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Rescue dispels myths and finds homes for donkeys

By Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer The Surveyor

Few animals have a more persistent stereotype than donkeys. They are considered stubborn and generally obnoxious, but this isnt exactly true. It is true of un-castrated male donkeys, but these jackasses, as they are technically called, are less prevalent today than perhaps when the stereotype first started to spread. The fact is, donkeys are actually quite lovable, something Kathy Dean, owner of Longhopes Donkey Shelter in Bennett, Colo., has known for years. Today her shelter is home to 44 donkeys, and since 1999 it has provided a temporary home to 575 donkeys and has adopted out 509 lucky burros. I had an opportunity to visit Longhopes last week with my friend Christine Kovacs. Our giving circle, People with Compassion for Pets, adopted one of the shelters donkeys, and they invited us to meet her. Anyone can adopt an animal at the shelter, and just $300 provides care and food for a Longhopes donkey for one year. Wed come to meet Alma, a donkey that was rescued with her daughter from the Bureau of Land Management. Meeting the donkeys at Longhopes is quite an experience. I was not ready for the friendliness these animals display. Having been around horses as a child, I was expecting them to be more horselike in temperament, but they are not horses. if she knows one of her animals was Donkeys like human attention. previously homed with a horse, but she They are a little bit like dogs in that still prefers to adopt way, said Kelly Walher donkeys in pairs. ters, assistant director A donkey is a at Longhopes. relatively low-mainThis statement tenance, low-cost was true, as several animal. According donkeys at the shelter to Dean, a pair of decided Christine and donkeys costs apI were their new best proximately $1,000 a friends. They followed year in feed and care. us around the pasture, Longhopes adopts out wanting pets and their donkeys in pairs attention, and softly because these are herd nudging our arms or animals. Donkeys ofhands if they felt they ten come to Longhopes were being ignored. as a bonded pair, like Head scratches and Alma and her daughhugs were the order of ter, while others crethe day. ate tight bonds after Many different circumstances and Photo by Christine Kovacs they arrive at the stories have brought Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer, a member of shelter. There are lots of donkeys to Longhopes, People with Compassion for Pets poses with Alma, the donkey the people, especially in including confiscagiving circle adopted for one Northern Colorado, tions, livestock aucwho are great cantions, and surrenders year with their $300 donation. didates for donkey from private owners. The average length of stay for a donkey ownership. Dean recommends at least two or more acres of land and a small, at Longhopes is around seven to nine sturdy shelter for the animals to get out months. of the elements. Donkeys do not need Many people call wanting to adopt a fancy barn, but do need a supply of a donkey as a companion for a horse, clean, unfrozen water. said Dean. If you have less than two acres, Donkeys are not horses, and prefer thats really not enough for donkeys. the company of other donkeys. SomeThey wont be able to get enough exertimes Dean will make an exception and cise and theyll probably turn your land adopt out just one donkey, especially
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into a dust bowl. Its also important to have enough space between your donkeys and the neighbors, said Dean. Longhopes is the only donkey shelter in the Rocky Mountain region. There are other donkey rescues in Maine, Oregon, California, Arizona and New Mexico. Longhopes has adopted donkeys to homes in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska and Nevada. The adoption fee for a pair of Longhopes donkeys is $550, and this includes spay/neuter and vaccinations. Adopting a donkey from us comes with a guarantee, explained Dean. If

you change your mind, or for any reason the adoption doesnt work out, we will take the donkeys back. Learn more about Longhopes Donkey Shelter and see all their adoptable donkeys at A tour of the Bennett facility must be prearranged. Longhopes also has an active Facebook page where new photos are frequently posted. While cash donations are welcome anytime, the shelter is always in need of hay and farm supplies. To contact the shelter directly call 303-644-5930, or e-mail longhopesorg@


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Special to the Surveyor The Town of Berthoud has openings on the following volunteer committees and planning commission: Parks & Open Space Advisory Committee: One opening, term expires Aug. 31, 2014. Meetings are held the fourth Wednesday evening of the month. May

Donna A. Franken and Ralph H. Yannutz were married on Jan 30, 1952, in St. Louis, Mo., and will be celebrating their 60th anniversary with their children on Jan. 28. Ralph retired from the U.S. Army in 1979 and then worked for the Federal Railroad Association in Cheyenne, Wyo. Donna was a dietitian. They moved to Berthoud nine months ago to be near their Colorado children. Donna used to repair clocks and now collects them. Ralphs hobby is model trains. Their children are: Dennis of Tucson, Ariz.; Mary, Mesquite, Nev.; David, Berthoud, Colo.; Linda, Aurora, Colo.; Daniel, Boulder, Colo.; and Laura, Livermore, Colo.

