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Qualis Conferncias Cincia da Computao

SigIa TituIo (eventos internacionais) estrato
1 AAA AAA Conference on Artificial ntelligence A1
2 ACL-SGSEM ACL SGSEM Workshop on Prepositions B3
3 CCS ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security B2
4 CSCW ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work A1
5 EC ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce B3
6 SENSYS ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems B2
7 EMSOFT ACM Conference on Embedded Software B2
8 Hypertext ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia A2
9 SGMETRCS ACM Conference on Measurement and Modelling of Computing Systems A1
10 DUX ACM Designing for User Experience Conference B4
11 GLSVLS ACM Great Lakes Symposium on VLS B3
12 Group ACM Group Conference B5
13 JCDL ACM EEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries B3
14 SGGRAPH ACM nternational Conference on Computer Graphics and nteractive Techniques A2
15 CF ACM nternational Conference on Computing Frontiers B2
16 SGDOC ACM nternational Conference on Design of Communication B3
17 CVR ACM nternational Conference on mage and Video Retrieval B2
18 AT ACM nternational Conference on ntelligent Agent Technology B4
19 MOBCOM ACM nternational Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking B2
20 CS ACM nternational Conference on Supercomputing B2
21 ACM-GS ACM nternational Symposium on Advances in Geographic nformation Systems B4
22 SCA ACM nternational Symposium on Computer Architecture A1
23 SPD ACM nternational Symposium on Physical Design B4
24 WCMC ACM nternational Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference B4
25 MobiWac ACM nternational Workshop on Mobility Management and Wireless Access B3
26 MR ACM nternational Workshop on Multimedia nformation Retrieval B4
28 VSSN ACM nternational Workshop on Video Surveillance and Sensor Networks B4
29 WDM ACM nternational Workshop on Web nformation and Data Management B4
30 ACM-MM ACM Multimedia Conference B3
31 RecSys ACM Recommender Systems Conference B5
32 PODS ACM SGACT-SGMOD-SGART Symposium on Principles of Database Systems B2
33 SCA ACM SGGRAPH / Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation B3
34 VRCA B5
35 Sandbox ACM SGGRAPH Sandbox Symposium on Videogames B4
36 KDD ACM SGACT-SGMOD-SGART Symposium on Principles of Database Systems B1
37 Mobisys B3
38 SGMOD ACM SGMOD nternational Conference on Management of Data Conference A1
40 FSE ACM SGSOFT Conference on the Foundations of Software Engineering B1
41 SSR ACM SGSOFT Working Conference on Software Reusability B3
42 SGCOMM ACM Special nterest Group on Data Communications Conference A1
43 MOBHOC ACM Symposium of Mobile and Ad-hoc Computing B3
44 SACMAT ACM Symposium on Access Control Models and Technologies B4
45 SAC ACM Symposium on Applied Computing B3
46 DocEng ACM Symposium on Document Engineering B4
47 3D ACM Symposium on nteractive 3D Graphics and Games B4
48 SPAA ACM Symposium on Parallel Algorithms and Architectures B3
49 PODC ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing B2
50 STOC ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing B2
51 UST ACM Symposium on User nterface Software and Technology B2
52 VRST ACM Virtual Reality Software and Technology B3
53 DRM ACM Workshop on Digital Rights Management B3
54 WORM ACM Workshop on Recurring Malcode B4
55 SODA ACM-SAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms B3
56 POPL ACM-SGACT Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages B3
57 SOSP ACM-SGOPS Symposium on Operating Systems Principles B3
58 PPDP B4
ACM nternational Workshop on Performance Evaluation of Wireless Ad Hoc_
Sensor_ and Ubiquitous Networks
ACM SGGRAPH nternational Conference on Virtual-Reality Continuum and its
Applications in ndustry
ACM SGMOBLE nternational Conference on Mobile Systems_ Applications and
ACM SGPLAN Conference on Languages_ Tools_ and Compilers for Embedded
ACM-SGPLAN nternational Conference on Principles and Practice of Declarative
Qualis Conferncias Cincia da Computao
59 PLD B3
60 SC ACM/EEE Conference on High Performance Networking and Computing B2
62 MSWM B4
63 CSE ACM/EEE nternational Conference on Software Engineering A2
64 SUPER ACM/EEE Supercomputing Conference B4
65 PADS ACM/EEE/SCS Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Simulation B2
66 Middleware ACM/FP/USENX nternational Middleware Conference A2
67 MC ACM/SGCOMM nternet Measurement Conference B2
68 FPGA ACM/SGDA nternational Symposium on Field-Programmable Gate Arrays B5
69 MMCN ACM/SPE Multimedia Computing and Networking B2
70 ACVS Advanced Concepts for ntelligent Vision Systems Conference B3
71 AiML Advances in Modal Logic B2
72 ABS Agent-based Simulation Workshop B3
73 AOS Agent-Oriented nformation Systems Workshop B2
74 ATT Agents in Traffic and Transportation B5
75 AGLE Agile Conference B2
76 AGLE AGLE Conference on Geographic nformation Science B2
77 ALEX Algorithms and Experiments B5
78 ACC American Control Conference B2
79 AMCS Americas Conference on nformation Systems B1
81 SoCG Annual ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry B4
82 ACSAC Annual Computer Security Applications Conference A2
83 ASS&T B3
84 CogSci Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society B2
85 EAMT Annual Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation B2
86 ECON Annual Conference of the EEE ndustrial Electronics Society B1
87 AM Annual Conference of the nternational Academy for nformation Management B4
88 COLT Annual Conference on Computational Learning Theory B2
89 CSL Annual Conference on Computer Science Logic B1
90 EP Annual Conference on Evolutionary Programming B5
91 TiCSE Annual Conference on ntegrating Technology into Computer Science Education B2
92 MOPTA Annual Conference on Modeling and Optimization: Theory and Applications B5
93 AW Annual EEE nformation Assurance Workshop B4
94 ECBS B2
95 PerCom A2
96 SGR A1
97 COMPSAC Annual nternational Computer Software and Applications Conference B1
98 CASCON Annual nternational Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering B3
99 RECOMB Annual nternational Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology B2
100 CRYPTO Annual nternational Cryptology Conference A1
101 NFOCOM Annual Joint Conference of the EEE Computer and Communications Societies A1
102 MMVR Annual Medicine Meets Virtual Reality Conference B3
103 ANSS Annual Simulation Symposium B2
104 SEW Annual Software Engineering Workshop B4
105 CPM Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Pattern Matching B3
106 AA Artificial ntelligence and Applications Conference B5
107 ADE Artificial ntelligence and nteractive Digital Entertainment B3
108 ASE Automated Software Engineering Conference A2
109 CDR Biennial Conference on nnovative Data Systems Research B1
110 NyirCrypt Central European Conference on Cryptography B4
111 CLUSTER Cluster Computing Conference B5
112 CollECTeR Collaborative Electronic Commerce Technology and Research B3
113 SROCCO Colloquium on Structural nformation and Communication Complexity B3
114 CTB Complexity and nfo-Theoretic Approaches to Biology Conference B4
115 CiE Computability in Europe Conference B5
ACM-SGPLAN Symposium on Programming Language Design and mplementa-
ACM/EEE nternational Conference on Model-Driven Engineering Languages and
ACM/EEE nternational Conference on Modelling_ Analysis and Simulation of
Wireless and Mobile Systems
Annual ACM Conference on Object-Oriented Programming_ Systems_ Languages
and Applications
Annual Conference of the American Society for nformation Science and Technol-
Annual EEE nternational Conference and Workshop on the Engineering of Com-
puter Based Systems
Annual EEE nternational Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communica-
Annual nternational ACM SGR Conference on Research & Development in n-
formation Retrieval
Qualis Conferncias Cincia da Computao
116 CTAC Computational Techniques and Applications Conference B3
117 CASA Computer Animation and Social Agents B2
118 CG Computer Graphics nternational Conference B4
119 CATE Computers and Advanced Technology in Education B3
120 CSCL Conference in Computer Supported Collaborative Learning B1
121 UA Conference in Uncertainty in Artifical ntelligence B1
122 EACL B1
123 ARVLS Conference on Advanced Research in VLS B3
124 CAA Conference on Artificial ntelligence for Applications B5
125 AME Conference on Artificial ntelligence in Medicine in Europe B3
126 APS Conference on Artificial ntelligence Planning Systems B1
127 ALO/EURO Conference on Combinatorial Optimization B4
128 CHARME Conference on Correct Hardware Design and Verification Methods B2
129 EMNLP Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing A2
130 CH Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems B2
131 AA Conference on nnovative Applications in Artificial ntelligence B1
132 PCO Conference on nteger Programming and Combinatorial Optimization B2
133 CCLNG Conference on ntelligent Text Processing and Computational Linguistics B2
134 TSC Conference on ntelligent Transportation Systems B3
135 CoNLL Conference on Natural Language Learning B1
136 CSEE&T Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training B2
