January 25, 2012 FROM: [Borrower Name] [Borrower Address] [Borrower City, State, Zip] [Lender/Servicer] [Lender/Servicer

Address] [Lender/Servicer City, State, Zip] Re: Property Address: Loan Number: [Complete Property Address] [Loan Number]


PROOF OF CLAIM Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal and Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent. Dear RESPONDENTS, By my lawful authority as the Grantor, Maker and Settlor of the Note & Deed; this is my formal written request for the validation of Proof of Claim: I am making a good faith effort to confirm that you are still the RIGHTFUL Holder in Due Course of my Promissory Note and that no other party may lay claim against my property under U.C.C. - ARTICLE 3 -§3302. I hereby demand that you provide proof to me that you are in fact the rightful holder in Due Course and a real party in interest. 1. The ORIGINAL UNALTERED WET INK SIGNATURE PROMISSORY NOTE AND MORTGAGE or DEED OF TRUST made available for viewing in [Mt Crested Butte, COLORADO] pursuant of USC Title 18, Part1, Chapter 101 § 2071 and UCC 3-501(b)(2)(1). 2. Produce the account and general ledger statement showing the full accounting of the alleged obligation that you are now attempting to collect. Such as; a) FR 2046 balance sheet (OMB #’s 2046, 2049, 2099) b) 1099 OID report c) S-3/A registration statement d) 424-B5 prospectus e) RC-S & RC-B call schedules 3. Stipulate via affidavit that you are a creditor following Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) whereby true double entry book accounting was performed in issuing my alleged loan showing a debit against the bank’s assets as a result of my alleged loan -If you cannot produce proof of claim, you have no standing in any future controversy.

The address of all correspondence and arrangements for me to view my promissory note should be directed to the Notary Witness: c/o [NOTARY ACCEPTOR] Sincerely. then you are not a party of interest and cannot rightfully enforce your claim under U. I demand recoupment pursuant to UCC 3-305 & UCC 3-306 for up to 3X the amount of the claim. By law. performance is satisfied and the account is settled in full. the result of default by RESPONDENTS will be agreement between the parties that RESPONDENTS have no claim of rights.C. Under US Code TITLE 15 > CHAPTER 41 > SUBCHAPTER V > § 1692g part b). I demand that you identify both the Holder in Due Course (with proof that they are in fact the Holder in due course) and written authorization that entitles you to service this instrument. As the Maker of the note and Grantor of the security interest. If you are a servicer. Furthermore. Notice to agents is notice to principals. . You are hereby given notice. this notice of demand is presented to you and you have an obligation to notify them. and in the matter of the alleged loan. If you are unable to provide proof of claim. ___________________________________ . this is formal notice that failure to respond to this letter through a verified proof of claim within 21 days. all collection activities must cease until this matter is resolved. If you are in fact just a servicer.ARTICLE 3 § 3-301.-If you are unable to produce proof of claim and the right to enforce my promissory note. You are advised to consult your legal counsel on this matter. Blatant disregard for these laws are subject to fines by the FTC. title or interest in subject property. I then shall revoke any expressed or implied Power of Attorney and correct the public record to convey the truth. this debt is now officially in dispute. NOTIFICATION-CHANGE OF MAILING ADDRESSS Effective immediately please send all correspondence in writing … Do NOT Call. point for point. will be taken as an administrative default by notary witness.C. TILA and RESPA.

By: _________________________.STATE OF COUNTY OF ) ) ) ss This instrument was acknowledged before me the ____ day of ______________. _______________________________ Notary Public (SEAL) . 20___.

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