GETTING STARTEDAll members are requested to download the Free Astrological Software for Calculation of Charts ,from the

link given below.

SUBSEQUENTLY Click to open the Programme. On the Screen You shall find visible, on the left side a chart, and on the right side calculations pertaining to the same which means that all is fine. You now go to the Preferences on top most part of the Screen and select Ayanamsha- Krishnamoorty KP. (Why and whats the meaning, we shall go at later stages of our course). Press okay and save it. If You have time for some explorations then you may also change the default settings of the software, to the location where You stay at. (This may help you later on when You learn Horary astrology.) Now You are ready to make charts on Your PC. (Later on we will also learn to do this manually). But this is needed to understand the theory part. Go to File- Click on new. Nothing will happen apparently except the screen will blink for a moment. Go to Edit now and click on Birth Data. You dont have to do anything here except fill in the birth details of the chart you intend to make. Remember in birth time you have to mention in 24 hours format. which means that if the birth is in afternoon at 2.00pm you will have to mention 14.00 as birth time. On the right side check and confirm that the calendar used is Gregorian. You fill in the city name, choose the country and the longitudes and latitudes would appear automatically. You do not have to fill in any other details. Press okay and save the chart in whatever name You wish to.

EXAMPLES TO CHECK I am giving examples for you as under so that You can confirm if your settings

are right or not. Chart A- (Male) Birth particularsDate of Birth - November 16th 1988 Time of Birth -11.00.00 am Place of Birth -Delhi Longitude 77 E 13 Latitude 28 N 40 If You have filled in right then the following details should appear on the right side of the chart You have just made. Lagna 27degrees Saggittarius 16minutes 58seconds Sun 0 Degrees Scorpio 29 minutes 19 seconds Moon 21 degrees Capricorn 49 minutes 36 seconds Chart B - (Male) Date of Birth - April 21st 1967 Time of Birth - 4.50.00 am Place of Birth - Bombay Longitude 72E 50 Latitude 18 N 58 Lagna - 8 degrees Pisces 13 minutes 16 seconds Sun - 6 degrees Aries 53 minutes 21 seconds Moon - 17 degrees Leo 20 minutes 23 seconds. If You are able to get above right, then go on to put your own birth particluars and save it. That should be good for a start. regards, Bhaskar. Chapter 1 Introduction 1 “Shri Ganeshay Namah” A small Prayer to The Lord who is Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent. “Dear Loving Lord, we are on the way to Learning of this Divine Science of Astrology, which knowledge has been imparted by You to the selected few in Your close circle, and who in turn have imparted this to the ancestors of humanity, coming down now , to us fortunates, blessed with Your Grace. May we use this knowledge only for good of those who come in contact of us, to help

them, to make the quality of their life better, to guide them, show them a way in their times of stress, and may we never put fear in these troubled souls , nor take any advantage of them, by doing so, and the day we do this, You have our full permission, to take back whatever You have given us, including the breath of life . We thank You for allowing us access to the Noble study of this Great Science and promise to use it for worthy causes”. Dear Friends, You must be knowing that when You buy a Casio Diary, a manual comes alongwith, Or when you buy a Laptop, a manual comes alongwith. Did you ever wonder that when You were born, then too there was a certain design to it, A purpose ,an intention, available in the manual related to you , which contains heaps of information about you , which you may not be aware of , but which can be known partly , what is intended only to be known to you by God . Yes you guessed right. Your manual is your horoscope which shows the configuration of the stars , planets & constellations in the heavenly skies at the time of your auspicious birth. Why auspicious ? Because Your birth is not a default , but a purposeful entry. Any way coming to the point ,this knowledge of deciphering the effects of particular planetary combinations at the time of your birth is known as Astrology. A Quote from Mark Edmund JonesMan is not what he is because he was born when he was, but he was born when he was because he was, potentially, what he is . A person is not born just for the sake of it, or lands up here by Fluke or a mistake by Nature. He is born only because it is intended From him to complete the debts and credits he owes to Sundry Creditorsa and from Sundry Debtors. This owing business continues from past lives, and continues till he is able to form a space where nothing remains , no past debts owed and no future gains to be received, but just He remains with He. The former “He” here is the native himself and the latter “He” is the Creator or God. This merging would complete the story of the creation and Evolution of a Particluar Individual. Till the time he completes this story, and Whenever Takes human form , The Birth Chart is the Pointer for the debts owed, the credits due and the happiness or sorrow in store for the present human life. Some Questions and ther Answers

