“No Idea is too small. Inferno.” -Kenneth Kabbal

All Ideas are Sparks. A Spark can create an

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-Scene Selection-

Prelude ............................................................................. 4 Hide and Seek, Hide and Die ................................................ 6 Another Night Out ............................................................... 8 Regret and Recovery .......................................................... 10 Sudden Departure.............................................................. 12 Media Blitz ........................................................................ 14 Home Invaders .................................................................. 15 Those Goddamn Brats ........................................................ 18 60 Miles An Hour ............................................................... 22 Thank You For Shopping ..................................................... 25 Tunnels and The Soulless .................................................... 28 Maintain Coexistence .......................................................... 31 Electrical Interference......................................................... 33 An Angel Descends ............................................................ 35 No Longer Safe.................................................................. 37 Let Them Feed .................................................................. 39 Seal Them! Seal Them All!!! ................................................ 41 Global Reports Confirmed.................................................... 43


-- TUNNELS: The Darkest Nexus --



Human beings have always been a curious species. The sight and the sound of something new and unfamiliar outside of the daily drags would spark an innate investigative instinct. Humans have been conditioned to use solid ground to crawl and walk upon, walls made of brick constructed to separate the uninvited. Despite this known fact, folklore has mentioned fragments in time where mortals have been able to traverse through buildings made of stone and granite, passing through without caution or resistance. Strange apparitions with a blue florescence have been recorded by historians at random points in time. Some have quoted these appearances as a wavering column of light, as the flickering flame atop the wick of a candlestick in past times. Various religious sects have given these rifts many labels, none of them are holy nor sacred. Scripture can be translated from many of the old books, written in tongues across the planet depicting these gateways as icons to be feared and destroyed. However, modern times have made laws such as these and many others to be considered relics, unconstitutional, and only small pockets in our society would hold these teachings to heart.


These occurrences are rare in frequency and vary in size, deemed to be shimmering spectacles of light coming from the natural order, celebrated as the aurora borealis for some. Taking snapshots and home video of each portal for amusement, ready to post on Facebook pages to share with friends and family, to the point in which being within sight of one would be considered an omen in some cultures. Leaders in Earth Sciences have attempted to decree a labored theory as a buildup of gases or refractions of light that would explain this phenomena, very few were brave enough to make contact or send human life through one without any initial repercussions.



Hide and Seek, Hide and Die

A set of kids, between ages of 8 and 12, playing in a Sequoia wooded engaged in a game of “hide and seek”. The kids disperse while the countdown has started leaving the main playground open and deserted with the one exemption of the one now known as “It”. All of their hiding spots are very good, well concealed as they stay motionless one by one, behind these massively branched behemoths. One little boy turns around as the end of the countdown draws near. He is confident that he can find a larger tree for refuge and was able to quickly locate a much older, much grander Sequoia uphill.

He makes the charge against the staggering incline as he is seconds away from being spotted from down below. What he finds is the largest Sequoia in sight as the light cascades between its sky-clearing branches. He reaches his destination, panting from exhaustion, he makes the occasional peak to detect any pursuers following his trail. Resting his back against the bark of the tree, he is completely oblivious of the aura of blue light reflecting off his back, sending off blue lens flares swirling about him.


Embedded within the tree bark, a cavernous void opens behind him, allowing a massive forearm to stretch through, with its scaly clawed hands grasping the little boy shrieking in terror. He is pulled back as the creature’s arms coil around him, jerking his shaking body, while tearing through its vertebrae and torso in a diagonal slash. The kid can be heard screaming across the park, alerting the others scattered about the area, leaving everyone stunned and puzzled of the messy visual before them.



Another Night Out

Earth, our rotating planet can be seen from countless miles away and from many vantage points. San Francisco, California, under the nightsky, revealing an eager 28-year old named Daniel in his high-rise condo preparing for a long awaited Friday night out to a poplar nightclub. He drives down the road with electro-house music (Stephen J Kroos “Distentio”) playing until he reaches his destination. Daniel makes a trip to the men’s room, making sure everything is set right in the mirror, goes to the auto-towel dispenser, waving his hand for a towel. He receives one, but would prefer a second, waving, waving, and waving his hand again until finally another rolls outward. From there, a DJ is spinning with girls and guys dancing enjoying themselves as Daniel rendezvous with the bartender. Ordering a round of his favorite drink, he spots another gentleman next to him as he is enjoying the music and the crowd. The two greet each other with conversation as Daniel proceeds to gaze at the other gentleman and ask him with false assertiveness, “So, what he is doing later tonight?” The other guy slams his drink down, puzzled, and becomes enflamed with anger. “What did you ask me?” Punches Daniel’s face with a frontal assault, then yelling “You are in the wrong damn club

man… “My wife is dancing over there!” Extending his arms pointing to his far left, nearly knocking the drink out of another man’s beer from his hand, “Hey watch it bastard!!!” “Whoa, whoa, whoa fellas!!!” coming from the bartender. Daniel stumbles out of the club leaving the onlookers to gawk at the night’s awkward situation. He wakes up Monday morning in a daze, looking in the mirror taking a glance at the shiner, making a deep sigh, leading up to another corporate workday.



