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Representation and Mind Hilary Putnam and Ned Block, editors Representation nd Rey ‘iey Putnam Esnng Behav: Reson ina Word of Coes rad Deke The Mtapiysis of Meoning Jeol Kate ‘A Theory of Contented Other Essays Jey A Fodor ‘The Rai Sprt: Wiese, Phosophy, ad the Mind Cora Diamond ‘The tiiy ofthe Sep Stephen L White ‘The imagery Dea Michael Tye A Sadi of Comes. {Christopher Peacocke The Reiser of the Mind Jon F.Searle ‘The Rediscovery of the Mind John R.Searle A Bradford Book The MIT Press Cambridge, Massachusets London, England ForDagmar Contents ——— ‘Reknowledgments i Intoducton > Chapter t What's Weong withthe Philosophy of Mind 1 2 "The Recent History of Materialism: The Same Mistake Gverand Over 27 “Append Is There a Problem about Folk Paychology? 58 Chapter Sreaiing the Hol Silicon Brains, Conscious Robots, and Other Minds Chapters ‘Consciousness and ItsPlace in Nature 85 Chapter [Reductionism and the Ireducbilty of Consciousness 111 Chapter “The Structure of Consciousness: An Introduction 127 Chapter? ‘The Unconscious and Its Relation to Consciousness 151 Chapters ‘Consciousness, Intentionaity, and the Background 175 Chapters ‘The Critique of Cognitive Reason 197