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Outline for Project Proposals For Business Writing

The following notes are intended to help you write an effective proposal for your final project by telling you what to include in it. As you work on the proposal, keep in mind, however, that you may need to include additional information in some or all of the sections, depending upon the nature of your project. This outline also provides you a model for the types of proposals you will write in your professional careers. Keep in mind also that you must write each of the sections clearly and persuasively. And, the whole must hang together. The proposal is to take the form of a memo addressed to me, and each of the sections listed below (except the introduction) should have a heading. INTRODUCTION Explain why you are writing by saying what you want (in this case, you want approval of a topic for your final project). Here and throughout your proposal, write as if you and I had not previously discussed your project. Rely on your proposal, not on our conversations, to introduce your project and make your plans clear. Do not use a heading for this introductory section. BACKGROUND Describe the problem your final project will help solve or the need it will help satisfy. Explain your role in the situation you describe. Are you an employee of the company? A member of the student organization? A consultant? Be sure that I leave this section feeling that your project addresses an important need or problem. PROPOSED PROJECT Describe the readers of your project and its purpose. In describing purpose, remember to identify the overall objective of your proposed communication, the major activity it will enable your readers to perform while reading, and the way you want it to affect their attitudes. Also, tell something about the document that you will write, including the major topics it will address and the general way you will organize it. Be sure that when I finish reading this section I know what you want your communication to do and how you will design your communication to achieve that objective. PLAN OF ACTION Explain how you are going to obtain the in information you will use for your project. Will you administer surveys? Interview people? Go to the library? Be sure that I leave this section feeling that you have a good plan for obtaining the information and ideas you will include in your final project. SCHEDULE Under this heading, refer to a schedule chart, which you may include on this page of your proposal or on a separate sheet. Provide the chart with a title. Be sure to make clear when you will be performing each of the key tasks involved in your project. You will need to have your rough draft completed during the next-to-the-last week of the term. In the last week, you will revise and prepare the final copy. QUALIFICATIONS Present your real (not your fictional) qualifications to undertake the project you propose. Be sure that I leave this section feeling that you will be able to perform this project competently. RESOURCES Describe the resources you will use in preparing your report. Be sure that I come away from this section feeling certain that you will be able to get the necessary information and support in the time available to you this term. CONCLUSION Sum up. Emphasize any final points you wish to make. Tell how your work on this project relates to your career plans.

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