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The Great Hall of The Holy Destiny Institution .......................... 3 The Human Algorithm ............................................................ 5 Homo-Dragonus Comes Undone ............................................. 8 Damatacus; Now and Forever ............................................... 11 Grand Design For Grand Dominion ........................................ 14 Project “STATUS” ................................................................ 18 His Vanguards… His Enforcers... His Prophets… ....................... 23 Methods of Madness ............................................................ 30 En Passant Capture ............................................................. 35 Bite The Hand, Chop The Head ............................................. 38
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"The king of the world is king to no man. Such false prophecy has led to tyrannical oppression with all hope lost. The king of the world is king to his purpose. Those who shall follow him can easily see his pure intention, his true divinity." -Kenneth Kabbal

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Prophets I: HammerStrike


The Great Hall of The Holy Destiny Institution

It is 5:00 as the church bells ring within the halls of Holy Destiny Institution. The citizens instinctively migrate to the Great Hall for evening prayer. This Government funded facility could be labeled as a home away from home; for many, a shelter or an orphanage to those residing within. It is one of many throughout the United System, provides their service to for all who walks, crawls or glides into their humble facility. This unconventional congregation gathers together, some assisted by cattle tazers, some by unyielding faith seeking fulfillment, come to sit for their daily fill from the words of their ordained Member of the Cloth. With their help and guidance, one's naturally inherited talents and bizarre characteristics maybe honed and perfected with patience and with The Creator's divine Word and scripture. This in turn, would help to create successful contributors to the work force of everyday society. An aerial bird’s eye view from room to room throughout the Holy Destiny Institution would reveal glimpses of random patients interacting with their instructors, many displaying occasions of utter isolation, solitude for the socially discarded. One patient found towards the end of hue-less hallway would be Nathaniel Morrison, lying on his bed in unyielding contemplation with arms folded behind his head.

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He would pull himself out of bed ready to start the day, tapping his foot on solid ground and his tail would plummet to the floor as he rises. Walking down the corridor, he checks the wall-clock reminding him having to meet the frail Sister Margret in small classroom 8-A. Nathaniel has agreed to assist with transferring equipment for a large meeting scheduled in the afternoon. Nathaniel has been extra diligent with making evening's sermon on time like clockwork as usual. He has always been on time, assisted in any way possible without question and always loyal. He is all smiles, a fine conversationalist, good-looking and charismatic, displaying some reptilian physical traits as well. His skin; deceptively scaly, dark and intimidating. An absurdingly dense exoskeleton lined with subtle lines of overlapping scale-like ridges would still convey human features and proportion. Not to mention his equally dense prehensile tail that coils the floor beneath him. Nathaniel falls under the Homo-Dragonus classification, a scarce breed that has been documented to take many shapes. Humans share a common link with reptilian composition, divergence from our evolutionary path produces the Homo-Sapien design of which we’ve become intrinsically familiar. However, reptilian characteristics remain dormant for most manifests outwardly for the Homo-Dragonus breed, as represented through Nathaniel. A tell-tell sign of his class level is the coarse white dreadlocks cascading down his neck, a representation of age and selfmaintenance. All encompassing traits, humanoid in form, to that historians believe was made of lore and legend are very much apparent amongst scattered members throughout our workingclass society.

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Attributes that often yield enhanced mental or physical advantages. Mono Human. Polymorphic Human. This level of classification analyzes the involvement of genomic advances that is a sub-section beyond the homo sapien benchmark. Throughout human history. Usually detected as dormant/non-dominant traits. the government funded Holy Destiny Institute was able to construct a compilation of current human evolution. thus reinforcing the resiliency of our species. Digonic Human. Page | 5 . Trigonic Human. -Humans with "Mezzo" classification have faint traces of an additional attribute. Heredity. Mezzo Mono. Offering a select few inter-species characteristics or mentally manipulate Earth’s atmospheric conditions. A chart that soon became public knowledge under the codeword “The Human Algorithm” . distinctive and adaptive attributes have been engrained within our evolving DNA. geographic and notoriously artificial conditions are definitive variables allowing our species to manifest this wide array of special attributes.The Human Algorithm After gathering decades of statistical information. Mezzo Digonic. Mezzo Trigonic.

Page | 6 .Shortest life span. Digonic -Able to demonstrate a distinctive mental or physical attribute based from heredity. -Weakest immunity system. -Best immunity system. Trigonic -Rare combination of above normal mental and physical attributes. . -Polymorphic Humans are able to demonstrate a variable number of mental & physical attributes.Mono -Normal/Baseline Traits. -Longest life span.

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Homo-Dragonus Comes Undone Nathaniel. a fearsome mental extension of his body based on a synthesis between telekinetic and pyrokinetic abilities incinerating upon contact. There are a number of chairs. Margret continues her aimless rambling about her expectations of this seminar. folding tables and presentation stands that will need to be transferred from the front of the room to a specific arrangement in the great hall. he has shown volatile peaks of mastery with abilities akin to members of his class. enters the room and is greeted by Margre t’s welcoming smile. Nathaniel. Nathaniel. once he begins to sense Page | 8 . again a tell-tell sign of his body’s slight advanced aging. in fact that over time. He intends to fully demonstrate his inherited pyrokinetic projection. pyrokinetic abilities elevated to new benchmarks deemed to be unprecedented. To balance his offenses. a Homo-Dragonus breaching polymorphic levels. His development have matured a cultivation of telekinetic. with his back turned. Nathaniel’s face expresses his breaking-point. Dragging chairs and tables across the floorboards. Although Nathaniel’s slight shape shifting advantages has been craftfully restrained. a polymorph adorned with cascading white locks. A type of body’s internal over-clocking his abilities that verge of Progeria (an extremely rare genetic condition wherein symptoms resembling aspects of aging are manifested at an early age). a legacy for nearly all polymorphs to bear during their life cycle. the two aforementioned abilities have blended into one devastatingly offensive fusion of menacing power. A barometer nearly a percentile exclusive to himself. the two exchange small talk.

