by Judith B ertoglio-Giffin

Bead Cruclmci Rapes h;t' ,Iuditb BiJt·toglio-Giffw 6di'boc

ea%1zy Ijee Lkl~tlsis Art Director:
Jes5:ic'l GifflIL

This book is dedicated to Edith

Leone who ~ ntroduced me to bead
crochet, and to all of I1lY students who continue to provide me ..vith many creative challenges,


J~ditb Bertoglio-Giffin

PhOI03~ Holly Wilson, J n&th Bertcglio-Giffin, Jfls~itft- iffi I~,'~ilthy. Lee L idml~is q
Pmdu(';'tion Assistance;

Ho'U)! Wilson
All crochet wudcby Judith Be11q~lip~Giffil1 unless otherwise noted,

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(6()3) 537-05:52

dayjj~ht Hllgb Giffin_;rny late husband, who
Slllpported end'encouraged me over a

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t;;atb')rLee LJel~msis,.wll.:Q "made me do it'' ,and participated ill all of the ,heaall.Gllc·s of id1ing'·tbis published,

The written Jessica Giffin> ... ho.kept telling me. ilia! v


pauerns and

a good reason.

BoIlY Wilson,


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'Front Cever;

Wi~l¥ia Laria:t ~y Judith

Bhtowio~ilimn.· PhOWgi,'pl1 b¥ HoHy Wilson,

made with JeaJF Stitch.s.rea.ect· the fh~waYil. t<l streteh and will degrade Qverttmc. Hillts t:lifclleti: 1.ullleave that subject to Q!be~<aut(101'S.acts like a small ball hearing 'and' lets the workrnove.t}111s. I pl:'~fe:r-to use .o sizt.cI up Qiter time d~l'eto bo.iz.%po.:e£ a sfi'ffer. virtual wcial:llt of p~. Second.e ~cm'.e hOq:k' mat I'v¢ used 10 crochet c the.~fieCt:dl~ {):v..thread choice will fi(ff.:a.. ~'1l. . p&rye~~~. 1 w. Beads The last bead £Inmg is Inejcrsr bead worked.cti. Eaeh projectin til is book 'will gi ve you the st_Je. My thteM ofch):nict:: isl 00. Thread tmu.just i:natc.'ll'aJlook . CiQltiOll'¢QVere.d'~Jhave 1JJsed.s with any work.t dFop .p~it~lfue (:hre~(t hook doe. ldlbo-ugh ver.t . y.ndta'[k"to ymir locaJ bead sroresbmubeads and !ile' clUIability of finishes.or .h YQur hQQ~ prci[h~ct 'Nylen l1tT.'h. i~blfr '0' ~.if~s the (ln1r (J~ lie N(ju fufl~ \yi!:h 1.~em1:8 S.'l 1'00.~.natural fiVer threads ma.\'e[ypi:l~ h. l'he"major1tY'iJf my work 1~besed on ~.U. Below is a Its~ ofwhat r tend.n~G.r ~)'uh1i\:.s.e~L My prefel~nce. You will need toexperimentto find what will work best for you as-we all crochet with a differeru tension on d itferent threads.:efiu:nt:·wll\::lJ~. Pot larger befl.!8 _ These.and the Bize of thread being yp. ~lld~yiJ l.J. Nylon fiIBZT-18macrame cord.6t fbel of the finished ishcd rope in two Crochet Hooks E.~s a fMr'tifit:e brandname hook and wilH~j~~ you many teasons :fm: 'l"l-sing that prldi¢ubr crochet hook In 'ge.copes ·presented In this lw".hreaJ.Materials and Tools A. hook. Bo!h ofthese cocme ill a r:airdbow of O"oJpr.~iltJ.j. citic materials tbat I use.CJ.rOll. your tools and materielswill be personal choices. We.n Baxcsn.edin many i:rIhe.:rquglrNiQ h¢a~s.end product.~&Htch.e~iil~ toolc ofyour wo:r.lyester thr-ead.k.ym ester tOl)~~tikh 1.:% 'Pblyeste.d.dY fr.rQp. theruulcl. Not all bea ..C 1110 :g~'1ISS seed beads.~efwnsi~m tP0 LODSI'l?'ti:@'tlo·v. Many people like't.rmlll" hook on . n~is tIh. Bead) t11Jes have-been discus:s_. . tb_a"nthat. Finn.hie BbyeThf as gnarp' a bead aed m less liRely tp g.(ds aiid oolor!ji [rom which to ch oose. t6iHi'!itch llitte~(f: It h~~& mi1.'> nothave but (5 very slippery to .:noe ehemhniy. overtime.(l!U " t!h. iUS'.lo.feud shows.k. Ypumjght like to tty nylon l~pholstei_'}i thread wEkh makes -a .cih and holds: up wl'lloovywenr.o:t Pearle' cott loncrocllettbretld. a de.ti1mH\S'l:f~.luqea sha~peibeadJis it.(i-. ha'\1 a smaller '!'I1tOI~lbelow t:he. rs mm) Susan Bates'" hookfor size 14/0 Biat1.Q~1'lbe"atd sources 13..h ~Qk ~ up size to your personal tensrcn.'titcbT.'. a S~z~ I0 (1 J) t6 1. Im:id'-l!c.i01i. jS. it Wl~J: determine. Martex Corp.ruqw 111lve a.q use sifk.'j Jittl~' th. Feel free to make obanges as you see ["i~a8 I hope you use this bookas a platform to let your OWi1l ctiNn]ivlty take wing.gtl teJell1ell~. Cw.workv.d nID:H¢S are GuterrtiaJi"!" I 09%:po.neht~. llie ({nd.stLtl'er ..t.(If1nlsli~~wiU hp]. 8iJ.:Rt~9ilS:so.i.. KtiQv.

