu noyeunu poxopa o: npopan nn cpan oek:a uepsnnioc:n s
2. Hokynka io:osoio oek:a koiiepeckon uepsnnioc:n. Hpeniymec:sa
pauuon poiocpouon nusec:nunn akkak:cu s :oi, :o nusec:op niee:
soiouoc: cpay uaa: ncnoosa: oek: nop coc:seuun nuec nn
noya: poxop o: cpan oek:a s apeupy. Take soioeu sapnau: pauenmen
siopuon nepenpopan oek:a, nockoky ueu ua koiiepeckyk
uepsnnioc: s Au:ann ueykouuo pac:y:.
3. Apeupa oek:a koiiepeckon uepsnnioc:n. Y uac ec: pup npepoeunn
no apeupe :opiosooqncux noiemeunn c uanoee siopui
iec:opacnooeuneipu o:kp:nu n sepeunu coc:seuuoio nueca s Au:ann.
:o siopuo koinaunui, ko:ope xo:u: nposepn: 5qqek:nsuoc: sepeunu
nueca s pauuoi peinoue, a :ake naunpyk: s nepcnek:nse pacmnpu: cson
nuec s Typunn.
4. Hokynka io:osoio nueca. [u nusec:opos, niekmnx on: sepeunu nueca
s onpepeeuuon cqepe n eakmnx nonpoosa: ceu s Typunn, uama koinaunu
npepaiae: pup sapnau:os no nokynke io:osoio nueca s Au:annckoipeinoue.
Cpepn unx ocuosuin snpain nueca usuk:cu iaianu, kaqe, pec:opau,
o:en n :.p.
lo nvesl in Turkey
ollowing your linal decision as lo which Turkey properly lo
purchase, we shall make an appoinlmenl lor you lo meel our
Lnglish speaking solicilor.
The solicilor will draw up lhe purchase agreemenl lor your new
Turkey properly ensuring maximum proleclion lo bolh parlies
and in line wilh lhe lerms, paymenl schedule and condilions
agreed wilh lhe developer.
The solicilor will lhen arrange lor all lhe paper work relaling lo
your Turkey properly purchase lo be senl lo lhe lille deeds ollice
lor lhe lransler ol lhe lille deeds ol lhe Turkey properly onlo your
name. This usually lakes several monlhs lollowing complelion ol
your Turkey properly.
The solicilor will also deal wilh lhe necessary mililary checks lor
your properly in Turkey, belore which lille cannol be lranslerred
lo your name. The mililary check is only lo delermine
lhal lhe area your Turkey properly
is silualed in is nol wilhin a mililary
zone where loreign ownership is nol
allowed. This could lake approximalely
3 monlhs.
Your solicilor will inlormyou once lhe lille
deeds ol your Turkey properly have been
aulhorized. This is usually when your linal
balance ol paymenls is payable logelher wilh
lhe buyer's lax (3.3%slampduly). Your solicilor
will lhen arrange lor lhe newlille ol your Turkey
properly lo be regislered wilh lhe local council
ollice (lor properly lax purposes). or delailed
inlormalion please check our web sile.
Hoce :oio, kak 8 sepe:e oek: nn ueckoko oek:os,
uanuae:cu ocuosuau npouepypa nokynkn uepsnnioc:n s
[oiosop akkae:cu iepy npopasuoi, nokyna:eei n
aieu:c:soi uepsnnioc:n ua psyx ukax - pycckoi n
:ypeukoi. [oiosop nopnncsae:cu scein c:opouain.
Coiacuo akouy ipapauai C ueoxopnio noyn: 8H*
pu nopan pokyieu:os s Kapac:posoe Ynpaseune. 8H*
noyak: s iec:ux o:peeunux nonunn, auniakmencu
3a:ei uanpasue:cu anpoc s 8oeuuoe 8epoic:so s inpe.
[auuau npouepypa auniae: okoo 35 iecuues. apemeunu
ypoc:osepuk: :o: qak:, :o eiu, ipe uaxopn:cu oek:, ue
npnuapen: n ue ncnoye:cu iocypapc:soi
n soeuui sepoic:soi.
Hoce noyeunu noon:euoio o:se:a n
inpa, peinc:pnpye:cu nepepaa npas
coc:seuuoc:n s iec:uoi Kapac:posoi
Ynpaseunn, ko:opoe usue:cu
csnpe:ec:soi o coc:seuuoc:n
roperly urchase rocess Hpouepypa oqopieunu
& properlies
einou n npepoeunu
The cily ol Anlalya, home lo almosl lwo million people, slrelches along Anlalya
bay al lhirlynine melres above sea level. The Taurus ounlains rise lo over
3000 melres above lhis coaslline, wrapping Anlalya Cily like a cradle. Allogelher
lhe blue sky, lhe mounlains, precipices and caves creale a nalurally beaulilul
visla. The views lrom lhe old yachl harbour ol Anlalya (known as Anlalya Yal
Limani) are dramalic.
The lasl rale ol urbanisalion and lhe increase ol employmenl in lourism and
olher service seclors have lranslormed lhe cily inlo an inlernalional resorl cenlre,
and lhirly percenl ol loreign lourisls who lravel lo Turkey visil lhe Anlalya region.
Anlalya is ma|or lourism deslinalion in Turkey. l's a very praclical cily, lrom
which you can lly lo almosl 350 deslinalions.
Au:anu cn:ae:cu c:onuen kypop:uon nun ua :ypeukoi
Cpepneiuoiope. Ho:pucakmne no kpaco:e Topocckne iop, eckoueue
nun, uaipapeune ioyi qaioi, n uacepc:eo ppeeunx unennaunn
pec nckycuo coe:ak:cu c apxn:ek:ypon 8oc:oka. Koiqop:aeuoe
cymec:eoeaune oecneneak: coepeieuue paunu, paen:au
nuqpac:pyk:ypa, npekpacuau 5kooinu n omnpun koinekc paeeeunn,
ekkau iopuoue kypop:. Hepennioc: e Au:ann - 5:o iec:o pu
koiqop:uon nun, ueaeaeioio o:pxa n uakoic:ea c oia:i
nc:opneckni uacepnei.
Anlalya Au:anu
Seafront residence in Antalya Konyaalti with
striking sea views.
8edrooms. 23
Sqm. 125m215m2
ealures. pool, sauna, lilness, lurkish balh, indoor
pool. ndoor car parking, care laker, securily,
landscaped garden.
Luxury Anlalya aparlmenls wilh rich lacililies,
close lo local amenilies.