In the same way the promises of the chart have to be coupled with proper support in form of hard work . actually welcomes him in his enterprise. MOST IMPORTANT Remember that Efforts cannot be substituted by knowledge of astrological Inputs. he Is now supposed to come down in his intake of hard drinks. No one goes inside the cave to give him food. then He would be cautious and not start a new business enterprise in that period with life-long capital. For example a person who drinks a quarter of Whisky daily And once visits an astrologer and comes to know that he has an afflicted Jupiter (Weak Liver) by birth . as he now knows the minus area of his life health wise. Another exampleIf one knows that he is running a bad time astrologically. The Promises shown in a Birth Chart can only come with the Efforts put in by the Native. then armed with this knowledge. It has to be taken for Guidance. then the native should work towards fructification Of the same a few months before this next year begins. so that the New Year which ushers in. till better times as advised by his astrologer. and thus save it from extinction. How can stars and planets which are Millions of Miles away from us Effect us ? Dont we not feel the heat of The Sun billions of Miles away ? Does not The Moon cause the Tides in the sea ? Does not their particular movement and positioning cause Eclipse and darkness on Earth ? SO why can they not influence the Human Body and affairs thereof which is also containing major part of liquid in it ? How can a particular configuration cause a separate chart and effects For various persons born at different times and thus different configurations ? Do not think that these planets are just round or spherical balls . Do You know that even the Lion has to come out of his cave and search for food when he Is hungry. Another example – If one knows the coming year is going to give him good wealth through bsuiness. efforts and Labour from the native.Is Astrology to be relied on completely ? How does it help ? Astrology is never to be taken in with a fatilistic approach. and can postpone the Start of this business.

gas and ether. Ketu –Cauda Draconis or Dragons Tail) or the Ascending and Descending Nodes of The Moon respectively. though we may keep a Chapter on same at later stages just Off the Beat ) We shall go in details of the above Planets. namely The Sun.The Moon. either in Solid. these Planetary bodies influence through the atmosphere strong or Weak rays. And we ourselves and all animate and inanimate entitities in this Universe are made from Cosmic Rays.Mercury. Or why certain people with strong Jupiter and strong Sun Reach legendary positions in society and their Nations. . how to see it IF The Note does not become too long. which concern the Human affairs and influence them. just Like Air. Saturn.Jupiter.Neptune and Pluto. Venus. Rahu and ketu are actually not physical Bodies in the Sky but mathematically derived points and are called Shadowy Planets. pains. and happiness to various Individuals making cause for same. these Planetary Bodies contain storehouse of Cosmic rays within them. its Only because they have received strong power of these rays in full when they were born.Water or Ice which in essence contains the same.Caput Dreconis or Dragons Head. These Planetary bodies are not anything but Manifestations of the Almighty to Disperse justice. Which also explains why certain children with weak Moon and Weak Mercury are considered to be not normal because they Have not received sufficient influence of the rays from these Planets. When a birth takes place.Of solid. (Rahu. Like we see the VIBGYOR in The Rainbow apparently or through priism. Houses and ALSO the North Indian Vedic Chart. joys. Chapter 2 Introduction Planets – We consider 9 Planets in Indian Astrology. which effect the Astral and Flesh body of the soul taking birth in Womb and after touching atmosphere of Air. sorrows. Rahu and Ketu. In the Next Chapter – we shall continue the Introduction and talk a little about the Planets. Mars. (In Indian Astrology we do not deal with The Extra Saturnine Planets Uranus. in further Chapters. Gaseous or Liquid Form.