Also. Bead-Crochet As fI Rope Dia meters genera~ rule ef ~hl.:md will work. semeof il depends silnpl. beads. this -is a..1)'"yli1I_d~r seed b~ad~ t 110' seed beads 4.aro_LU~d Lel'igth til.. beads it will tak~ to Tomplele aproject. elastic.fu:oLilid r.m to asJ<1f!¢ as L!igivt-.O ~·.ll1d.10 heo.I.N{ith a'.SITj~ 3:S' l1lads.sett JI!lJJnber of beads joined into a circle.. elothes line. Aln:ll'le.5'. Q<llrcJllJ1cl n~aro_u!1cl f>~auQlliId S-llJ'OlIll~l fiiO flifJ 610 JJlQ ~$~ 5" -:. I{you atertwith 11... Sonre 'of ii.:e :8 .ds Per 'riel. combined with the size of your.igoM~d .titilcircie and'the be. '8/0 seedheads 6/0 ~ejld-.of my "general rules of tllll1ub" guides for figuring out what you will need for any given project. If a pattern is dei.cnly a pattern designed fer 6-'-fltOl.giml(ti9n1 l"Cryi It! . 5" Bead Most bead vendors sel] beads iIH~:r't)ihs.I panrs Qf"'li:QPs"'11 2'! r-ope starto. Here ar~ . depends on yOt!f personal crocheting tension ana. then you win knowtd'start with-sixbeadsin the ilii. braided ~il)19 core.d~ weigbitl'ie same. Stun1£! B(l.O bll:. coraing. . the tube begins tocollapse.5" 6'.-- i~o HHI HIQ 151-0 11/Q .crrcle of beadslt 'is refel'red tp <Ii\! a (1=a~6und rope"iS-ill..C seed head will be heaviee thllIT-<1 ~Jl'airS'p}.a]Jp~o:Xim~161y I" of t1l1ls~d bead-crochet rope -~Isil'lg a "top sttlch" t~r<.\~ weighl ~ix cheted. or _ev~n.~eDt see:il bead.Ql. e'. bea CIstosupport the tube.l wm be ll--slig!~tlyci]fl'eten:t size :010 llieite'ms 'in Jhel!:~'ch'a):'tS are i~p]Jcroxi!l)ationss :@alo-!-1nn_ L ntt rGP~ lIl.fds b ~& 15 U W I -.pp: the length <}uci diameter of your rope.11d~ 'nll-~lJIhed I~el'Gml'll ~5/0 SC(.-m6.defines the dialll. Tbis.. crocheted tube and youcould insert anotacr-material intothe center of thetube '1iUCP asnl~mlOrY w~re. iii around. tan dtJ <) Pattern Terminelogy Abe<ld-cro.eteroHhe rope and the type of pattern that YQUc~n_use. Use Y91tt ima.y. each manufbcturer's' seed b.·arNU1-cl 5" 11.~ir{..\d" 1)"'1.{lOS Ill'~paltem wiLl fall into their proper places when ere.24 20 1& I?rruL'lg l~ead:s 'i' I'H Inch of Bcadslze 5.atoUlld.1' few .Handy Reference Guide i bave been asked many times lHJW much thread and how many. However.l-5iO lif. A n'lJetam.lmh YOlk c:roMeted lube tis small as-IUIlHlJWUl1d ). however not ail beads Qfa like size will ~<I~mnul ruised ~pil1lil 1:2 ~.

does not look perfect. h of The las!' bead strung is the firs/ head' thumb and index finger and pull down thenezt'bead with thi.IC.etpatterns are givenin a table: pLt~peat's.ded. finger. IE IF.feel differently. crocheting with beads might not he quickly learned. These are-light b. IB.TtY There me various personal preferences as to how 1.!1er and.0 hold your thread for crochet:irig. Adding in beads makes the stitches work and.J.lig beads.~115trucJioIiS> reverse {or Ieft handed work Bead. The thread that comes ever I'll)' index finger is the "tensioner" which keeps work at a constant tension. At some point you will begin to feel a "click" as the crocheted bead falls into place correctly For your first practice piece.atfr(. string a pattemofsix opaq!~e beads with at least three different colors so that you will always be crocheting atike-colcred bead over a like-colored bead.a'I).' of slri.lmis wdtten as: I A. I wnlJ? the working thread around my little. This p. Croc.h. 3 . ami bring it up over my index finger with " to 6 beads ready to work. 1 hold the rope 'between .stion is to string 18" of'beads onto willie thread for 'a practice piece and keep going even if the WOIX.: middle finger tile 'lJt.Basic Slip-Stitch Bead-Crochet E'VeIlif you have been crocheting for many years. I.8. repeat this sequence until you have about I. My S~Jgge. ID.

Ae}o'M JIOu pfili stt~g.yq_UlilJI <::~Hghtt~0: 1:h~Ie-.QttOIHs o-fiill.cll'" JfJpij.e iM::acl.quflr:t<'01n¢ th~ !{h~I:II~d Ih...Basic Slip-Stitch Bead-Crochet the~e:[ljd.S:h~h~ hq~)(1'':r:§..t5ellJ!lS li_e vr~alIyii1l_lfl 'on tlie 'QutSi:¢~ 'Qfthe rG"p·e. Ptt.t'bea:d~ ~'H~ xht\y' -ljQW [iQ~tt fQl1l1l a ~1l[V~. ·fOJUJ. llCf~)Jt_.::e:lh~. :f11pri~lg be-lld .(]q iu ea. . Flip the be~~over tu ijie -ight and 'lidlH.B t . Miilre a sjip Jq..l'(aIl!d 1 b. It is im.thluug1i tbe loop.rea_3t'Xll1 tile ibsi".01cOvel [h@forMyl fh~ bead un'(:im.)~h Ihe lJilap l'f.\ill b~'the~"'dick?' thilit yau wm!!jh/m lip~7g t-he.-~' to 10" l~l. TI. cl9~\:n..·tigh~y. ~Y -ili:read. r_hrfl. " 4 .]l"up fJ~'~ p.avfu.i~ \.on" \v'hii::h the ti~1Stbead is ·fastened..b:ectd to _fJ}'! . Be .~ an.i.rtttn.D~~tsfde'<o.1.~l"d~ the QJ'ltaRf ~9 maa.n !-h0 n~! . ~OI~l~i~e.pfll1nlwtoh'lW the b'L:.phall1o ilie' first"~e:h JXt~P~lt 1ma' ffilg.b.tot·ju Chaitl ~*dl ~lx"~. You nUl'1 11])~ ite?lSiei<·t'o/p:u.wllth lin'PrI._.l' i~e ·O.fJfW:Jjmle(1.