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Berthoud gymnasts
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Premier Gymnastics of Loveland kicked off their optional season this past weekend, Jan. 13-15, 2012, at Chows Winter Classic in Des Moines, Iowa. Bailie Holst, Level 10, placed second
Avenue. A summons was issued for a barking dog in the 500 block of Mayo Court. A stolen license plate was reported in the 1600 block of First Street. A man was arrested and taken to jail on a DUI charge at Third Street and Mountain Avenue. Sunday, Jan. 22 Four juveniles were issued summons after trespassing on railroad property. One was charged with trespassing and criminal mischief. A wallet was left in Da Bean and reported to the police department. It was later returned to the owner. Monday, Jan. 23 Berthoud police received a complaint regarding dog waste not being picked up in the 1000 block of Fourth Street. There is an existing ordinance that states owners must pick up after their animals. Thursday, Jan. 19 BFPD assisted TVEMS with a medical call on Mountain Avenue. The patient was transported. BFPD responded to a report of a grass fire on the shoulder of Highway 287 and W. County Road 4E. A passerby had started the fire to stay warm. The fire was extinguished and Larimer County Sheriffs office responded to the scene. BFPD responded to a large mulch fire at the same location as the day before on E. County Road 8. The fire was approximately a 50x90x30 active fire on the areas that had been extinguished the day prior. The pile was again spread with a front loader and the fire was extinguished. It was expected that smoldering would still occur due to the density of the material that was burning. Friday, Jan. 20 BFPD was called to a medical call on County Road 4E and Highway 287.

on bars and fifth on vault for 15- and 16-year-olds. Level 7 team individuals placed as follows: All-around: Josie Spitz placed fourth in the all-around for 13 years and older. Top 5 finishers in individual events are as follows: Spitz placed second on vault and floor for 13 years and older. Kelsey Knuth placed third on vault, fourth on floor, and fifth on bars for the 15 years and over. Great start to the season PGR. Next meet will be in San Antonio on Jan. 2729. Good luck.
A loose golden retriever was reported at S. First Street and E. Nebraska Avenue. A child was reported missing when they did not come home on the school bus. The child was later found at a friends house. The following persons received citations: Houston R. Hugo, no proof of insurance, speeding; Hayden S. Riffey, driving under revocation; Misha G. Macaw, speeding; Alexander Koutsoukos, speeding; Shannon T. McGrath, speeding; Lara D. Wynn, speeding; Gabriel Hernandez, driving w/o valid drivers license, failed to signal; Adam Clifford Loomis, speeding; Lisa M. Wilkinson, speeding; Kelly Flanigan, speeding; Duane E. Smith, speeding; Matthew Shupe, speeding; Nancy Travis, speeding; Frank Catalfamo, disturbance of the peace (barking dog); Shyla Eve Myrick, speeding; Karen Baney, speeding. Berthoud police issued 29 traffic warnings and six code violations were issued. TVEMS assumed the patient care for a person complaining of abdomen pain. BFPD was dispatched at 6:10 p.m. to a reported structure fire on E. County Road 8. This was the large mulch fire which was under control but was mistaken for a structure fire. Some visible flames were again extinguished. The fire crew responded from the mulch fire to a medical call on Weld County Road 5. An elderly patient had fallen on her door step. The patient was transported. Saturday, Jan. 21 At 8 a.m. the fire crew responded back to the mulch fire on County Road 8. The fire was again extinguished with the assistance of a front end loader and two bobcats. BFPD responded to the Berthoud Living Center for a patient who was unconscious but breathing. The patient was transported.

Tuesday, Jan. 17 A black Lab was reported lost near Ivy Stockwell Elementary School. Two horses were reported on the road at N. County Road 17 and W. County Road 10E. A written warning was issued for barking dogs in the 600 block of Welch Avenue. A barking dog was reported in the 800 block of Bunyan Avenue. A student with a pocket knife was reported at Berthoud High School (BHS). The case is under investigation. Wednesday, Jan. 18 A motor vehicle accident with no injuries was reported at S. County Road 17 and Spartan Avenue. A caller reported items missing from the car in the 500 block of Fourth Street. A 24-year-old transient was arrested

Monday, Jan. 16 BFPD was sent to a commercial fire alarm at the Berthoud Family Physicians office on 10th Street. The alarm was a false alarm. BFPD responded to a medical call on Welch Avenue for a sick person. The fire crew assisted TVEMS with transporting the patient. BFPD responded to a report of a vehicle fire in the southbound lanes of Interstate 25 at mile marker 252. Nothing was showing upon arrival to the scene. The vehicle was stalled and had a flat tire. The crew assisted with setting up a tow for the vehicle. BFPD responded to a rollover motor vehicle accident on Redtail Hawk Lane and S. County Road 23. A truck was found on its roof with the driver still inside the vehicle. The fire crew assisted the driver by cutting the seatbelt and helping the driver out of the vehicle. TVEMS assessed the patient and ruled out any injuries.

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