Konec:eo cnaeu. 23
Homap. 125i210i2
8 koinekce. accenu, cayua, qn:uec, :ypeukau
auu, akp:n accenu, nopeiuau napkoeka,
koucep, oxpaua, cap.
n:uau uepennioc: c eenkoenuienpoi
ua iope.
Prices from
Modern Antalya apartments with shared pool
close to beach
8edrooms. 13
Sq m. 60i2115i2
ealures. pool, sauna, lilness, securily, landscaped
erlecl holiday home, also suile lor permanenl

Konec:eo cnaeu. 13
Homap. 60i2115i2
8 koinekce. accenu, cayua, qn:uec, oxpaua,
C:nuo nopxopn: pu o:pxa ecen ceien,
noc:ouuuoio nponeaunu.
Prices from
Luxury gollvillas in 8elek close lo gollcourses
8edrooms. 45
Sq m. 290m2530m2
lol Sq m. 400m2600m2
ealures. pool, sauna, lilness, lurkish balh, indoor
swimming pool, parking, care laker, securily,
landscaped garden.
Collvillas in 8elek wilh privale pool
Lnkapue en e Leeke pupoi co
uaieun:i ioqkyoi
Konec:eo cnaeu. 45
Homap. 290i2530i2
Homap yac:ka. 400i2600i2
8 koinekce. accenu, cayua, qn:uec, :ypeukau
auu, akp:n accenu, napkoeka, koucep,
oxpaua, cap.
oqen e Leeke kacca kkc c ac:ui
Prices from
8elek aparlmenls close lo Coll courses
8edrooms. 23
Sq m. 110m2140m2
ealures. pool, sauna, lilness, lurkish balh, indoor
swimming pool, parking, care laker, securily,
landscaped garden.
Spacious 8elek gollaparlmenls in complex wilh
rich lacililies.
Anap:aieu: e Leeke pupoi c ioqkyoi
Konec:eo cnaeu. 23
Homap. 110i2140i2
8 koinekce. accenu, cayua, qn:uec, :ypeukau
auu, akp:n accenu, napkoeka, koucep,
oxpaua, cap.
oqanap:aieu: e koinekce c oxpauon n
omni accenuoi.
Prices from
C:onua ioqa Typunn Leek apekoieupoea ceu opuni n caix
neec:ux kypop:oe pu kn:eenuacapa:cu 5:nienpoicnop:a kpyin
iop. Loee 16 ioqueu:poe, cnpoek:npoeauux neec:uin no eceiy inpy
nipokain e ioq n pnanuepain, copak: a:iocqepy ypoeoc:enu n
pockomuoio c:nu nun.
Leek npepaiae: ue :oko ioq, uo n npekpacuyk nuqpac:pyk:ypy, :ak
kak uaxopn:cu uepaeko o: ueu:pa Au:ann n e 20 inuy:ax o:
iepyuapopuoio a5ponop:a e Au:ann, ko:opn o:kp: kpyin iop n
npnuniae: penc n ecex kpynux iopopoe inpa.
8elek is a busy resorl lown specilically developed lor goll lourism, and since lhe
mid eighlies has grown lo engull lhe neighbouring village ol Kadriye. 8oasling
300 days ol sunshine a year and warmedilerranean walers, 8elek has become
a haven lor lhose seeking lhe luxury ol liveslar holel complexes, as well as lirsl
class golling lacililies.
The lown has lhe dislincl advanlage ol being |usl lhirly kilomelres lromAnlalya
and ils airporl. 8elek is a heaven lor goll lovers, wilh sixleen goll courses, and
anolher lwo due lo open soon. Collers lromall around go lo 8elek lo en|oy lhe
