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Ramin Abhari, P.E.

Senior Engineer at Syntroleum

In many ways, the emerging synthetic/alternative fuels industry today resembles the petroleum refining industry of the 1920's, or the organic chemicals industry of the 1950's. Then, as now, the market-technology dynamics changed the rules and let new players enter the "big boys" game of fuels and chemicals. The new players then included technology innovators with their novel processes, and investors seeking to profit from the rapidly growing markets for fuels and chemicals. Ultimately the success of companies was not determined by size, but by market vision, technical innovation, and patenting strategy. The market drivers for synthetic fuels today are green house gas reduction, lowering capital and production costs, increasing process energy efficiency, and minimizing impact on food production. In response, multiple technologies are under development -- mostly by small companies. Some of these technologies are quite complementary -- e.g. algal oil production techniques and advanced refining processes. After years of sharpening my skills in the more mature segments of the petrochemical industry, it's very exciting to be applying these to synthetic fuels development and commercialization. It's a wonderful time again to be a chemical professional! Let's network!

Process development in general, hydrogenation and polymerization reactor technologies in particular. Currently working on synthetic fuels technology development and commercialization activities.

Senior Process Engineer at Syntroleum Corporation June 2004 - Present (7 years 8 months) Technology lead for company's renewable diesel and jet fuel process (Bio-Synfining) Fischer-Tropsch process design IP mananger responsible for company's patenting strategy 1 recommendation available upon request


Staff Engineer at ExxonMobil August 1997 - June 2004 (6 years 11 months) Lead process engineer for polymer adhesives productline: specialty polyolefins and hydrocarbon resins Process design for capital projects Supervision/coordination of pilot plant operations (hydrogenation, polymer reaction and recovery processes) Member of ExxonMobil Hydroprocessing Network 1 recommendation available upon request Process Technology Specialist at GE Plastics March 1994 - August 1997 (3 years 6 months) Implemented best practices in company's styrenic polymers plants in Europe (France, Holland, and Scotland). Led process engineering efforts related to commercialization of new specialty products such as PTFE/SAN and clear ABS copolymers. Senior Engineer at W.R. Grace & Co. March 1990 - February 1994 (4 years) Scaled up specialty organic chemicals and polymers from lab to commercial manufacture. Tested company's hydrogenation catalysts in new applications. Supervised operating shift at the NOXSO proof of concept plant (SO2/NOx removal from coal flue gas)

Hydrogenation Polymerization Petrochemicals Biofuels Fischer-Tropsch Process Development Process Engineering


Professional Engineer (P.E.) Oklahoma State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors License 22579

English Persian French (Native or bilingual proficiency) (Native or bilingual proficiency) (Limited working proficiency)

Drying kinetics of lignite, subbituminous coals, and high-volatile bituminous coals Energy Fuels 1990 Authors: Ramin Abhari, P.E. Thermodynamics of alkali alkanoates The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics October 1993 Authors: Ramin Abhari, P.E. Response of Argonne premium coals to heat Energy Fuels 1992 Authors: Ramin Abhari, P.E., L. L. Isaacs Biomass to olefins: Cracking of renewable naphtha Chemical Engineering Journal November 2011 Authors: Ramin Abhari, P.E., Kevin Van Geem, Steven Pyl, Marie-Francoise Reyniers

Process to produce middle distillate United States Patent 7,776,207 Issued August 17, 2010 Inventors: Ramin Abhari, P.E. Process to convert paraffinic naphtha to kero/diesel range alkyl aromatic hydrocarbons Polyolefin adhesive compositions and articles made therefrom United States Patent 7,700,707 Issued April 20, 2010 Inventors: Ramin Abhari, P.E. Polyolefin hot melt adhesive compositions using maleated polypropylene wax. Functionalized olefin polymers

