Roccoco 1700-1760: Power European: Aristocratic Art -Depict Wealthy - Light hearted - Pastel colors - Graceful forms

- Fine detail -Fashionable Palace of Versaille Neoclassicism: Reason European: 1780-1820 Influences: Antiquity, Enlightenment, French revolution Purpose: Emphasized the power of human REASON to shape the world History paintings Mark of heroism Propaganda - (The Art of Persuasion) Moral Themes Civic Virtues Characteristics: Monumental works of art - Drama through strong light and shadows - People with cold/lifeless emotions - People w/ togas - Serious subjects - Simple lines and sense of color and purpose - Balanced composition - Flowing contour lines - Noble gestures Artists: David= Napolean¶s court painter. Tumor means couldn¶t talk. Father of European Neoclassicism. Painting Subjects: Aristocrats, and Napoleon, also Sabine Women, Socrates, and Oath of Horatti. Also one of Marat dying in his bathtub. *protip*: If the painting is Napoleon NOT in war, then it¶s David (except for the hugeass horse thing), but if it is in war, then it¶s prolly Gros. Antoine Jean Gros: Napoleon¶s Battelfield Painter. Literally painted everything that had to do with Napoleon and battle

. Antonio Canova (sculptor): Sculpts Napoleon as naked dude with staff. Other sculptures are some pretty random shit, almost all classic greek looking stuff. Also sculpted 3 chicks groping each other, apparently that¶s important or something« Bertel Thorvaldson (sculptor): Also sculptor, 3 sculptures. One which is literally like the same thing as Canova, three chicks groping each other. Also did one of some jackass feeding a huge ass motherfucking Raven, and one of Nicolas Copernicus with like some hugeass tweezers and a globey thingy. I¶m raging so hard right now.. Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres: Thought of himself as a painter of history. Painted mostly women, with one of Napoleon on throne and one of Jupiter and Thetis and The Apotheosis of Homer. Beef with Delacroix. Tondo form, (circle porthole with naked chixxx). Kauffman: Only 3 paintings. 2 of her paintings have people pointing to top right corner, just remember that. Other one is just women with Janet Jackson clothing issues talking with a dude. Lebrun: Self obsessed bitch who just did self-portraits, and Marie Antoinette¶s paintings. She was her painter. American Neoclassicism: 1780-1820 Known as Beginning of American Art. Similar characteristics as European, difference is that American Neoclassicism abandoned toga and Greco-Roman influences. Also, they didn¶t focus on aristocrats as much as elected officials, such as Jefferson/Washington and some Generals. Also American Neoclassicism often showed the death of generals or other important people, not common in European. Artists: Benjamin West: The American Rafael. Painted 1 thing with of some dude with a trident and an angel chick all like yo, imma take that trident. Common element of his paintings include a group of people surrounding one dying figure, mainly generals, and one painting of Indian dudes peacefully talking with da crackas (white ppl). John Copley: Trained by father in Mezzotint portraits. He wuz super hipster because he painted Paul Revere holding a kettle before he was famous. Also painted Jaws about to munch on some dumbass who can¶t swim. Also did one of a bunch of redcoats holding the british flag carrying a dead guy. Gilbert Stuart: Literally only painted Washington. One of which was half finished cuz he was a lazy ass.

Charles Peale: Painted portraits. Jefferson, Washington in battle uniform (Stuart didn¶t do battle outfits). Lewis and Clark. Horatio Greenough: Only 1 thing. Sculpture of George Washington as Zeus or some greek shit like that. Has his hand pointing up like he¶s about to beat your ass. John Trumbull: One painting of Washington in battle uniform (you can differentiate this as he has a pimp cane). Painted one of constitution convention, and 2 others of Revolutionary war. Emaneul Leutze: 3 Paintings. 1 is Washington Crossing the Delaware, other is Mayans getting 2012d on the top of a pyramid. Also one of native Americans and some preacher dude. Jean-Antoine Houdon: 3 Sculptures. Did SCUPLTURE of Washington with pimp cane (not to be confused with the painting), and 2 other busts. European Romanticism (1790-1850): Emotion Purpose: Express the power of human emotion o Romanticism exalted (SIIIINE)  Subjectivism  Irrationalism  Individualism  Intuition  Imagination  Nature  Emotions  Sublime  Sturm und Drang (Friedrich) o Characteristics  Emotions over reason, senses over intellect  Art = political commentary  Diagonal designs  Twisted figures  Strong emotions  Dramatic use of light  People in pain  BIG works o Theodore Gericault  Lots of old dead people  Raft of Medusa




o o

y Picture with a lot of people signaling for a boat to come save them y Kind of like Copleys Watson and the Shark  Landscape painting with aquaduct Eugene Delacroix  Rivalry with Ingres  3 battle paintings y With a lot of diagonals  Has a painting just like Turkish Bath Francisco de Goya y Lucientes  Painted the king who is chubby  Has a painting of a colossus  Self portrait with doctor  Had some serious issues, dark room paintings  Spanish shooting innocent citizens Friedrich  2 very sad morning paintings  2 very sad dead paintings Constable  Very very happy nature paintings Turner  Civilization and nature in one painting  Very crazy colors  Almost Abstract