e1iV (me in.ll blC~~~ V'llllllF1)f~w.1dlig l[. ). )S13S" stikfu.i? Qru. This' oomple...d loop on the ·tJ.hook. .dletie!i C(mtinl.c91l Y2uI" DOpe ()iindl 0 [:0.s.Jj's. T. HlJ've' <In.a .!bEou&h "both loop:.?join the tinds u f a (ope l{ou need to.atety pin to keep the work from unraveling.'e. . A sa:fe!y pin is. also g()Qd for pic. 0110t' thetl the: beads that YOt! are to Cti}-e~\' lll1dcr thtbs~ oead:S.~.ou 3. Tips If YOU ate g__ging.. • .dhmgth rope is reached.:llrt cro.Basic Slip-Stitch Bead-Crochet .s" to IO'~pilst lh.e:ad 111your pfi~t£n. ( . :slijNl~itt:h 'sp!riil "nul the . m -<:-. 'IUQre dom.'"aatd .¥ a -drepped shch 11ecllUS~ fue point is finer than )'m~r cmohet .s one slip s-titch with.~id~aYs. manllci" wqr~ns lfi\:<]. el1mpuH tb. of Pull the thread ilinwlglrthc ftrs~ loop the h00k.eC:Clrp iu: ~o~p ~ y witlu. Mi~'gfiJig'a hep.thread'<ibQYe'th·e_:~Jt~d" If ~'mla~ dping tile stitGh co:rrectLy Will be']a)'itlf. yarn ovel.. cul the tJn-ea~ .eadfJJacc .dJ 1'h~J'S1J.y 0UI last ~'OOI?' 0Jl.o·.jast head and pu II ttTI'Ough .eX!1:a b.mro~lght~li:u<ecg<.111.efuny beeak it Ollt· with plleFs". .~:ll :dOW11 thenextbead.15. aJsvays end: with a CUEllipitj:te pattern repeat to make tlle jom invisible .1.ead iC't'\i!cJiet'tah'l'e willi b. (I'r catd1d'1~.'b.. ~~'&. PuJ I tl1c "@~tl1!:itrg. 199..iout.1~i]J (l.e.(me smooth mbl1Q'ri. .ook. they will stand up."Gi1d.~e.s.that late!" on.

<\. only 18"attd tum it into a key chain. 'and/or contplex the fina] P1mdu9tYl\'ili h~ .going to like a color combination.eI!~ids. Become familiar with Ute b~.d length. .:vhite 1ill:@1ti dncl(!Ip . of beads thai tota16 will giv~ YOTI different width spirals in 6-arolltld ropes.rl>en. 2~> 2. --'~III . IB Repeat fot Ge.esi.:p·a. elegant. .lO. simple spiral {l\\slgms.. Always end. 1~<k1F Repeat ferr Cl.. Design [deas Black Or white witl1 primary colors gives you ali ethnic look.cuts or 3"cuts to add 1:1 subtle :.QT~oPa~u. especially with WI) seed beads. Ie.creehet ropes will ~1ways !onl1 helix as !'IOU crochet Yourchoice of bead color-and fi:n~shwill.Steing: 1A~·( is the basi e bead-crochet rope pattern for allbe"d··ci:0C~!ltr~e1.ona compleCe patterusequence if you are going to make an invisible join.(-Aruu Make.:rliff!.a'eaq. S..aire.t"P'ing.ll'en't CGI&'S. Ifyou are not sure yot! are .i.ek mine how simple.. JJ3ocZA. Use some l. strh\g and crochet. Bas it S.a [HI Rope Patterns praotice piece us1ug". Hints Anycombination ·Striiig: 2A.l(!!ng~.qU~):iy py<t¢tic'ifL~ .to ·s1J. . 2.C Rep:eat for desinbd j.r:B:le.<1d crochet L~hllj.e~rl.

use an alternating Rep~<ll fOt d§Eir¢d 1~g:lh" String: 3· the first bead l1'ork~d..'0 B>.. i a/{fH. Use a graduated :-.. 6/0.j·j I. 3 8/0 E"j lliOA.. 1 8-10 B ] ·8fQi·t/l S/O B Repea!' for -d esited le:ngtlit.3 lUOA. use I5/0 beads for the base and U/O or6!O 'beads .(i/OB. 7 .l 8:.l bead 8m B..' pattern sequence like the lrst two patterns. the larger the raised effect Be aware !h!fLcrocheting: with beads of ditterlog sizes will be a bit difficult antil yem get used to it Anycombination of' beads that total (.' sequence for the spiral portion of the design to lIRJ.A. HIOA~3 . li)ro B.. The greater the size difference between the heads. &iO:' SIlh1~ 3. daiJ)ty look. 1 drop) I 6/0 B To keep beads such as crystals or larger drops from crowding together.-"". Desigm Ideas Use. I $ and sizes of raised spiral s.or 13 oe~ for the look. spb<l~ to achieve'n cb'm1ky Sning~ 1· II lOA .1 S"fyil)g: Hints 311!OA.affQr desired leo_gth .glt with le]:~tH.4'-mm crystal> ] glOB. tor the ~~pi~·al achieve to tiny.Raised-Spiral Ropes Once "yOU are familiar with the simple spiral designs youcen add bealiltifb. Stx-Arou nd Ralsed-Spjrnl Expel'ime. Use SID heads for the base ailo GIO . Repea\t for desired length. j 8JO B .crystalsor ·ocher4mill beads for aJl elegant red length. Patterns ..s.s!tim'g:· 3· 11AtA~.·1 ltl1..'FheJust bead str!mg. ..or cl:!:(lp~. i 6/0 C. create a smooth transition... RepclIl for . as in "8JO. la/l. will give YQU differtlD.l and exciting texture to YOUfn:-·QpBS by usinga combination of bead sizes.