137 CSM Conference on Software Maintenance B4
138 COST Conference on Spatial nformation Theory B2
140 CL Corpus Linguistics Conference B3
141 CC Creativity and Cognition Conference B4
142 CLEF Cross Language Evaluation Forum Workshop B1
143 DCC Data Compression Conference A2
144 DCCS Dependable Computing and Communications Symposium B4
145 DAC Design Automation Conference A1
146 DASD Design_ Analysis_ and Simulation of Distributed Systems Symposium B4
147 DATE Design_ Automation and Test in Europe Conference and Exhibition B1
148 DS Designing nterative Systems Conference B5
149 DGRA Digital Games Research Conference B2
150 DGC Digital Geometry for Computer magery B3
151 DAARC Discourse Anaphora and Anaphor Resolution Colloquium B3
152 DUC Document Understanding Conference B2
153 DSL Domain-Specific Languages for Software Engineering Conference B4
154 ROBO EEE nternational Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics B3
155 SLS Engineering Stochastic Local Search Algorithms B5
156 CSCLP ERCM Annual Workshop on Constraint Solving and Contraint Logic Programming B4
157 EATS Euro American Conference on Telematics and nformation Systems B4
159 SGP Eurographics Symposium on Geometry Processing B3
160 EGSR Eurographics Symposium on Rendering B1
161 SBM Eurographics Workshop on Sketch-Based nterfaces and Modeling B3
162 EGVE Eurographics Workshop on Virtual Environments B3
163 EuroVis Eurographics/EEE-VGTC Symposium on Visualization B2
164 DSD EUROMCRO Conference on Digital System Design B3
165 ECRTS Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems B2
166 PDP B2
167 ECA European Conference on Artificial ntelligence A2
168 ECAM European Conference on Artificial ntelligence in Medicine B4
169 ECCTD European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design B3
170 EUROCOMB European Conference on Combinatorics_ Graph Theory and Applications B4
171 ECCB European Conference on Computational Biology B3
172 EuroCOLT European Conference on Computational Learning Theory B4
173 ECSCW European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work B2
174 ECCV European Conference on Computer Vision A1
175 EvoCOP European Conference on Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial Optimization B3
176 EuroGP European Conference on Genetic Programming B1
Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguis-
Conquest nternational Conference on Quality Engineering in Software Technology
Eurographics Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer
Euromicro nternational Conference on Parallel_ Distributed and network-based
Qualis Conferncias Cincia da Computao
177 ECR European Conference on nformation Retrieval B2
178 ECS European Conference on nformation Systems B1
179 EKM European Conference on Knowledge Management B3
180 JELA European Conference on Logics in Artificial ntelligence B2
181 ECML European Conference on Machine Learning B1
182 ECMDA European Conference on Model Driven Architecture Foundations and Applications B3
183 ECOOP European Conference on Object-oriented Programming A1
184 EURO European Conference on Operational Research B4
185 Euro-Par European Conference on Parallel Computing A2
186 PKDD B1
187 ECDL European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries B1
188 ECSA European Conference on Software Architecture B3
189 CSMR European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering A2
190 EuroSP European Conference on Software Process mprovement B3
192 EWSN European conference on Wireless Sensor Networks B2
193 ECC European Control Conference B1
194 EDCC European Dependable Computing Conference B2
195 GAME-ON European GAME-ON Conference B2
196 EGC European Grid Conference B3
197 EuroTV European nteractive TV Conference B3
198 ETAPS European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software B3
199 EuroPVM/MP European PVM/MP Users Group nternational Conference B2
200 ESWC European Semantic Web Conference B1
201 EUSPCO European Signal Processing Conference B2
202 ESM European Simulation Multiconference B2
203 ESS European Simulation Symposium B2
205 ESSCRC European Solid-State Circuits Conference B1
206 ESSDERC European Solid-State Device Research Conference B2
207 ALAMAS European Symposium on Adaptive Learning Agents and Multi-Agent Systems B4
208 ESA European Symposium on Algorithms B1
209 ESANN European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks B1
210 ESOP European Symposium on Programming (ETAPS) B1
211 ESORCS European Symposium on Research in Computer Security B1
212 EuroBot European Workshop on Advanced Mobile Robots B2
213 EUMAS European Workshop on Multi-Agent Systems B3
214 ENLG European Workshop on Natural Language Generation B3
215 ESELAW Experimental Software Engineering Latin American Workshop B4
216 EMMSAD Exploring Modelling Methods in Systems Analysis and Design B3
217 FSE Fast Software Encryption Workshop B1
218 FM Formal Methods Conference B1
219 FTRTFT Formal Techniques in Real-Time and Fault Tolerant Systems B3
220 FDL Forum on Specification and Design Languages B2
221 FOAL Foundations of Aspect-Oriented Languages Workshop B2
222 FOSSACS Foundations of Software Science and Computation Structures Conference B1
223 FE Frontiers in Education Conference B1
224 FASE Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering B1
225 GDC Game Developers Conference B2
226 SCAN B5
227 GECCO Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference A1
228 GMP Geometry Modeling and Processing Conference B5
229 DMVA B4
230 HASKELL Haskell Workshop B1
231 HC Health nformatics Conference B3
232 HLT Human Language Technology Conference A2
233 AC ADS nternational Conference on Applied Computing B3
234 WWW/nternet ADS nternational Conference WWW/nternet B2
235 MLDM APR nternational Conference on Machine Learning and Data Mining B4
236 ANNPR APR nternational Workshop on Artificial Neural Networks in Pattern B4
European Conference on Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in
European Conference on Symbolic and Quantitative Approaches to Reasoning
with Uncertainty
European Software Engineering Conference and the ACM SGSOFT Symposium
on the Foundations of Software Engineering
GAMM / MACS nternational Symposion on Scientific Computing_ Computer
Arithmetic and Validated Numerics
G nternational Conference on Detection of ntrusions and Malware and Vulnera-
bility Asessment
Qualis Conferncias Cincia da Computao
237 GREC APR nternational Workshop on Graphics Recognition B2
238 MVA APR nternational Workshop on Machine Vision Applications B3
239 BERAMA bero-American Artificial ntelligence Conference B2
240 CARP beroamerican Congress on Pattern Recognition B3
241 DEAS B2
243 CCW EEE Annual Computer Communications Workshop B2
244 MWC B5
245 CSB EEE Computational Systems Bioinformatics Conference B1
246 CSFW EEE Computer Security Foundations Workshop A1
247 SVLS EEE Computer Society Annual Symposium on VLS B4
248 MMBA B3
249 CASE EEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering B4
250 CCC EEE Conference on Computational Complexity B1
251 CVPR EEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition A1
252 CDC EEE Conference on Decision and Control B1
253 CEC2 EEE Conference on Electronic Commerce Technology B2
254 DC EEE Conference on nformation_ Decision and Control B2
255 EEES EEE Conference On ntelligent Systems B4
256 LCN EEE Conference on Local Computer Networks A2
257 SECON EEE Conference on Sensor_ Mesh and Ad Hoc Communications and Networks B2
258 CEC EEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation A1
259 CCNC EEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference B2
260 CCC EEE Custom ntegrated Circuits Conference B1
261 ECOWS EEE European Conference on Web Services B3
262 ETS EEE European Test Symposium B3
263 GLOBECOM EEE Global Telecommunications Conference B2
264 HCS EEE Hot Chips Symposium B4
265 MMAR B3
266 AS EEE ndustry Applications Society Annual Conference A2
267 CASSP EEE nternational Conference on Acoustics_ Speech and SP B2
268 CALT EEE nternational Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies B2
269 ASAP B2
270 CAC EEE nternational Conference on Autonomic Computing B2
271 CC EEE nternational Conference on Cognitive nformatics B3
272 CC EEE nternational Conference on Communications B1
273 CMSA B3
274 CCL EEE nternational Conference on Computer Languages B4
275 CCV EEE nternational Conference on Computer Vision A1
276 CCA EEE nternational Conference on Control Applications B2
277 CCBSS EEE nternational Conference on COTS-Based Software Systems B3
278 CDE EEE nternational Conference on Data Engineering A2
279 CDM EEE nternational Conference on Data Mining A2
280 CDCN EEE nternational Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking B4
281 CDCS EEE nternational Conference on Distributed Computing Systems B1
282 CDAR EEE nternational Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition B1
283 eScience EEE nternational Conference on e-science and Grid Computing B3
284 EEE EEE nternational Conference on e-Technology_ e-Commerce and e-Service B5
285 CECS EEE nternational Conference on Electronics_ Circuits and Systems B1
286 ETFA EEE nternational Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation B2
