"The reason God gave you an imagination and the reason that he speaks to people in dreams and visions

is because those things are not based in logic or rationale. They open you up to a realm of thinking that logic is incapable of getting to!" "We are accepted in the Beloved. We have the mind of Christ. Our only problem is we don’t quite realize how brilliant we are yet.” “Every situation that we encounter is to be used to express the goodness of God.” “The church is the only organization on Earth that exists for the benefit of its non-members.” "In every situation we face, God is already in the situation with me, because we carry him in the inner man of our spirit. We are learning therefore that God is not touching us from outside - He is actually rising up from within, because He has already taken up residence in us." "What if all your circumstances - good, bad or ugly - are really a source of strength to you? What if God is using a bad situation to strengthen your belief? Maybe He wants to teach you a bit of patience and perseverance. Just stay close to Him and don’t panic!" Every one of us has treasure. The Holy Spirit is teaching us to abide so that treasure can be seen and can be spent on somebody else as well as ourselves."

"It's goodness that puts our lives into alignment. When you come into alignment with heaven, you release its resources." "Decide who you want to be and the Holy Spirit will empower you to become it." “When you are traveling in the goodness of God, you don’t recognize enemies.” “If we have a giant in our life it is because we are meant to be a giant ourselves. The circumstances in front of us are designed therefore to increase our size in the Spirit. So upgrade your stature in relation to Jesus; and radically increase your power in the Holy Spirit. Or, if you prefer, just quit and never realize your true self and the inheritance that goes with it.”

" "You should not be controlled by your circumstances. This is the uncommon love of God." "We are people called to be happy in God. You should be controlled by the experience of God that you’re having in them." "Everything we do is covered by the grace of God. His mercy. Being a contribution to everyone you meet means that you attract favor and blessing constantly. You should match your intentionality to His. it's not to rescue the church from the world it's to rescue the world from us!" "Mediocrity is always invisible until passion shows up and exposes it. We are the physical. incredibly. and it is our privilege to live there. His love. His compassion. His faithfulness. astonishingly full of goodness!" "We're learning how to stop thinking in small ways and to open ourselves up to something bigger. then all resources are subject to Him. if we don’t have joy in our relationship with Him." "We always give our way into our blessing and our future." "When Jesus comes back. Do people even know that we exist? Do the people around us know what the heart of God is for them and can they see it expressed in the people of God?" "Let goodness rule your entire life. The glory of your God is that He is GOOD. Preparation belongs to us." "Timing belongs to God." "Who are we in relation to the people who don't know God? That's the real test of our community. If all fullness dwells in Him. how can we expect anyone else to?!" . Be filled to overflowing with God's glory. His forgiveness: it’s all ours. He's teaching us to rise above and ignore it because there's a better place to live from."God is not teaching us how to overcome negativity. They don't read their Bible but they do read their Christians." "God wants you to RUN to your destiny. He will always be like this because He has promised us He would. tangible evidence that God is brilliantly." "We must be a visual aid to the whole Earth.

prepared for and practiced." "Celebration is a way of life. God's invitation is always present.." "There is nothing you can do that would make Gold love you more. A necessity. I don't care what's in front of me! Every obstacle is going to teach me how to raise my sights so I can see above it." "There is something about the Father that loves to give. We do not drift to the top of a mountain."You have the authority to speak blessing and release it in every circumstance. It's time to stop being . Everything that comes against me is going to enable me to go after God even more!" "Our highest goal is to be as much like Jesus as possible in this life without any hint of apology.and there is nothing you can do that would make God love you less. not an option. It's about the building and the increasing of intention in your own heart." "Holiness is not about dealing with sin.." "Life is about intentionality." "When God looks at you. It's about loving righteousness.” "It's time to stop being poor in spirit. We exhibit a commitment to all the preparation and training required to get there. When you are touched by the heart of the Father. It comes with His Presence that never leaves you nor forsakes you. It must be planned for. He does not see anything wrong or negative at you. I am going to follow after God with everything I have. He has dealt with sin once and for all in this world." “Grace is the empowering presence of God to become exactly who you are supposed to be. you become a giver yourself.