Regret and Recovery

Driving into a busy intersection in his sporty sedan again with his electro-house pulsing from his car speakers (most likely a Subaru of some kind), he pulls into the Left-most turning lane and is the last one in line. Braking at the red light, he pulls the rear-view mirror down towards his direction. He takes another look of a reminder of what a fun-filled weekend has in store for someone of his caliber; bruised with shiny reds and purples on the right-side of his face. Into the mirror’s reflection Daniel continues to probe and stare, his “not-quite healed but still very noticeable” bruise on his upper cheek is still throbbing. He notices that the light shifts to green and he begins to build his momentum to follow the herd. Within the mirror reflection a flickering blue streak can be seen in the distance behind him. A blue streak that starts to mature into the form of a gaping vortex behind Daniel’s line of vision. Nearly three cars can be seen becoming engulfed inside a swirling nebula that has hauntingly materialized in the middle of this city street. Neighboring cars begin to fish-tail and swerve away in a panic, causing an assortment of head-on collisions. Unaware and inattentive, Daniel proceeds to veer onto the speeding on-ramp onto I-80.

10 | P a g e

Making up to his parking complex, he shuffles into his cubicle, just as a few co-workers sympathetically show up to his desk asking him what happened displaying his shiner as if it was a badge of honor. His residing supervisor approaches him to admire his ability to come in under the circumstance, especially since two other staff members have called out sick. A gaggle of IT Managers breeze past Daniel’s cube as they begin to discuss matters of a major IT upgrade for the company post-meeting. They eventually and unanimously agree to break for lunch.

11 | P a g e


Sudden Departure

While crossing congested city streets littered with braking cars, with speedy and nimble cycle couriers, all while fighting the after lunch crowd to return to work, a pair of IT reps make their route back to the office building on foot. Engaged in the frantic activity around him with steaming cappuccino in hand, one of the managers receives a mission critical BlackBerry message during the peak of a company wide database upgrade. Without hesitation, while crossing Clay and Montgomery, he grabs his phone from the holster, scrolling/texting on his device in disbelief. Glancing instinctively upward to avoid collision, completely distracted with his trajectory, takes him straight into one of several stone foundation pillars of his office building. A splitsecond differential between an impactful face-to-stone injury, a flicker of blue light with the width of his wing span sparks before his eyes, engulfing him into another tunnel-like manifestation.

The sight of the swirling blue flame alerts his senses into panic mode, as these flames do not burn to the touch, instead a surge of wintery breezes chills him to the bone as he arrives to the other side. He emerges onto a grayed barren landscape, flat with minor elevations on the surface, in certain sections having a
12 | P a g e

horizon without end. White searing light casted from above, yet remains forever under a sun-less sky with a billowing of blacken clouds and temperatures frigid in atmosphere as the Northern tundra. Shivering in his business suit, he turns about in wonder of this difficult environment for any living human life to sustain itself upon. He hears what could be a series of muffled groans, gargled by obstruction to a distant left. He shifts the corner of his eye at a hesitant pace to confirm whatever suspicions his imagination could be presenting to him, however, nothing appears to materialize before him. The only item that is apparent is his leather bound briefcase and the bluish portal that has jettisoned to this destitute world. Wasting little time, he begins to make his way back through the mysterious exit-point to return to a dimension more familiar and hospitable, just as a score of strange brutish figures step into the absolute foreground. He is shuttled back to the bustling San Francisco streets, punching a hole through reality as the portal closes concentrically onto itself. Onlookers of this phenomenon are in a state of confusion and begin to cautiously circle around the gentleman who appears frostbitten over the majority of his involuntarily shaking body.

13 | P a g e


Media Blitz

Coverage of these events are leaked and simulcast across the media-ways, on CNN, YouTube, and the local news in a media whirlwind. A walking passer-by talking on his cell phone can be heard amongst the inquisitive crowd, giving his friend the general play-by-play while on his way back home. Talking non-stop while on the street, later converging into the driver’s seat of his car, talking feverishly on speakerphone about this freak occurrence. Talking all the way while driving single-hand style until he reaches his destination where his beautiful wife greets him with open arms. She goes into detail of the coverage that he has missed as she shows him that this made frontline news on multiple TV stations, posted with the late breaking graphics speckled across the TV screen. They soon grow wary of the newscast and begin to look into each other’s eyes, tussling around on the sofa with one another as many couples would after an exhaustive day working abroad.

