Refrain: You are never forsaken like a sparrows all over the sky You may be badly bed

-ridden, o man, yet trust and you’ll never die 2. You may be blind, begging all day; mission –each man has a job to be done You are a man, get up and pray, do you not know you’re a part of God’s plan? (Refrain) PAG-AALAY NG PUSO Minsan lamang ako daraan sa daigdig na ito Kaya anuman ang mabuting maaring gawin ko ngayon O anumang kabutihan ang maari kong ipadama Itulot niyong magawa ko ngayon ang mga bagay na ‘to Nawa’y hwag ko ‘tong ipagpaliban o ipagwalang bahala Sapagkat di na ‘ko muling daraan sa ganitong mga landas IN HIM ALONE Refrain: In Him alone is our hope, in Him alone is our strength In Him alone are we justified, in Him alone are we saved 1. What have we to offer that does not fade nor wither Can the world ever satisfy the emptiness in hearts In vain we deny 2. When will you cease running, in search of hollow meaning Let His love fill the hunger in your soul ‘till it overflows With joy you yearn to know

Saint Mary’s University
Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya

Letting Go and Coming Home

Our prayers and heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family

A Necrological Service for the Soul of ________

You are a person with body and soul. my rock in whom I trust Refrain: And He will raise you up on eagle’s wings. Jesus. kailan ma’y di pababayaan Hindi kita malilimutan. All: As it was in the beginning. or a sense of loss embitter us. o man. let not grief overwhelm us. We. the end of pain and the beginning of joy. All: O Lord. Leader: Lord. All: And our mouth shall declare Your praise. But in our sadness let there arise a new joy 2. We have come also to condole with you and to pray to the Lord. Leader: Lord. The snare of the fowler will never capture you And famine will bring you no fear Under his wings. open our lips. say to the Lord my refuge. OPENING SONG (choose from the appendix) OPENING PRAYER Leader: In the name of the Father. the end frustration and the beginning of tranquility. not only clay. help us to see death for what it really is: the end of poverty and the beginning of riches. bear you on the breath of dawn Make you to shine like the sun and hold you in the palm of His hand 2. Leader: Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. All: Amen. and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. “Why am I here? What’s my job? What’s my goal?” You are from God. our loving Creator. You who dwell in the shelter of the Lord. your shield MISSION OF MAN 1. sigla’t tanggulan ko HINDI KITA MALILIMUTAN Hindi kita malilimutan. Madilim na lambak man ang tatahakin ko Wala akong sindak. Siya’y kasama ko Ang hawak N’yang tugkod and siyang gabay ko Tangan N’yang pamalo. kailan ma’y di pababayaan ON EAGLE’S WINGS 1. Let us all stand. . to give you strength in your sorrow and to receive ____ among His saints and angels in heaven.INTRODUCTION Dear ____ and family. May our presence and prayers be the expressions of our sympathy and unity during these days of your deep grief. and the relatives and friends of ____. your refuge. your family from Saint Mary’s University. the end of weaknesses and the beginning of strength. is now and will be forever. His faithfulness. paano n’ya matatalikdan? Ngunit kahit na malimutan ng ina ang anak n’yang tangan Hindi kita malilimutan. look up and say. have come to pay respect to your late ____ who has gone ahead of us to be with the Father. Man. hindi kita pababayaan Nakaukit magpakailanman sa ‘king palad ang ‘yong pangalan Malilimutan ba ng ina ang anak na galing sa kanya? Sanggol sa kanyang sinapupunan. who abide in His shadow for life.