has power and influence over you. even if they are against us! It is time to stop seeing the negative and allowing it to stop us. It's not an event. You could have been understanding and generous. you chose it. You could have been loving. You could have been kind. No one makes you angry. Love loves for the sake of loving!" "There comes a point where you have to pass from faith to knowledge. I will never allow my life to be defined by people who don't like me!" "Whatever has the capacity to keep your attention. Faith is an introduction to something. Knowledge is an experience of what God has introduced you to. We are discovering joy and wonder. not suffering. good or bad. You could have been merciful.mediocre in our expectations. YOU chose to become angry. The journey is not about reaching the destination." "Love doesn't seek a return. Joy is always on the agenda because joy is the nature of God. it's a lifestyle." "In God's heart. Favor isn't a one-off experience. We are learning the extent of our favor!" "Joy is the abiding atmosphere of Heaven." "Process is the story of our journey. We are discovering just how beautiful we really are in Christ." . It's time we rose up and occupied the place that Jesus died for us to occupy!" "We are on this voyage of discovery and we are discovering just how BRILLIANT we are. It is about how we travel and who we become on the way. I will never allow my life to be defined by a negative. to see the good in everything and to believe the best." "My preferred way of living is to see the God in everything." "Nobody makes you angry. It is time for us to prosper in our circumstances.

narrow us down and cut off our options. Poverty is the willingness to live with meager possibilities. to be content. He is trying to upgrade your mercy." "Whatever God sets you free from. and the negative becomes displaced by the provision that God gives you." "A poverty mindset has nothing to do with finances or economics. Life in the spirit is not like that. to be at peace."You don't deal with a negative by focusing on it. whatever it is. who God is and who God wants to be for you. Jesus is . life and thinking. The spirit of life in Christ Jesus is continuously creative." "You need to have the kind of thoughts that empower you to be joyful. is telling you something about who you are. to be confident. grace and compassion." "What would you attempt for God if you knew you could not fail?" "Your current situation. so that the people around you begin to get the benefit of who Jesus really is inside your heart." "The Father is never overwhelmed by anything. God wants you to understand what they are going through and what their struggle is." "When you see a negative in someone. You focus on the opposite provision. We become people of the spirit when we discover the nature of God in the situation in which we have found ourselves. reduce us." "This life is always trying to contain us. The spirit of life puts you in touch with the huge generosity of God. God doesn't want you to talk about it. He automatically gives you an anointing to set other people free from the very same thing that you were a victim of.

You practice it. you're THAT. Why don't you think from a place where everything can be new?" “I will think about myself in the way that God thinks about me. You need to have the kind of thoughts that invite God into the very fabric of your life. The Holy Spirit always leads us in triumph.." “Do not assist the enemy with the way that you think." "Don't let your thought processes be dictated by your past. It is our place to pronounce grace!" .. that is when God kisses you the most. When you feel like you don't deserve it.” "God wants to give you an inheritance word about your life. As a man thinks in his heart. you are a WARRIOR." "You cannot live in the favor of God without getting revenge on the enemy. Without thinking brilliantly we speculate down rather than thinking upwards." "When you feel at your most unlovely state. Your inheritance word is the doorway to an entirely different life!" "You don't pray for the presence of God.undefeated. you're THIS. We are practicing the presence that we believe in present.that is when God will come and kiss you. to read and study and memorize. so he is. He will give you a passage of scripture and that passage of scripture is yours. It's the place where you can discover God the best and the most. You need to THINK BRILLIANTLY!" "The wilderness is a place that God takes you when He is pleased with you. You are not a victim. It is so important that we do not live as victims. you're no good. God is astonishing in the way that He will love you!" "It is not our job to pronounce judgment.

you must be prepared to do things you have never done before!" "Somebody else's sin is not your business." "To every disappointment there is an equal and opposite blessing.. good or bad. It's called humbling yourself." "Warfare is not about taking authority over the devil. The Father has great plans for you. concentrate on that and live . Believe simply."If you want to see things you have never seen before.” "Get rid of all inappropriate mindsets and attitudes. expect hugely. There is no one else to blame for this since we are in charge of who we are and how we show up. It is not what other people say or do to us that defines our life. Your business is the goodness of God." "Every situation. makes a withdrawal on our identity. Put yourself in a place to receive. Love the process that enables you to see them fulfilled. That is just the consequence. the majesty and the supremacy of Jesus for you." "What would it mean for you to develop a Christlike consistency towards friend and foe? What would have to change at this time?" “Do not treat disappointments as houseguests.it is our response. Determine the blessing.. It has no possession nor inheritance with us. We demonstrate our Christlikeness or our carnality. In the Kingdom we attack the negative and we drive it out. They think ahead whilst also living with them in the present. His intentions say a great deal about you and the quality of life He desires for you. Spiritual warfare is about discovering the sovereignty." "Brilliant fathers have great intentions towards their children." "Love the promises of God.