14 | P a g e


Home Invaders

They're playful actions become more and more intense, leading from the living room into the nearby bedroom, undressing like no tomorrow. After stripping down to the bare minimum, the mount is complete with his body atop hers, pinning her down, brushing his cheek against hers, however she adjusts her body to reverse the position as she prefers to be on top. Her hair cascades downward onto his smiling face, showing appreciation of the effort she displays to hold his arms firmly in place. As he gazes upward into her eyes, he becomes slightly preoccupied as he notices a faint blue streak of light just behind his finance’s head of auburn hair, particularly against the headboard resting on the bedroom wall. The streak grows into a dashing flicker of blue light with the width of his wing span, it appears to be a rip in time and space directly behind her. Out of instinct he screams to catch her attention and yanks her startled body away from questionable harm, as he places his hands around hers, a mammoth sized forearm extends from the portal. Clawing outward with vicious speed, aligned with fearsome talons made of bone and harden calcification. This growth of what appears to be a stretch of callus starts from the tips of each finger throughout the arm protruding past the elbows. The other arm swings with great reflex, as if this creature is punching
15 | P a g e

through currents of ocean. The claws from its hands smash the bed into splinters as the couple flee for their lifes and jump away for temporary safety. As its body pieces through the portal, its hulking size sets it apart from any current, living classification, its head nearly scrapping the bedroom ceiling. Scaly grey in color due to life without sunlight, heavily scratched and war-torn, obviously from another time and place. The couple screams, terrified to their core, they pick themselves off the quaking ground beneath them making every attempt for an escape. The creature lunges forward and the husband places hands onto the dresser closest to the exit door, pulling out the emergency loaded revolver from the top drawer. The young lady screams at the sight of the invader but looks up to see other sets of swirling blue light populating along the bedroom walls. Like a series of firecrackers multiplying in number, and soon expanding in size stretch across the entire backwall. Each monster, their veins networking throughout their body, glows with a prominent dark turquoise illumination, glowing in the shroud of dim bedroom. Claws, disfigured and mangled, projecting from the swirling blue light in their bedroom. The second one not as tall, but it is broader in width and girth, both showing what could be considered remnants of human physiology. The boyfriend takes aim and fires half a round into both monsters. To his surprise, the bullets do not puncture nor deflect upon impact. The slugs are absorbed and consumed by the body as they continue their pursuit with knuckle and claw scrapping the floorboards toward the sounds of the running screams that intrigue them.
16 | P a g e

They collide into whatever obscures their path, four additional creatures emerge from the vortex, all displaying severe visual impairments that could be easily rectified through the raw power of their strength. Running through the foyer, the couple runs hand in hand out of their home while the creatures plow through the walls and bookcases between them. With keys in hand, they bolt into their crossover SUV in the garage, crank the ignition and barrel through the closed garage door, smashing it into pieces, and speeds through the unsuspecting neighborhood. Both creatures tear through the front of the house in search of their hosts, while belching a wrenched screech. They make their way across the street; the blue tunnel inside the bedroom begins to collapse upon itself. These monsters, six in total, continue their wondering rampage walking the streets, crashing through the adjacent house with screams echoing late into the evening hours.

17 | P a g e


Those Goddamn Brats

Jetting down the highway, the couple cannot contain composure as they ramble on about this unearthly home invasion. Barely able to maintain his focus while driving the winding roads, he is nearly at the point of hysteria after witnessing what appears to be the same blue funnel he saw before during the event downtown that caught the world’s attention. Their SUV, racing down the road at understandably accelerating speeds, makes a near sideswipe with an oncoming carload of overly chatty and post-game hyped teenagers on the opposite side of the street. Two high school aged girls sit in the back of the four door sedan, enthusiastic over the events of the highly anticipated rival football match up. The excitement continues on at the top of their inside voices including the way too distracted driver along with the front passenger multitasking on her family plan based cellular. She is playing human telephone telling the rest of her crew who will be showing up at the local BurgerHop, the usual hang-out spot for local teenagers buzzing with after-hours gossip. All of the cars begin to circle the restaurant in a constant flow of pubescent privilege with the sit down booths filling up faster by the minute. As she grabs her lightweight cardigan from the nearby break room, longtime BurgerHop Server Erma punches her time clock to
18 | P a g e

grab a much derived smokebreak. Amongst the rising decibel levels of clanging silverware and adolescent gossip, Erma makes a desperate attempt to clear her head by walking out of the front door. She steps outside to rendezvous with her fellow co-worker, Leonard, who gives each other the same look of discontent they tend to give each other during hectic late night shifts. Both agree that working at a dump such as this during the town’s homecoming week has stressed them out beyond belief. Erma, solidifying their sentiments by telling Leonard how much she can’t stand to see those Goddamn brats spending “daddy’s” money carefree and with reckless abandon. Several car screeches can be heard all around the block as two cars punch their accelerators at an adjacent red-light. A pair of sporty sedans driven by spoiled repeat High School Juniors decided to use the parkway as a drag-strip, both with their windows rolled down hooting instinctively at one another down the road. An additional string of high-priced cars erratically accelerate into the drive-thru lane with yet another patty-wagon full of eager youngsters. The line of cars appear to coil around the bustling BurgerHop’s drive thru, one of the cars finally pulls up to the ordering speaker with the dauntingly arranged yet well illuminated menu board. The pack of young girls begin to make their selection by shrieking her order into the BurgerHop speaker firmly planted in the ground perpendicular to the board behind it. Unbeknownst to the hungry hunters quarrelling inside their sedan, the rod mounted onto the speaker begins to give off a slight rocking vibration. Soon developing a small tremor causing a continued reverberation onto the girls’ party wagon leaving them perplexed what could be causing such an odd disturbance. A glimmer of faint light begins to form just outside the car which instantly
19 | P a g e