excellenl lacililies lhal are available and 8elek will hosl lhe 2012World Amaleur
Coll Championship.8elek en|oys good wealher all year round. This region, ollers
you holiday home & goll properlies.
Modern Side villas
8edrooms. 35
Sq m. 250m24500m2
ealures. privale pool, parking area, landscaped
garden. rivale Side villas wilh greal mounlain

Konec:eo cnaeu. 35
Homap. 250i2450i2
Ha :eppn:opnn. ac:un accenu, napkoeka,
cap. ac:ue en e Cnpe c npekpacui
enpoi ua iop
Prices from
Exclusive villa-apartment project in Side
8edrooms. 23
Sqm. 90m2160m2
ealures. privale pool, shared pool, parking area,
landscaped garden
Newcomplex wih modern design in Side

Konec:eo cnaeu. 23
Homap. 90i2160i2
Ha :eppn:opnn. ac:un accenu, omnn
accenu napkoeka, cap.
Hoen koinekc enanap:aieu:oe c
o:nui pnanuoi
Prices from
Side is one ol lhe beslknown classical
siles in Analolia, lounded in anliquily,
on lhe soulhern coasl ol Turkey, in
lhe province ol Anlalya. The lown
wilh lhe large plain al ils back resls
againsl lhe Taurus ounlains. The edilerranean coasl is along km in lronl
ol Side where nalural sandy beaches recognized by inlernalional blue llag are
lined up. Side is in edilerranean climale characlerized by warm lo hol, dry
summers and cool, wel winlers. Average lemperalures are in winler 17'C and
in summer 2'C al Side. or seawaler, average winler lemperalure is 1'C;
average summer lemperalure is 26'C. Snow is considered as an exlraordinary
nalural evenl by Sideans. However a while coal covers lhe Taurus ounlains in
winlerlime. 8y lhe spring, walers ol lhe melling snowembrace lhe edilerranean
Sea via anavgal Piver; lhe nalural picnic and recrealion lields lurn lo lile viewing
walerlalls, lakes and dams. There are plaleaus on lhe mounlains wilh very rich
llora, suilable lor bolh salari lrips and lrekking. There is no induslrial laclory al
Side. The economy depends on lourism, agricullure and commerce.
Cnpe ymee iec:o pu poiau:nkoe :eopecknx ua:yp. :o: ueomon
kypop:un iopopok, pacnooeuun iepy Au:anen n Aaunen. [peeuuu
apxn:ek:ypa, eenkoenue nun, no:pucakmne npnpopue nenan n
eenec:eeuue iopcopak: uac:poeune, ko:opoio ue noyn: un e opuoi
yioke inpa. Hepennioc: e Cnpe oueuu: kpn c nckauui ekycoi.
Coxpaunemnecu naiu:unkn ppeeuenmen nc:opnn, a :ake noc: k Leeky,
neec:uoiy ioqkypop:y Typunn, peak: uepennioc: e Cnpe nonc:nue
yunkauinponeepeunei, uepeu, npoeepeunu e Cnpe, cnocoua apupn:
5uepinen :ak, kak un opnu kypop: e inpe.
Private Alanya villas with panoramic views
8edrooms. 35
Sq m. 10m2450m2
ealures. privale pool, parking area, landscaped
Alanya villa boasls privale garden and nice views