The compounded sounds of Sister Margret’s quaky voice and the hall bells create an overwhelming sense for Nathaniel to create necessary silence. as the collective gather themselves from all over the grounds. as if he’s throwing the opening pitch of the World Series. The cathedral halls would begin to resonate with the beckoning sound of brass bells calling all members to the main assembly room. the scales that are tightly woven throughout his body can shift or interlock. Nathaniel’s tail slams the ground. creating a small boom within the tight confines of the classroom. a flaming clawed extension of his arm stretches across the room. soon having each of his fingers flickering about until the arm is spontaneously ignited into piercing. A quick glance towards the wall-clock provides Nathaniel a confirmation of careful awareness what little time is provided. at any and all costs. muzzling the frantic cries of terror. Her flesh bleeds to the searing touch of Page | 9 . grasping the poor woman with one hellish hand. reaching out towards the victim’s mouth. With Sister Margret’s back turned. However. glowing flame. Margret’s restricted body is lifted from the ground as her two feet dangle in search of comforting ground. Scenes from throughout the Holy Destiny Institution would show other members preparing and ready to hear both instructional and inspirational encouragement.the presence of danger. The announcement bell continues bellowing its call letting all of the inhabitants know 20-minutes until the 5 o’clock sermon. Sister Margret makes a turn-about and Nathaniel lunges toward her from across the room. Nathaniel’s other arm is ignited. So much that they can form a mesh of nearly impenetrable armor that would baffle those dependent of Teflon & Kevlar. His right arm comes into a glowing frame.

but the intensity of the flame burns the blood before contact of the floor below. lustful Messiah Complex. “What happened to Sister Margret?” “Oh. giving an extra demonstrative push for the onlookers to see. Her last breath allowed Margret to give off a final shriek for life which was high-pitched and abrupt before total vaporization. With a smile. This group drops the objects in their hands and bolt out the door to investigate the commotion. noticing he has company. Page | 10 . of which its peg legs seem to giving much resistance while being raked the densely tiled flooring. the perfect cover for a sociopath with a brooding. A gathering of individuals standing in a nearby room overhear the yelp coming from her muzzled mouth. she forgot her crossword puzzles. With a devilish grin smeared across his face. He sends a sudden surge of flaming power. (Smug grin) You know how she loves sneaking in her puzzles during sermon…” The perfect aid. Nathaniel turns his head. a dash of comedic humility belies the darkest of hearts devoid of "human" compassion. he makes quick work of his exercise in sheer brutality. bursting in the doorway to hear similar screeching/squeaky sounds coming from the meeting room.Nathaniel’s grasp. Opening the double-doors would reveal Nathaniel pushing a large table. overtaking her body which incinerates and turns into forms of dust and vapor. the perfect subordinate. channeling from his body down his arms making quick contact to Margret’s feeble frame.

Another trustee who was a professional botanist caused quite a stir while he was communicating with the trees in the yard. Going down the list. Fortunately only minor injuries were involved and there have been very little signs of relapse 6 months prior.Damatacus. The “counseling sermon” will now begin. the Mezzo Trigonic caused the trees to turn against the residents. awkwardly towering over his neighbors adjacent to him. very courteous and always a willing volunteer. But Nathaniel has been exceptional. slamming their sharpened tree branches into an unsuspecting group of rather young attendees. As these scenes unfold in the background. They watch and review videotape dossiers of the list of “trustees” taking part in facilitating this evening’s sermon. with Nathaniel sitting near center -front. knocked out the entire power grid of the institution by feeding/siphoning electricity which required almost 2-days worth of repairs to the system. not a single flare up. multiple counselors for the Holy Destiny engage in a series of conversations on another floor. Now and Forever A loud gong can be heard overhead coming from the exterior cathedral bells as the last of the gatherers form single-file lines inside the entranceway of the Great Hall. With twisted intent and oversight. Page | 11 . a Digonic. He has been known to show drastic cravings with wild outbursts unless strictly monitored. they will discuss the previous disruptions each member has caused starting with a photo of each of the assailants. One member.

Anything that would prove as an obstruction of his word shall be burned to the ground.This sermon has come to an end. Their necks easily bend and break like weak twine with a flurry of pyrokinetic blasts. his response would always be the same. He would ask which savior you would call onto with your last breath for true salvation. for His hands shall not burn thane flesh quite like mine. that of Damatacus This. one fake friendly ploy after another can be broken within one carefully plotted night. ready to lay to waste. The minutes continue to pass with an ever constant mantra brooding in his head: The Creator has not set one holy foot on this planet according to fable and relic. It has not revealed its face. There is a false sense of kinship amongst his roommates. beyond delusion. If your answer would happen to be false while clutching a cross of wood and stone. its awesome power towards Mankind beyond fantasy. no comprises. Over 4 years. with no comparison. there is only the will of Damatacus. All should bow before the wave of Nathaniel's hand The only face of God that has surfaced on this Earth is mine. The rest of the staff are but of sheep. as what has been spelled out of legend of his ancestors. There shall be no other deities before Nathaniel. the boredom has started to be accompanied to severe waves of churning nausea for Nathaniel. The mind of Nathaniel has since dissolved. a demonstration of self-discovery while captive within these halls of the Holy Destiny Institution solidifies his grandeur. that of Nathaniel. “No.” Page | 12 .