but again. Leo.Acquarius and Pisces. we would go in details later. . (It would be good if all of You memorise this sequence . Third House is Acvquarius. There are many other matters which these Houses show.Libra.The Planet Sun may be in one sign and also May be in one House So we have to check how it would behave in the Sign and also the results of the House it is sitting in. The position of The First House would Always remain the same though The Sign may change for another Birth Chart. 8th with Death. 2nd–with wealth.9) Also known as The Ascendant. You go counting The houses Anti-Clockwise.Signs – As we know there are 12 Signs . The first House is Sagittarius (No. Scorpio.namely. in further Chapters. Taurus. Cancer. 5th with Children. 7th with Husband/ that Order and also later on the Lords of these Signs). Second House is Capricorn. HousesThere are again 12 Houses just as the 12 signs. 9th with Father.Capricorn. Sagittarius. So Now what do we have to contend with to know what a Planet Would give us in our Birth Chart ? Ans. Aries. 4th with Mother. 11th with Gains and 12thwith Expenditures. Virgo. Example chart as Under This is The North Indian Style. 1st house deals with self. 6th with ill health. We shall go in details of the above Signs.10th with profession.Gemini. 3rd with younger co-born.

Saturn s Capricorn Moon Aquarius Rahu Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Ketu Venus Mercury Sun Jupiter Mars The above mentioned Chart is again the same Chart as the previous one but in South Indian Style.The Sun is in Scorpio in the 12th House. Here The Sign Aries would always reman in the same position Ie. House 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Sign Planets Sagittarius Asc. Saturn Capricorn Moon Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Ketu Venus Mercury Sun Jupiter Rahu Mars House 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Sign Planets Sagittariu Asc. The second square box fromTop most left hand side corner .

And I used to get it all mixed up. Later on I got the right track. we Would have to first check what results does Sun give in sign Scorpio. The sign Gemini would be The fourth square box on the right counting from the left hand corner and so on. This is the first basic of Predictive astrology. . Chapter 3 Chart revisited Okay Dear Folks.horizontally. The Sign Taurus would be the Third square box from the upper left hand corner. In the next Chapter we shall go for details wise studies on the Planets. This was most confusing for me at the start of my Astrological studies. In our studies we shall take the North Indian Style for consideration always At it is more easy to work with and most common form of diagramattical representation. we are now taking up the Example A for our study first. And if possible Houses and signs. and Here one has to count clockwise to check the. with no one to explain Me. You will notice that Sagiitarius comes on the lowest left hand side corner Of this whole Chart and here the letters As or Asc is written normally to denote The Ascendant or the first house. In the above example when we have to check the results of The Planet Sun. Next we have to check what results would Sun give in 12th house. Mixing these Two results we then have to move ahead.

birth place at Delhi is I repeat the Sign Sagittarius.The above is a snapshot from the Software You have downloaded. . we shall take up later in The future lessons. We see that the Ascendant or First House is No.10 which is Capricorn. In future we shall not Use the term Dragons Head but just Rahu.These qualities would be further modified now Because of Saturn also being present in that sign. The second House is No. The Fourth House is No. First we should understand what does the word Ascendant mean ?It is the Sign and degree on the Cusp of the First House on the Eastern Horzon from the place of birth.12 Pisces. The native of this Chart would have qualities of a Sagittarian. (The Qualities Of Sagittarius natives and Saturn in Sagittarius.11 –Acquarius. The native will have thus Many qualities of Sagittariun in him.9 Which is Sagittarius. The Planet moon is placed in this House. The Third House in No. Rahu (Dragons Head) is placed here.) So the First house in this case of this Chart.

The Planet Jupiter is placed here. The 10th House is No. Ketu (Dragons Tail is placed here). The Planet Sun is placed here. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 NAME OF SIGN Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio LORD OF THIS SIGN Mars Venus Mercury The Moon The Sun Mercury Venus Mars . The 12th House is No. Please note the undermentioned in Your NoteBooks Which would be a reference to the newcomers till they Know the same by heart. Planet Venus is here.8 Scorpio.6 Virgo.1 Aries It is empty .The Planet Mars is placed in this House. The 11th House is No. The 5th House is No.2 Taurus. Mercury is placed here. The 6th House is No.3 Gemini No Planet here. The 8th House is No. This is a permanent Table Forever for all charts. The 9th House is No. 5 Leo.4 Cancer No Planet here. SIGN NO. The 7th House is No.7 Libra.

