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International CFA Chartered Financial Analyst (Level II)

Preparatory for CFA Level II Exam: June 11

The objective of this training program is to prepare candidates for CFA Level 2 June 2010 examination. Participants would be given extensive training in the subjects of higher relevance and difficulty level using a combination of spreadsheet illustrations (showing implementation and practical application of various models and concepts), presentations and classroom examinations. Even though our immediate target would be to help the participants to clear the CFA Level 2 exam, we believe that our teaching methodology would prepare our participants to practically apply theoretical concepts and be a better fit in the finance industry.

Historical Pass Rate:

The worldwide pass rates for Level II is around 47%.

About CFA Level II Exam

Emphasizes on asset valuation including equity & fixed income. The Level II CFA exam consists of 20 item sets (mini-cases): 10 on the morning session of the exam and 10 on the afternoon session Each item set on the CFA exam consists of a vignette (or case statement) and six multiple choice items (questions). The length of a vignette ranges from about 1 page to 2.5 pages The longer vignettes include several tables of information (Typically from FSA, statistics, fixed-income) Recommended number of hours of study for each exam level: A minimum of 250 hours of study

Kredent & Pristine CFA Level II - 130 hrs (18+3 days) Comprehensive Trainings 100 hrs - 18 days classroom trainings over 9 weekends 2 days revision classes all important concepts of all the subjects will be revised again 1 Mock Tests (in May 2010) specially designed by our trainers based on CBOKs given by CFA Institute,
to evaluate your relative performance vis a vis other candidates 10 hrs of online tests (500+ questions) Faculty with significant experience drawn from IIT/IIM's Online Solved Examples & Practice Exercises

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