CAMPAIGN SPEECH (purpose: to actuate) Ladies and gentleman.

Our country has come to a crossroad, and now you have the power to change the political landscape of America. As I have said time and time again, if you elect me to be your face in congress, there are several things I will do to ensure that your needs are met day in and day out across this land. First of all, I plan on proposing new legislation that will invest more tax dollars in our public schools, not only to meet the needs of today, but to encourage developing minds for the future. Such new funding would be used to hire and retain good teachers, build and renovate new schools, and give great tax breaks to classroom teachers. To accomplish this, I am proposing no new taxes increases, but rather are channeling of our existing tax revenue to meet these demands. Now, the incumbent and his staff have been talking about this for years with little progress. I plan to change all of this now. Second, economic development is on the minds of most of you, particularly with regard to our downtown area. For many years, economic prosperity has been neglected by current government leaders, and I plan to change all of that. I am proposing a city centre revitalization project that would promote new businesses, new residential areas, and new open green areas to bring people back to the heart of our city. Current leaders have allowed the new city to die, preferring to invest in sport arenas in the outlying areas. And third, I am proposing the construction of a light rail train system, to be built over the next decade, to meet the growing demands of better and more efficient transportation for years to come. My opponent and his administration have lacked the vision of longterm solutions, preferring to take a look and see approach. Such a short sighted stance fails to consider the needs of future generations . . . our children and our grandchildren. My generation doesn't want to be remembered for a road we build today, but for a more visionary transportation system for our future. And finally, my opponent has cited my inexperience as a reason why you shouldn't vote for me. However, I am not a career politician who has lost touch with the everyday needs and concerns of day-to-day people. My work as an educator and business owner has given me a unique perspective on the pains and challenges you face. If elected, I promise to give my all to my elected position and make sure your issues and concerns are fully addressed at the local and national level. Thank you.

But those people forget the heroes standing behind them. amigos. If soon forgotten. These fighters just want to bring your pain to a halt and make sure no matter whatyou¶ll be okay. They are your sunshine. you won¶t make it.the special people to touch your heart. These people.they know you too well. guarding you through life¶s hardships.even when the truth may not be what you want to hear. though their reasoning may be matter rough it may be or how much you hurt. never forget these people watching you.straight face lie.and they¶ll see straight through it. can¶t trick them. your happiness to guide you through this never ending darkness.they see through your lies.the unsung warriors. You can¶t let them extinguish or you¶ll extinguish yourself.who no matter what is wrong and what they are doing. Everyone you meet.unless you¶re on your own. They¶ll do anything- . Ladies and gentlemen. and give advice when you can¶t find it in your own heart. These heroes will be able to tell you what¶s wrong. amis and even the chums. These people will hold the greatest impact on your life and whose presence will stick with through all times. The look in your eyes. These people are friends. You can¶t fool them. support you every step of the way and hold you up when you¶re falling.who leave marks so big or so deep on your soul.the brave fighters and peacemakerswho make life what it is. that you could never forget their mark no matter how much you try. There marks aid to characterize who you are and how your life will go. your light. They¶ll share your hold your seams together while you¶re breaking apart. even if they blind you. even though you may not know it yourself. Don¶t even try itit¶s not worth the effort.Friendship Speech (purpose: to entertain) So many people say that you won¶t amount to anything. no matter how small or insignificant it may seem at the time. your hope.and sometimes even the scars.these people cast on your heart will still exist. They will listen to your problems. the marks. Then there are those people. They will be your light. You need them to hold you together.every single person impacts you in some way. compadres.add the vibrancy and color to this world that is otherwise a monotone black and white. They¶ll hold you when you break down and cry. you won¶t succeed. You can tell them you¶re fine.

.just to have someone to talk to. Please.uncaring about themselves and more forgiving than even the earth itself.they would even die for you.even if they disagree with who you are or what you do. Your flaws are embraced.something that almost seems not human. don¶t let the true miracles that have come into your life slip away. These kind creatures.rain or matter how silly and crude. remember these everyday heroes who have done so much for your life. I beg of you. and who love you.any time of day. don¶t let this earthly wonder slip you by. You can call could you even begin to toss them away? Something so simple that becomes to embody something even greater. They¶ll accept you for who you are. Don¶t let that soft flame extinguish.just to make you smile. just to make sure you¶re fed and well. to cry to. The earth needs the sun to light up its surface. Please.are what make life special and worth living. Hold it and protect it from the impending storm. just as we need the friends and family who are watching our backs. Who knows when you¶ll need these heroes later.these amigos know you aren¶t perfect. They are here for you. or when they¶ll need youbut no matter what. They will take you out and treat you. These warriors become your everything and consume what you thought life was. Embrace the ones you love.