This house of worship and meditation being cut to splinters offer little resistance from Damatacus disaster. Page | 13 . Damatacus has been able to reclusively maintain his connections to the outside world. only to pray and celebrate the presence of Damatacus. More importantly. Damatacus has proclaimed his will on this Earth and devotion to himself. his former contacts within various Black Market circles along with collecting favors and debts that are owed to him have now become even more valuable. Indeed.The halls of Holy Destiny Institution are about to incinerate into heaps of ash and an army of followers shall amass to witness the true power and intimidation amongst them all. scorched limbs. While incarcerated within the confines of the Holy Destiny. and the cracking of the foundation below. Damatacus’ army of fellow Homo-Dragonus within the Institution operated with great speed and underground fervor. The Pastor's words are interrupted by screams of agony. basking in his glory are additional followers who he believes are truly lost in this world. Other Homo-Dragonus would follow his creed of freedom through destruction. through selfindulgence.

the money would end up in Damatacus’ hands and Grand World Harvest soon diversified and dissolved in quick succession. For start-up money. This. just as his self-indulgent ego. Two large metal shoulder pads with overlapping multi-layers toward the end. Instead of the basic white & beige garb issued to him by the Holy Destiny Institution. He would coordinate a series of bank heists specifically in metro areas. Using his pyrokinetic slashes to weaken foundations to compromise the buildings’ stability was quite profitable. requesting monetary donations. Nathaniel retains employment within the construction demolition industry. Of course. Nathaniel was able to move in and out of a collapsing building with ease and stride. This was through the use of a grand collective of cons that grew more elaborate.Grand Design For Grand Dominion Over time. securing a floor Page | 14 . his new armor closely resembles of what a selfappointed dictator should appear. in conjunction with his nearly impregnable exo-armor. such is not the case for Nathaniel’s hard -head. placing a box of street-cones near the location. he was able to assemble an abundance of resources and popularity among the fellow-minded. knowing that the perception is that the public will steer clear of this blocked area. A tele-marketing scheme has also been conducted using the guise of an international charity “Grand World Harvest” akin to Feed The Children campaigns. Falling pillars would usually call for hardhat protection. would provide an excellent pick up point for the getaway car. Televised commercials would show children in poverty locals needing a helping hand to get by the day.

accompanied by striking fear in the most rational walks of life. pleasurable disciplinary action. and his Research & Development Counsel act with determination to extend faith onto the word of Damatacus. This including MonoHuman blue collared craftsman to leaders and advancers in science and bio-technology who collectively enjoy spoils of corporate fleecing for a common goal. a Mezzo Digonic of Polish descent. While under Solomon’s guise and technical prowess. His method of recruitment has slashed its mark on society who welcome words of protection and solace. Such abilities have been routinely utilized during moments of battle stress giving him and his subordinates the upper hand. crooked Government agents have allowed Damatacus and there sprawling Page | 15 . offers his limited precognitive suggestions to his cause. He is dependent on a mildly hallucinatory inhalant that he “huffs” to jumpstart his visions. his Lead Strategist known as Solomon. offering his punishment towards intolerable subordinate failure. Should either one of his hands ever make an appearance from behind robe could result in personal catastrophe no one would wish upon themselves. Conducting various web-hosting and live events on an international scale any outsider would perceive as war-hungry madness leaving behind untraceable imprints thanks to former CIA intellects that would follow Solomon’s instruction with masterful diligence. Solomon. All followers are instructed to cheat and steal to pool resources as a mighty wave of anarchy using unparalleled technology and tactful sciences to spread both word and fear with ruthless speed. Both he.sweeping Pope-like cloak/robe keeping his arms & hands draped inside. For Damatacus takes swift.

They are outmatched by Damatacus’ generals of new faith taking command aboard the fleet of advanced flying warships. It is located within the cliffs of southern Baja California and well within striking distance to American territories. The development of The HBC is the collaborative efforts of Soviet & American engineering (ripped from government databases & manufacturing facilities) that advances current theories in Military transport. Of course. in addition to the number of steel reinforced hulls that protect the crew members and its cargo. On the heels of the now panicked United Systems (the equivalent to our current United Nations) have collectively been keeping a vigilant observation over the sparks of chaos being spread throughout the Americas. Operators within the frantic headquarters gaze upon this new inquisition. watching their military infrastructure being blasted by the Damatacus Dominion and their plasma cannon firepower.clan to take refuge within an underground research bunker. which allowed ease of access for reconfiguring this hydro-powered base. Hover Battle Cruisers (HBCs) dominating the skies against any feeble aggression. this battleship in the sky utilizes technological advances in anti-gravity mechanics & jet propulsion systems. Modeled after Naval watercraft. This aged facility was previously abandoned rot with ill-use has been low on a project retention/maintenance list. Damatacus uses the HBC he has named Page | 16 . The offensive weapons are well concealed underneath a series bi-fold hanger bay doors. the most lavish and heavily armored HBC was saved for himself. The HBC evokes a more streamlined/aerodynamic design that was meant to cut through the clouds. The firestorm of activity across their large multi-panel screens.

including additional footage of yet another act of burning rebellion by the hands of the deranged dictator. for all of us. for all time! This will be my claim. to let his confederation to carry his bidding. The international news channels are flooded with daily video with sightings of war. Thus spreading a mixture of both fright and inspiration throughout the media airwaves. announcing making a boastful decree: “Our absolute certainty of The Damatacus Dominion will no longer be denied. my legacy will stain this planet and all of its future legacies. now is our time. this shall be our HammerStrike!” Page | 17 . seared as the desperate occupants flee in mortal disbelief of the horrors they’ve witnessed. For this wretched system will become ours. their holy Heaven above. Damatacus leading the charge on the ground displaying his right to be called. The bodies begin to pile. He makes sure to reinforce his rank in power. making his rank as messiah most destructive without hesitation. all reduced to rubble.“The Obelisk” to flagship his campaign. this is true. Messiah. Damatacus instructs them all to collect and charge onward. Damatacus continues on. It will be a crushing blow that will cause their sacred glory. all of those who continue to impose the weight of their God will tremble at the sound of my name.