9 10 11 12 Sagittarius Capricorn Acquarius Pisces Jupiter Saturn Saturn Jupiter Now we shall take up the Chart of Native (Example B) for Birth at Bombay Here the Ascendant or First house falls in the Sign Pisces Saturn and Mercury In the first House (Lord of this Sign is Jupiter) Second House.Aries Rahu and Sun in Aries (Lord of this Sign is Mars) Third House – Taurus Venus in tarus (Lord of this Sign is Venus) Fourth House – Gemini No Planet in Gemini .

kindly let me know of any mistakes You notice. Dear Senior members (As You can very well guess this has been really tough for me to type.Cancer Jupiter in Cancer (Lord of this Sign is Moon) Sixth House – Leo Moon in Leo (Lord of this Sign is Sun) Seventh House – Virgo Mars in Virgo (Lord of this Sign is Mercury) Eight House – Libra Ketu in Libra (Lord of this Sign is Venus) Ninth house is Scorpio No Planet in Scorpio (Lord of this Sign is Mars) Tenth House is Sagittarius No Planet in Sagittarius (Lord of this Sign is Jupiter) Eleventh House is Capricorn No Planet in Capricorn (Lord of this Sign is Saturn) Twelvth House is Acquarius No Planet in Acquarius (Lord of this Sign is Saturn). Chapter 4 Chart A revisited .(Lord of this Sign is Mercury) Fifth House . as I had to go back 20 years and was actually falling to sleep while doing this. so that it may be rectified).

We see that the Ascendant or First House is No. The native will have thus Many qualities of Sagittarius in him. birth place at Delhi is I repeat the Sign Sagittarius.1 Aries . These qualities would be further modified now Because of Saturn also being present in that sign. Rahu (Dragons Head) is placed here.12 Pisces. The native of this Chart would have qualities of a Sagittarian.9 Which is Sagittarius. The 5th House is No.Okay Dear Folks. The second House is No. we are now taking up the Example A for our study first. The Planet Mars is placed in this House. (The Qualities Of Sagittarius natives and Saturn in Sagittarius.11 –Acquarius. we shall take up later in The future lessons. First we should understand what does the word Ascendant mean ?It is the Sign and degree on the Cusp of the First House on the Eastern Horzon from the place of birth. The Planet Moon is placed in this House.10 which is Capricorn. The Fourth House is No. In future we shall not Use the term Dragons Head but just Rahu.) So the First house in this case of this Chart. The Third House in No.

The 11th House is No. Planet Venus is here. The 7th House is No. The 9th House is No. The Planet Sun is placed here.6 Virgo.8 Scorpio. The 12th House is No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 NAME OF SIGN Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Acquarius LORD OF THIS SIGN Mars Venus Mercury The Moon The Sun Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Saturn .4 Cancer No Planet here.2 Taurus. This is a permanent Table Forever for all charts.3 Gemini No Planet here. The 10th House is No. 5 Leo.It is empty . The 8th House is No.7 Libra. Please copy the undermentioned in Your NoteBooks Which would be a reference to the newcomers till they Know the same by heart. Ketu (Dragons Tail is placed here). Mercury is placed here. The 6th House is No. The Planet Jupiter is placed here. SIGN NO.

Cancer Jupiter in Cancer (Lord of this Sign is Moon) Sixth House – Leo .Aries Rahu and Sun in Aries (Lord of this Sign is Mars) Third House – Taurus Venus in tarus (Lord of this Sign is Venus) Fourth House – Gemini No Planet in Gemini (Lord of this Sign is Mercury) Fifth House .12 Pisces Jupiter Chapter 5 Chart B revisited Now we shall take up the Chart of Native (Example B) for Birth at Bombay Here the Ascendant or First house falls in the Sign Pisces Saturn and Mercury In the first House (Lord of this Sign is Jupiter) Second House.

he asked me to predict about himself. Chapter 6 Mental Calculation Hello Friends. I did not have any Ephemeris with me at that time. to make this course more attractive. neither. . And those bypassed ones we shall keep on taking in between. after realising that I am in astrology. The other day I was travelling in a bus and met a school friend after 20 years. Calculator. He gave me his date and year of birth alongwith place. neither. bypassing few lessons. and also remembered his time too.Moon in Leo (Lord of this Sign is Sun) Seventh House – Virgo Mars in Virgo (Lord of this Sign is Mercury) Eight House – Libra Ketu in Libra (Lord of this Sign is Venus) Ninth house is Scorpio No Planet in Scorpio (Lord of this Sign is Mars) Tenth House is Sagittarius No Planet in Sagittarius (Lord of this Sign is Jupiter) Eleventh House is Capricorn No Planet in Capricorn (Lord of this Sign is Saturn) Twelvth House is Acquarius No Planet in Acquarius (Lord of this Sign is Saturn). I have jumped to the predictive part. used paper or pen. During our talks.