287 CECCS EEE nternational Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems B2
288 FUZZ EEE nternational Conference on Fuzzy Systems A2
289 CP EEE nternational Conference on mage Processing A2
290 NDN EEE nternational Conference on ndustrial nformatics B2
291 CT EEE nternational Conference on ndustrial Technology B2
292 R EEE nternational Conference on nformation Reuse and ntegration B2
293 PS EEE nternational Conference on ntelligent Processing Systems B5
294 MASS EEE nternational Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Systems B5
beroamerican Workshop on Requirements Engineering and Software Environ-
CST nternational Conference on COMmunication System softWAre and Middle-
EEE CAS Symposium on Emerging Technologies_ Frontiers of Mobile and Wire-
less Communication
EEE Computer Society Workshops on Mathematical Methods in Biomedical m-
age Analysis
EEE FAC nternational Conference on Methods and Models in Automation and
EEE nternational Conference on Application-specific Systems_ Architectures and
EEE nternational Conference on Computational ntelligence for Measurement
Systems and Applications
Qualis Conferncias Cincia da Computao
295 CME EEE nternational Conference on Multimedia and Expo A1
296 CMCS EEE nternational Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems B2
297 MME EEE nternational Conference on Multimedia in Education B5
298 CNP EEE nternational Conference on Network Protocols A2
299 CON EEE nternational Conference on Networks B2
300 CPC EEE nternational Conference on Program Comprehension A2
301 CRA EEE nternational Conference on Robotics and Automation A1
302 CSC EEE nternational Conference on Semantic Computing B3
303 SCC EEE nternational Conference on Services Computing B2
304 SM EEE nternational Conference on Shape Modeling and Applications B2
305 SEFM EEE nternational Conference on Software Engineering and Formal Methods B2
306 CSM EEE nternational Conference on Software Maintenance A2
307 CSR EEE nternational Conference on Software Reuse B3
308 SMC EEE nternational Conference on Systems_ Man_ and Cybernetics B1
309 CTA EEE nternational Conference on Tools with Artificial ntelligence B1
310 VECMS B4
311 CWS EEE nternational Conference on Web Services B1
312 EDOC EEE nternational Enterprise Computing Conference A2
313 EDOCW B4
314 GARSS EEE nternational Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium A2
315 GS EEE nternational Global nformation nfrastructure Symposium B4
316 HLDVT EEE nternational High Level Design Validation and Test Workshop B2
317 JCNN EEE nternational Joint Conference on Neural Networks A2
318 MWSCAS EEE nternational Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems B2
319 OLTS EEE nternational On-Line Testing Symposium B2
320 PDPS EEE nternational Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium A2
321 PCCC EEE nternational Performance Computing and Communications Conference B1
322 RE EEE nternational Requirements Engineering Conference B4
323 SOCC EEE nternational SOC Conference B1
324 METRCS EEE nternational Software Metrics Symposium B1
325 SSCC EEE nternational Solid-State Circuits Conference B1
326 SSADS EEE nternational Symposium and School on Advance Distributed Systems B4
327 WoWMoM B2
328 SAM EEE nternational Symposium on Assembly and Manufacturing B4
329 BBE EEE nternational Symposium on Bioinformatics and Bioengineering B2
330 SB EEE nternational Symposium on Biomedical maging: From Nano to Macro B3
331 SCAS EEE nternational Symposium on Circuits and Systems A2
332 CRA B2
333 DS-RT B2
334 HASE EEE nternational Symposium on High Assurance Systems Engineering B2
335 HPDC EEE nternational Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing A2
336 SnT EEE nternational Symposium on nformation Theory B2
337 STA EEE nternational Symposium on nformation Theory and ts Applications B3
338 SC EEE nternational Symposium on ntelligent Control B2
339 SC EEE nternational Symposium on ntelligent Control B2
341 SM EEE nternational Symposium on Multimedia B3
342 NCA EEE nternational Symposium on Network Computing and Applications B2
343 SORC B1
344 SPASS EEE nternational Symposium on Performance Analysis of Systems and Software B1
345 PMRC EEE nternational Symposium on Personal and ndoor Mobile Radio Conference A2
346 SQED EEE nternational Symposium on Quality Electronic Design B1
347 SRDS EEE nternational Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems B2
348 SRE EEE nternational Symposium on Requirements Engineering B3
349 RO-MAN EEE nternational Symposium on Robot and Human nteractive Communication B2
350 SSNDS EEE nternational Symposium on Security in Networks and Distributed Systems B5
351 SSPA EEE nternational Symposium on Signal Processing and its Applications B2
352 SSRE EEE nternational Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering B1
EEE nternational Conference on Virtual Environments_ Human-Computer nter-
faces and Measurement Systems
EEE nternational Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference Work-
EEE nternational Symposium on a World of Wireless_ Mobile and Multimedia
EEE nternational Symposium on Computational ntelligence in Robotics and Au-
EEE nternational Symposium on Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applica-
EEE nternational Symposium on Modeling_ Analysis and Simulation of Computer
and Telecommunication Systems
EEE nternational Symposium on Object-Oriented Real-Time Distributed Comput-
Qualis Conferncias Cincia da Computao
353 SWC EEE nternational Symposium on Wearable Computing B5
354 WCC EEE nternational Workshop on Cluster Computing B4
355 DSRA B5
356 POM EEE nternational Workshop on P Operations and Management B2
357 MLSP EEE nternational Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing B3
358 WORDS EEE nternational Workshop on Object-Oriented Real-Time Dependable Systems B2
359 POLCY EEE nternational Workshop on Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks A2
360 WETCE B1
361 LATW EEE Latin American Test Workshop B3
362 MSC EEE Multi-conference on Systems and Control B5
363 RTAS EEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium B2
364 DYSPAN EEE Symposioum on New Frontiers in Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks B1
365 3DU EEE Symposium on 3D User nterfaces B3
366 CG EEE Symposium on Computacional ntelligence and Games B5
367 CDM EEE Symposium on Computational ntelligence and Data Mining B4
368 CBCB B3
369 CBMS EEE Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems B2
370 SCC EEE Symposium on Computers and Communications B1
371 FCCM EEE Symposium on Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines A2
372 FOC EEE Symposium on Foundations of Computational ntelligence B4
373 FOCS EEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science A2
374 EEET EEE Symposium on nformation Theory B4
375 nfoVis EEE Symposium on nformation Visualization A2
376 LCS EEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science B1
377 SECPRV EEE Symposium on Security and Privacy A2
378 VL/HCC EEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing B2
379 VTC EEE Vehicular Technology Conference B2
380 VR EEE Virtual Reality Conference B2
381 Vis EEE Visualization Conference B4
382 VTS EEE VLS Test Symposium B2
383 WCNC EEE Wireless and Communications and Networking Conference A1
384 WCRE EEE Working Conference on Reverse Engineering B2
385 WACV EEE Workshop on Applications of Computer Vision B1
386 CAMAD B4
387 DDECS EEE Workshop on Design and Diagnostics of Electronic Circuits and Systems B3
388 ESTMedia EEE Workshop on Embedded Systems for Real-Time Multimedia B3
389 FAABS EEE Workshop on Formal Approaches to Agent-Based Systems B2
390 LANMAN EEE Workshop on Local and Metropolitan Area Networks B2
391 SCW EEE Workshop on Speech Coding B2
392 WCC EEE World Congress on Computational ntelligence B3
393 ROBOCOMM EEE- nternational Conference on Robot Communication and Coordination B4
394 Humanoids EEE- RAS nternational Conference on Humanoids Robots B2
395 CS EEE/ACS nternational Conference on Computer and nformation B4
396 GRD EEE/ACM nternational Conference on Grid Computing A1
397 HR EEE/ACM nternational Conference on Human Robot nteraction B4
398 CCGrid EEE/ACM nternational Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid A2
399 PBG EEE/Eurographics Symposium on Point-Based Graphics B2
400 BASYS B5
401 NOMS EEE/FP Network Operations and Management Symposium A2
402 E2EMON EEE/FP Workshop on End-to-End Monitoring Techniques and Services B3
403 ROS EEE/RJS nternational Conference on ntelligent Robots and Systems A2
404 W EEE/WC/ACM nternational Conference on Web ntelligence B4
405 SSC FAC Conference on System Structure and Control B5
406 SAFEProcess B2
407 MS FAC Workshop on ntelligent Manufacturing Systems B4
408 FP A FP Artificial ntelligence B4
409 3E FP Conference on e-Commerce_ e-Business_ and e-Government B4
410 AA B3
EEE nternational Workshop on Distributed ntelligent Simulation and Real-Time
EEE nternational Workshops on Enabling Technologies: nfrastructure for Col-
laborative Enterprises
EEE Symposium on Computational ntelligence in Bioinformatics and Computa-
tional Biology
EEE Workshop on Computer-Aided Modeling_ Analysis and Design of Communi-