" "God does not measure success by results but by the faithfulness that we display. we are vulnerable only to the nature of God and we are open to faith and His character." "Difficult people are allowed by God as a gift to teach us how to be Christlike more quickly. Tension tells us that we are close to something in the purpose of God." "When we experience life from an external perspective we are subject to all the stress and pressure from that realm. Owning the future starts NOW. As you look for signs of His Presence.in it." "Do not wait for circumstances to improve before you think about your future. Respond to the process of growth more obediently!" "Tension does not mean that something is wrong." . Power comes from a life lived within Christ and within ourselves. When we conduct life from the Spirit. so all of your life is a ministry. many more opportunities will occur for you to bless people and share God's true nature.. Say "yes" more quickly. Look for the goodness of God all around you." "Do not look for evil." "God doesn't call you to a ministry.it means that something is happening! It is important that we step back from the stress so that tension does not become a friction. "ALL of life is spiritual. so make it a positive experience or lose control to the enemy.." "Divine Acceleration must become a normal part of your experience. he calls you to a relationship. Your future arises out of your present responses.

" "In Christ we have a delegated authority to destroy negativity!" "Without rest we are bound." "Are you holding onto grudges. The antidote is forgiveness. Abide in Him. now. anxiety and fear. anger. THAT is our true nature. anxiety. We are prone to worry. Now we have peace. is there still resentment." "Being anxious and fearful is illegal behavior. fear. Inner space is freedom to perceive a thing as God sees it. We work hard to remain in it. Our anger. bitterness or a desire to be vindicated or proven right? If you are harboring unhealthy feelings then the enemy is still beating you up. bitterness and resentment will not enable us to become Christlike. Rest allows us space to be. A successful relationship with Jesus is founded on rest. Now we have joy. Focus is the forerunner of faith." "In order to give us a brilliant future the Father must eradicate our past. trust. Now we have rest. We do not work hard to acquire rest. in Jesus. Rest is a prelude to focus. When we do not cooperate fully in the present we leave gaps in our obedience that the enemy will exploit. faith and worship. Always think BLESSING!" ." "God has ordained that every circumstance is an invitation for you to receive from Him. blessing other people and renouncing your own disobedience. Stay at rest. It is freely given. we need to repent and think again. peace. What joy for him to prevent you from moving on in the Spirit."If our normal tendency is to think from a negative mindset. Now we have love. bitterness and resentment will get the better of us. Worry." "You are at rest. offenses and betrayals? When you think of people who have hurt you in some way.

Passivity. Failure is not to be feared. There should be no and that thought alone makes the unlearning "To grow in substance you need a revelation of Jesus greater than your perspective on the situation at hand." "We cannot win if we are afraid to lose. It is vital that our past does not become our future or regret will shadow us all our lives. very least." . procrastination and caution are all forms of regret. It is lay aside perceptions when they become or inaccurate." as much fun as the learning of new things. mind and strength. that means we must banish negativity in our minds and hearts. At the very."Unlearning is important to inappropriate condemnation." "Real wisdom is hidden from us until God reveals it to us. Who is Jesus for you RIGHT NOW? What blessing and anointing is present in your circumstances? What does it mean for you to put off the old nature and put on the new?" "It is much better to try and to fail than never have the courage to go after something. Failure is less traumatic than regret. enjoyable." "Our boldness in coming to God and our sense of expectation will be a huge inspiration to others!" "If we love God with all our heart. Hiddenness is God's training ground. Too many missed opportunities lead us into the valley of shadow. He often chooses to do that in a place of hiddenness. It is where we look back at our fainthearted approach to life and discover how timid we have become. then we must trust Him in the same way. soul. where we are a pale version of what we could have been. It takes real courage to try something when the odds are against you succeeding.

God steps into all that we are not with all that He is. The instant this happens. With mental agreement and emotional submission. the beauty."Before we open our minds to think through an event that is troubling us. and the radiance of who God is for us. He is not pointing out our sin. In Christ you are empowered to make the right choices. He is exposing only the warmth.soul. In the midst of our worship we are renewed in spirit and mind and can easily access a deeper level of spiritual wisdom. Something or Someone is always going to dictate your circumstances." "When the Holy Spirit points to a part of our life that is not working. Our weakness is where we encounter abundance. To set the problem aside and just focus on worshipping God. breakthrough starts. He is also . We are free to change and free to think incredible thoughts about ourselves in the fullness of who God is for us!" "Faith is demonstrated by our entire person ." "Our inner atmosphere determines our external environment. Love is the result of His smile upon us. spirit and body. Faith is the empowerment to step into an unsafe place (in the natural) because you have permission from the Lord to go there. He is not exposing us." "Faith is the capacity to step out without caution. it is helpful to come to a place of worship. the action of our will agrees with the focus of the spirit and comes into alignment with who God is and what He wants to do. and we are saved." "Process is a happy event! Joy is at the heart of all our God encounters. He is manifesting the Father." "Our worship increases when we are partakers of His presence in our low places. The place of worship is the place of faith and trust in God's presence.