billows into an oversized circular swirl of blue energy in front of the menu board. A colossal creature with a dense grey hide makes a sudden barge out of the blue field, terrifying the young passengers inside the car in its wake. The girls, panic-stricken at the sight of the grotesque abomination charging towards them, make every desperate attempt to flee from their seat-belt restraints. Given the creature’s sheer velocity and weight, it easily overtakes topples the menu board and speaker stationed in front of it along with the red sports sedan with violent ease. It knocks the car over on its side and the screams coming from within can be heard from all over the BurgerHop premises. The creature uses its claws to gouge the car’s iron framework with its gargantuan claws, shredding through the metal as if it was warm cheese, mangling the automobile and the bloodied occupants with it. A number of creatures similar to this raging juggernaut begin surging out of the blue vortex, exhibiting similar destructive antics causing a disheveled sea of chaos within minutes. Catching the sounds coming from the opposite side of the building, Erma has been finishing the last segment of her Virginia Slim and can hear the clangs of overturned metal that rattle the foundation beneath her. Within shouting distance, she watches a pick-up truck being tossed across the parking lot like a tumbleweed, sending all occupants inside the restaurant into a massive and panicked exodus out of the building. Erma sprints, carrying her full figured frame around the corner with her handbag firmly in grasp, where she makes a sudden stop as she encounters a pulsing blue orb that is forming right in front of her. Hesitant to find out what develops from this
20 | P a g e

mysterious field obstructing her path, she quickly sidesteps in order to avoid additional danger. With her car nearby, Erma makes an exhaustive effort to make her wheezing approach to her aging Oldsmobile. Just steps away from the car, a wretched screech bellows from the direction of the developing blue void as another monstrosity lurches out from the other side. It catches sight of Erma sprinting in the opposite direction and makes an aggressive, near barbaric charge towards her. Car keys are firmly inserted in the car door, Erma throws herself into the driver’s seat, making a quick glance into the rear mirror, confirming the danger trailing behind.

A photo can be seen taped on the dash of the car of her and her boyfriend Earl, the two of them standing in front of those cheesy “mall portrait” background that says Earl and Erma encircled in a heart shape. Erma turns the ignition and frantically hurls herself out of the parking lot amongst the sea of chaos surrounding her. She drives over the curb causing a flurry of sparks in her hasty bolt away from the horrors chasing behind her while she grabs her cell from her uniform smock pocket. Erma, with high anxiety, presses the Send/Call button trying to attempt to connect and screaming in frustration.

21 | P a g e


60 Miles An Hour

The receiving cell phone can be seen on the other end, flashing its call lights with bold font spelling “ERMA” blinking on the screen. The phone, placed inside a trucker’s cupholder, is mounted within 16-wheeler driving cabin as Earl snarls at a SUV narrowly missing his payload behind him. He carries the traditional trucker’s shell, portly and unshaven; cranking out his favorite tracks from the I-Pod jacked into his robust sound system. Blasting an electronic/rock hybrid song, jamming his head as he knows all the words, he takes the occasional glance down to jump to a specific playlist. Proceeding onward down another straightaway, he makes his way into familiar territory, only a matter of yards in front of his massive engine separates him and a faint blue flicker of light linear to the highway road itself. The flicker jumps in size, forming a humongous gorge in space, whirlpool-like is motion that yields dimension greater than the size of the eighteenwheeler itself. There was not enough time for the driver to perform any evasive maneuvers as he frantically slams the breaking system and circling the steering wheel respectfully. The truck is hurled into the swirling blue tunnel later to find itself reaching through onto the other side maintaining its full speeds upward of 60-Miles an hour.
22 | P a g e

Thunderous thuds and bangs can be heard from within his cabin while he steers violently between both directions, of which does not appear to steer him back onto any highway surface. Instead, he will find scores of walking bodies that are being trampled by the gravity and weight of his moving transfer truck. Its friction and speed mows them down one by one as if they were summer’s grassy overgrowth, colliding into the engine’s chrome bumpers face first and then flattened by the man-sized truck wheels.