cation Links and Networks
EEE/FP nternational Conference on nformation Technology for Balanced Au-
tomation Systems
FAC Symposioum on Fault Detection_ Supervision and Safety of Technical Pro-
FP nternational Conference on Artificial ntelligence Applications and nnovations
Qualis Conferncias Cincia da Computao
411 BC FP nternational Conference on Broadband Communications B3
412 DSS FP nternational Conference on Decision Support Systems B4
413 DAS B2
414 EUC FP nternational Conference on Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing B3
415 CEC FP nternational Conference on Entertainment Computing B3
416 NPC FP nternational Conference on Network and Parallel Computing B4
417 Net-Con B4
418 Networking FP nternational Conference on Networking B1
419 ODP FP nternational Conference on Open Distributed Processing B2
420 PWC FP nternational Conference on Personal Wireless Communications B3
421 TestCom FP nternational Conference on Testing Communicating Systems B3
422 TCS FP nternational Conference on Theoetical Computer Science B3
423 VLS-SOC FP nternational Conference on Very Large Scale ntegration B3
424 SEC FP nternational nformation Security Conference B3
425 NTERACT FP TC13 nternational Conference on Human-Computer nteraction B2
426 FORTE B2
428 DPES FP Working Conference on Distributed and Parallel Embedded Systems B4
429 EHC-DSVS FP Working Conference on Engineering for Human-Computer nteraction B2
430 WCCE FP World Conference on Computers in Education B4
431 MMNS FP/EEE Conference on Management of Multimedia Networks and Services B3
432 DSOM B3
433 M FP/EEE Symposium on ntegrated Management B4
434 VCNZ mage and Vision Computing Conference B3
435 H nformation Hiding Workshop B1
436 WAS nformation ntegration and Web-based Applications and Services B3
437 SC nformation Security Conference B3
438 SW nformation Security Workshop B2
439 SECON nformation Systems Education Conference B3
440 nSTE nforming Science and T Education Conference B4
441 SCRAM ntelligent Human Computer Systems for Crisis Response and Management B3
442 SMB ntelligent Systems in Molecular Biology B3
443 V ntelligent Vehicles Conference B5
444 WAM nterational Conference on Web Age nformation Management B3
445 CAM nternational Congress on ndustrial and Applied Mathematics B3
446 ASSETS nternational ACM SGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility B5
447 BMA nternational Business nformation Management B3
448 CALP nternational Colloquium on Automata_ Languages and Programming A2
449 CTAC nternational Colloquium on Theoretical Aspects of Computing B3
450 CCRTS nternational Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium B3
451 CSC nternational Computer Science Conference B2
452 COCOON nternational Computing and Combinatorics Conference B2
453 CER nternational Computing Education Reserch Workshop B5
454 CTL nternational Conferece on Temporal Logic B4
455 GSD nternational Conference for Global Spatial Data nfrastructure B3
456 CSST nternational Conference mage Science_ Systems and Technology B3
457 BPM nternational Conference in Business Process Management B2
458 -ESA nternational Conference nteroperability for Enterprise Software and Applications B5
459 ACL nternational Conference of the Association of Computational Linguistics A1
460 SCCC nternational Conference of the Chilean Computer Science Society B2
461 3DM nternational Conference on 3-D Digital maging and Modeling B2
462 Web3D nternational Conference on 3D Web Technology B3
463 ADHOC-NOW nternational Conference on AD-HOC Networks and Wireless B3
464 AH B2
465 AdCom nternational Conference on Advanced Computing and Communications B3
466 ADMA nternational Conference on Advanced Data Mining and Applications B3
467 ANA nternational Conference on Advanced nformation Networking and Applications B2
468 CAiSE nternational Conference on Advanced nformation Systems Engineering A2
469 CAR nternational Conference on Advanced Robotics B2
470 ACE nternational Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology B4
FP nternational Conference on Distributed Applications and nteroperable Sys-
FP nternational Conference on Network Control and Engineering for QoS_ Secu-
rity and Mobility
FP WG 6.1 nternational Conference on Formal Methods for Networked and Dis-
tributed Systems
FP WG 7.3 nternational Symposium on Computer Performance_ Modeling_
Measurements_ and Evaluation
FP/EEE nternational Workshop on Distributed Systems: Operations and Man-
nternational Conference on Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-Based Sys-
Qualis Conferncias Cincia da Computao
471 AGO B5
472 XP B5
473 ALP nternational Conference on Algebraic and Logic Programming B5
474 AMAST nternational Conference on Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology B1
475 AlgOR B5
476 CA3PP nternational Conference on Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing B2
477 NLDB nternational Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Data Bases B3
478 ACNS nternational Conference on Applied Cryptography and Network Security B2
480 CA nternational Conference on Artificial ntelligence B1
481 AL nternational Conference on Artificial ntelligence and Law B4
482 ASC nternational Conference on Artificial ntelligence and Symbolic Computing B5
483 AED nternational Conference on Artificial ntelligence in Education B2
484 ASAT nternational Conference on Artificial ntelligence in Science and Technology B4
485 CANN nternational Conference on Artificial Neural Networks B1
486 CAT nternational Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence B2
487 AOSD nternational Conference on Aspect-Oriented Software Development B1
488 AVBPA nternational Conference on Audio- and Video-Based Biometric Person B1
489 CADE nternational Conference on Automated Deduction A2
490 CAPS nternational Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling B1
491 FG nternational Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition B2
492 ARES nternational Conference on Availability_ Reliability and Security B3
493 BOCOMP nternational Conference on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology B4
494 Broadnets nternational Conference on Broadband Communications_ Networks and Systems B2
495 CCB nternational Conference on Case-Based Reasoning B3
496 CC nternational Conference on Communications in Computing B3
497 CC nternational Conference on Compiler Construction B2
498 CASES B4
499 CCA nternational Conference on Computability and Complexity in Analysis B5
500 CCMA B2
501 CMCA B3
502 CRAS B4
503 COLNG nternational Conference on Computational Linguistics A2
504 CCSA nternational Conference on Computational Science and its Applications B2
505 CAV nternational Conference on Computer Aided Verification A1
506 CAP nternational Conference on Computer Analysis of mages and Patterns B3
507 CT nternational Conference on Computer and nformation Technology B3
508 CCC nternational Conference on Computer Communication B4
509 CCCN nternational Conference on Computer Communications and Networks A2
510 CDES nternational Conference on Computer Design B5
511 CCD nternational Conference on Computer Design B1
512 CGM nternational Conference on Computer Graphics and maging B3
513 GRAPP nternational Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications B4
514 SAFECOMP nternational Conference on Computer Safety_ Reliability and Security B2
515 CSCWD nternational Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design B4
516 CVS nternational Conference on Computer Vision Systems B2
517 VSAPP nternational Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications B4
518 CCAD nternational Conference on Computer-Aided Design A1
519 CADU nternational Conference on Computer-Aided Design of User B2
520 CCCT nternational Conference on Computer_ Communication and Control Technologies B3
521 CATA nternational Conference on Computers and their Applications B3
522 CCE nternational Conference on Computers in Education B4
523 CC nternational Conference on Computing and nformation B3
524 CLA nternational Conference On Concept Lattices and Their Applications B3
525 ER nternational Conference on Conceptual Modeling B2
526 CCS nternational Conference on Conceptual Structures B2
nternational Conference on Advances n Global Optimization: Methods and Appli-
nternational Conference on Agile Processes in Software Engineering and eX-
treme Programming
nternational conference on Algorithmic Operations Research and Operations Re-
search Case Competition
nternational Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages
and Operating Systems
nternational Conference on Compilers_ Architecture_ and Synthesis for Embed-
ded Systems
nternational Conference on Computational ntelligence and Multimedia Applica-
nternational Conference on Computational ntelligence for Modelling_ Control and
nternational Conference on Computational ntelligence_ Robotics and Au-
tonomous Systems
Qualis Conferncias Cincia da Computao
527 CONCUR nternational Conference on Concurrency Theory A2
528 CCOPT nternational Conference on Continuous Optimization B5
529 CCAS nternational Conference on Control_ Automation and Systems B3