For Christ must rule until God defeats all enemies and puts them under His feet. The truth is that Christ has been raised from death. Ang Ama Kanyang mapagtangkilik. “God put all things under His feet. in the same way all will be raised to life because of their union with Christ. Let this power of resurrection be at work in us. authorities. Leader: O gracious Spirit of Peace. Then. and powers. Siya ang patnubay and hope for so much is given to us. those who belong to Him. Handog N’yang himlaya’y sariwang pastolan ang pahingahan ko’y payapang batisan Hatid sa kalul’wa ay kaginhawahan sa tumpak na landas . The last enemy to be defeated is death. All: Amen Leader: Please be seated READING(1 Cor 15:20-27) Leader: A reading is taken from the first letter of Paul to the Corinthians. as the guarantee that those who sleep in death will also be raised. pinagigihawa akong lubos. For the Scripture says. For just as death came by means of a man. the end will come. relatives and friends of the late ____ as they experience this great loss in their life. sustain us during the time of grief. first of all. 1. sinong nagmamahal kundi ang tao D’yos ang pinagmulan Kung ‘di ako umibig.” The word of the Lord All: Thanks be to God SONG . walang makapaghihiwalay sa atin sa pag-ibig ng Diyos! 2. Paghihirap ba. O Anak na nag-alay ng lahat? Saan man sa langit at lupa walang makapaghihiwalay sa atin sa pagibig ng D’yos! ANG PANGINOON ANG AKING PASTOL Koro: Ang Panginoon ang aking pastol. We ask this through Jesus Christ of Lord. kung ‘di ko man bigyang halaga Ang buhay kong handog. then at the time of His coming. But each one will be raised in proper order: Christ. Help us to stand strong in the resurrection. kapighatian? Pag-uusig o gutom o tabak? At kahit na ang kamatayan. in the same way the rising from death comes by means of a man. For just as all people die because of their union with Adam. comfort the family. ang buhay kong hiram sa D’yos Kung di ako nagmamahal SINO AKO? SINONG MAKAPAGHIHIWALAY Koro: Sinong makapaghihiwalay sa atin sa pag-ibig ni Kristo? Sinong makapaghihiwalay sa atin sa pag-ibig ng D’yos? 1. and will hand over the Kingdom of God to the Father.Appendix: Songs SINO AKO? Hiram sa D’yos ang aking buhay Ikaw at ako’y tanging handog lamang ‘Di ko ninais na ako’y isilang Ngunit salamat dahil may buhay Ligaya ko na ako’y isilang Pagkat tao ay mayroong dangal Sinong may pag-ibig. Christ will overcome all spiritual rulers. come alive within our experiences and hurts. believing there is something beyond death.

grant _____ eternal rest. and we pray that You free ____ from all his/her weaknesses and shortcomings so that he/she may enjoy the eternal life with Jesus Christ and all Your Saints now and forever. through Your bloody sweat in the Garden of Gethsemane… All: Have mercy on his/her soul Leader: My Jesus. we take our loved one by the hand and lead him/her to You. look down with eyes of pity on Your faithful son/daughter ____ for whom You have suffered and died on the cross. 3. through Your face covered with blood which You allowed to be imprinted on the veil of Veronica… All: Have mercy on his/her soul Leader: My Jesus. his/her family and to all of us. and the son and the Holy Spirit be with us always. now and forever. After each prayer we say: Lord. Lord. Accept our love and thanksgiving as we entrust him/her into Your loving care. Lord. grant eternal life and rest to our beloved ____ whom You have called to be with You in Your Kingdom. Here is _____. 2. All: Amen. My Jesus. lead ____into his/her unending heritage with Christ and take him/her into the union of the Saints. All: And may Your light shine upon him/her. to grant us our petitions and intentions. Leader: Let us now unite all our prayers and bring them to the Father in the words that Jesus Himself taught us. through Your hands and feet pierced with cruel nails… All: Have mercy on his/her soul Leader: My Jesus. We ask this in the name of Jesus. through Your sacred side pierced with a lance and from which flowed blood and water… All: Have mercy on his/her soul Leader: Let us pray. THE LORD’S PRAYER (sung or recited) LITANY and CLOSING PRAYER Leader: Merciful Jesus. All: Amen. our loving Creator. Leader: Give ____ eternal rest. through Your holy body nailed on the cross… All: Have mercy on his/her soul Leader: My Jesus. Let us pray to the Lord. Your Son and our Risen Lord. FINAL BLESSING Leader: And may the blessing of the Almighty Father. Let us pray to the Lord. through the cruel scourging You endured… All: Have mercy on his/her soul Leader: My Jesus. Lord. Let us pray to the Lord. we trust in Your enduring love.Leader: Let us all stand PRAYERS OF THE FAITHFUL Leader: Let us now pray to God. Let him/her share the joys and blessings of eternal life. All: Amen CLOSING SONG . Let us pray to the Lord Leader: Lord. we pray for all those who were dear to ____ in life: his/her family. Lord. Heavenly Father. reward ____ a hundredfold for all the good he/she did on earth and all the love he/she gave to You. relatives and friends-that they may follow all the good he/she did on earth and may God’s eternal light shine on them. 4. Lord. 1.

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