~lr0this w&yas YOll don't hav~ to worry a:b0l.e tta¢~ r mo th ecrocJ:ltJ lil_iffe!9. l[ll~e§l bit in (ln~ din'ectio.~ ~LI do .tle'i. ~jd~ (be.contour of I:he large bead Rew ba. Pass yOU[ needle under the thte<fd qf be'.!It. You [nay also 'Us~tlli'$lec'hii~'~IJ(l with . add i:ntere.'C.e~dr ~_I:i"Gf nTndf]' tPlc lasl !ihre~d im~ whicJ!'yttil crocheted' (beads I le 3)As y~oupt:!!j thi-s thread lip. l Work !he srarttail.fu~.9~artail ollnr~atl t from l'he stmt-1lf tl16~dP.f'hPA. be-sure thatitdO~~ndi wrap ar01J.m.. pull tao-l1al. 0.ll w·1f[ Join \Vhb a Large Bead You call.ati'3. aJ~. B]nduif.t 8 .ad{s) to{tcdnjqne~ jnst mid 11 large b:ead(il) in-between !he ends.1ding. You :wil! be Jailfltg ~~:!fe J1d s together.e. This alJ~)ws" braceletro stretch sl'ighllYRnd ro)J.T@.:l~4i/cr-14).a necklace to make a nice OOl1litJtwus loop of flexible be. TI1fm'sew ~tt"ck ii1ftr the crodw! work.ol:k~up. ·At ahOUI.. Invisihle Join .Jne diFectioo· as they . Yqll Jh. bead ~ 111 6.lm.heled rope.Joining Bead-Crochet Ropes A bead-crochet rope: may be closed using an "i[lv. such as f'or @~ lariat.jl or another lortJ1tke iL 10®~ rizl~t:. At rh<:'\l~ry end.l~1J\'ing.. TO 2). You will use tb:e invisible j(j.n~~gYOLil w.I'J need~e withfueeQd !flit Pass your l.!.'_ioifi large bead. .chet' n.1 thread intQ which you crochel:ed Qbea:ds I." Do J1Q.\MY·a ffi~if ~ilchl'a1"g:er than you r wrist size. Thread -a..ynetd t0tw1sttrn~. S!ll)lf Y041' work [tpgeiltly andcheek to s{:1)'th~ e\r~t'y'rhjfig is Ihiing up n~. wri ~O~.~.W~~ped mside. do Iler-ihfgerr oo'piek up lliu getting your patt!!:!]]::as I1~Ge~y lined up.·a8you go l1Jj. .!!lP~Stry need Ie with the-end tail.\. A good mle OFU1.nda bead.xfm.~fbead CtO~jM~~ the mile]" end (beadJ}. Line ':['1) the pauem Mdlocale ·the fir. • 011 not line up no matter W~Ua.. It may hii.lff yeur tfu'e~ti. 0 edt)1 no ' Leave.l.w~m.gel h OUI of the wa:y"md'cutit Work i~]6. each si de'.dcJjp. A'iOYQU ]nalJi this dhread up.'l(Hlob$'/e.~he~ed"liIc:Oluple<~e ~pilUelm sequence or lhli:pa t 1.Before ending yom rope.dthe ends should sit nkely QlHo the. Tltis is also a go6d way to.lP III Ih. rnaki ug a bracelet that has no metal clasp and isa j &y' to.cely. .c.i]·e. Make sure !h~! ~?m· n~dlc g0'~JWIll ms]de'to outside so lhebea:ds. llilItG the eroehetwQrk .ll.vei'e crvC'heted.·a Q'tihviH male tIle jOl~l n:aTIltlw. li"ure Loal ~(~D('OS net W:f<lP a!1Hl11d rlie bead Thread' you r b:rg~ . .~. You will be'!ao.:l§~l~ I. necklace and tel jail) multiple pieces of i11to 4). tire rnllilf.! b1te. LLSea large ~e. e co.'Bfb~irJ erocheted (Bead 1 '".~ng the ends together th~'(ll1ghthe brge bead.lut offb ~ W:lly !Ul:d~!Jt it rtlOC 'Il'fu:ead fI lapest..b is to ll11lh your bracelet appm. make-sure tha!. Y abeut an 8'~>tttil of thread (~nd tail).l. bracc:l~t It is a bit easier to get !'I.tie :i1' o::{'f1TlO vi ip.I. Pass your needlE') back nnder 111 e 111.. your weavliigloose ~I rhi(>poiHt Til ep n~~ your needle back across: to JIle next head O!t'l.befld(s) onto the ij~()d~e-aJ~pcontinueas above ttl1t1J)'lfIU havecaptured aU 6f the beads on.ofth:re".

1 111'0.m repent for desired It. 7 ll. If YOumake [I mistake i. take a good look at t1\ertlsuJts just in case it is another undiscovered rope pattern. 1 drop. Lielausis dis:tov.ered this gem of <I pattern while trying to work cntanerher design.lldl)on~upj nc Pattern Cathy Lee. .Gallery ~eedle-'Vu"'t_Jn Closure Anelegtun:t alternative forftnishin. Stljllg: t dmp. J 11/0. 1 drop.-around. Mtiler S iL\-A rou.1lgth and crochetin 5.nstringing.g: ~ bracelet is to add 11 aeedle-woven band-over rhe ends aDd' sew it in place On the rope.

10. F. I HID Repeat lor desired length and crochet in 6"<ll'ound.. i ~ ~ T W:' I 4 J' I II JI .l can 111<1k. 'c) 2 11. 1 4"llTll1 bead. Use s'h~-edged effect String: 9 WO. . beads [or a sna keskin Hints if you use a largel' drop OF other slurped bead. This pattern.J\J\"'/ 1S-ide1 std~2 si&e1'/ \~idec2/\ r-.2 j 1/0. Repeat.. It is the precise placement of larger beedsthai makes it appear flat._)\. \'0'. Lentils give a unique look. 1) 10. This is done with K!TI. r-. Repeat for desired length. entire 26 bead sequence for desifed length. This rope makes one uf the more-sensuous feeling bracelets. 'V\'jV'vV~I. t 8/0. 1 lentil.. n. ..~atfor d~sired !length....:i:'OrUI''t>. . Siring. 1 4-mFil bead Vary the edge' beads ._ (-\r·~\I. is Ihe iii'S I bead worked.. "". alternate the large beadwith an 8/0 bead as i11 1 he. :2 1'~ /0.') see how the colors make up the different sides. Stj'~ng~ 9 11/0. za. 18m. 9 11/.e your wpe [eversible by stringing the following sequence: 3A.Flat "Caterpillar" The Caterpillar is quite versatile and lends itself to many variations and embelhshments... docs nut have a special crochet stitch 10 make it nat.1 drop Repeal tor desired length. TCI keep this from happening.. 1 'StO. 2 l'[iO.I~flK.~I "n. String: IllO..1 lentil Reve rsl blc C~ill:'rpmar Rope YO!.JJIdrops. Rep. I".: 9. 3~ lA. De!dgn Id~a triangle The bask pattern. '1 ] VO.the.-. I! S/(1I. 1 810..£'. Any head w1'lll a hole near one end lis fair game for this rope.. Experiment with any fun head shape that you find. J. I drop. Consult the graph 11.'-V - fQ Thr:: ias I bead strung.II•• 1 'i""Wfla. (he edge tends to [lime if tile bead is used ~n each set.0. last pattern . A <imp.