the stairwell passageway will take you down below this nocturnal colony. Batteries of tests have proven certain subjects would display better comprehensive statistics to navigate throughout the most complex of databases with exceptional speed and accuracy. Within these halls lies filth and sex. His evening sermon. Page | 18 . Their contributions from Project “STATUS” have made controversial advancements in BCI (Brain Computer Interfaces). Where monitors built into walls display works of horrid art. The successful implementation of their latest project originating from a small circle of outcast computer Scientists has now become a staple amongst Damatacus’ daily operations. all of which causing minimal effort and mental ware for the user. extravagant wire transfers within milliseconds. full of promise and devotion through faith and security in him would generously be rewarded by following his every word. specifically in their findings of synergy between female adolescent brain development while in a forced and critically controlled comatose state. the words and will of Damatacus is the pulse that resonates as law within these grounds.Project “STATUS” A large screen housed in his dark cathedral built deep underground resting within the abandoned industrial complex. home to faithful minions performing acts of the diabolical. Hacking multi-tiered Pentagon firewalls. wordings and sentiments spoken of Damatacus himself and of the aftermath amongst a sea of followers most rejoiceful of what their new Father has brought onto this world. baptisms in fire.

She is able to demonstrate superior levels of intellect and mental recall.Candidates for the vital position of STATUS maintain flight control. Damatacus has recently taken a personal liking to one of the STATUS Subjects by the name of Ramilah (African-Swahili meaning 'fortune-teller'). most successful & unfortunately the most beautiful Digonic of the clan. cybernetics and gene-therapy are sciences that are also deciding factors in acquiring the exact measure of leverage to defeat any attempt in opposition. Solomon’s wide-spread initiative to steal the talent has been expedited by the taking and housing of the loved ones of the genetists and Scientists who have proven themselves unwilling to express any common enthusiasm. A simple method Page | 19 . They can be visually recognized by the instrumentation around their stations. and intelligence gathering. communication arrays. His clan is now in desperate need of greater minds to better facilitate his aspirations with an outline to succeed in his next goal for conquest: to create a horde of unstoppable enforcers to represent as ambassadors of Damatacus’ word and vision. The expertise and skill that is needed is not yet immediately available at this time. often thwarting Damatacus’ “planned events” which would result in great casualty and retreat. Age-wise the oldest. The arena of biological. of which is now a matter of urgency and action. As the United System’s defenses are becoming more and more troublesome. Damatacus has been known to act on his desires and actions towards young Ramilah whenever the moment strikes him. at that time he would order everyone out of the room for privacy. usually the focal point in each battle cruiser and by the blue colored illuminating hues given off by the weave of tubes and cables channeling into their head-pieces.

Failure to comply would be met with various methods of public execution. in which Damatacus takes personal pleasure performing with bare hands resulting in broken limbs. All of which takes place on the Level 4 of his subterranean stronghold. Damatacus has instructed to enforce public execution on the genius’ wife and daughter for his deliberate insubordination. equipped with stainless steel floors. and I do love the taste of fear!” Page | 20 . white walls with a singular horizontal panel stretching across the entire width of the room. Family members are stored off-site and visitation sessions are permitted within selected intervals and success rates. their natural strengths gives them the tools to fight back and resist. forced allegiance and cooperation in order to construct the twisted desires of Damatacus’ administration. He is indulgingly convinced that opponents that are weak are not viable to live. I have placed fear in your heart! Oh I am starting to hunger now. A heated debate between one of his captive Scientists would spike to physical escalation. pyrokinetic grappling. Damatacus will approach him very closely and asks him: “Is that fear dripping from your face? Hmmm.of ransom is set. Damatacus will notice a bead of sweat rolling down the opponent’s f orehead due to nervousness and intimidation. they are beneath him as if they are lower on the food chain. which in turn means you most certainly fear me. and often ending with his own satisfaction indulging his newly developed messy cannibalistic cravings. there are occasions were his chosen victims decide not to make their torture commence without struggle. True.

others long for the days they can see Damatacus with their own eyes. Perhaps even the chance to hear his words. is able to sprint around to the back-side of Damatacus faster than blink of eye speeds leaving a trail of what appears to be a florescent blue electric charge in his wake. with delight. then pushes him into the ceiling above. radiating with power. pauses. Singlehandedly (left hand). searing right through his body and splitting his carcass into four cindered pieces. declaring his expected victory. The claws make swift contact with the victim. until you choke on your last breath. they would open their mouths to indulge in the taste of Damatacus as they cry out for more! But you are worth far less (unzips or the sound of wrestling his garment and urinates the victim) pathetic pisshole. During the conclusion of this intense brawl on Level 4.” With his last strains of energy within him. the defeated combatant (who utilized static-charged electric bolts and high speed body movements) would lie on the floor battered and nearly collapsed grasping for air. a Mezzo Digonic. Damatacus would stand above him. Telling him of a wasted effort he made standing against such unmentionable power: “So many others would cower before me.Enraged. Damatacus violently “grabs” his face.” before he can finish his sentence.. Damatacus telekinetically lifts him over head. and be anointed. horribly burning his head. to touch his unbreakable flesh. He charges the right hand. Until those miserable wounds heal. disintegrating before they make contact with the floor Page | 21 . raking across the ceiling leaving indented burn marks in its wake. you’re only wasting your own breath…. the victim murmurs “Kill me now. you will come forth. increases pyrokinetic flames. launches a monstrous clawed flame grip. you can guzzle Damatacus piss for the rest of your days. the Scientist.

