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CUES Subjective ³Ok naman, kaso nga lang minsan natutulog ka biglang may sisigaw o kaya kakalabit sayo

.´ ³Mahirap na matulog pag nagising na´

NURSING DIAGNOSIS Disturbed sleep pattern related to lack of sleep privacy as manifested by reports of being awakened and dissatisfaction of sleep

ANALYSIS Environment can promote or hinder sleep. Any change, for example noise in the environment can inhibit sleep. The absence of usual stimuli or the presence of unfamiliar stimuli can prevent people from sleeping. Hospital environment can be quite noisy, and special care needs to reduce noise. (Kozier & Erb¶s Fundamentals of Nursing 8th edition, volume 2 pg. 1170)

GOAL AND OBJECTIVES GOAL: After 2 days of intervention the client will be able to report improved sleep



OBJECTIVE: Assist client to establish optimal sleep and rest Adjust ambient pattern lightning Maintain quiet environment as possible by providing soft music or turning of the TV Minimize sleep disturbing factors like shutting the door and reduce voices when talking. Request to lessen visits

To enhance relaxation To enhance relaxation

Was the Client able to report improved sleep YES_ NO_ WHY?

To promote readiness for sleep and improvement of sleep duration To provide privacy and lessen the stimuli