clasp tll'your choice. C~l1- Now y@m' l)t~cekt is. 1:eW into me body em mel W'otk. . The crocheted base carl be reversible or plain. passing.c11r~th~ t'hJe<lp:into [lie ctrodtet work at one end.' braceletand crothef. r S/O..Ruffledi'C aterp illar" This bra-coder has endless color and embellishmeut possibilities .[I clasp .e-. .l. wrist. This-example is made with 6·mnt fire polo ished crystals. .css: . supple river of beads. li :8/0 Hex. the ruffle CElli be spars. ~tdllg . pass your needle thn:rl. rreasure braceletusiug H varit. SfOFlex. Hril. n. Add 11.e needle' out st the end of the tas~ hex bead on one side. n:nl:icenter erystals between the hex b¢ad~ tuiiil you n:a.1 hexb~id.s.ig. Slx-Around Br acelet Dlreetiuns SITing a b<l!sic'C<]lUl'pil1al. 9f 11/0.add! 'S]X size 1] 10 seed beads and g:o throughthe next 'he'x bead. in Desigll Ideas Use <J '6·11I{mlliJi as follows: single shaped center bead such as a crystal.and se. as the center beads. in complementary Or conrrasting colors. dagger Oil: other fancy bead... I. pass }·our needle through the cl')':sta. Three rows of seed b!'::~d~makes 1111ice:tltUti. Knot-the end.adding seed beads.stcippiug l~Ul)SID: In a single bracelet. one 6 rom fire polished crystal.~ '. Revenle directien..reattwice more .of nylonbeading thread.lgha hex bea d. determining the.~s i finished..tJ:j. s'ix skel 1/0 seed Remember to le ave rcoin for .e 01' fun. triangl e. Skip ()v~r (he :SiO edge bead and pass yOUI' needle tbrQ1:]gJ:1 the tb~ end. Till! ias! bead stnrng ts Ihe firs: bead worked: . Make a. The bracelet has substance.Qj:r ~Iagl) work~ nic~ly ~d sc:'ems to disappear into the ruf:f1es far an uncluttered look beads. ready "for a nlfned edging. 3~!W through the crochd workllrid ~. ~ /(J.qf the To bind 0 ff your \vodcing thread.td11ed Edge The ruffled edge is lldded after the btaceler ~:a..cub to. u:aake'~ b &JJi":h:itchknot. but isa sensuous. String six size 11/0 seed beads. Make separate edge ruffle' rows each besdsaird .six sIze' 11/0 seed 'beAds. Tjlre ad a be ailing needle with <! 'generous lengi:h . I 'find that a button anrllo. ]i 11/0. hen total leilg1h qf the brticelN. .ty Dr accent beads 9 )1/0" I Bllt 2 I. :C9]Ttlrlue. the needle Ibrough the hex bead.ex... on the. havipg it's own ter accent bead.

ic. lA stringing' pattern straight.. I A. place a piece or' L<lpe.8 then lay the following string of bead repeats against it for a visual check of pattern correctness. u: rc.. lA. but is well worth the time as itworksupinto an' Oh Wow t" rope. It is complicated h) string.lB ic. B 2 IC.m. 2J3:. lE.. J. IA. lA.ln uro seedbead . rc. in.D"· the eenter of Spiral 2 in 8f!) seed bead '''11' -lhecejJter of Spiral 1 in 8iD seedbead = De<. lA.Basketweave Cathy Lee Lielausis.C. u: re. 'IA lE ic. lA. highlight every otherrow or number the rows. 3jJ. IE tc. IE. ic..t makes a separate card for each TOW and' flips them over <isshe strill:gS that row. lA. lB /D. developed this unique Textural pattern. ic. pattem sequence-and crochet in 1'0 help keep the stringing rows straight.ltl background whieb allows the spirals to I)OP into the forefront. to. Sning: Hint If you have trouble keeping the' u. I D. It makes two spirals that go in opposite directions and weave under and. of Glass Cat Beads. ~C. 11. rE.on the thread after the first complete sequence.'. 'I C.ign Ideas Use all 1liD" beads in bright matte 'colors. over each other. lD. u: 1. iA IE. B' . 10. for a festive harlequin-looking tope. /2 . M I. lE.lA. 3B. 1. u. tc. Art alternative is to use a bright colored bead Oil the end of the first sequence and break it out when you crochet up to it.1" IE. The cylinder beads make a very tig. J E~ iA LC.1. lA.' llJ.a u. lE. lD. OmnltLlden. 11'1..background color Ltl11/0 c:yIinder bead "C" tl:ie.side~ to Spiral Z. Slx-Arcuud Basketweave Pattern BeadColorCedes: "A_" .. 3B u. Yell!can lA.2B..the sides to Spilt-all in ~1/0 seed bead . 1. Repeat tor desired length ending' with a complete 6-al'cmnd. 18:. JA.

