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50 | 1.27.2012

w ritten By: Q u in n r oBertS take asian lattice aesthetics, add a modern twist and what do you get? latticeStix. founded in June of 2006, latticeStix was born out of the idea that sourcing high quality, decorative lattice in the west could become a possibility without costing a pretty penny. and thats exactly what John moffly of latticeStix, which is based in San francisco, has done in the 5 1/2 years since. we have several elements that we hope to reach with our designs, moffly said. we want people to know that there is much more to lattice than just squares and diamonds. we are really trying to use the art form and expand its range. inspired by the time he spent in china during the 1980s and 1990s, moffly creates designs that dont just maintain privacy, but feature geometric patterns in six different architectural styles and can be used as wall art, room and garden dividers and even gate and fence toppers. Such designs are opening up countless possibilities for how designers and homeowners can decorate a specific space. we started out picking our battles and landscape elements were an obvious choice, moffly said. it was then about getting the right designs for the interior and expanding the product. weve moved quite a bit from traditional lattices and really modified traditional chinese motifs. the company is also dedicated to artisanal manufacturing and the idea that niche product manufacturing, through certain business practices, can prosper in traditionally high market costs. a way latticeStix does this is through buying locally sourced wood and using sustainable products. one of the companys suppliers of cedar is located in British columbia, while their biggest supplier of redwood is in mendocino, ca, only three hours north of San francisco. using sustainable wood as opposed to vinyl, latticeStix also uses non-toxic, water based glues and focuses on joinery instead of mechanical fasteners. the companys KitStix freeform trellis with three and four square patterns is only $59, while other lattice structures can run as high as $1,000. we dont depend on the usual forms of framing, moffly said. we are focused on an idea of more modern framing ideas that in turn are more efficient. its those beliefs that continue to have not only the united States, but europe, australia and even the north pole buying into the ideas of latticeStix. we are always considering different patterns and continue to follow where the market takes us, moffly said. the modern part of lattices are really starting to get legs in the marketplace and our designs have followed suit to adapt.

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