a) I immediately gave him his Ascendant. just like I did ? Or at least after few more Lessons ? Its really easy and even many professional astrologers do not know to do this. b) Out of 12 Houses in the chart. patiently. the starting point is measured at 0 degrees and ending at 30 degrees Which means that if we count the 12 signs and multiply by 30 degrees we get the figure of 360 Degrees. Sun Sign. I was able to predict results of about 6 for him. . and which house his Sun was placed in. some have very slow speed like Saturn which takes two and a half years to enter and leave a sign. Do You know that by the end of this Chapter. and lot many things about him. Dont we say that My Moon is at 6 degrees Sagittarius or Jupiter is at 25 degrees Cancer etcetra ? Well. Please read on patiently. Now read fact his whole family was very much impressed. and try to remember this after some more re-readings on your part. like we know that each planet travels daily at this speed (This knowledge comes from past observation from Observatories and astronomical Statistics) Some planets have very fast speed like The Moon which takes around 2 and a half days to enter and leave a sign. or do not know the application part even if they are aware.. all these planets have their daily motions. degrees of Sun at his birth. And boy.. though all this is kid stuff in astrology. So is The Sun (Actually not a Planet but treated like one. HOW TO CALCULATE DEGREES OF THE SUN AT BIRTH APPROXIMATELY WITHOUT REFERRING EPHEMERIS 1) Every Planet is moving for us who are on Earth as we see them. Its actually a star or Luminary). added with flavour and polish to look impressive. or are not aware. The Sun travels approximately at speed of daily motion of 1 Degree. We will come to the daily motions of the Planets in our forthcoming chapters. he was impressed. All these planets when they move within each sign. without using any aids to help me. most of You would be able to do the 'a' part succesfuly . At the moment we will concentrate on The Sun.

Sun enters and remains in Capricron Feb 15th to March 15th -Sun remains in Acquarius March 15th to April 15th. For example a native born on the 28th of January of any year would be having Sun at approximately 14 degrees ( 0 degrees on 15th + 14 days ). (Remember this) The Sun changes sign every month approximately on 15th or 16th 0r 17th (Remember this). Which also means that on 15th the Sun would be at 0 degrees.Sun remains in Virgo Oct 16th to Nov 16th . In this way one can know the degrees of the Sun at birth approximately.It takes therefore one month to stay in a sign and cross over to next sign.Sun remains in Gemini July 16th to Aug 15th . Dec 15th to Jan 15th -Sun remains in Sagittarius. (The above are approximate dates -maybe not exactly same days as mentioned 1-2 days here n there) .Sun remains in Leo Sept 17th to Oct 16th .Sun remains in Taurus June 15th to July 15th . (Calculate Your own Sun degrees first in mind then check Your Chart). HOW TO KNOW THE SUN SIGN WITHOUT REFERRING EPHEMERIS Giving below the Dates each Month when The Sun normally changes and to which Sign? (The best way to remember this is to first remember your Own Sun sign and start from that month ) Jan 15th to Feb 15th .Sun remains in Cancer Aug 16th to Sept 16th. and 1 degrees on 16th and 2 degrees on 17th and so on till next 15th when it is at 30 degrees and then has to cross over to the next sign and again would be starting at 0 degrees.Sun remains in Pisces April 15th to May 15th .Sun remains in Libra Nov 16th to Dec 15th.Sun remains in Aries May 15th to June 15th .Sun remains in Scorpio. in any sign which it has just entered.