_ " _ • _ ..~ I~·~ll"''."riLe down the pattern you want to \1 Ii: ami h~w n~l1g. _ ..$t1t:o. 111 Above The Center Line In this ar-eayou will des1_gnthe finished necklaeeor liope. The chart below will help yO'U re figure tl).·I1"-"l1t5 . .'M.i~. how many inches of headsto s.:.v.. ''I 1I..l1exactly in the middle of a necklace. the ~nt:e<.lernt:j~t·s.Any of the individual patterns ill this book' can be used together to create yom own necklace or lariat. Remember that the tqJ. td center the dagger 'POt1l:i"' ~~'" " Ii. 11%kl'i~ . ~--. See the Coml Necklace as an example of how this.ace{Number I).til length for' L Num'1. rf you are uslfif. _ . LINE tvk:. tcmsult.~ than 2 design elernents.~Jd wdte in tile numbers.!e:r.TOIle ill Pitti-shed mt1..can li.eharts on _!:Jag-a for how many 2 Below The Center Line this [mea you convert the 11'nni.tu'ingfor each i:h.wea :':) "I M~jI~l..~I"l'igtll of dB")il!l1 .~~. Wr:-Jte -in tile leng¢h in inches o(each of the Jiuished pattern e. _ .'I.'i·tr_Jrle:b.']:~nd 3m.. c.u$!l ~dd up 10 one half the h~Jlg(h 0f the.1')Total Length of n~oklace ilL of total (l' -----------.ut!1'l ls.har:t \wt3l.-.beads. Think of each p artem as an element IO be combined with !hreaCl color and bead choices..Flg oil _ . Draw a ehar~ like the nne below and write your calculations below thc-cclLl:ter line for each pattern element in iriche'!l Qf strung be1ids.t:!~ds Total lengtl1 of StruMg BeadB --~ The last beadmrung is the first head worked..ll". _ .~d f n". _ • ~ • _ .I~t:1.rultlg beads willbe needed for finished onen of a particular pattern of n!u. . ..e'center line into Inches of smnrg.. .e length of a'cl asp. if de-sh'ed. ' I1cckJ3CC I"n~rrf'j .... ..~'Jr.1 '4 . 13 ._ . ~ I'ol)$.j-. {)ne. YOll . Don't mrget to subtmN!.- b"lo" r. i lliu[J'lbers 2 ilnd3 are individual pattern elements you: mi~k~¥:a..~ l<l!lgtll 111l~igll-c rt'iI '2: l .bers lit inches of iSl. _ .' ()f '!. . _ .:mcrtL This is very handy if you 'want a pattern to t1.4 mpl'> . Yon tan hand draw a clia:it'like rb~ tmebelow..1hB bandy reference. 'tou wj] 1. ~~-------11'.fil. _ • _ ~E1:LT~1l."hc:.each(me will be._n. The chart shows onlv half 011"it necklac e tosave space: from above ~ll.:. You ean then make yourself a stringing ~h. Number 1 1!l' the total length of YOllt'llecklaGe pi.lrt fOT your necklace or rope.• ed Tope.. _ .

ititeilnd coral necklaceis the il.A.P ~ea(ts fu~ fln. the first set to rnukt. Necklace This 20"hem.ckof the !!~cted 1" f'Or'lhe clasp Icl' give..eads ~ aJlid finish w j~Ji 3'9 >'of Rl. This . The center-section is-based OII'tlll: Caterpina!' patien.[n fO\I.. 2A. 12t' for the'toun.hed .end j:iJ. Goral.tne. g ..:linwul1d·roR~ for tll~ b'i).L.' 11/0 beads.' - siije'ol' 3~" ofstnu~g IiQ~~ea. then 57 pairs of Larger.f: chart to Jay 1Ci'~tt ibis ne6j.seetion. The size 9hhe differt':utlarge 'beadscreates a. Six-Around Pattern 'rfighf'iled::' secti on ofrQundi . Necklace Layout Materials needed 2$. I wanted 11 7" cemer . Dividiqg.. De~i!:. f(YH~<lih ·oJ I-know ihai:K nee.t curveso of crccheted l'op'e: l'!ec:t. Then you have a neck~ that is really different and you ace ~A.w .f" lace. 6'l1i.gem .~ive~&' rmis.O to string Jrf' rope at the back of the n. Replace tile drops with 4 rum 'beads so one :side ~:saJl4 mmbesds and the curve wrll form with the daggers poim:ing lip.1lg S pairs.(~ 'String and repeat 1 CQrtl.grams .ec:k. ·9A SeC~iBjl of 2. 1 D[tga."~h .1s.aridrr . on the neck. nl?Ck~acesit's nicely. J Now tl4at.Gf ~!ropsor d~ggel'~ tinnf1~e: 1r· 9fl1i11Wi~cl rope.cora ~beaus wi. .1l:d beads 29 small hematite Jl~ass drops Hillt When designing-a I used . Replace the ~roEs".36'. ] Hex.tlag.\. I f-ld. Sl':. b peads). beads th e same-color as til e 111~J seedbeads forr 8lne!3klllce w~t~just a da~g~r 1Ting. .b\'·. .~Ie W" patrem Like '~lie. wlru d'aggm.c:'Str:i!J:g3'6" of 11/0 1:6~1~. tal.110pe: trt~l~ . SI?. hex llind .ttri5!O s eed.h..~rud <IS.lish'i>d Tope wi1h' the U!lgger p().!:& red GOl'll14-H]. amount O~l1:1~r Stctiop. 29 gt'~y mirlte)lJO hex 'C·ylinders· . My' tonsJ l:eJigth' is 2. I the.\..FII ld ea.ghlss h9m<1:l~ti!:·¢olofM. Gr9ch~1 in 6-81r()U~ld.~Ij~}. you will need to-add one mare setthe same the center section symn:v:::Uic.rope.~ SMug: I Drop. of 11 10.e.leavefH'looalof crochet side.8: times: o'f can call Jt "Jaws" or "Coral Reef. natf fEi'r~a.)i t}6tid hr5'IGS .e.gray ma'tte~Jeed beads (A) 25 Yilnits{If top stitch weight Ilir.and-dagger necklace.ctio!1 need's :it pairso f l:a'rg8<I ead 5 (1]4 tf)t:il1arge. '9 A. matte.l:ti~}]l Left Heck round cenn ezed In 'the necklace: i:{)p. ~A.mltl{f. the-center s.gray seed be<i. Deierminillg the.eIgl:H of elegance for a formal occasion.

.~orB beads. 9A Repeat 4 times: IB. Comtinll.o. choker or ends for a ~ar([ltMake each wave a differciltiength for an informal look.2)\. 1 drqp~9A Hinl If you.' A smallbutton and loop would [1150 make a good. 4A.lm'13.tig. A dd end 9ap.New Wave This textural pmtem makes a whimsical wave or scallop H is a CaterpuBar variation that lends itself to being a bracelet.. keeping the wave tight. New Wave.! drop. 15 .estringing tbeabcve repeats until )lo~ have the desired Iength and ·c!"Q.. Pass the-needle through the fQ:u. then do another few sections. up very tightly and you will see th e wave form. Make the wave form: Thread a.i strung is fheftl'Sl bead worked. Maintain a "ti-g~t tension 00 thisrhreadand bind (Iff i11t~the crochet work- The iast oet. H3.ween 11!0 se-ed bead a~j:qp" is a transparent green . a generous mJ1Ul!11t of nylon beadi. 9A R~~at the wave section 21 times.2A..·and repeat the f"oUo\\I~ng 4 times: 1dr~p.1.n!.tlt]~.9A Re~t the following 4 times: IB. thread. Continue going from side to side and t]1r«tlding through each set of four Color D beads until Y~fll reach the end. U se the reversible caterpillar pattern to make a 1\Y(H:.2A.pull up the cen ter seetion. 9A w~. is 11 silver-lined .lt.Qred New Wave bracelet. New 'Va'l'e Pattern Repeat 4 times: 1 dsop.section: "String.have trouble. then string: lEI. Pull this thread.for making the 1NaVe form and .20)) NeckJare "Nt i~ opaque green turquoise 1110 seed bead an .'Jg". I drop.!. pu II up two 01' three sections ana knot your thread.chet:in 6-a:round. dp~UfC.I'he1t(js of color B art rfie opposite side. lB.t1ru)ldrop bead 'S~J:iu!g 27"of color A.beading needle with. then pass tlJe needle perpendicular through rbe crochet Tope to the (}therr sid·e. KnOI the end 1:iJl9 secure kt la-the bildy of the cmclret work Exit the edge of the work at the end of Co. R:erer to the instmctions. 2A." or a slz~ @j)g·ead to each end of the ropebefore putting on a clasp. Ebti[lg 27" of color A Pass the needle Ihwugh the four co.