Konec:eo cnaeu. 35
Homap. 10i2450i2
Ha :eppn:opnn. ac:un accenu, napkoeka,
upnenpyauau ena c ac:ui accenuoi,
n ecex okou o:kpeae:cu nauopaiun enp ua
Prices from
Seafront newAlanya apartments with shared
8edrooms. 13
Sq m. 60i2150i2
ealures. pool, sauna, lilness, parking, securily,
landscaped garden.
erlecl holiday home, close lo cily cenler

Konec:eo cnaeu. 13
Homap. 60i2150i2
8koinekce. accenu, cayua, qn:uec, napkoeka,
oxpaua, cap.
C:nuo nopxopn: pu o:pxa ecen ceien,
nko k ueu:py iopopa.
Prices from
Aaunu ueue:cu caiikuinuuikypop:oiTypunn, pacnooeuun
ua epeiy Cpepneiuoio iopu. :o: kypop:un iopopok o:nae:cu
npo:ueuuin nuain, eocxn:n:euon npnpopon, eenkoenui
knia:oi n koueuo nc:opnecknin naiu:unkain. Aaunu, c mnpoknin
npocnek:ain n iaeauk, koiqop:aeuin o:euin n ypuin
pec:opaunkain, cnokonuau n ue:oponneau puein axea:eakmau uok,
acyeuuo cn:ae:cu opuni n caix nonyupux :ypeuknx iopopoe pu
npnu:uoio epeiunpenpoeopeunu.
Alanya is one ol good summer holiday deslinalion in Turkey, wilh il's nalural
beauly, rich hislorical charm, modern lacililies and advenlurous pursuils, you
name il Alanya has il. The lown is alive in almosphere, wilh happy crowds
buzzing around lhe beaches, slreels, shops and holels. There are plenly ol
arlilacls around lo inlrigue hislory bulls, such as lhe lhirleenlh cenlury Sel|uk
Caslle and lhe red lower (Kizil Kule). There is also a museumlhal is very popular
in Alanya and plenly ol bars and clubs lo go lo during lhe nighl. Alanya ollers
reasonable price properly wilh seaviewposilion.
Alanya Aaunu
Cosy Kemer villas wilh shared pool close lo beach
8edrooms. 23
Sq m. 120m2150m2
lol Sq m. 300m21000m2
ealures. pool, parking area, securily. landscaped
Kemer villas wilh mounlain and loresl viewclose
lo beach, perlecl holiday home.
Yk:ue en e Keiepe pupoi c nuei e
koinekce c omni accenuoi
Konec:eo cnaeu. 23
Homap. 120i2150i2
Homap yac:ka. 300i21000i2
8 koinekce. accenu, napkoeka, oxpaua, cap.
8n e uaieun:oi panoue Keiep e
okpyeunn eeun, pupoi c nuei, o:nuo
nopxopu: pu ceienuoio o:pxa
Prices from
1 49.000
Private Kemer villa with mature garden,
swimming pool
8edrooms. 36
Sq m. 250m2550m2
lol Sq m. 500m21000m2
ealures. rivale pool, parking area,
landscaped garden, ilness cenler
Splendid privale villa surrounded by loresl and
mounlains, luxury Kemer properly.
ac:uau ena e Keiepe c omni capoi,
accenuoi n napkoekon
Konec:eo cnaeu. 36
Homap. 250i2550i2
Homap yac:ka. 500i21000i2
Ha :eppn:opnn. ac:un accenu, napkoeka,
yxoeuun cap.
ockomue poia ua noepee c ac:ui
capoi e uaieun:oi panoue Keiep
Prices from
Soulhwesl ol Anlalya, Kemer's coaslline slrelches lor over lilly kilomelres. l is
an imporlanl lourisl resorl wilh lols lo oller, nol leasl ils beaches, clear seas and
300 days ol sunshine each year.
Kemer is a relalively new lown, clean and wellplanned. Nol long ago, il was
|usl a small lishing village, wilh a small harbour and a lew scallered houses.
Allhough despile ils newlound popularily, il has relained ils charm, especially
old Kemer, wilh ils old houses and longeslablished locals. Now Kemer is one
ol lhe besl lourislic lown in Turkish Piviera. Kemer has a beaulilul marina wilh
luxury yachls, holels, reslauranls, social lacililies and good inlraslruclure.
Kemer ollers exclusive lileslyle and properlies.
Keiep-opnu n ymnx nnonyupuenmnx kypop:oe Typunn, pacnooeuun
k kioanapy o: Au:an. aeuoe poc:onuc:eo n npeniymec:eo Keiepa
nepep ppyinin :ypeuknin iopopain - eio ueokuoeeuuau npnpopuau
kpaco:a. apiounuoe coe:aune nc:enmeio nyipypuoio iopu,
ioiymec:eeuux Taepcknx iop n cocuoeoio eca copae: uanymne ycoenu
pu npekpacuoio n ueaeaeioio o:pxa. Kpoie :oio, 5:o: panou niee:
oia:oe nc:opneckoe uacepne, o ko:opoicenpe:ec:eyk: coxpaunemnecu
e okpec:uoc:ux Keiepa paeanuau:nux iopopoe Caenca n Cninoca,
ocuoeauux e eeke uamen5p. !kn:euiuouonnunKeiepnpepaiae:
eop n ueckoknx ymnx ua noepee pncko:ek, iuoec:eo
npnpeux apoe n pec:opauoe.
Modern Bodrumvillas with fantastic sea view
8edrooms. 36
Sq m. 210m2350m2
lol Sq m. 400m2600m2
ealures. pool, parking, care laker, securily,
landscaped garden.
Conlemporary 8odrumvillas wilh newdesign and
high specilicalions.