This creates a chaotic speed-bump effect for the driver as the bodies begin to unevenly collide with the truck on all sides. Loud clashes can be heard coming from impacts on the driver’s windshield due to the collisions made from the life-forms flying in the air as well. The aerial creatures can be seen from afar, descending onto the speeding vehicle with great haste and formation. Seemingly unaware with rabid disregard of the truck’s steelframed composition, they too become crushed upon impact and shoved aside with little prejudice as the truck continues forward. The visible wind shears prominently whip about the exterior of the truck from the drop in temperature and overall velocity. The speed of the truck’s path will begin to decelerate forcing the truck to jolt from side by side. The clumps of bodies left behind gradually begin to unnaturally rise and resurrect on their own “legs” (two legged, some four legged). An eerie iridescent glow of blue pulses throughout their bodies is a prominent visible network of veins and arteries from head to toe. The creatures begin to severely claw through the lining of the truck, creating a series of raking
23 | P a g e

sparks along the sides and the roof top of both the pay load and the driver’s cabin as he screams witnessing the terror that surrounds him.

24 | P a g e


Thank You For Shopping

Meanwhile, at a completely unrelated town at a completely unrelated mega-mart, (akin to Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club) is filled to the brim with customers shopping and browsing in every one of its 68 aisles. An announcer can be heard providing updates on the recent markdowns and profusely thanking all customers for selecting their store for all of their purchases. The store’s concession stand is just as packed with hungry clientele looking to restore their intake with cheap carb consumption, nachos, hot dogs, giant pretzels, the works. Another determined shopper takes up the beverage stand as the line continues to build. She grabs what appears to be each available condiment on display; straws, lids, sugars, napkins. Ultimately leaving the people more and more irritated as she would make indecisive gestures going back time and time again. Shopping musak is projected through the speakers, certain customers decide to buy a bulk pack of socks, another is selecting a new CD from Electronics, and the condiment lady makes her final selection and proceeds to graze onward. In the women’s section, a young lady holds a new blouse against herself to measure the fit and length, but second guesses the color and decides to place it back on the rack.

25 | P a g e

She becomes distracted as a faint streak of blue light begins to pulsate in mid-air to the aisle adjacent to her. This creates a seismic rippling effect throughout the whole store to that of an unfamiliar earthquake for this region. The blue streak begins to stretch itself into a large cavernous blue vortex within a blink of an eye that reveals a pair of oversized truck lights piercing through the haze. Out comes the large transfer truck barreling through the women’s intimate appeal section at full speed with half a dozen scaled creatures clinging onto the side panels of the vehicle. The innocent bystanders flee for their lives in the opposite direction of the moving truck; some unfortunate onlookers are also trampled by the truck’s weight and speed. The rubber from the skidding tires creates a deafening sound inside the store, the driver inside the cabin begins to violently swerve the truck’s trajectory in an effort to stabilize the mammoth battering ram. His cargo trailer starts to jack-knife while in store, knocking down near-by aisles full of merchandise toppling onto the unsuspecting assembly of shoppers.

Soon after, another horde of unsightly creatures would follow the trucks path. They become attracted to the sounds of the screaming crowd, they begin to lunge and grab onto the closest person or object around them. The motions of the people yelling and running in a panic are conversely just as new and exciting as the creatures themselves, carrying a skittish instinct to claw at any movement within their immediate territory. They begin their raid towards every man, woman and child, leaping into the air onto those who are out of claws’ reach.

26 | P a g e

A mother grabs a large and well sharpened gardening shears forged of heavy iron to counterattack one of the creatures that is mercilessly using her child’s face as an emery board. The sharp tool is plugged into the back of the monster, it is plunged into its body but the blade bends and curves upon impact without causing the damage the mother was hoping for. Another creature grabs the neck of the mother and tears through the flesh with fierce brutality, soon ripping through the body in a sweeping vertical motion with the other set of razor claws.

The truck continues to clear a destructive L-shaped pathway throughout the store, the weight of the payload begins to tilt at such an angle that the truck begins to roll-over. It teeters on its side, while its own acceleration continues to push forward. Ultimately making way through the far entrance and cashier’s stations, leaving a devastating trail of rubble and bodies in its wake. An aerial perspective would display the wreckage and continuing slaughter of the store’s inhabitance with remnants of human life scattered about. The creatures continue their movement outside the storefront.

27 | P a g e


Tunnels and The Soulless

The path of chaos will conclude in the electronics section when a large Flat Screen TV is broadcasting a live in-studio press conference with a group of world-renowned religious historians and self-proclaimed prophets. There is a faint trace of audio coming from the TV that can be heard amongst the screams of terror surrounding it. A violent jolt knocks it off the shelf, smashing on the ground, damaging it with significant scratches on the side panel. The screen would flicker upon impact and steadily regain its picture of the preacher providing a grim testimony of things to come in the near future. He outlines the nature of these Tunnels that have become a traveling plague on our society. More importantly, how necessary it is to have these reoccurrences and that it has been foretold by generations before us. As somewhat illustrated on the detailed pyramid-like insignia on his lapel, he explains that the Egyptian cultures were able to construct the closest representation of what we know as the Universe around us. With the cradle of life primarily focused within the Egyptian region, they were the first to establish the fundamentals of any explanation of the cycles of life and the many resolutions that come after death. Mummification was a method they used to confirm ones place into Heaven provided to
28 | P a g e

