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x greenovation innovative alternatives for green enterprises ‘Aninitiative of TARA Machines & Tech Services, New Delhi oo Livelinoods Conservation TARA paper = Papér téchhalog green Who can ‘Greenovate’? Companies, institutions, schools, colleges, governmental and NON- governmental groups, welfare societies and groups, anyone, everyone... you! How to ‘Greenovate’? Recycling paper is the easiest and most @ffective way to ‘greenovate’ We, at TARA, can help you save thousands of {1ods, increase your productivity and improve ‘yur Social image. if you would tke to ‘Sponsor a technology package please contact, TARAMachines at Why ‘Greenovate’? Because you cannot aford not fo! ‘ournatural world is in danger and we have to take SOCial responsibility to protect it. Green habits ixe recycling are Cool Today We trUSt those who believe in the power of Green. Besides, i's GOOd business w create wealth out of waste! Environment FRIENDLY