Their end. The sprayers eject upon Damatacus’ command. however.below. sending high-pressurized water streams that push all the filth away from the stained walls. Within the horizontal panels are timed sprayers used to hose the room with water meant to clean and sterilize the bloody mess left behind. has the same outcome as so many slain before them. Page | 22 .

His Prophets… Candidates for experimentation pour in one after the other to volunteer. infrared. her extremities can undergo a series of mechanical auto-calibration to mimic the size/alignment most ballistics within seconds. Her cybernetic enhancements become more practical under the percussions of gunfire. Her skin has been grafted with photovoltaic materials mimicking the effect of solar paneling throughout her exoskeleton.e.. and “digestive track”. Accompanied with optical enhancements for sizable field advantages (i. x-ray & 10x vision). She carries magazines of semi-liquid metallic fluid encased in metal cartridges that wrap around her upper thighs. a former high-ranking arms dealer in pursuit of the best tech. forearms.. A complete representation African prowess. a recent recipient of cybernetic implants granting her double lifting strength of a world class Olympian. Lead Tactical both on and off the battlefield. all of which become apparent with her hands. armed with an assortment of high-end rifles and revolvers. All of which have been conducted by Kimono. A Mono Human who is reluctant to admit her selfdeluded singularity.His Vanguards… His Enforcers. Upon a simple scan of a fallen firearm through touch. additionally. She has a number of instruments that provides a personal touch to her military tactics.. These cartridges are to be inserted into her abdomen as malleable ammo that is processed via bioengineering. Such would include twin bangle bracelets that deceptively serve function over her individual and evolving sense Page | 23 . allowing an extensive testing phase for implant compatibility along with battle worthiness.

constantly clashing with sharp criticisms toward one another. You want the Nortga sector. the fumes fill his brain. where is our next course?” As Solomon turns to comply. “Coming from a cold-hearted warhungry Barbie-doll. I am truly insulted. Conducting business such as bodyguard protection. “Gevanovis sector is going to be an ambush. There has been a great deal of contention between Solomon and Kimono. once thrown and makes contact with the target. the gesture of the snap of her engineered finger tips would trigger its detonation. There will be layers and layers of cockroaches waiting for us there. Each would elect themselves to take on tasks addressed by Damatacus himself. To which Damatacus would ask in a dictator’s growl: “Solomon. Problem solved. as his head charges in a backwards recoil. Many micro-interactions are clear contention fog any possibilities of harmony during various campaigns. Kimono would interject Solomon’s huffing technique and ask “Doesn’t that kill brain cells?” To which Solomon would respond. Each bracelet are composed of a series of jagged miniature pipe bombs that are easily detachable. no need to fall for the bait and take the shortcut. cavalry reinforcement and given extermination/assassination filled dossiers crafted to provide their dictator the best advantage possible at all costs. notably internationally known marksmen and martial artists with fantastic ability.” Damatacus takes heed. “Ramilah. plot course!” There have also been nominees recommended by other members outside of the Damatacus Dominion for possible conversion to be called upon. Illusions of a distant future begin to fog his vision in a swirl of color and mist.” He completes his huff. mocking each other’s decisions. Page | 24 .of couture fashion.

A showstopper of an ability while relaxing the frictional forces of an oncoming automobile approaching a fatal speeds slowed to a non-threatening crawl’s pace. A Digonic Human soon adapting the well-suited name Arson. extra-ordinary height (nearing 7 feet) and proportional weight and strength as well. thrusting objects already in motion at tremendous velocities. Creating focused streams of super heated air by outrageously accelerating the laws of thermodynamics around him has also been a specialty of the first candidate during combat trials. Tortorus exhibits a list of facial features. notoriously known for their rows of excessively jagged teeth to match. A Mezzo Trigonic Homo-Dragonus in the most extreme end of the spectrum. … Another member shares similar reptilian traits with his master Damatacus with the exemption of more prominent scale-like features. two additional arms.… A manipulator of kinetic forces was a previous “subscriber” of the Holy Destiny Institution. Tyrannosaurus Rex. this candidate alters the kinetic fields of fiction between air and gravity in motion at a tremendous velocity. Page | 25 . A full demonstration of thermodynamics. in addition to the complete reverse. This. Not only did his cropped platinum blonde hair create such a memorable impression. the swing of his punches have been recorded to rival seismic tremors. Elongated snout in the same fashion of a close relative. he displayed great promise with mental accuracy of both slowing/stopping objects moving towards him originating at gunfire speeds. stubby tail.

… Modifications of their BCI breakthrough have been conducted amongst the captive Scientists to allow for a mobile version on compatible subjects.Tortorus carries a ferocious exterior. aided with talon-like glove tips that gives a slight blue glow and transmits the signal to the blades. finger moves right. It has been reported up to a city block in diameter can be affected by altering atmospheric conditions to his advantage. extremely durable skin and an acute mental capacity for hyper-terraforming his surrounding environment has made him an invaluable asset. The trajectories of these blades are controlled wirelessly by the user’s gesture of the slightest of movement of their individual fingers. the user would need to exceed all pre-determined boundaries with a virtually zero negative response rate. The user will be equipped with nearly a dozen retractable metal boomerang-esque 3-sided throwing blades. With the proper balance of cybernetics. cold. The next goal was to grant the user to be actively aware of their surroundings while on the field and to include full interaction with the world around them without being bound to a stationary location. the blade moves up. Finger moves up. It is not Tortorus’ favorite tactic to use in battle as this requires an additional amount of concentration compared to the mechanics involved with smash and grab brutality. mental capacity and determination. He has been known to “Rage Out” in order to control this ability by standing and stomping one foot maniacally to activate it. gravitational charges. Severe heat. Each powered with an advanced thrusting propulsion system guided with a combination of surveillance tech and GPS. Page | 26 . all atmospherical affects have been exhibited in his scarred and unstable history until he has found his new faith and calling.