my Sun sign would be Gemini. Local Mean time or LMT we would be talking in later lessons .if I am born on June 28th as per above table. Birth time at :Morning 5am to 7am .then Sun would be in 1st House or Ascendant. we can roughly take the following slots as position of Sun for Local birth time .The Sun would be in 10th House At Sunset . At Noon .Sun would be in 1st House Morning 7 .which is why I have asked all members to download the Software and put KP Ayanamsha and then subsequently make all charts) Example .(The above position would be shown in Charts made for all those staying in India or who have made their charts calculated here-for western people the Sun sign may be one sign ahead and they have to deduct the ayanamsha to get the above Sun sign.Sun would be in 12th House Morning 9 to 11am . That is known in crude language as local Mean time. (Remember this By Heart) If the Birth is at time ofSunrise.Sun would be in 9th House . (In above. Though the clock will show 4.The Sun would be in 7th house At Midnight .9am . Note.But will explain in short.3 pm .Sun would be in 11th House Morning 11 to 1 Noon . but the sky would show Sunrise for a person in Calcutta in Summer.(When any of Your friends is born on say 15th or 16th dont predict his Sun sign without referring the Ephemeris) HOW TO PREDICT WHICH HOUSE SUN WOULD BE WITHOUT REFERRING TO THE ACTUAL CHART OR EPHEMERIS.Sun would be in 4th house. and still night for a person in Bombay.30 am for a person in Bombay and for a person in Calcutta too.take the movement of The Sun as clockwise and not anti-clock wise) In India when the Sunrise is almost at same time throughout the year (Except at winter time nearing December when it may be late by 1 hour or so).Sun would be in 10th House Noon 1 .

One more advantage . or the Sun forward accordingly after some study. .00 am after midnight . you also immediately realise whether the chart is printed rightly or wrongly. in Bombay'. filling in whatever you know or have found out. but when you are travellng or sitting in a group with no means of equipment like Ephemeris. Okay. Thus if someone says that ' I was born on February 28th at 10am morning.For those people in whose country/place and that particular season or time of the per the time of birth he mentions. You may try out making a chart on a piece of paper. and prepare such a chart for themselves . not as per India. so better avoid predicting mentally for those cases. then You have to shift the timings backward. That would really amaze him and make him a fan of Your prowess.Sun would be in 2nd House.Evening 3pm to 5 pm .Sun would be in 8th House Evening 5pm to 7pm (Sunset). The above is a very crude method of predicting.Sun would be in 7th House Evening 7pm to Night 9 pm . now to the last part of this Chapter.after little bit deductions or additions in timings. or once in a while when You are sure about the or pm to the computer chart maker or he does not listen properly and feeds in wrongly. if the Sun rises late. But do not forget certain countries and places have bizzare (A wrong word actually) Sunrise and sunset timings. . I have myself detected a few wrongly made charts by this method. not to be used unnecessarily. Computer etc. (The foreign students can check their Sunrise and Sunset timings throughout the year. and then the poor native shows around the wrong chart to all astrologers. and then ask your contact to open his chart and match the same.When You happen to see the chart of the native.Sun would be in 6th house Night 9pm to 11 pm Sun would be in 5th House Night 11. and check the position of The Sun. for their use). cause at times people forget to say rightly.00pm Midnight to 1.or early. in their cities of residence.4th house Late night 1 am to early morning 3 am . with nothing matching his own life. you can immediately tell him safely that Your Sun is in 11th House.Third House Early morning 3am to 5 am .

Therefore Sun would be in Gemini and in 11th house. solving a childs puzzle and gaining the same happiness and joy. Now count anticlockwise till you reach the 1st house. Sun would be in Capricorn as per previous table given. yet.HOW TO FIX ACSENDANT WITHOUT REFERRING TO THE CHART OR EPHEMERIS. You will count thus11th house Gemini . Now we will take one example which will incorporate all that we have learnt uptil now in this ChapterBirth New Delhi- . You can do this in your mind without the use of Writing Pad or Pen. finding the Ascendant is easy. Sun would be in 5th house as per previous table given. 5th House Capricorn 6th House Acquarius 7th house Pisces 8th house Aries 9th house Taurus 10th house Gemini 11th House Cancer 12th house Leo and There You are 1st House Virgo. Start counting anticlockwise .Sign No. but let me explain.Sign No. Suppose one was born at 10. 3 12 th house Cancer . You should be able to guess this one for yourself by now.5 Therefore the ascendant is Leo.4 1st House Leo . Once You know the position of the Sun.00pm night.Sign No.30 am in month of June of say day 20th. Take another exampleBirth on 10th February Time 10. I do not think that this is necessary to explain.