Konec:eo cnaeu. 36
Homap. 210i2350i2
Homap yac:ka. 400i2600i2
8 koinekce. accenu, napkoeka, koucep,
oxpaua, cap.
Lnkapue en e Loppyie c uoeenmni
pnanuoi n :exunecknin ocoeuuoc:uin
Prices from
Bodrumapartments with shared pool and sea
8edrooms. 23
Sqm. 100m2160m2
ealures. pool, parking, care laker, securily,
landscaped garden.
8odrumaparlmenls are suilable lor holiday home
inveslmenl wilh prime localion.

Konec:eo cnaeu. 23
Homap. 100i2160i2
8 koinekce. accenu, napkoeka, koucep,
oxpaua, cap.
Hpoc:opue anap:aieu: e Loppyie,
npekpacuo nopxopu: pu ceienuoio o:pxa.
Prices from
acnooeuun ua kioanape Typunn ua epeiy ienckoio iopu,
okpyeuun neonncuin iopain, nokp:n cocuoein ecain,
iaupapnuoein n anecnuoein pomain, Loppyi papn: oapoeaune
kypop:uoio iopopa, co ceonin eoc:ouin aapain, anpnu:ain
oneeuux nemexopux yoek, a :ake pec:opauain n kaqe ua
uaepeuon, o:kypa iouo koea:cu numuin ux:ain, eocxopain n
aka:ain couua.
Lopyi - 5:o :ypeuknn ueu:p napycuoio cnop:a, o:npaeuau :okon pu
kpynoe ua ux:ax. :o c:onua :ypeukoio !aypuoio noepeu, uanne
uepennioc:n e ko:opon cenpe:ec:eye: o npec:ne n c:a:yce ee eapeua.
8odrumis localed in lhe Aegean region, in Turkey's soulhwesl. The closesl cilies
lo 8odrum are ugla, 90 kilomelres lo lhe norlheasl; zmir, 250 kilomelres
norlh, Anlalya 450 kilomelres lo lhe easl.
8odrum has ils own airporl and during lhe summer season, mosl ol lhe llighls
arriving lrom Lurope are direcl. However, winler visilors may need lo lly via
The ma|orily ol 8odrum's landscape is hilly, giving elevalion and panoramic sea
views. 8odrumTown is lhe largesl lown on lhe 8odrumpeninsula and Turgulreis
is lhe second largesl.
8odrum's climale is lypically edilerranean, and below you can lind a lable
showing lhe approximale lemperalures lhroughoul lhe year. During lhe summer
monlhs lhe heal can soar, and you can expecl lemperalures ol up lo lorly
degrees Celsius, allhough you can counl on a genlle breeze lo cool you down
a lillle. Lxpecl some rain lrom December lo arch, and in early spring and lale
aulumn lhere will be a couple ol days ol lighl showers.
The amazing lhing aboul 8odrumis lhe diversily il has lo oller. There are several
lowns and villages all ollering somelhing dillerenl, so lhere is somelhing on lhe
8odrum eninsula lor every requiremenl. Yalikavak ollers a sophislicaled side;
Cumbel ollers a livelier and commercial allernalive; Cumusluk ollers lhe
aulhenlicily ol a lradilional lishing village and 8odrumTown ilsell ollers a vibranl,