A weapon that can be used offensively. has proven to be the very candidate to surpass expectations with deadly precision and operatic grace. Victoria. and neurotoxin gas. placing them into a top spin could provide some cover from oncoming enemy fire. Page | 27 . the two blades can interconnect and fuse together for increased size and shape. Western Indian lineage. a proud. providing an impenetrable thin barrier around both him and immediate objects within his grasp. Certain blades are also equipped with specialty functions. Women love him and he loves to love them back. Shielding him is an integrated matrix of bio-electromagnetism that every living thing produces on their own naturally. … Rivaling Damatacus in charisma yet exceeding in crass. unshakeable. especially while in the midst of battle. his well sculpted physique and his new faith and savior. releasing detonators. another disciple who has always been unbreakable. for reconnaissance due to the active video feed recorded from each blade. and defensively. proud of his heritage. Each blade is assigned to each finger in tandem with insurmountable amounts of coordination only science and natural talent could provide. soft spoken and terse in her conversation. a nearperfect Trigonic functioning with uncharted mental recall and spacial awareness capabilities. By striking her fingers together.so on so forth. his Digonic levels are set to a near incalculable degree. it is pure fuel for his ego. broad shouldered Greek. EMPs (electromagnetic pulse). and untouchable unless he allows you privileged access granted to a select few. There is also a minor data link shared between the user and either one of the STATUS members at all times. With an ability that radiates within him. which gives him strength. flares.

With a twist of the staff. combined with a grappling hook-like clamp. retractable endblade. Princess Andromeda has a talent that would utilize both in her balletic/erotic performances with the use demonstrating her skill with molding metals. twin curved machetes fused with the proper bonds that would allow his bio-electrical field to freely channel to its very tip. The chains could also hoist the bodies of the user plus Page | 28 . While the strobe lights flash in the background and the bass of the techno radiates throughout the room. dramatically increasing the blade’s capacity for destruction. his experience has been heighten even more so under the guidance of his new counsel. a fearsome death-scythe with telescopic staff. … Damatacus always takes great voyeuristic pleasure in watching his personally selected line of dancers to celebrate his victories. watching as its shape of a cylindrical rod transform into a twisted helix while Andromeda has masterful control. resize them at will has categorized her as a fan favorite. Her personal favorite. the blade can be blasted from its base tethered by heavily reinforced wire used as a grappling hook tool as well. are the use of chains that would coil around her as serpents ready to feast are used to grab unsuspecting spectators to join her on stage for an even more intimate performance for all to see.Through extensive training. Minister has been able to wield a variety of close combat tactics and weaponry. Each guy or girl would have their own personal method and technique to wow their audience either by dance or prop. This along with his personal tool of choice. Case in point. her audience is spellbound observing her skill on the pole. Her gymnastic and traditional dancing grace along with her natural ability to alter metallic bonds of metal and reshape. and a total surprise coming from her namesake.

Of course this ability can tactfully be used for offensive purposes which further sparked Damatacus’ interest even more. a single swing of her arm can slice an armored van in two divisions. Andromeda easily dropped the “Princess” in her original name. illsuited for a monster of a one woman army. He orders his Mezzo-Digonic. along with creating defensive dome barriers that could make a laughing joke out of U. Combining the deadly art of close and long range mechanics as her signature chains as her primary weapon of choice. After gaining a more domineering self esteem. Auburn Brunette Princess to make her way to the forefront of the battlefield. Government machine gun shells. They can be forged as long broad swords with razor lined tips at an amazing length. Page | 29 .S.guest with the unwavering strength of steel similar to the pole vault to great heights and superb durability.

All Prophets have undergone a series of genetic bonding procedures affording them a library of tactical advantages. Once the secondary layers of skin tissue become breached (cut. head piece-like war helmet (or “Horns”) double as “walkie-talkies” and affixed retractable goggles. and ceremonial capes worthy of Damatacus. Scientists have been quite successful within the realms of genetic modification and reconstruction. Their restorative capacities and rate of healing far exceeds normal functionality. becomes exposed to the air & atmosphere) the body will auto-trigger a defensive reaction. Their previous successes showcasing their master of altering the DNA of living creatures have reluctantly led to the glorification of Damatacus conquest. The need for hyper-accelerated DNA repair was a mandatory addition for Damatacus’ elite enforcers. Lab rats have demonstrated rapid rates of recovery after a variation of purposeful. super-human dexterity. A type of gelatinous secretion comprised of biochemicals will begin to form a “scab”. stamina. Page | 30 . stabbed. Once physical contact is complete. All of the Prophets will adorn the armor.Methods of Madness Every one of the Prophets has extensive biological enhancements as well. the healing process has been shown to be near instantaneous. frontal assaults. Previous methods to subdue the test subjects required the need to cut and separate the body immediately as the chemicals have a tendency to instinctively bond to severed parts. running & jumping abilities.