American Romanticism: 1790-1850 Difference between European: Much more landscape oriented. Coexist with nature. Panoramic views, small figures. Memento Mori: Reminder of death (broken trees) Hudson River School: 1825-1870 Founded by Thomas Cole, invented memento mori, signature of Hudson River. Landscape painting Painted in studio, mix of idealism and realistic effects. Artists Thomas Cole: Lol idk. To walk with nature as a poet is the necessary condition of a perfect artist. Asher B Durand: Lol idk. Kindred Spirits. Fredrich Church: Niagra falls paintings Rocky Mountain School: lol idk Moran and Bierdstadt. Literally the only info I have, feel free to help out here nubs. Blake: IDK if he¶s rocky mountain or Hudson, but he did the one of some oldass mofo shooting light out of his hands downwards. European Realism: 1850-1890

Influences: Industrial Revolution, Camera, Karl Marx (Misha take notes). Characteristics: Not posed, rough brush strokes, pallet knives, rapid shifts in tonality, yellow ocre greys brown neutral colors. Purpose: Portray hardship of common people in society. Artists: Gustave Courbet: Went to jail for tearing down statue of Napoleon. ³Show me an angel and I¶ll paint one´ . Painted Stone Breakers, Sitting Women, Burial of Omans (Funeral scene), and Studio of Painter Real Allegory. Edouard Manet: ³there is only one true thing: instantly paint what you see. When you¶ve got it, you¶ve got it. When you haven¶t, you begin again. All the rest is humbug´. Only 3 Paintings. 2 naked chicks looking at you lyke ³oh hai´, and one of some kid playing a piccolo Jean-Francois Millet: Founder of Bourbison School. Painted country side life. If it has pitchforks or a farmside, it¶s probably Millet. Also 2 dudes sawing hugeass tree. Honore Daumier: ³the burdens of a woman are more than the average man could ever endure´, ³I have my art to comfort me, but what have these wretched men and women to live for?´. Just painted poor people. Literally, just poor people. Also did political cartoons. If it looks lulzy, then it¶s probably Daumier. Rosa Bon(h)er: Painted animals. Horses, deer, and a lion. American Realism: 1850-1890 American Realist artists: All close to same age, lived in north, grew up in antebellum American became young men during civil war, traumatized by war. European vs American Realists: Both Target common man. Europeans focus on peasants and working class. Americans focus on enlisted man and return to more innocent time. Artists: Thomas Eakins: ³I don¶t like a long study of casts, even the sculptors of the best Greek period. At best, they are only imitations, and an imitation of imitations cannot have so much life as an imitation of nature itself´. Painted Crew man, crew. 2 paintings of clinics, Gross and Agnew clinics. Also 2 paintings of boxing, and one of some useless little human parasite, also known as a baby. Eastman Johnson: Painted broken down stuff like Negro life in the south, and old stagecoach. Also painted a midget kid with a gun. Also some huge ass horse carrying runaway black people.

Henry Tanner: Painted black life. Realities of black experience. ³Most distinguished black artist´. Booker T Washington says ³he¶s kewl´. Also 2 random paintings of some dude on a wheel and one of a shitload of fish on a boat. Winslow Homer: Harper¶s Weekly. Painted enlisted soldiers at camps, not in battle. Retreat to Houghton Farm, paint Fiona and Gabe. Also painting of kids playing a GAYme holding hands. 3 Paintings of boats in semi rough seas, one of which has a HUGEass fish. James Whistler: Painted women wearing all white or greys. One of a bay and some sailboats. One of his mom, whearing black. Augustus St. Gaudens: Sculptor. Sculpts Lincoln, some creepy one of a hooded chick, and the 54th Massachussets brigade thing. Also General Sherman. Also designed coin. Thomas Anshutz: Painted some chick in sitting poses. Ironworkers, and train station thingy. Founder of Ashcan school (mixed impressionism and realism)

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