tl.'~ ':'l. H!O plum 5~Anmnd Wisteria Larlar Pattern (Leave abegilllllng 1£'..4W..d~' l:oplur. When I created ~Ilis lariat I used tile "ch:sign-as-Y9u-gd' rn.oftr.rhrit~ le~\{irlg~~r 18". L. 3'\V..'i'G"~~if 95'" orthe :fOlloWing :f[~i:alse. 2.'l.12:"oftrnn$i'lloil . zt.1 !l 45'1 Lariat IS. iw Repeat 3 times: AW.2' ~)~"t: L.:r 2' S Lringing T~lqlt'! Repeat <& times. t~i1 of tfJ~aa) 14" pJ:U. oj P..ll seed DyadS'· L6"· phun -seed beads lllf~n: 2W.!te~. '1:11 Flower J 8uin@og TIlH]~~ 'lG ~ . 12W/ 2~1WJ 1P... I usc a more Stflfetll:l1e\l layout to ma):::ethepattern easier 1:0 foll ow.). Wf I. std. l2i' .. Or 'CfG~ 'chet:[\ b~afl:s: '.edbeads F10wer P.l:)g t1~enext all:d' j n U&¥ the. bveucfur ~O' hite p w Elower 1 Str~~tgiLlg-j:'jj~li: Relleat 4 ']]1(. b'le. I W.I("!o ~ ''f'r..(iolwhile Jean .l¢. 4W. VOII ~ . f"J ow. n.lllOl~. 4W.' white seed beads I P.C.aJJ.o]1algUt-1 iii~4 see\i beads ()}) large 1" deeoeativeend bead s I ~p.1.e~d ibea-ds .sitil.ll.P.aJgllt-Lllied seed beads (P) 16g: 11/0 \vhi~c opal gih-~im~dseed beads (W) gHHined seed beads (L) i8 '2 I UO .. 2P. iV.31l: beads S l4 g. 1.$tilch jlu:ead g. In rec~eati!~gthe pattern.' .'d 11c~ds Flower pattern:#2 "J 0 w'h:tte. In Materials fOT Appmx'imately Of!'1. e. is.e.e. IP.'qu~I1.m.2P. 4W."'.phnn to l~vender &eedbea¢S 12" Ifl"1ender. iF. 1L.i\1~t~rn ~2 W hire seed beads l " . I did nOt h'F~ a p~ll'!em laid out.2W I. 1'Ito light purple !)p.Oieed beads .thread ill.1aV~ndel: seed beads iI~. lG. 14" lavemdel" seed beads 1-2" 91 transitieu area.lo.~r ~ .m OIre_\I.i. IL. g.ns mm:il'ke bet~dmanag_C1l1e1lteasier.2·'~ftmliBition area..gedi.. "F!cl'Werpattem1f] 14 W}lijt~"ee. tE'.r:" . ::1.)11:1 times: 1W.satin dark:greeri. 16 Hind.. '~IMe t(l. ibm added et~~tientft~ they occurred N) me. [an' I-lim Wodc'in j . lL. nff YIDlr [b.J-~·=~f! I -~ could make separate se~tLQnsand an ilivisiMe jorn.) 16 .. 2P~:ZW Repeat 4 times: 3w>.Wisteria Lariat other words.. 3W• zi.