upmarkel area wilh slunning 8odrumproperly.
8odrum properly licks all lhe appropriale boxes lor lhe H Tips (Holiday
Homes, nveslmenl Homes and ermanenl Homes). lease nole, however, lhal
lhere are cerlain zones on 8odrumeninsula (please reler lo lhe map wilhin lhe
piclure gallery), where loreign nalionals can'l regisler lille.
Kam - nouac:oumeiy npekpacun n neonncun kypop:, c paen:on
nuqpac:pyk:ypon paeeeunn n o:pxa. 8 5:oi aiea:euoi iec:e
penc:en:euo ec: ykeauo ece, eie nouniaunn cpepuec:a:nc:neckoio
:ypnc:a poeu pacnoaia: coepeieuun kypop:un iopop. Leu:p iopopa
pacnooeu ua ckanc:oi epeiy iopu, okpyeuun kpacnein nuain.
8 25 ki o: iopopa Kam pacnooeu ue ieuee kpacnen iopop Kakau. :o
pauknn iopop c kpacneon iaeauk. C ueu:pa iopopa o:kpeae:cu
eenkoenuau nauopaia ua ane, ua epeiax ko:opoio pacnooeu
eocueue poia, peopnkn ko:opx ykpaak: panue enp uee:oe.
8 ueu:pe iopopa uaxopn:cu nop:, omoe konec:eo iaianunkoe,
pec:opaunkoe. :n kypop: oia: ceonin poc:onpniea:euoc:uin,
ky:ypuin naiu:unkain, :o cpeak: eam o:px e Au:ann
Kas is a small lishing and yachling village 16 kilomelres wesl ol Anlalya Cily.
Known as Turkey's beslkepl secrel, Kas remains unlouched by mass lourism,
helped by lhe lacl lhal il is lwo hours lrom Dalaman Airporl and lhree hours
lromAnlalya. l's aclually lhe main lownship in lhe area bul lourisls lend lo head
lo lhe bellerknown Kalkan, lwenly minules away.
Those who do venlure lo Kas lind a calm, picluresque lown neslling belween
lhe edilerranean and lhe Taurus ounlains. ivehundred meler high hills
prolecl il lrom lhe norlherly winler winds. This is lhe mosl soulherly ol Turkish
resorls and il en|oys long hol summer days and mild winlers. 8ecause il is hilly,
your Kas properly will have panoramic sea views. The lown is bohemian and
you'll meel arlisls, wrilers and musicians allracled by lhe area's arly repulalion.
eople come here lor privacy and anonymily.
Kas Kam
Established Kas/Kalkan villas with striking sea
8edrooms. 35
Sq m. 290m2530m2
lol Sq m. 400m2600m2
ealures. privale pool, parking area, landscaped
garden. Lleganl villas wilh privale pool, luxury
properly in Turkish Piviera

Konec:eo cnaeu. 35
Homap. 290i2530i2
Homap yac:ka. 400i2600i2
Ha :eppn:opnn. ac:un accenu, napkoeka,
cap. eiau:ue en c ac:ui accenuoi,
5n:uau uepennioc: ua Cpepneiuoi iope
Prices from
Kas/Kalkan villas with private pool

8edrooms. 23
Sq m. 150m2200m2
lol Sq m. 300m2500m2
ealures. privale pool, parking area, landscaped
garden. Villas in Kas/Kalkan wilh privale garden.