estimated the number of possible human casualties as 5-150 million people? Are you aware that since its discovery in the 1990-ies the avian flu has been contracted by more than 100 people. At the moment there is no treatment for the human modification of the avian flu. if taken in the first 36 hours. All in all. so if you apply for vaccination at his very moment. but it will prevent a disease. as well as the avian flu itself raging somewhere on the other side of the world. the officials say. The global matters are actually in the hands of every individual. The medication called "Tamilflu". elaborated by Roche Pharmaceutical in Switzerland. If everyone will be immune to the disease. The truth is that it won't cure an infected individual. But the eyeopener for us all is the fact that the avian flu epidemic is much closer to America than it seems. I highly advise that you take care of yourself right now. approximately 200 million birds died or were destroyed in attempt to stop the pandemic of avian influenza ? Did you hear that United Nations coordinator. the pandemic won't break in. Dr David Nabarro. most of us love chicken meat. Choose vaccination. and it creates a protective immunity in the human organism in two rounds of inoculation. The vaccine was synthesized by the National Institutes of Health. can only "slow the ability of the virus to overwhelm your body and make lots of copies of itself and that buys you time to develop appropriate immunity and kill it off". and "there won't be Tamiflu or hospital beds for everybody". you are most likely to be inoculated. Your future and the future of the United States depend on your choice. Thank you. So my thesis is that the only way of prevention of an avian flu epidemic in the USA is inoculation. In our corner of the world everything is fine. If it strikes. You just need to be inoculated in order to prevent an infection that can kill 150 million people. no one listening to this speech will be immune. Choose life before it is too late. . and one half of them died? Such figure may appear too abstract for us.AVIAN FLU (purpose: to inform) Did you know that during the first six months of 2004. and are not going to deny ourselves a Mac Chicken on week-ends. isn't it more appropriate to inoculate yourself against a lethal disease and minimize the chance of its contraction than resorting to Tamilflu to slow down the infection? The US government has already purchased some six million doses of vaccination.

he was an environmentalist and photographer. someone else tells you. they are. But try and fight it as long as you can. though the parallels drawn are inevitable. For a few weeks after you start your jobs. is the one way I have of explaining to you how important it is to pursue your dreams. I did not take a page out of the life of characters in best selling books. who took brilliant photographs of the Yosemite National Park in America. "Do Not Go Softly Into That Good Night. you will remember my words and fight the corruption of your soul but then you will give in. introducing myself. It is inevitable. let us say. with all my faults and mistakes. I did this because this is what my life's aim was when I was. By the way. And for the past five years those are the numbers I have been trying to better." . younger and naive. Do not let the big bad world outside (and it is big and bad). for those of you who are too young (or not worldly wise) to have heard of Adams. success and to an extent fame. however stupid and impractical. Needless to say. No. I am a tiger conservationist and after a lifetime of chasing money. while addressing a batch of graduates from one of the most prestigious journalism colleges in the world. Well. Follow your dreams. After behaving like a groupie of Ansel Adams' for years. It took me 10 years to realize that my naivety had more individuality in it than my success did.INTRODUCTION SPEECH (purpose: to impress) One Four One One! That is the number of tigers left in the Indian subcontinent. I am devoting my life to chasing poachers. affect that idealism you have in your heart. You may wonder why. I was more than content being just another face in the crowd. Channel Dylan Thomas and remember. I am reminiscing about my own life.

After the war. Mr. He volunteered to go to Vietnam as a reporter for the Army. and runner-up for Times' 2007 Person of the Year. his father was also the senator of Tennessee for 18 years. environmental activist. what most people do not know about him is that he has politics in his genes. who in his own words. here he is. Al Gore. He studied at Harvard graduating in the year 1969. businessman. Ladies and gentlemen. But our chief guest for today is no ordinary person. A pretty mean task for one person to achieve. which we are all familiar with.INTRODUCTION SPEECH (purpose: to impress) Eight years in office. was the next President of the United States for eight years. he attended the Vanderbilt University but won a Congress seat before he got a degree. This started his political life. A politician and a keen environmentalist. after deciding not to find a way to dodge the draft. Nobel Prize winner. . recipient of a Grammy and an Emmy. I give to you. Without much delay. and forcing someone with lesser privileges to go to war.

hazard and risk of environment tobacco smoke to human health in the workplace. That consensus says that Environmental Tobacco Smoke includes more than 50 known carcinogens. gratis and for nothing . You can get it from other people´s smoke. when we´re in a smoke-filled atmosphere. It was commissioned by the Health and Safety Authority and the Office of Tobacco Control and that joint action. Proven harm about which there is not only a consensus in the worldwide scientific community. Every time any of us who are non-smokers breathe in. I´ve asked you here today for the publication of a particularly serious report on environmental tobacco smoke. Fifty of them with every breath. on the best of international scientific evidence. That declaration. In addition we´re also getting .free.Speech by Micheal Martin TD. This report doesn´t put a tooth in it: Although the tobacco industry has played down any possibility of danger in passive smoking. this report proves. Within the last few months. our lungs are getting a load of cancer-causing chemicals. . substantial consensus. but a significant. . without equivocation. led to this report. . Bottom line: you don´t have to be a smoker to get cancer from cigarette smoking.a number of irritants and cardiovascular toxicants. You can get it if you were never a smoker. the World Health Organisation´s International Agency for Research on Cancer declared. One of them is carbon monoxide. The Health and Safety Authority reports to Minister Fahey. So their joint commissioning of this report represents not only a significant inter-departmental co-operation. together with the increasing concern about the health effects of environmental tobacco smoke. but also reflects the concern of the Cabinet about this issue. is significant. The two bodies commissioned an independent scientific working group to: Identify and report on the degree of consensus . in itself. that environmental tobacco smoke is carcinogenic to humans. . Minister for Health and Children at the launch the report on the health effects of environmental tobacco smoke in the workplace (PURPOSE: to convince) Ladies and Gentlemen. among leading international scientific authorities on the . I established the Office of Tobacco Control. . that there is harm in Environmental Tobacco Smoke.

