Accessing   Complementary   Talents   Building   Community  Spirit   Complex  Problems   Developing  More   EliminaCng  Waste   Require  Cross-­‐ Relevant  and   and  DuplicaCon  of   Effort   Disciplinary   EffecCve   Approaches   SoluCons  

Fostering   InnovaCve  Ideas,   Approaches,  and   SoluCons  

GeLng  a  Whole   Lot  More  Done  

Higher  Level  of   Commitment  to   AcCon  

IneffecCve   Approaches  to   Solving  Problems  

Joint  Forces   are  BeVer   Than  Single   Players  

Key  to  Success  

Life  is  More  Fun   When  We  Work   Together  

More  Sharing  of   Ideas  and   OpportuniCes  

Nature  of  Work   Has  Changed  

Overcoming   Breakdowns  in   Working   RelaConships  

Persistent  MulC-­‐ Dimensional   Problems  

Quicker  Access  to   Resources  in   Emergency   SituaCons  

Resources  are   Decreasing  in  the   Face  of  Increasing   Demands  

SCmulaCng  New   Ideas  

Transforming  Lose-­‐ Lose  Outcomes  into   Win-­‐Win  Ones  

Unity  of  Teams   Keeps  Up  the   Spirit  of  Good   Work  

Victory  is     beVer     together  

X-­‐ing  Different   You  and  I  Achieve   More  Time  to   Wicked  Social   Problems  Can  Be   Approaches  will   Greater  Progress   Catch  Some   Zzzzz’s   Resolved  through   Result  in  BeVer   Together   SoluCons   CollaboraCon  

Why  Collaborate  —  by  Michael  Sampson  and  Plantronics    in  collabora8on  with  Philippe  Creytens,  Olivier  Berard,  and  Sebas8an  Thielke      

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