Their restorative capacities and rate of self-engineered rapid recovery far exceeds normal functionality. the body will auto-trigger defensive reaction by securing biochemicals to “scab” the wound. to the fact that with a push of a button placed on the belt buckle. the cape actually coils from the front and overlaps. would cause the cape to roll into the top center back of the armor.) becoming exposed to the air & atmosphere. Once the secondary layers of skin tissue becomes breached somehow (cutting.These capes are retractable. The outer lining of the cape gives of an illuminating glow. Once physical contact is completed. The cape lining is visible from the open panels of the front of the armor. similar to the exterior lining of Kimono’s skin. even in direct sunlight composed of photovoltaic materials. the healing/bonding process has been shown to be near-instantaneous. Previous test subjects have demonstrated the need to cut and separate the body immediately as the chemicals have a tendency to instinctively bond to nearby severed body parts. cascading from behind. The need for hyper-accelerated DNA repair was a mandatory addition for these elite enforcers. stabbing. His war has now been hurtled in to full progression with all the chess pieces needed to secure his dominance. etc. Scientists have been quite successful within the realms of genetic construction and select modification. Every active Prophet Horn worn supplies home base with the vitals and brain Page | 31 . All Prophets have undergone a bonding ritual affording each member with a library of bio-enhancement to better glorify Damatacus. Their previous successes showcasing their master of altering DNA itself have ultimately led towards a tactical advantage for Damatacus’ benefit. Lab rats have demonstrated rates of recovery with uncanny speed and function after a variation of harmful assaults.

the crew must ready to call forth any data demanded by Damatacus at any time. brilliantly executed by his chosen six. At times. no matter the grave difficulty without any question that would spark on their morality meter. He has been known to exclaim in a bass-heavy. There have been strikes on fertility hospitals in order to gain access to a sizeable bounty from embryo banks that can later be used for further study and analysis. All under the watchful eye of the most sinister strategist Page | 32 . Any noticeable volatility is easily detected and can be remedied with the use of broadcasting radio frequencies directly into the user’s brainwaves for immediate correction leaving them devoid of empathy and free will. leaving behind a scorched trail as a reminder of what unfavorable actions may bring. His new horde of enforcers have now been unleashed to create chaos on those who maintains persistent defiance towards his actions. Every mission designed to retain classified technology to acquire with maximum casualty of course. The mounting amount of successful campaigns has allowed Damatacus to decrease the number of appearances assisting his Prophets from one raid to the next. Each of the Prophets and select ground troops will have their own visual avatar within the Damatacus communications array that can be summoned upon request (and security clearance). The collection of mental data is compiled using the Scientists’ devised software called the Neuro-Link. Multiple air strikes have been made on Military outposts throughout the globe.wave activity of each of the members for an important purpose: Every instruction must be obeyed to the letter. ego-driven demand “Bring me the Neuro-Link” which is inside code for “place Neuro-Link data on the screen please”. jamming radar detection with little effort.

After much reconstruction and customization. the Prophets will prepare to depart from the HBC cargo bay area while in midair. shuttling out of the HBC within the afternoon skies.Solomon and displayed on the large video monitors for Damatacus’ sadistic entertainment. From all angles far and wide. Page | 33 . These mini-cruisers can be dispatched upon command while housed inside either one of the HBC hanger bays. which has the size and style of a traditional sport motorcycle yielding top flying speeds of 150 MPH. stories below. The blades of Victoria swirl about in a whirlwind of death and decapitation. Damatacus terroristic front continues on without rest. each of the Prophets will have what has been nicknamed as the HellRider. his Prophets displayed enhanced levels of endurance would result in unbalanced matches against any adversary. Before their daily excursions. An impressive model created by compressing the Hover Battle Cruiser’s main engine drive into a smaller and much more agile version was must have addition to Damatacus collection. ejecting their capes by pressing their belt-buckle. All of which have been mounted with Ionic Shielding to deflect oncoming firepower as well as variety weapons at their disposal. she targets her prey from high above. Personal hover carrier technology has been newly implemented within the Naval Forces. Minister continues his rampage causing more harm coming from his foul mouth rambling of war-cries in comparison to the range of his wretched deathscythe as he dissembles and dissects officers like fields of wheat without any possible fear of self-injury. The countdown can be heard overhead as the Prophets prepare to launch. sending them two x two x two. Engines are activated.

immobilizing his opponents. They form a flattened mirror-like barrier directly in front of her deflecting all fire power. reconstructing his immediate environment. which can be much easier to make full use of his mammoth sized fists. Page | 34 . Sniper fire is heard from a block away causing panic amongst seasoned FBI Agents as they watch one squad member fall after another. soon accompanied by metallic spikes impaling her assailants. government buildings. Nearly pausing and deflecting oncoming Desert Eagle bullets hurtling towards him. courtesy of the Kimono’s wicked precision on those who oppose The Teachings of Damatacus. battles waged in Russian air space have been terribly one-sided. igniting the air surrounding the squad car obscuring his immediate path. assaults continue on church grounds. The shimmering chains that drape Andromeda from shoulder to shoulder extend beyond her embrace. shopping complexes. The skies are set ablaze with blinding artillery from countless HBCs.Tortorus’ steps boil the very ground in seconds. There are footsteps that carry the bass line of rolling thunder coming from Arson’s friction intensified leaps from building.

Solomon. keeping each killing machine in a fully conscience. These signals via the Neuro-Link are a series of radio codes transmitted and received by the squad’s coveted Prophet Horns which are essential for maintaining stability to achieve optimum performances. Acts of defiance can be easily be detected resulting in horrific execution. it is unanimously decided that Damatacus must fall and pay for his many atrocities. no matter the risk of casualty. exclaiming that “ Damatacus must be stopped. These are the tools to do it!” The reprogramming of The Prophets’ brain waves would be the only way to break the cycle. they too are publicly maimed and ridiculed in the name of disobedience and punishment for failure.En Passant Capture Having to witness this staggering amount of waves of annihilation. All of the Prophets vital readings are prominently displayed on every screen. six disks containing individual data that would counterPage | 35 . At times. hopelessness shakes the kidnapped Scientists to their very core. Kimono and Damatacus are well briefed on daily internal activities. near Neanderthal-like state with the use of brain altering signals. Conducting the formula and software to break and re-write the code can be easily done. we are also bound against their will are often at risk. maintaining their shroud of their clandestine operations will be the general task at hand. To perform one heinous task after another has taken its toll on every member along with their own family members. The Scientists had to plan their method of retaliation with great secrecy. One of the Scientists made a stern sentiment demanding full allegiance with his cohorts. Six Prophets.