530 CCO nternational Conference on Cooperative Control and Optimization B4
531 CoopS nternational Conference on Cooperative nformation Systems B1
532 CMV B4
533 DaWaK nternational Conference on Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery B2
534 DEXA nternational Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications B2
535 DASFAA nternational Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications B1
536 CDT nternational Conference on Database Theory B1
537 DSN nternational Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks A2
538 DLT nternational Conference on Developments in Language Theory B2
539 DGO nternational Conference on Digital Government Research B4
540 DS nternational Conference on Discovery Science B3
541 DMTCS B5
542 CETE nternational Conference on E-Business and Telecommunication Networks B3
543 ECWeb nternational Conference on Electronic Commerce and Web Technology B5
544 CEAS nternational Conference on Email and Anti-Spam B5
545 EANN nternational Conference on Engineering Applications of Neural Networks B3
546 CEE nternational Conference on Engineering Education B2
547 ERSA B3
548 CES nternational Conference on Enterprise nformation Systems B2
549 EpiRob nternational Conference on Epigenetic Robotics B3
550 EASE nternational Conference on Evaluation and Assessment in Software Engineering B3
551 EMO nternational Conference on Evolutionary Multi-Criterion Optimization B1
552 EDBT nternational Conference on Extending Database Technology A2
553 FPL nternational Conference on Field-Programmable Logic and Applications B1
554 FQAS nternational Conference on Flexible Query Answering Systems B3
555 CFEM nternational Conference on Formal Engineering Methods B2
557 FORMATS nternational Conference on Formal Modelling and Analysis of Timed Systems B2
558 FPSAC nternational Conference on Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics B3
559 FCS nternational Conference on Foundations of Computer Science B5
560 FECS B5
561 CFP nternational Conference on Functional Programming B2
562 FSKD nternational Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery B3
563 CyberGames nternational Conference on Games Research and Development B5
564 GPCE B1
565 CGA nternational Conference on Genetic Algorithms B2
566 GeoComp nternational Conference on GeoComputation B2
567 GScience nternational Conference on Geographic nformation Science B2
568 GeoS nternational Conference on Geospatial Semantics B4
569 CGeS nternational Conference on Global E-Security B5
570 CGT nternational Conference on Graph Transformation B2
571 GCC nternational Conference on Grid and Cooperative Computing B2
572 GCA nternational Conference on Grid Computing and Applications B3
573 GADA B4
574 CODES+SSS nternational Conference on Hardware/Software Codesign and System Synthesis B3
575 CHPC nternational Conference on High Performance Computing B5
576 HiPC nternational Conference on High Performance Computing B2
577 HPCN nternational Conference on High Performance Computing and Networking B2
578 HC nternational Conference on Human-Computer nteraction B4
579 MobileHC B3
580 HS nternational Conference on Hybrid ntelligent Systems B3
581 CAP nternational Conference on mage Analysis and Processing B2
582 CG nternational Conference on mage and Graphics B3
nternational Conference on Coordinated and Multiple Views in Exploratory Visual-
nternational Conference on Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Sci-
nternational Conference on Engineering of Reconfigurable Systems and Algo-
nternational Conference on Formal Methods for Open Object-Based Distributed
nternational Conference on Frontiers in Education: Computer Science and Com-
puter Engineering
nternational Conference on Generative Programming and Component Engineer-
nternational Conference on Grid computing_ High-performance and Distributed
nternational Conference on Human-Computer nteraction with Mobile Devices and
nternational Conference on mage Processing_ Computer Vision_ and Pattern
Qualis Conferncias Cincia da Computao
584 CAA nternational Conference on mplementation and Application of Automata B2
585 LP nternational Conference on nductive Logic Programming B2
586 EA/AE B3
587 CNCO nternational Conference on nformatics in Control_ Automation and Robotics B3
588 CCS nternational Conference on nformation and Communication Security B2
589 KE nternational Conference on nformation and Knowledge Engineering B4
590 CKM nternational Conference on nformation and Knowledge Management B2
591 FUSON nternational Conference on nformation Fusion B2
592 PMU B2
593 SECRYPT nternational Conference on nformation Security and Cryptology B3
594 CS nternational Conference on nformation Systems B1
595 SD nternational Conference on nformation Systems Development B3
596 STA nternational Conference on nformation Systems Technology and its Application B5
597 CTA nternational Conference on nformation Technology and Applications B2
598 THE nternational Conference on nformation Technology Based Higher B3
599 V nternational Conference on nformation Visualization B2
600 FM nternational Conference on ntegrated Formal Methods B1
601 AWTC B3
602 DEAL nternational Conference on ntelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning B5
603 CL nternational Conference on ntelligent Systems B3
604 SDA nternational Conference on ntelligent Systems Design and Applications B3
605 TS nternational Conference on ntelligent Tutoring Systems B2
606 U nternational Conference on ntelligent User nterfaces B3
607 VA nternational Conference on ntelligent Virtual Agents B3
608 EKAW B3
609 KES B3
610 LREC nternational Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation A2
611 CLP nternational Conference on Logic Programming B1
612 LPNMR nternational Conference on Logic Programming and Non-monotonic Reasoning B2
613 CML nternational Conference on Machine Learning A2
614 CMLA nternational Conference on Machine Learning and Applications B3
615 MLMTA nternational Conference on Machine Learning and Applications B4
616 CMLC nternational Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics B3
618 MPC nternational Conference on Mathematics of Program Construction B2
619 MCCA A2
620 MSE nternational Conference on Microelectronic Systems Education B4
621 Mobiquitous B2
622 MDA/MDM nternational Conference on Mobile Data Access/Management B5
623 MSV nternational Conference on Modeling_ Simulation and Visualization Methods B4
624 CMSO nternational Conference on Modelling_ Simulation and Optimisation B4
625 CM nternational Conference on Multimodal nterfaces B3
626 SMR nternational Conference on Music nformation Retrieval A2
627 CNC nternational Conference on Natural Computation B3
628 CN nternational Conference on Networking B2
629 CONP nternational Conference on Neural nformation Processing B2
630 NWeSP nternational Conference on Next Generation Web Services Practices B3
632 CORD nternational Conference on Operational Research for Development B4
633 OR nternational Conference on Operations Research B4
634 COTA nternational Conference on Optimization: Techniques And Applications B4
635 PDCS nternational Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems B2
636 PDCAT B2
637 PDS nternational Conference on Parallel and Distributed nformation Systems B5
638 PDPTA B3
639 CPADS nternational Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems B2
nternational Conference on ndustrial_ Engineering and Other Applications of Ap-
plied ntelligent Systems
nternational Conference on nformation Processing and Management of Uncer-
tainty in Knowledge-Based Systems
nternational Conference on ntelligent Agents_ Web Technologies_ and nternet
nternational Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management
nternational Conference on Knowledge-Based and ntelligent nformation and En-
gineering Systems
nternational Conference on Mathematics and Engineering Techniques in Medicine
and Biological Sciences
nternational Conference on Medical mage Computing and Computer Assisted n-
nternational Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Networks and Ser-
nternational Conference on Ontologies_ Databases and Applications of Seman-
nternational Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing_ Applications and
nternational Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and
Qualis Conferncias Cincia da Computao
640 PACT nternational Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques B3
641 ParCo nternational Conference on Parallel Computing B4
642 CPP nternational Conference on Parallel Processing B1
643 WPT nternational Conference on Parsing Technologies B2
644 CPR nternational Conference on Pattern Recognition A2
645 P2P nternational Conference on Peer-to-Peer Computing B1
646 PERVASVE nternational Conference on Pervasive Computing B1
647 PSC nternational Conference on Pervasive Systems and Computing B4
648 CP nternational Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming A2
649 OPODS nternational Conference on Principles of Distributed Systems B2
650 KR B1
651 PSOR nternational Conference on Probability_ Statistics and Operational Research B5
652 PROFES nternational Conference on Product Focused Software Process mprovement B3
653 PLC nternational Conference on Programming Languages and Compilers B5