Therefore.9th House. c) I know also the effects of the Sun in 9th House. What is the Ascendant ? Answer Counting anticlockwise I reach to the Ascendant as Sagittarius.00pm after Noon.24th August Time 2. What is the Degrees of The Sun ? Answer 7 Degrees ( From 17th till 24th its 7 days therefore 7 degrees) Which house is Sun Placed in ? Answer . b) I know the effects of Sun in Leo what it can be .Answer Leo. If You use same timings given above and change only the month to January. Therefore the timings have to be changed accordingly in my table.which I have made.then. and ascendant is not Sagittarius but Scorpio. . (The above is wrong results heart and probably right. For advanced predictions a) I know the constellation in which The Sun is placed in this chart and can give the effects in narration. if You make a chart in the computer. and not in the 9th . you shall find that the Sun has moved now to 9th House . Why did I make a mistake ? Because in August the Sun rises 1 and a half hour early than the Sunrise of January. thus. How could I make predictons after arriving at above statistics ? Because a) I know what are the characteristics of The Ascendant Sagittarius and can talk in flowery language about the positive points of this Ascendant rising and the nature of the native. e) I know that Sun is aspecting (we will learn about this later) the 3rd house and what effects would this produce. please tread carefully in such matters). and hence even the noon comes earlier. you will find. b) I may also be knowing which sign Saturn would be in the year of birth whatever it may be .Date . What is the Sun Sign ? . Suppose we presume that the above birth statistics was right. Sun is placed in 10th house. d) I know which house Lord ship The Sun has in this chart (The Sun is coincidentally Lord of the 9th house in this chart and also placed in the 9th).

like this below - . but just staring in space and thinking and using your mind and logic. hope you must have benefitted much from the same. On bus tickets. but remember and do not make a mistake to treat them lightly. back side of unimportant papers etc. The above is enough material for you to study and practise this week on Your own and others charts and .That would take care of predictions of further 3 houses. solving charts mentally.and forthcoming few Chapters we would be studying the not so very interesting Topics. In this. but later on one will realise that astrology cannot be done truly without knowing the terminology.these would be the most Important and to be by hearted to memory if one wishes to be a Good astrologer. I am sure most of you by the end of next 3-6 months should be able to give Basic predictions (Not advanced) without having to use any other means of aid at your disposal. Chapter 7 QUADRUPLICITIES-TRIPLICITIES Hello to all of You.. meaning. use and application of these principles. ie. Many young budding astros skip these parts (Even I did so) due to the boring and unpredective stuff. Etc. The Elements – (Triplicities) The 12 Signs of The Zodiac are divided into 4 Elements As under – Fire Aries Leo Sagittarius Earth Taurus Virgo Capricorn Air Gemini Libra Acquarius Water Cancer Scorpio Pisces How did I put this in my Memory ? I remembered the Word – FEAR and practised writing and thus memorising on any piece of paper –chits Whenever I had time in day or night or when travelling. Etc. I used to draw columns and rows and make a grid like above and fill it with numbers for a start.