Konec:eo cnaeu. 23
Homap. 150i2200i2
Homap yac:ka. 300i2500i2
Ha :eppn:opnn. ac:un accenu, napkoeka,
[oi pu o:pxa e Kam/Kakau c ac:ui
Prices from
C:aiy kpynuenmnniopop, eauniopckonnop:, kpynunnpoimeuuo
:opioen n ky:ypun ueu:p Typunn. Cu pacnooeu ua xoinc:on
iec:uoc:n ua oonx epeiax nponea Locqop y paiopuoio iopu. Ccuoeuau
ac: iopopa uaxopn:cu e Lepone, ieumau e Ann. C:aiy en: ua c:ke
iopckoio ny:n n epuoio iopu e Cpepneiuoe iope c ny:uin n Kio
8oc:ouon Lepon e Ank, :o cnococ:eoeao poc:y iopopa. C:aiy 5:o
npnuauun :ypnc:necknn ueu:p c iuoec:eoipec:opauoe, apoe, uoux
kyoe c nu:epecuenmnin kouuep:uin n moynpoipaiiain. Cu eee: k
cee ue :oko kn:een nc:opnn n apxn:ek:yp, uo n nueec:opoe.
Cnpoc ua uepennioc: C:aiya co c:opou nuoc:pauux nokyna:een
ceiopuu pac:e:. Cueune, uackoko eiopuo ekapea: peuin e kypop:ue
poia nanap:aieu:ua Cpepneiuoiopckoinienckoinoepeux Typunn,
nueec:op a:ei opa:nn euniaune ua puok uepennioc:n C:aiya.
8pup n 5:o: iopop paccia:pneae:cu nin kak eepou:uoe iec:o n:ec:ea
ckopee kak uanpaeeune, noeoukmee noyn: xopomnn poxop o:
onepaunn c uepennioc:k.
l has been known as 8yzanlium and Conslanlinople, bul visilors lo slanbul
would know lhis cily anywhere. A dynamic meeling ol lhe easl and lhe wesl,
Turkey's largesl cily is absolulely unlorgellable. Wilh a populalion over 15 million,
slanbul is lhe world's lillh largesl cily, and lhe only cily in lhe world lhal spans
lwo conlinenls. Cver lhe pasl decade, lhe cily has experienced a renaissance,
lasl becoming an epicenlre ol lashion, arl and cullure, and deserving ol lhe
moniker 'lhe world's hippesl cily'. slanbul is lull ol happening reslauranls, bars,
galleries and clubs, as well as being so chocklull ol hislorical siles lhal il would
lake an enlhusiaslic visilor weeks lo explore lhem all. slanbul has a lemperale
climale. Summers are hol and humid, averaging lwenly eighl degrees. During
winler, il is wel and cold and can even snow. The cily is also windy, wilh an
average wind speed ol sevenleen kilomelres per hour. slanbul's energy and
modernily is relished by visilors and locals alike. 8uying slanbul properly will
calapull you headlirsl inlo one ol lhe world's mosl exciling places.
slanbul has lwo airporls, Alalurk and Sabiha Cokcen, and bolh have direcl
llighls lo many areas ol Lurope all year round. l's a very accessible cily, wilh
excellenl links lo lhe resl ol Turkey.
slanbul C:aiy
Istanbul apartments in complex with rich
facilities and high rental potential
8edrooms. 13
Sq m. 60m2150m2
ealures. pool, indoor pool, sauna, lurkish balh,
cale, indoor parking, care laker, securily,
landscaped garden. slanbul aparlmenls wilh
prime localion close lo cily cenler.


Konec:eo cnaeu. 13
Homap. 60i2150i2
8 koinekce. accenu, akp:n accenu,
cayua, :ypeukau auu, kaqe, kp:au napkoeka,
koucep, oxpaua, cap.
Keap:np e C:aiye e npec:nuoi panoue c
paen:on nuqpac:pyk:ypon. Prices from
Seafront Bosphorus Yali Mansion

8edrooms. 712
Sq m. 1000m21200m2
lol Sqm. 5000m2
ealures. privale pool, parking area, landscaped
garden. Aulhenlic slanbul Yali (lradilional slanbul
8osphorus Villa) ollers oulslanding views and
luxury lile slyle

Konec:eo cnaeu. 712

Homap. 1000i21200i2
Homap yac:ka. 5000i2
Ha :eppn:opnn. ac:un accenu, napkoeka,
c:opneckau ena ua epeiy iopu e C:aiye
Prices from
Commercial property in Turkey hotel for sale
in touristic areas

Rooms: from15
Facilities: swimming pool, restaurant, bar, sport
playground, private beach
Annual profit: from15%
Hotel for sale in Turkey excellent investment

: 15
: , , ,
: 15%

Our portfolio include ; boutique, 3 Star to Luxury 5 Star Hotels
, p