654 Qsine B5
655 QEST nternational Conference on Quantitative Evaluation of Systems B2
656 RTCSA B2
657 RTCOMP nternational Conference on Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications B5
658 Ada-Europe nternational Conference on Reliable Software Technologies B2
659 RST nternational Conference on Reliable Software Technologies B3
660 RTA nternational Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications B2
661 SSDBM nternational Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management B3
662 CSC nternational Conference on Scientific Computing B4
663 SAM nternational Conference on Security and Management B3
664 SCN nternational Conference on Security in Communication Networks B2
665 CSOC nternational Conference on Service Oriented Computing B2
666 SEAL nternational Conference on Simulated Evolution and Learning B5
667 CSSEA B3
668 CSEA nternational Conference on Software Engineering Advances B4
669 SEKE nternational Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering B2
670 SQM nternational Conference on Software Quality Management B3
672 nterspeech nternational Conference on Spoken Language Processing A1
673 CSP nternational Conference on Stochastic Programming B2
674 TE nternational Conference on Technology Education B4
675 TDSE B3
676 TSD nternational Conference on Text_ Speech and Dialogue B2
677 CATPN nternational Conference on the Application and Theory of Petri Nets B2
678 PATAT nternational Conference on the Practice and Theory of Automated Timetabling B3
680 EuroCrypt A1
681 UML nternational Conference on the Unified Modeling Language B4
682 TPHOLs nternational Conference on Theorem Proving in Higher Order Logics B2
684 SAT nternational Conference on Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing B3
685 PKC nternational Conference on Theory and Practice of Public-Key Cryptography B1
686 TACAS A2
687 UbiComp nternational Conference on Ubiquitous Computing A2
688 UC nternational Conference on Ubiquitous ntelligence and Computing B5
689 UM nternational Conference on User Modelling B4
690 VMCA B2
691 VLDB nternational Conference on Very Large Data Bases A1
692 CVS nternational Conference on Virtual Storytelling B2
693 VSMM nternational Conference on Virtual Systems and MultiMedia B2
694 VSUAL nternational Conference on Visual nformation Systems B3
nternational Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reason-
nternational Conference on Quality of Service in Heterogeneous Wired/Wireless
nternational Conference on Real-Time and Embedded Computing Systems and
nternational Conference on Software and Systems Engineering and their Applica-
nternational Conference on Software_ Telecommunications and Computer Net-
nternational Conference on Technology for nteractive Digital Storytelling and En-
nternational Conference on the Social and Ethical mpacts of nformation and
Communication Technologies
nternational Conference on the Theory and Application of Cryptographic Tech-
nternational Conference on Theorem Proving with Analytic Tableaux and Related
nternational Conference on Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analy-
sis of Systems
nternational Conference on Verification_ Model Checking and Abstract nterpreta-
Qualis Conferncias Cincia da Computao
695 VP nternational Conference on Visualization_ maging and mage Processing B3
696 VLSD nternational Conference on VLS Design B2
697 WEBST nternational Conference on Web nformation Systems and Technologies B3
698 WSE nternational Conference on Web nformation Systems Engineering B1
699 CWL nternational Conference on Web-based Learning B3
700 CWN nternational Conference on Wireless Networks B3
701 ALT nternational Conferences on Algorithmic Learning Theory B3
702 CEMT nternational Confernce on Enterprise ntegration and Modelling Technology B4
703 MODSM nternational Congress on Modelling and Simulation B3
704 W4A nternational Cross-Disciplinary Conference on Web Accessibility B4
705 DEAS nternational Database Engineering and Applications Symposium B3
706 ESS nternational Embedded Systems Symposium B4
707 FSA nternational Fuzzy Systems Association World Congress B2
708 MEDNFO nternational Health (Medical) nformatics Congress A2
709 Syroco nternational FAC Symposium on Robot Control B3
710 JCA nternational Joint Conference on Artificial ntelligence A1
711 JCAR nternational Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning B1
712 AAMAS nternational Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagents Systems A2
713 JCNLP nternational Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing B2
714 TAPSOFT nternational Joint Conference on Theory and Practice of Software Development B5
715 LPS nternational Logic Programming Symposium B5
716 DNA nternational Meeting on DNA Computing B4
717 VECPAR nternational Meeting on High Performance Computing for Computational Science B3
718 Virtual Concept B3
719 MR nternational Meshing Roundtable Conference B5
720 MMM nternational Multi-Media Modelling Conference B2
721 NLG nternational Natural Language Generation Conference B2
722 NOC nternational Network Optimization Conference B2
723 PPS nternational Parallel Processing Symposium B2
724 PCS nternational Picture Coding Symposium B2
725 QSC nternational Quality Software Conference B2
726 SWC nternational Semantic Web Conference A1
727 SPCE B3
728 SAS nternational Static Analysis Symposium B1
729 CBSE nternational Symposium Component-Based Software Engineering B2
730 CAGD nternational Symposium of Computer Aided Geometric Design B3
731 FME nternational Symposium of Formal Methods Europe B1
732 SRR nternational Symposium of Robotics Research B3
733 SAAC nternational Symposium on Algorithms and Computation B2
734 SANT nternational Symposium on Applications and the nternet B1
736 AMA nternational Symposium on Artificial ntelligence and Mathematics B3
737 SAVA B5
738 SADS nternational Symposium on Autonomous Decentralized Systems B2
739 CRSYS nternational Symposium on Circuits and Systems B2
740 CompLife nternational Symposium on Computational Life Science B3
741 DBPL nternational Symposium on Database Programming B2
742 DARS nternational Symposium on Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems B1
743 DSC nternational Symposium on Distributed Computing A2
744 DOA nternational Symposium on Distributed Objects and Applications B1
745 ESEM nternational Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement B4
746 SER nternational Symposium on Experimental Robotics B2
747 FSR nternational Symposium on Field and Service Robotics B5
748 FoKS nternational Symposium on Foundations on nformation and Knowledge Systems B4
749 FroCoS nternational Symposium on Frontiers of Combining Systems B2
750 FLOPS nternational Symposium on Functional and Logic Programming B2
751 FCT nternational Symposium on Fundamentals of Computation Theory B3
752 GD nternational Symposium on Graph Drawing B3
753 HPCS B3
754 HPCA nternational Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture A2
nternational Meeting on nteractive Design and Manufacturing Methodologies_
Tools and Processes
nternational Software Process mprovement and Capability Determination Con-
nternational Symposium on Applied Algebra_ Algebraic Algorithms and Error-Cor-
recting Codes
nternational Symposium on Audio_ Video_ mage Processing and ntelligent Ap-
nternational Symposium on High Performance Computing Systems and Applica-
Qualis Conferncias Cincia da Computao
755 FL B2
756 PSN nternational Symposium on nformation Processing in Sensor Networks B1
757 DA nternational Symposium on ntelligent Data Analysis B4
758 SMP nternational Symposium on ntelligent Multimedia_ Video and Speech Processing B2
759 LOPSTR nternational Symposium on Logic-based Program Synthesis and Transformation B2
760 SLPED nternational Symposium on Low Power Electronics and Design B1
761 MFCS nternational Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science B2
762 SMM nternational Symposium on Mathematical Morphology B3
763 SMP nternational Symposium on Mathematical Programming B3
764 SMM nternational Symposium on Memory Management B4
765 MCRO nternational Symposium on Microarchitecture A2
766 SMAR nternational Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality B1
767 WiOpt B2
768 NGDB nternational Symposium on Next Generation Database Systems and Applications B5
769 SPA nternational Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing and Applications B5
770 -SPAN nternational Symposium on Parallel Architectures_ Algorithms and Networks B2
772 PADL nternational Symposium on Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages B2
773 RAD nternational Symposium on Recent Advances in ntrusion Detection B1
774 SRA nternational Symposium on Robotics and Automation B3
775 SSCS nternational Symposium on Signals_ Circuits and Systems B3
776 SC nternational Symposium on Software Composition B4
777 SSTA nternational Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis B3
778 SSTD nternational Symposium on Spatial and Temporal Databases B2
779 SSDQ nternational Symposium on Spatial Data Quality B3
780 SOC nternational Symposium on System-on-Chip B4
781 TME nternational Symposium on Temporal Representation and Reasoning B2