a select few, thus placing a sense of hierarchy amongst society. The scores of individuals not able to make the necessary preparations shall be lost in the afterlife, or worst, eternally punished for the sins and sacrilege they have committed throughout their lives. The preacher gestures towards his pyramid symbol that is broken into 3-segments with a stripe separating the top and bottom portions. Confirming that we currently exist within the middle plane, the physical plane, of his symbol. Those who cannot go to Heaven (at the topmost of the pyramid) are lost to spend their days in the forever Plains of Purgatory (pointing towards the 2-stripes separating Heaven & Hell). The Tunnels are a gateway between our physical world and that of Purgatory. These creatures have neither ascended nor descended to their eternal resting place. These “Soulless” creatures are no different from you nor I. They are unfortunate inhabitants of a distant place and time, and have made their necessary adaptations to such a forsaken environment for generations’ past. In fact, the afterlife that is promised to so many may turn out to be something contrary to what most people would assume to be.

Very few of the living men and women who made it back venturing through the Tunnel. Any transcription that has made it back to our realm has been treasured far beyond any Earthly possession. Every word and illustration that has returned has been upheld as holy doctrine to study vital information for us to better understand this reoccurring phenomenon nearly five generations at a time. They grow pale and slate in color due to the absence of our nourishing and enriched sunlight. The journey
29 | P a g e

leaving our realm and arriving to this desolate place must have caused some string of unspeakable deformities. Namely, the protruding and lining of visible bone that has calcified tracing from its fingers to mid-bicep, some towering over eight feet. There have been some Soulless reported to have their bodies merged with that of feral beast such as wolf or canine. Depending on the individual, each Soulless will have an outward variation of intensity when the glowing blue hues streaming throughout their veins. Their veins become very much apparent while in the darkness, pulsing with blue illuminations that emit a source of light from their undead, oversized bodies. Others have four or more legs, even hoof-like some similar to centaurs in stature.

30 | P a g e


Maintain Coexistence

It has been hypothesized that our world and theirs are interconnected to regulate the human populace. She has many titles; Gaia, The Mother Earth, she cannot deal with an overabundance of the human scale. As a result, these portals allow access for our dead, these monstrosities, to return on our surface and regulate our numbers, regulate our overpopulation. Our Earthly weapons have no effect on the Soulless. Our weapons will only draw unwanted attention onto the bearer. Any exaggerated effort seems to be engulfed or fused into the body of the Soulless, causing zero harm. There are pockets of indigenous cultures that are grimly aware of these predestined events. No calendar can calculate when and to what extent an epidemic of this scale, some actually welcome this as a traditional phase within the cycle of life. Upon the Soulless’ arrival, some societies know very well not to proceed with struggle or rebellion. Warriors’ spears must lay on the ground and the women must silence their children’s cries as fate has already decided the outcome of this apocalypse. Some tribes have described the Soulless as “Mondib Toobai” (roughly translated to “Dark Gatekeepers”) and the sight of a Tunnel would create cries of the “Chetok Toobaiya” (“The Darkest Nexus”).
31 | P a g e

The Tunnels provide an established connection between the world we currently perceive and that of this Purgatory we have very little information of its origins. There is a strong hypothesis that the location you are currently present in would be the paralleled opposite to the Limbo plane. Our land, our planets are one of the same, yet on opposite ends of the spectrum, the dark side of the moon if you will. We have little consolation in the order of a savior or saviors to come to our aid in the time of need. Winged creatures that do resemble the Soulless and has been prophesized that they will come at our most dire of times. They too have been recorded providing assistance to those stranded within this horrid landscape; protecting those individuals by what has been reported as tracking and hunting down the Soulless as prey.

32 | P a g e


Electrical Interference

Just as the Clergymen were preparing their conclusions to the interview, another series of blue light began to pulse throughout the studio. These strands of light begin to mature into Tunnels vast in number, unloading another legion of wondering Soulless branching their way into the panicked crowd. The sparks from electrical hazards begin to fill the room as the monsters use their strength and jagged claws to run amok, slicing through frazzled camera equipment and bloodied human torsos. The elders declare that “This is law and it is how it must be done for all of eternity and there must be acceptance! If you run they will only follow!” One of the elders glances up to find a set of outstretched claws positioned over his head, passing completely through the skull, its claws causing massive hemorrhaging in a swift vertical swipe.