United States Patent 7,550,528 Issued June 23, 2009 Inventors: Ramin Abhari, P.E. Blend functionalized polyolefin adhesive United States Patent 7,541,402 Issued June 2, 2009 Inventors: Ramin Abhari, P.E. Multiple catalyst and reactor system for olefin polymerization and polymers produced therefrom United States Patent 7,223,822 Issued May 29, 2007 Inventors: Ramin Abhari, P.E. Process for co-producing jet fuel and LPG from renewable sources United States Patent 7,846,323 Issued December 7, 2010 Inventors: Ramin Abhari, P.E. Process for production of hydrotreated renewable jet (HRJ) fuel. Process for producing synthetic petroleum jelly United States Patent 7,851,663 Issued December 14, 2010 Inventors: Ramin Abhari, P.E. Process for producing petroleum jelly that is inherently free of polyaromatic hydrocarbons. Hydrocracking process for biological feedstocks and hydrocarbons produced therefrom United States Patent 7,968,757 Issued June 28, 2011 Inventors: Ramin Abhari, P.E. An efficient way to make renewable diesel! Hydrodeoxygenation Process United States Patent 8,026,401 Issued September 27, 2011 Inventors: Ramin Abhari, P.E., Peter Havlik Flexible Glycerol Conversion Process United States Patent 8,058,484 Issued November 15, 2011 Inventors: Ramin Abhari, P.E. Conversion of glycerin to 1,3-propanediol in a fixed-bed hydrogenator! Synthesis of non-cyclic aliphatic polyamines United States Patent 5,105,015 Issued April 14, 1992 Inventors: Ramin Abhari, P.E., Stephen Schmidt, Yu-Jih Lin Low pressure hydrogenation of adiponitrile (dicyanobutane) into hexamethylene diamine.


City University of New York City College M.S., Chemical Engineering, 1987 - 1989 2 recommendations available upon request College of Wooster B.A., Chemistry, 1983 - 1987

Honors and Awards

ExxonMobil Global Polymers Technology Award; 2001 General Electric Management Award; 1995 W.R. Grace Process Development Achievement Award; 1993

Consulting, Process Simulation, Spray Dryers, Pelletizers, Fluidization, Devolatilization, Emulsification, Emulsion Polymerization, Polyolefins, Styrenics, Hydrocarbon Resins, Latex Coagulation, Hydrogenation, Anatomy, Drawing, Calligraphy, Chess, Persian Literature, Led Zeppelin, History, Bicycling.


Ramin Abhari, P.E.

Senior Engineer at Syntroleum

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"As the facilitator for the intellectual property committee, I relied upon Ramin's technical expertise to evaluate competing patents. His knowledge of chemicals and chemical processes improved our patent cases before the USPTO. Ramin proved equally adept at presenting complex information to non-technical personnel in a manner that elevated the understanding of everyone in the room." Michael Taubman, Senior Counsel & Government Affairs Manager, Syntroleum Corporation, worked with Ramin at Syntroleum Corporation "Ramin has been the only colleague that I've ever worked with that can turn chemistry & engineering into an "art". His illustrations of chemical phenomena are not only beautiful, but very educational. Until I met Ramin, I never appreciated how portrayal of complex scientific problems through clear illustrations could easily simplify issues and allow teams to develop quick solutions. His artistic approach allowed him to be much more creative than most when designing experiements and/or equipment to solve problems. Ramin has always been quick to help colleagues. Even with no solicitation, Ramin was known to overhear coworkers discussing issues and proactively provide information/resources that were valuable in solving these challenges. Many times he would provide this sort of help to teams he wasn't even a part of. Lastly, Ramin is one of the most intelligent individuals I have ever met. What is refreshing is that although he possesses a definite intellectual superiority, he never advertises it. He doesn't have to - his actions speak loud enough. And in the few instances in which he isn't well-versed, he is the first to ask questions in order to learn. That's him: always eager to learn new "stuff", so that he can use is intellectual and artistic talents to solve problems and help others with theirs." Chris Curry, Staff Chemist, ExxonMobil Chemical, worked directly with Ramin at ExxonMobil Chemical "I met Ramin in 1987 while we were both ChemE graduate students at City College of New York, and shortly after my arrival to the States from Nigeria. Since that time, what has stood out in my view, is his curiosity, meticulousness and attention to detail. This is true of his practice of engineering, and also of his art, where he is equally well gifted." Ben Bosah, Student, City University of New York City College, studied with Ramin at City University of New York City College

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"As a classmate of Ramin, I found him to be very insightful in our classes together. He is a creative thinker and blends a love of Art with science in all that he does. He is clever and innovative as his Thesis about the thermodynamic properties of coal shows." Jay Prignano, Student, City University of New York City College, studied with Ramin at City University of New York City College

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