782 STACS nternational Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science B1
783 WBE nternational Symposium on Web-based Education B4
784 TC nternational Test Conference A2
785 WC nternational Web conference B4
786 WANN nternational Work-Conference on Artificial and Natural Neural Networks B3
787 TAG+ nternational Workhop on Tree Adjoining Grammar and Related Formalisms B3
788 AV nternational Working Conference on Advanced Visual nterfaces B3
789 SWM-Mensura B5
790 ANTS nternational Workshop on Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm ntelligence B3
791 ARC nternational Workshop on Applied Reconfigurable Computing B4
793 WAS nternational Workshop on Artificial ntelligence and Statistics B2
794 WCA nternational Workshop on Combinatorial mage Analysis B3
795 WCS nternational Workshop on Computational Semantics B2
796 EUROCAST nternational Workshop on Computer Aided Systems Theory B2
797 CAMP nternational Workshop on Computer Architectures for Machine Perception B5
798 SeCoGS B5
799 CA nternational Workshop on Cooperative nformation Agents B2
800 DWeb nternational Workshop on Data ntegration over the Web B3
801 DASWS nternational Workshop on Data Semantics in Web nformation Systems B4
802 DOLAP nternational Workshop on Data Warehousing and OLAP B4
803 DBSP2P B3
804 DALT nternational Workshop on Declarative Agent Languages and Technologies B3
805 DEON nternational Workshop on Deontic Logic in Computer Science B3
806 DL nternational Workshop on Description Logics B2
807 DRCN nternational Workshop on Design of Reliable Communications Networks B2
808 DSV-S B2
809 DAS nternational Workshop on Document Analysis Systems B3
nternational Symposium on mplementation and Application of Functional Lan-
nternational Symposium on Modeling and Optimization in Mobile_ Ad Hoc_ and
Wireless Networks
nternational Symposium on Performance Evaluation of Computer and Telecom-
munication Systems
nternational Workshop in Software Measurement - nternational Conference on
Software on Software Process and Product Measurement
nternational Workshop on Approximation Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimiza-
tion Problems
nternational Workshop on Conceptual Modeling for Geographic nformation Sys-
nternational Workshop on Databases_ nformation Systems and Peer-to-Peer
nternational Workshop on Design_ Specification and Verification of nteractive
Qualis Conferncias Cincia da Computao
810 HealthCom B3
811 E4MAS nternational Workshop on Environments for Multiagent Systems B3
812 FATES/RV nternational Workshop on Formal Approaches to Testing of Software B4
813 FMCS nternational Workshop on Formal Methods for ndustrial Critical Systems B3
814 FOOL nternational Workshop on Foundations of Object-Oriented Languages B2
815 WFHR nternational Workshop on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition B2
816 WFLP nternational Workshop on Functional and (Constraint) Logic Programming B4
817 GSD nternational Workshop on Global Software Development for the Practitioner B4
818 WG nternational Workshop on Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science B3
819 CRWG nternational Workshop on Groupware B2
820 HLPP nternational Workshop on High-level Parallel Programming and Applications B5
821 Hot-P2P nternational Workshop on Hot Topics in Peer-to-Peer Systems B4
822 HM nternational Workshop on Hybrid Metaheuristics B4
823 AF nternational Workshop on mage Analysis and nformation Fusion B5
824 LCPC nternational Workshop on Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing B3
825 LCCS nternational Workshop on Logic and Complexity in Computer Science B4
826 WLS nternational Workshop on Logic and Synthesis B2
827 LPMA nternational Workshop on Logic Programming and Multi-Agents B5
828 MGC nternational Workshop on Middleware for Grid Computing B4
829 MPAC nternational Workshop on Middleware for Pervasive and Ad-hoc Computing B5
830 MEWS nternational Workshop on Mining for Enhanced Web Search B4
831 MATA nternational Workshop on Mobility Aware Technologies and Applications B4
832 MABS nternational Workshop on Multi-Agent-Based Simulation B2
833 MNSA nternational Workshop on Multimedia Network Systems and Applications B5
834 MMSP nternational Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing B1
835 MCS nternational Workshop on Multiple Classifier Systems B1
836 NLPCS nternational Workshop on Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Science B5
837 COSET B4
838 WPEC nternational Workshop on Parameterized and Exact Computation B3
839 PTPS nternational Workshop on Peer-to-Peer Systems A2
841 WPSE nternational Workshop on Principles of Software Evolution B3
842 WQoS nternational Workshop on Quality of Service A2
843 RANDOM nternational Workshop on Randomization and Computation B4
844 RSP nternational Workshop on Rapid System Prototyping B2
845 WRS nternational Workshop on Reduction Strategies in Rewriting and Programming B5
846 RDE nternational Workshop on Research ssues in Data Engineering B3
847 RULE nternational Workshop on Rule-Based Programming B4
848 SPW nternational Workshop on Security Protocols B3
849 SemEval nternational Workshop on Semantic Evaluations B3
850 SAPR B4
852 PROSim nternational Workshop on Software Process Simulation and Modeling B3
853 SPR nternational Workshop on Statistical Techniques in Pattern Recognition B2
854 SSPR nternational Workshop on Structural and Syntactic Pattern Recognition B2
855 WSSP nternational Workshop on Systems_ Signals and mage Processing B4
856 TAMODA nternational Workshop on Task Models and Diagrams for User nterface Design B4
857 WebDB nternational Workshop on the Web and Databases A2
858 TAKMA nternational Workshop on Theory and Applications of Knowledge Management B4
859 Virtual Rehabilitati nternational Workshop on Virtual Rehabilitation B3
860 W2GS nternational Workshop on Web and Wireless Geographical nformation Systems B4
861 FTP nternational Workshops on First-Order Theorem Proving B4
862 WWW nternational World Wide Web Conference B1
863 XSym nternational XML Database Symposium B2
864 CANE B4
865 NAP B5
866 JCS Joint Conference on nformation Sciences B2
867 NeMLaP B5
nternational Workshop on Enterprise Networking and Computing in Health Care
nternational Workshop on Operating Systems_ Programming Environments and
Management Tools for High-Performance Computing on Clusters
nternational Workshop on Power and Timing Modeling_ Optimization and Simula-
nternational Workshop on Service Assurance with Partial and ntermittent Re-
nternational Workshop on Software Engineering for Large-Scale Multi-Agent Sys-
SCA nternational Conference on Computer Applications in ndustry and Engineer-
Joint Conference on Application of Declarative Programming and Knowledge
Joint Conference on New Methods in Language Processing and Computational
Natural Language Learning
Qualis Conferncias Cincia da Computao
868 WorldHAPTCS B3
869 JMLC Joint Modular Languages Conference B2
870 LDTA Language Descriptions_ Tools and Applications B4
871 CLHC Latin American Conference on Human-Computer nteraction B4
872 LANOMS Latin American Network Operations and Management Symposium B3
873 LATN Latin American Symposium on Theoretical nformatics B4
874 LA-WEB Latin American Web Congress B3
875 LAGOS Latin-American Algorithms_ Graphs and Optimization Symposium B5
876 LADC Latin-American Symposium on Dependable Computing B3
877 LPAR Logic Programming and Automated Reasoning B1
878 MT Summit Machine Translation Summit B1
879 MFPS Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics B3
880 MC Metaheuristic nternational Conference B2
881 MDA Modeling Decisions for Artificial ntelligence B3
882 MSTA Multidisciplinary nternational Scheduling Conference: Theory and Applications B4
883 NOSSDAV Network and Operating System Support for Digital A/V B2
884 NetStore Network Storage Symposium B3
885 NPS Neural nformation Processing Systems A1
886 NME New nterfaces for Music Expression B3
887 NAACL A2
888 NAFPS North American Fuzzy nformation Processing Society nternational Conference B1
889 PDC Participatory Design Conference B2
890 PAM Passive and Active Measurement Conference A2
891 PLoP Pattern Languages of Programs Conference B2
892 PPoPP Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming B4
893 RTSS Real Time Systems Symposium A2
894 RAW Reconfigurable Architectures Workshop B2
895 RSS Robotics: Science and Systems Conference B4
896 RSA RSA Conference A2
897 SWWS Semantic Web and Web Services B2
898 PPSC SAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing B4
899 SDM SAM nternational Conference on Data Mining B2
900 AS SGED nternational Conference on nformatics Education and Research B5
901 STE Society for nformation Technology and Teacher Education Conference B3
902 SQC Software and Systems Quality Conferences B5
903 SRG-ET Software Education Conference B5
904 SPLC Software Product Line Conference B2
905 SMC Sound and Music Computing Conference B4
906 PCNS SPE Conference on Performance and Control of Network Systems B4
907 VDEA SPE Conference on Visual Data Exploration and Analysis B5
908 VCP SPE nternational Conference on Visual Communications and mage Processing B2