This, of course, causes the network’s producers to promptly display the “Experiencing Technical Difficulties” graphic on the screen for their distracted viewers. The remaining elders walk towards the gaping tears in reality and begin to make a stance accompanied by a number of ancient gestures. What has been used traditionally among sacred Catholic practitioners from ancient times and currently used today as “The Sign of the
33 | P a g e

Cross”. Moreover, this gesture we know is only the first half of the act. Once a Tunnel is generated, these select holy individuals, men, women and children can easily complete this task: Placing both hands near the chest, right hand gestures the cross, as the right hand is nearly complete, that arm continues to fully extend and soon the left arm to follow to outstretch to full wing-span. Both hands come back nearly together in steeple formation and do not touch, generating a bolt of mystical energies between their hands. Their hands set aglow with a ball of spiritual light swirling about them. They raise their arms over head, “karate chop” the Tunnel, “slicing” it with their hands all the way downward and splicing it in two. As they raise their arms mid-ways and open their arms fully outstretched, the Tunnel field itself begins to mimicking the gesture and separate itself divided in two even halves. The Holy one would yell an ancient phrase “Be Gone Away From Thee” in Latin, and clap their hands in order to collapse the Tunnel from that location forever to finalize this “Holy Banishing”.

34 | P a g e


An Angel Descends

The crew members make every effort to remove themselves from the multisectioned studio while the trampled mob can be seen from overhead leaving the building in floods. A cameraman was able to make it outside among a select few, all of them streaming out of their offices making a bolt for the nearby highway. The cameraman is on his cell phone panting and sweating, pumping the other arm back and forth for the additional burst of speed he desperately needs. He’s shouting into his phone, trying to tell his brother of the ridiculous events that have just taken place and make himself heard with the sounds of carnage in the background. His brother on the other end, who is working in his cubicle, rubbing his sore shiner on his left cheek. Daniel can barely make out what his brother is belting out through his earpiece and is surveying the deluge of footage on his desktop back in San Francisco. A shaky, color-inverted POV (point of view) can be seen coming from outside Daniel’s building with an erratic flight pattern. Eventually plowing directly through the glass window paneling, a winged creature, seemingly frail, man-like in feature, careens through a line of stationary desks and work stations within the office. It comes to a dead stop near Daniel’s location,

35 | P a g e

lying on the floor convulsing as if it is in critical withdrawal, like a fish out of water. Grayed in complexion, its head, arms, wings and tail flapping about, with smears of a deep blue or indigo streaking across its mouth and arms. Its hue similar to the Soulless pack, its paleness displays and even greater absence of color approaching the shade of white. Also absent are the glowing surges of blue the others appear to prominently display, its veins appear to be drained, dried and devoid of life. The end of the tail has dorsal fin like flap which should act as a type of rudder during flight. The wings extend organically from underneath the wrist, flowing outward to the scale of a man-sized manta ray with tremendous talon-like claws. Its body begins a strange evaporation stage that causes great concern for those nearby who are running out the door. This deprived “Angel” appears to be splintering into pieces, gasping and dematerializing within our atmosphere.

36 | P a g e


No Longer Safe

A collection of office mates continue their escape out of the building through the labyrinth of stairwells, their trail comes to a complete stop as the hallway itself begins a violent rumble. Emergency lights from the ceiling begin to flicker as the group look about in cautious amazement. One of the members gives a nervous cry to “Get the fuck out of here” as another violent tremor knocks a number of office mates off their feet and a series of cement bricks are loosen out of place surrounding the stairwell. Suddenly, a peak of outdoor sunlight emerges between the cracks, which creates another horrible discovery, an outline of something large, likeness to that of a Neanderthal/gorilla can barely be seen from the inside. Its bare fists barricade through, and with its display of ferocious might, it delivers another blow to the building. Weakening its overall structure, this causes the mass exodus of Daniel and his crew to make another turn downward. As they fall at abrasive speeds to the exposed Earth, fortunately just two stories above ground. The fall is cushioned by scrapping/sliding off debris minimizing the general impact from a non-fatal fall from a collapsing stair well.

They take the time to gather themselves having mere moments to stagger and observe the amount of wreckage that
37 | P a g e

have taken place on the outside. The goliath that has succeeded in demolishing the building’s front corner is clearly taller than the other Soulless creatures that have been spotted before. Its boulder-like biceps create a fearsome image onto those who just witnessed its power. The group stands with awe and dread as the giant belts a harrowing roar that makes the ground tremble with caution. The creature makes a combative swing with his claws extended, raking through the lower half of Daniel’s body. Sending his upper half flying into the air, plummeting on the ground ten yards away as screams can be heard at the sight of Daniel’s bloodied face and torso.

38 | P a g e


Let Them Feed

Looking up into the clouds above, they also see dozens of Angels that crashed into their facility circling the neighboring buildings with vultureistic intentions. All of them carrying similar streaks of indigo along their arms and mouth splattered about their pale colored bodies. Displaying a slight resemblance to the Soulless creatures, the Angels’ bodies do not display the network of blue veins that are prominent on their brethren. They are, however, the only airborne threat that has filled the skies hunting in pack formations. Some continue to make diving/swooping gestures at those on land. The same POV will change back to one of the Angels who start to make its descent. Its vision is quite vivid as it has spotted its target from afar, and makes its way towards the crowd below. One of the ladies can clearly see the impending danger that appears to be speeding towards her from overhead. She grabs her trusty purse strapped by her side and reaches in to retrieve her pistol and aims out of instinct. She fires of an entire round with a number of successful hits on the wing, chest and forehead, knocking its trajectory off course, plummeting hard and cracking the freshly paved asphalt. Its carcass creates a minimal impact giving a burning effect; its skin appears to dissipate into the

39 | P a g e

atmosphere, burning to the point where it is eventually left as a shallow husk.