I told you at the outset that I´m now . This report states something that hasn´t been fully understood up to this point. one after another. It causes respiratory problems.Each one of those constituent elements does us damage. . they do us enormous damage. We either give them the clean air to which they are entitled.taking radical new measures against Environmental Tobacco Smoke. when other workers smoke in the workplace. giving new drug to one group of people and a placebo to another group. The Regulations will take effect on January 1st 2004. We do that for them.I have no choice. Which brings me to an important point . to negotiate. No getting around it.Heart disease. There is no other option open to me other than to take action. it lowers birth weight. Like a heartbeat. play or visit with adults. And this report states the damage to various aspects of our health. Before this consensus was correlated and stated so bluntly. That´s the fact. But let´s move on to the workplace. Including this report makes inescapably clear . And . you stop administering that medicine. and the eleven months before its full introduction will give people the time needed to adjust and change. The nonsmokers are being forced to take into their bodies poisons they have chosen not to ingest. It¶s like when the medical profession is conducting a clinical trial. I´m banning smoking in the workplace. It has been identified as a cause of asthma attacks and middle ear disease. It may not seem like coercion. or we force them to breathe 50 carcinogens and disease causing chemicals. We are in precisely the same position now. Children are exposed to ETS when people smoke in places where children live. This ban will mean a massive cultural change for people right around this . to water down the measures I´d like to have taken. even in a tightly limited clinical trial. trains and pubs. but it is coercion. If you find that the new drug is killing people. Let me quote its words: Where workplace smoking is permitted. Right then and there. In adults. Children don´t control the air they breathe. And in children. I´m doing this because . But this report clearly positions the debate at a new level. Regulations will be notified to the EU Commission in accordance with the Transparency Directive. it was possible to temporise. Employees need to be protected from exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke. Together. It causes heart disease. It damages the health of children right from the start: for example.this is another important point made by the report -current ventilation technology is ineffective at removing the risk to health posed by Environmental Tobacco Smoke. employee exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke is likely to be higher and more sustained than in the home environment.. Today I am publishing draft regulations to prohibit smoking in workplace. Environmental Tobacco Smoke doesn´t just cause cancer.

Removing tobacco damage from our lives would have a comparable effect. In addition. y y y We´re entitled to life. On the nation as a whole. taking tobacco out of the workplace. They become smokers when they believe they are all-powerful. This is one of those choices.some would say deliberately . We nod reverently when we read about the introduction of anti biotics: yes. I´ve been taking soundings . but is incredibly difficult. Great good fortune. We´re entitled to health.In addition.from taking up smoking. we change the future for the better. We´re entitled to expect that the air we breathe will not be polluted This Government is going to act on this Report and deliver those entitlements. Put it more simply: young people become smokers when they have that marvellous conviction that they are going to live forever and be healthy forever. they find it is arguably the most difficult life-change they could ever choose to make.have said to me and to the Department: go the whole way.the overwhelming majority . We have also taken positive action.a choice where. It has been inculcated . On domestic and workplace well-being. if we call it right.and the message coming through has been loud and clear. like the weather. This is an insidious and persistent addiction. They made a great impact. and I´m making the call the way it must be made. an extra million euros have gone to the health boards to help them improve compliance with tobacco laws. we think. By "positive action& I mean providing free availability of the full range of Nicotine Replacement Therapy products to medical-card holders trying to quit smoking. The majority . That life-change is often complicated by the smoking habits of friends. The majority are in favour of an all out ban. as if it was something that simply happened. eleven months from now. on individual health and survival. . This Report draws the line and removes all possibility of kidding ourselves. Several important conferences and seminars have been organised by the Office including the use of internationally recognised experts on tobacco control. we are presented with one major choice . a few years later. I believe that in every decade. at a time in their lives when they have no sense of mortality. The Office has been a very effective catalyst in highlighting the importance of cross sectoral participation in tobacco control measures. The establishment and funding of the Office of Tobacco Control by me set out to provide this country with a strong body to oversee implementation of the national tobacco control programme. A happy accident. For far too long in Ireland. we´ve had the habit of shrugging our shoulders about young people. Other positive actions we´ve taken include sustained media advertising campaigns directed at preventing young people -particularly young women . and could just as quickly and just as easily stop being smokers. Anybody here who´s been a smoker and who has succeeded in giving up cigarettes knows that it sounds easy.we´ve been taking soundings . And when. they decide to give up cigarettes.

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