This QIi:UllrLt.S to SUJ"I ."n~~~ne l1d_~~. beads.jJlf. Step 3 Top F"lj.em. then '1 plIDlm.i~ th~p gE.B~N~: £llW01llgh the... Yon should m)lte·i1.w~ff~~.ass the lJe~:dle..]1!mb~ad.~~ I1n tlfe~mai!r J stem .~'mainslcl'p. (}oJJ:ltir~ll!e v ~~1~:e gr~e<n..{~!9r·t:tt~nl:b~ '011~.'dUl\\1a\f. il!uslMtftS Ihe g.11. 1 Ia.a:rxo-J p.tre hH~k throl.lcr ca~h nass 'CQ seour:e:the' thread 'andeait at d:lehctttunl" df the: r$p~.e:r.s.kJgrrrn1 tmt show '</11of.>S:: ~h.I' 1tS!Xl:u~ ea. 1 plum andp. £t~etJd be1iid iniilleciooheted rbpe.engtil.C!?[or.m~ 1~['''.of·l1he". of..~nd l Stllp 1 Sj!). OOck~p th.e1:le«llt 1:l1rt)iugh o:ne.~~'6rlf.~ed~e ff.ste<b:l'_i1"l'aking up f1p.<l11efev&Y oo.gk Flt. 1 lave~1.~he11.m:e'{ into _ cr{k-h~ th.'l:hr:eegteeIl' be-atlsi \~rtlik!l"lnil. green.3 greim. a:rqitg)e'I]~~ of :n~~fTn f w Ol'ja:lIi111gih'i:'t fiv~ b:'ea'd. makin. ilie~.a ~'Gardiil.'l'.e.g r1~dle. hack~brou~b the 1~3t. sti:uIg 29 a green beads. Paas tlIe.{\\:.g't1tiwer$~ft. ~af. end b~atis 'a:mU the !:Jue'ad._ 1]1 ¥'or. l$st _ Pa~f.~r~ltcn the O!flwf1i color-and grado.~n 15.ieneeclie'b'aCk· _llir.t.lgli] ~ gr~n hcai!S'on tbltst¢.e.m.g1"e~!l-ltle. large.a4. When you third rMch ilit mJain steJll" pas:!': ].een tr61ds ~ud ·trP-~Ir.nd.j~e-1ia OIl: .lw!:f Strand J¥rlJ~ 3. bead il!lld 1111}].l bLV~Jl.•'1i::his' Gom]":tletea one. we f.~'U. IhB M!iJ.fd on lh~ sl..trllnCl: Thj$ d.1 plum.· of U 9n~ ¢he tlJiteads in .vendet...the: 1al'ge.e ~aIDktb H..ier 'fqr .olns. then make MoO more c.: end "'.QU!S. J 1?1um'~mdrass the nieedl e I:ihI!k1hi0U'!th th:e lITsl.J.ry the $~le. Altef c!lmple!J1iJ~.fimwts 'after thiI~Qi~. ~ plum.t makil1g·<pfI.'fue:fust. 2:5 gree:L1 ® g. When 5(ou:lire 5 ·"'Jfa($s.en'd wi~t~ Stti ng.P tlp.f li1!a(i.6Llgh me 2 ween h~~d$ and up tlllii>U'gb"tiI i)lu~ be-a. last 3 greeii ~d§ to: 1l1i1lqrtht.\>fer s'bil. maKing fi half ~H$J{ ttfl.ail1 -stcm1. 3t~n~Il'tngimg. 1 La. beads 'as well as thlGj.\k \11' th~ 11l~ itl 'st:en~~m:ik in.i~~~l~ DOlor.cirs ptf"'pJU!(TI ?-ni~ 1 (lff1)"tlad~ Ona\cen. I plu[I]' b:e.Jarg"i lJt:~licl. M~{!le back ~u~tl1~Ja::sf sia flow~r.~:I(~eiJIe itb.'" transition . D 'r~lseA ({DO bf:a.<lds-(main :stem).f/'d~1?& .ftftr every other 'lmlg "flower strand. ~~l~ing '9 !gre~D..ind&"ll b .d on 'f. tap f:\L'el:n. Lplum. way itOltt thidgp. ~otifln:u~~gfJjnghi\)k this secfdutl~ry.OIW:efstem .etl- String ~5 gre~n beads .blossom.l1t".a~h add more Md mose ofEhe . l'ter every q~her ~o'iYer s.stl'and) pilS!l Jom ·~uledi.tJlJ. Pass JtJ.Strilrg 2. l?as~yQur nwdi[e pack ~d' thro~jgh ! eve~ tl1. ~Gh '5.~T'ingillg <111 ftb~"'SleCIJJ1(i].bead.!frug'tili1Wgoi1l~~:gr. sle.P:a{):S tlj'i} iie.1l<stem.H'i'eJ'-SlniILci 17 .(m.eihl·a b. erechered [cope twO times..llr the nlai. .f1f.!l ad ~hil'b~~g.i~ 9lli~~id~"'!l!Jpss9m.1 phlm.@Ill' eedle back tlrFnugh fKeUIii. 1 plum.lmgj1 ·the. Eud Fringe Threa~t1iecl'~cbetthT-e:ad "frriP' qn1<!. Va.~·~R4 1.: 1:':0.Transltkin or S11aded Area Mix eqtia1 iimbil1{t&j)r.h.llie las:twW' of the ero:-t:he~rnpe..e main· $~. p.rtt-f)f~df: ~il IUSI b does eraZ thread pt:lf~ 1m.C. P'~fSS Il.1~lg~e theo §tiJM\ds "&l'\l.~a9ttl.fl.I.emain S~0m.d~r.9.ua4dhe. G!:). K"1l~Qttlie.biQ-ve lhe l~rg~ellG.. _ ' beads to.a -tOf) srrancl a. Mak:~..'i~eri~ ~)Iri$s.:woona colerin random patteuts UTItilyou. 1 lavender. bead.grMrn b~all~lQ!1.v~~d2rI1:t.

Kt:mner 18 The .ta.'itbead strwig is .the jll'SI i)ead worked.Gallery RB()rin Judy . .

Gallery · BerW'ogiia-Giffitl KiJ'lmel' 19 .

.Gallery 20 The last bead strung is the firs: head worked.

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has been beading for more than 25 years.e'W patterns.(<:1::: individual pieces of jewelry. editor and owner of Glass Cat Books (a (Ii vi- sion of Glass Cat Heads. We hope tb.95 . She makes her The creation ofbeaded articles today is not just a fad but a continuation of a process that began long ago.apes have become jHllJUbr and are being used as des~.. Once more. designer and teacher has been beading * J 7 Patterns *' (5.~U11~es Glass 'Cat Books on Bead CiocJiet from Pattern Design and J-Oirne!lsional Bead emelle!. and exciting techniques. Judith spIHs her time between Tombstnne.CRt\FTS Bead Crochet Ropes This book includes all the basic techniques for slip-. OtiJ]y suppose that beaded crochet [opes were fashioned then. She teaches. LLC). ar!ist. The first written examples ofthis technique ate from the Victorian era when bracelets .ts along with OU1£Jibead work 0. . The-experienced bead-crocheter will find D..ausis.295> will lcok feu upcoming VO. Sell~1I0U2. ISBN D-9722611-0-~ 52. 9 180972 26i 104 $22. New Hampshire.stitch bead-crochet that you will need to begin making lovely ropes. * Step-by-Step Carhy L@e L ielausts Instructions and Illustrations '" Herpfu] Hints '" Design Ideas About the Author Judith Hcnoglio-GifflJl.. these supple. Y0U home in New Hampshire with a husband and seven cats. Arizona and Antrim.l. Gantry of Coittempor~ry Work Ropes Through Histl)ry Bead Crochet Ahoul the Editor Cathy Lee lie~. and is constantly being adH]J. Many examples of vlctorian and Flapper [Opes are still in existence. and teaching for the last 3 years. Both beadwork and crochet work date fi'om Mediaeval times.however we can.and Iong lariatswere popular tor ovef2:O years .tedto changing fashion. head crochet workshops nationwide that include basic and advaneed techniques that emphasize creative applt- Complete Projects: '" Basic and Advanced Techniques 'i' caricns. styles.a~ityou've enjoyed this book.