act their mandated settings and parameters that would restore their mental independence. The re-awaking of self-conscience is nearly an instantaneous process. This causes an undetectable trace of data that generate a series of thought patterns to interject their merciless killing instincts. What transpires are highly sensory subliminal commands. the data must become downloaded and transmitted to each of the headsets in one simultaneous sweep. The same behavior takes over Andromeda standing on the west wing. This daunting task had to be very well-managed. The inside of the heel will be lined with dense cushioning with a small indentation where the disk is rested and the heel can easily be detached with the press of a tiny button. allowing their independent minds to take reign once again. Anonymity is critical for this project to become a success. There is an odd moment where Solomon makes a quick glance towards Arson (as he has a regular tendency to do) standing firm. Enough time must pass by for the gestation of their plan to take place in order to disguise what could be perceived as a “ malfunction occurrence” into something very much an intentional strategy. in a sense undoing and reprogramming the complex web of digitally implanted “thought barriers”. This takes place during mid ceremony onboard The Obelisk as all six stand their vigilant watch over the crowd along the outer perimeter of the gathering hallway. arms rigidly straight with both eyes closed. Page | 36 . and so forth. data disks have been created and can be stored inside the hidden compartment of the heel of the Scientists’ shoe without detection. Once retrieved. The Scientists will announce “Now see. Tortorus on the far south. The last series of Neuro-Link data has begun to transfer inside the Prophets’ helmets.

within moments. The many executions. To compound the disarray amongst the Damatacus clan. a loud outbreak cause ruckus and confusion amongst the legion of followers. splatter of blood. Within moments. there is very little time to mentally formulate what is very soon to come. cries of loss and terror are recalled.look at what you have done!” allowing each of these titans to mechanically open their eyes in sequence and b egin to truly “see” for the first time. With Solomon taking these bizarre occurrences into consideration. watching as their sacred Prophets turn their blades on those who worship and adore. there are reports of systematic failure within the power grid monitoring and maintaining security/defense systems throughout the flagship HBC. Without warning. Page | 37 . visual images begin flooding the cerebral cortex of their past deeds.

Roaming foot patrols are on high alert to shoot and take down all fleeing detainees with as much aggressive force necessary. More and more images begin to populate on Damatacus’ main screen are filled with actions of treason. are greeted by the receiving end of Minister’s steel along with Arson’s flurry of focused super-heated streams melting their bodies where they stand. accompanied by Tortorus’ fearsome presence. HellRiders and all A small group of Scientists. middle. locked corridors are randomly releasing their restraints allowing the captives to make a desperate escape for freedom. It was the captive Scientists’ plan all along to help build his empire and construct the instruments to smash it into oblivion. make a hurried sprint towards a nearby control panel below the bridge.Bite The Hand. motionless but deceptively aware of the conflict within the hive. pinky and a frantic palm print rewards the rebellious crew with a secondary All-Clear confirmation. all displaying unsuspecting flat-lines and loss of signal. His own methods of deception and larceny to amass his collective resources have now been proven counter-productive. Thumb. Their escape left a trail of Damatacus’ most faithful behind them and was victorious in not only commandeering a highly sustainable HBC of their own. “Bring me the Neuro-Link!” screams Damatacus. Page | 38 . the computer replies with a hand-print confirmation screen. however. With a series of code sequences entered by a nervous Scientist. Chop The Head Internal communications are now sporadic. All six avatars lined up one by one. These soldiers. Suspended two floors above is Ramilah. as the mammoth sized video screen becomes populated with Prophets avatars.

Baring his sharpened fangs in a humbled scowl. Her dark hair falls. one Hellrider at a time. Damatacus stands firm in momentary shock.” Displayed in his video screen was the taking of his prized Ramilah in the clutches of his counsel. Page | 39 . sliding out a double door where Tortorus stands waiting to catch her with all four arms. slicing through a portion of Damatacus’ fleet. as the motion of her billowing onyxcolored hair. he observes these series of events unfold from each of his stadium-sized monitors. Ramilah’s life cords detach and her gravity becomes stripped away. as she begins to fall. It will be time soon enough to reclaim the property that belongs to Damatacus and put an end to this frantic festival his Prophets have decided to willingly engage. These intriguing chess game has been set with a number of unnecessary pawns dismissed and out of the way. Each escaping with additional human cargo as frightened passengers while out-maneuvering the opposition. in a stern whisper telling her “I got you. allowing her to flow down a jettison tube. once in constant motion.Moments later. They manage to acquire the rearmost HBC. now gone rouge. comes to an abrupt halt. falling down her slender shoulders. which was selected by choice. this will be the day where Damatacus’ own agents of destruction will turn their blades in a traitorous act of insurrection. housing the remaining Scientists and a vast number of sequestered family members. a trap door beneath her opens. Breaking away from his airborne armada. watching as his Prophets successfully shuttle away from The Obelisk. Damatacus stands both humored and humbled of their decisions to act against his bidding and allows the one HBC to break formation. The stage is now set marking the beginnings of a successful coup. Down the chute.

Damatacus will take the time to dine with the blood of his chosen prey.com/pages/Prophets-1-TheHammerstrike/162273503978714 Page | 40 . With a devilish grin smeared across his face. he provides his flight crew one last order. Heads will fall of the culprits who detour his crusade creating such blasphemy against his name as his dominion’s unforgiving Messiah. Two words: “Pull Back. A declaration. Of which Damatacus will make sure his vengeance is exact with complete conviction.” ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: End Prophets I: HammerStrike Check out the FaceBook page for extras and the latest details about this exciting Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk trilogy: https://www.Revolutions to these degree and measure are expected to encounter vast causality.facebook.

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