" . we have to learn how to live in our weaknesses. He is interested in what we are WILLING to do. There is no performance here. God gives us both a massive harvest to reap and more seed with which to plant." "Being loved by God is our starting point for transformation. no present weakness can prevent us from overcoming the challenges before us. When they rely on God for His provision. We must be as enthusiastic about the journey of others as we are with our own. no earning of love or grace. speaking from His heart and not our own. we discover God's power. When we sow. The test is present whether you acknowledge it or not." "Meekness occurs when we put God first.pointing out the site of our next miracle of grace. indicating our next transformation." "We develop meekness by becoming submissive and vulnerable to God. We learn that we are a general gift to many and a specific gift to some. not receiving. It is the place where we stand and relax in His goodness.it is strength under control." "The Holy Spirit is not interested in what we cannot do. Passing or failing is mostly a matter of the will being engaged with God's purpose." "Every believer has two options when a test arises." "Prosperity is about giving. Meekness is not weakness ." "It is a wonderful paradox that each of us is made complete by other people. they move closer to Him. When we stop crying out to God in hopelessness and begin approaching Him with thankfulness. They can choose to grapple with it using their mind and emotions or the believer can take these tests in the spirit. To know God's strength. If our heart is right before God.

How we respond to a prophetic word dictates what will happen to it and to us. The anxious will flow into peace and become powerful." "I believe strongly that the more encouraging. It is the equivalent of going out and leaving the door open and the light on in our home together with a map showing burglars where all our valuables are located. We become softer in the Presence of God. We are the echo of God . Prophetic ministry speaks of what God is authoring in each of us. worry becomes an alien experience. It begins and ends in our relationship with Jesus." . the better our churches can be. loving and kind. We view people as He does and we rejoice in their actual resemblance to Jesus or in their potential to be different. Our part is to pay attention to His nature. The introvert will become bold." "God does not measure time. but He always meets me at the point of my greatest need. He measures growth. Mercy reigns. He may not speak it out immediately. Blessing and encouragement stir up anointing."In days of difficulty. That's just who the Holy Spirit is and what He loves to do. Rejoicing allows gentleness to emerge." "Any behavior that does not take us forward into the nature of God must be discarded. More gracious. God is saying YES to you!" "Faith is relational." "It is time for an upgrade in your personality. exhorting and comforting prophecy we have. it works by love. In this loving engagement. rejoice twice as much. The extrovert will realize a new power in humility." "I can't remember the last time I asked God to encourage me and He didn't.we speak the same language from the same heart. it really is that dumb. Yes. The timid will overcome. The weak will become strong.

how to be trustworthy ourselves. will only make us stronger. only relates to our new nature in Christ. no matter what the enemy throws at us." "Living in that place where God wants us to be." "The Holy Spirit is teaching us two things in life: firstly. and they need to lead people in the same manner as they themselves are led by the Lord. how to trust the Lord. and secondly. We need people the most when we are being adjusted!" "The idea that we can be wholly redeemed without relational involvement with brothers and sisters in the Lord is quite bizarre. they are mutually incompatible and only one can be chosen." "It is time for people to banish fear forever and learn to live in the love of God!" "The truth is that faith and worry cannot inhabit the same space at the same time. learned behavior and wrong thought process." "The Father. Should we pray for people? Of course. Shepherds are sheep also. Likewise with trust and anxiety. Therefore when He looks at us He does not see . They understand that shepherding is a metaphor. But we shouldn't develop a culture that says a person needs that prayer to survive spiritually."Relationships are the business of Heaven on earth: that we love one another as He has loved us. not an office. and we get to choose." "I can never understand how a Church can walk away from people when God is dealing with their sin. We have a saying in England: God redeems us 80% and then He gives us friends. knowing that our old nature is dead. we must stop asking people to pray for us to receive something that can only come through our own relationship with God." "As mature Christians." "Good shepherds do not treat people like sheep. One of them has to go.

Never allow the presence of a negative to prevent you from choosing and enjoying its opposite. and He is deeply committed to our ongoing encounter.what is wrong with us. He sees what is missing from our current experience in Christ. Worship releases fresh perspective. Continue in worship and trusting. as do childishness and childlikeness." "Immaturity and maturity walk together for a while." . The outcome is God's part. When we encounter the nature of God. the process is ours." "Go with God as He goes after your circumstances. Pursue what you know to be true of God." "Never ask questions until your heart and mind are in a good place. we can stand in His personality and have a better conversation. thus enabling us to choose one over the other.

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