The same POV would start again from the prospective further down the block by another Angel flying above. It has spotted the same target as its fallen brethren, which is currently staggering down the city block. Within its field of vision lies the Soulless, emitting a bright blue-like spectrum with a near perfect outline of glowing blue veins from its prospective as it swoops down at accelerating speeds and collides with its target talonfirst, pinning it to the concrete ground. The angel begins its visceral meal by plunging its teeth into the meaty torso, firmly holding its victim in place by planting its claws and feet down on all-fours. Soon after, two more angels descend onto their recent Soulless buffet by inviting themselves to the festivities, of which the original hunter angel does not take likely to unwelcomed guests. They all begin to gorge themselves on what was once an insurmountable band of mindless monsters; turns out to be on the bottom of the food chain. After observing this gorefest, Daniel’s crew begins to make their way through the city. They intersect more religious sages as they begin to perform their Holy Banishing ritual. They will be scattered across the city and can be seen on rooftops and along city streets closing them off, one by one, to fend off these ravenous invaders.

40 | P a g e


Seal Them! Seal Them All!!!

Tunnels continue to ripple throughout the city. A pedestrian on foot is in desperate pursuit to flee from the chaos surrounding him as he is engulfed into another swirling vortex materializing in his path. He runs franticly, racing through an active Tunnel before it dissipates providing a broader scale of Purgatory’s natural order. Showing the masses of Soulless aimlessly wondering this treacherous land, growling and fending off the Angels that hover above scouring for their meals. The Soulless have shown aggression amongst themselves, even turning on one another and eventually developing cannibalistic needs. They thrive eternally in this forgotten place. A single starved Soulless was spotted doubled over in pain and grief, his legs appear to have lost all strength to remain upright. Its blue hue has dimmed to a near grey as a display of his lost of ravenous vitality. The creature staggers to its knees, scratching the ground below as if its reaching for its last search for substance. Their body masses varying in shape, soon to develop a metamorphic stage sprouting wings and taking its first flight and craving for one of their own. They reset all desires; screech into the night sky in search of a meal most fitting for a carnivorous Soulless Angel appetite, those of their own brethren not yet transformed.
41 | P a g e

Sweeping across the land, another Tunnel that has just materialized showing an Angel in savage pursuit of its prey, a wondering Soulless. Speeding through the portal and emerging onto busy city streets of Times Square, it plows through oncoming cars and traffic to acquire its target within grasp. The Soulless appears to be converging onto a fleeing human as the Angel speeds across the sidewalk, knocking the human off his feet, only to tackle its prey of a fellow Soulless on the asphalt. Another Angel flies through, visibly weaken by malnutrition, enters our atmosphere, only to be greeted by the searing heat from our atmosphere. In a sweeping movement, it hurtles itself high into the sky closer and closer into the sun with its wings outstretched, its body begins to disintegrate moments after entering our realm. Its body crumbles into bits in the air, the ashes swirl about in an effortless ballet of decay and death. A grand spectacle as it was the last creature of Purgatory reported in the city and this pattern follows throughout the nation. This high altitude is adjacent to one of the many rooftops in downtown where another clergyman is fully engrossed in his Holy Banishing seal. He is reached the mid-point of his ritualistic technique by splitting an active Tunnel in two divisions. By slamming his hands together, he makes an exhausted effort to collapse one of the last vortexes that have plagued the city with paranormal havoc. Unforeseen by many, but to some, it would appear to be human destiny realized; a plight stemming from overpopulation that was a threat that was brought on by our own overzealous hands.

42 | P a g e


Global Reports Confirmed

International televised coverage has reported minimal to zero additional sightings of such monsters for the time being. The wreckage has been assessed and the death toll continues to climb far worst then any man-made or natural disaster within this realm. Simulcasts infiltrating all television networks and online journalists reveal the severity of this global and abominable strike against modern society. This event, calculated long before any known human measurement of record or time, always seem to bear a result similarly stark outcome throughout the ages. Footage captured from Rome, Stockholm, Tokyo and Houston, all displaying the aftermath that has left everyone wary and unsettled, leaving the general census paranoid of the imminent return of any these Soulless creatures. Never to have solace again, leaving all grouped together to repave the tattered scraps and rubble; gripped in fear of the arrival of these once fabled flickering fields of blue.

--- End ---

43 | P a g e

44 | P a g e

45 | P a g e