909 SRUT Steps to Reducing Unwanted Traffic on the nternet Workshop B4
910 SCSC Summer Computer Simulation Conference B2
911 ADBS Symposium on Advances in Database and nformation Systems B2
912 APGV Symposium on Applied Perception in Graphics and Visualization B5
913 AQSDT Symposium on Assessment of Quality Software Development Tools B5
914 ASYNC Symposium on Asynchronous Circuits and Systems A2
915 Hot nterconnect Symposium on High-Performance nterconnects B2
916 COMMONSENSE Symposium on Logical Formalizations of Commonsense Reasoning B4
917 LFCS Symposium on Logical Foundations of Computer Science B5
918 NSD Symposium on Networked Systems_ Design and mplementation B1
919 PEPM Symposium on Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation B4
920 PLLP Symposium on Programming Language mplementation and Logic Programming B5
921 PADO Symposium on Programs as Data Objects B3
922 SRES Symposium on Requirements Engineering for nformation Security B3
923 SPRE Symposium on String Processing and nformation Retrieval B2
925 VLFM Symposium on Visual Languages and Formal Methods B3
926 SGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education B4
927 TOOLS Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems Conferences B5
928 TREC Text Retrieval Conference A1
929 EMBC B2
Joint EUROHAPTCS Conference and Symposium on Haptics nterfaces for Virtu-
al Environment and Teleoperator Systems
North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics Annual
Symposium on the ntegration of Symbolic Computation and Mechanized Reason-
The Annual nternational Conference of the EEE Engineering in Medicine and Bi-
ology Society
Qualis Conferncias Cincia da Computao
930 ArtAbilitation The ArtAbilitation Conference B5
931 FEF The Finite Elements in Flow Problems Conference B5
932 LAW The Linguistic Annotation Workshop B4
933 TCC Theory of Cryptography Conference B1
934 TFP Trends in Functional Programming B2
935 FAC Triennial Event of nternational Federation of Automatic Control B1
936 TLCA Typed Lambda Calculus and Applications B2
937 UDMS Urban Data Management Symposium B3
938 USENX USENX Annual Technical Conference A2
939 FAST USENX Conference on File and Storage Technologies B3
940 NDSS Usenix Networked and Distributed System Security Symposium B2
941 SECURTY Usenix Security Symposium A2
942 USTS USENX Symposium on nternet Technologies and Systems B4
943 OSD Usenix Symposium on Operating Systems Design and mplementation B3
944 HotOS USENX Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating Systems B3
945 WCW Web Caching Workshop B2
946 WSC Winter Simulation Conference B1
947 WCSA Working EEE/FP Working Conference on Software Architecture B2
948 WiSME Workshop in Software Model Engineering B2
949 WECWS B4
950 EUROPT Workshop on Advances in Continuous Optimization B4
951 AOSE Workshop on Agent-Oriented Software Engineering B2
952 ANREM Workshop on Agents_ Norms and nstitutions for Regulated Multiagent Systems B5
953 ALG Workshop on Algorithm Engineering B3
954 ALENEX Workshop on Algorithm Engineering and Experiments B2
955 WADS Workshop on Algorithms and Data Structures B2
956 WAB Workshop on Algorithms in Bioinformatics B2
957 ANALCO Workshop on Analytic Algorithms and Combinatorics B4
958 WAOA Workshop on Approximation and Online Algorithms B3
959 WADS Workshop on Architecting Dependable Systems B2
960 WACERTS Workshop on Architectures for Cooperative Embedded Real-Time Systems B4
961 CANPC B3
962 PROPOR Workshop on Computational Processing of Written and Spoken Portuguese B3
963 WCAE Workshop on Computer Architecture Education B4
964 CASE Workshop on Computer-Aided Software Engineering B5
965 CoALa Workshop on Contract Architectures and Languages B4
966 CON B3
967 CSD Workshop on Critical Systems Development B4
968 CLP Workshop on Cross-Language nformation Processing B5
969 CHES Workshop on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems A1
970 MobiDE Workshop on Data Engineering for Wireless and Mobile Access B4
971 SGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue B1
972 WDAG Workshop on Distributed Algorithms B5
973 DCW Workshop on Distributed Communities on the Web B5
974 DSM Workshop on Distributed Shared Memory B5
975 EA Workshop on Early Aspects B3
976 Emnets Workshop on Embedded Networked Sensors B2
977 WEA Workshop on Experimental Algorithms B3
978 FTJP Workshop on Formal Techniques for Java Programs B3
979 GR Workshop on Geographic nformation Retrieval B3
980 APR -TC-15 Workshop on Graph-based Representations in Pattern Recognition B5
981 HOTNETS Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks B2
982 PT Workshop on mmersive Projection Technology B2
983 WTS Workshop on nformation Technologies and Systems B4
984 SEAT Workshop on ntegration of Software Engineering and Agent Technology B4
985 JSSPP Workshop on Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing B2
986 WoLLC Workshop on Logic_ Language_ nformation and Computation B4
987 MAMA Workshop on Mathematical Performance Modeling and Analysis B3
988 AED Workshop on Motivation and Affect in Educational Software B4
989 MS Workshop on Multimedia nformation Systems B3
990 MPOOL Workshop on Multiparadigm Programming with Object Oriented Languages B4
991 NDSC Workshop on Nature nspired Distributed Computing B5
Workshop on Advanced ssues of E-Commerce and Web Based nformation Sys-
Workshop on Communication_ Architecture_ and Applications for Network-Based
Parallel Computing
Workshop on Coordination_ Organization_ nstitutions and Norms in Agent Sys-
Qualis Conferncias Cincia da Computao
992 NetGames Workshop on Network and System Support for Games B2
993 OTA Workshop on Optimization: Theories and Applications B5
994 SPEC Workshop on Security and Privacy in E-commerce B5
995 SAVCBS Workshop on Specification and Verification of Component-Based Systems B4
996 WAFR Workshop on the Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics B3
997 ED-MEDA B2
998 CDE World Conference on Open Learning and Distance Education B4
999 WebNet World Conference on the WWW and nternet B2
1000 WCSMO World Congress on Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization B3
SigIa TituIo (eventos nacionais) estrato
1001 HC Simpsio sobre Fatores Humanos em Sistemas Computacionais B3
1002 SBAC-PAD nternational Symposium on Computer Architecture and High Performance B3
1003 SBBD Simpsio Brasileiro de Bancos de Dados B3
1004 SBCC Symposium on ntegrated Circuits and Systems Design B3
1005 SBES Simpsio Brasileiro de Engenharia de Software B3
1006 SBA Brazilian Symposium on Artificial ntelligence B3
1007 SBLP Simpsio Brasileiro de Linguagens de Programao B3
1008 SBMF Simpsio Brasileiro de Mtodos Formais B3
1009 SBRC Simpsio Brasileiro de Redes de Computadores e Sistemas Distribudos B3
1010 SBRN Simpsio Brasileiro de Redes Neurais B3
1011 SBGRAP Brazilian Symposium on Computer Graphics and mage Processing B3
1012 WEBMEDA Brazilian Symposium on Multimedia and the Web B3
1013 BSB Brazilian Symposium on Bioinformatics B4
1014 CLE Conferencia Latinoamericana de nformtica B4
1015 Geonfo Simpsio Brasileiro de Geoinformtica B4
1016 SBCARS Simpsio Brasileiro de Componentes, Arquiteturas e Reutilizao de Software B4
1017 SBPO Simpsio Brasileiro de Pesquisa Operacional B4
1018 SBSEG Simpsio de Segurana da nformao e Sistemas Computacionais B4
1019 SEMSH Seminrio ntegrado de Software e Hardware (SEMSH) B4
1020 SVR Symposium on Virtual and Augmented Reality B4
1021 WDBC Worshop Brasileiro de Desenvolvimento Baseado em Componentes B4
1022 WoLLC Workshop on Logic, Language, nformation and Computation B4
1023 WPERFORMANCE Workshop em Desempenho de Sistemas Computacionais e de Comunicao B4
1024 ESELAW Experimental Software Engineering Latin American Workshop B5
1025 DEAS B5
1026 LA-WASP Latin American Workshop on Aspect-Oriented Software Development B5
1027 PROPOR Workshop on Computational Processing of the Portuguese Language B5
1028 SBCM Simpsio Brasileiro de Computao Musical B5
1029 SBGames Simpsio Brasileiro de Jogos e Entretenimento Digital B5
1030 SBE Simpsio Brasileiro de nformtica na Educao B5
1031 SBQS Simpsio Brasileiro de Qualidade de Software B5
1032 SBSC Simpsio Brasileiro de Sistemas Colaborativos B5
1033 SBS Simpsio Brasileiro de Sistemas de nformao B5
1034 SEAS Workshop on Software Engineering for Agent-Oriented Systems B5
1035 SS Symposium on System and nformation Security B5
1036 WAAMD Workshop em Algoritmos e Aplicaes de Minerao de Dados B5
1037 WCGA Workshop de Computao em Grade e Apcaes B5
1038 WDL Workshop de Bibliotecas Digitais B5
1039 WE Workshop sobre Educao em Computao B5
1040 WER Workshop de Engenharia de Requisitos B5
1041 WGRS Workshop de Gernca e Operao de Redes e Servos B5
1042 WE Workshop sobre nformtica na Escola B5
1043 WOMSDE Workshop on Ontologies and Metamodels in Software Engineering (WOMSDE) B5
1044 WP2P Workshop de Peer-to-Peer B5
1045 WSCAD Workshop em Sistemas Computacionais de Alto Desempenho B5
1046 WSO Workshop de Sistemas Operacionais B5
1047 WTF Workshop de Testes e Tolerncia a Falhas B5
1048 WTR Workshop Brasero de Tempo Rea e Sstemas Embarcados B5
World Conference on Educational Multimedia_ Hypermedia and Telecommunica-
beroamerican Workshop on Requirements Engineering and Software Environ-