Challenging.7.Reasons.defying.Rival. Sign No. Body Part – Chest & breasts .Competetion.Head and face Symbol – A Bull.Leo.8. Also remember the following Table.intelligence. Body Part – Shoulders. Receptive and has finest feel maternal principles. Airy – 3.Memory. The idea in this Sign essentially is Action.6.just deeds. Body part – Throat and neck Symbol-Man with a Club and Women with a Lute.Oppo Passionate.soround. slow.Powerful.anything completed by two.C meet mutually both as friend and as Foe.Sexual Passion Body Part.They get swayed by emoti emotion.Strong.Male of any animal. M power.Allows torture.12 or Cancer.Obstinate. Represents uncommon power to grasp thoughts or id Mental vigour.Pairing.potent.War.impregn to overpower. dissapear. Virtous.sexual vigour. Motion sideways. Abode is vicinity of Water.Having two fold meanin purpose .10 or Taurus. To Compete.discharge. 1 Name KeyWords Aries (I Am) Ram Symbol Pictorial 2 Taurus (I Have) Bull 3 Gemini (I Think) Twins 4 Cancer (I Feel) Crab Words which denote the nature of the sign Body Part represented by Sign (Not exhaustive) Symbol-Two Rams striking one another by Head.Arms and hands Symbol – Crab.5. Ideas are related to the form and character of Crabs.Flexibility.Resistance.twins. Presence of Mind.11 or Gemini.claws.fragrance. Ideas are related to Earthy things or Material things Its virtous for bull is concerned primarily with two su virtues on Earth.Libra and Acquarius Watery – 4. to defeat a foe or clasp.. How to remember after some practise ? Fiery Signs would be – 1.Sagittarius Earthy – 2. Scorpio and Pisces.F 1 5 9 E 2 6 10 A 3 7 11 W 4 8 12 These numbers of course represent the Signs as we have studied in previous lessons.Fight.tenacity.Virgo and Capricorn.9 or Aries. Agriculture and Milk. Cling. Contest.recline Hide.Shell.

Withstand. applicable to two purposes.artillery. Symbol-Virgin with a bundle of corn in one hand and Light in another.set in cause to move quickly.small.Flaming. Represents unseen power.two edged.satisfying. Represents balanced ideas by judgement. Ferocious.Dualistic.Chief. middleman.vigorou Body Part -Thighs Symbol – Mountain Goat . fulfilling.Hole.Defiant.breathing.Tearing. Crown. decorum.fabricate.concentration. Body Part – Navel & external Organs of Generation. Body Part . counterbalance.Grand. Incision. emptiness. pottery.ponder.compose. Conviction.Obstructor.Cutting. trade. Reluctance to material things.both Ways. Hard labour. Symbol – A scale balance.measure..Wounding.project forward. hasten. likeness. weak.craftsman e youthful.Splendour. standing on a boat anchored to sho Represents earthy things or material. Destruction of materialism and birth of psychism. bright.Legs .Vociferous.restrain. It aims at one thing at a time hence empty quilt throw. Sting. filling lungs with attack hurt.Mystic and Psychic.value.Represents aiming high with certain view. Also known as an Intellectual Sign.Knees Symbol – Man carrying Pitcher or Empty water pot With a lid on.Soul.Grandeur. proof. Venomous discharge.construct.produce build.seperation.regulate.flood.invent. o knowledge. Or Forehalf animal and th partly under water in a stream with current.tribunal.similiarity.arrange.Proud.swelling of river. form. To lift up. Opposing. Potter.Dangerous.Virgin.Throne.Power. broker.War-cry.Confident. Symbol – Scorpion Represents mystic idea (8th Sign) and Occult. Body Part . Body Part – Stomache and Intestines.Adventure.lovely.Blazing.painter.Mighty Enterprise.abundance.grace. weapon. To think.reflect.An archer on a horseback about to shoot an has empty quilt.assess.arbitration.5 Leo (I Will) Lion 6 Virgo (I Analyse) Virgin 7 Libra (I Balance) Scales 8 Scorpio (I Desire) Scorpion 9 Sagittarius (I See) Centaur 10 Capricorn ((I Use) Mountain Goat 11 Acquarius (I Know) Man carrying Pitcher Symbol – Lion Represents forceful expression and dominating spirit To rule over others.To excel. prop bullet. Body Part – Internal organs of Generation Symbol.Opening.modesty delicacy. Show.Supremacy Nobility. Body part – Heart. . youngest born. earthen wares.moderat Appraise.kindness.Divide.commerc expression by representation viz.Definite. undefiled female.Dignity.assort.Back and Spinal Chord.

etc.spreading mouth of expansion. because all the advanced book on astrology would contain these symbols.The symbol of Virgo and Scorpio is quite similar with a difference that in Scorpio the tail end goes outwards signifying sexuality and in Virgo the tail goes in signifying virginity. Remember the above symbols and try writing and practising them. that way You can remember that Taurus is an earthy sign etc.frustration. we would be taking up all the signs in details which again would not be exhaustive but with more information). So if you are really serious and want to get further headway in this science . use any imaginations funny or logical.two fishes chasing each other in a cyclic way (I Believe) Called Moksha (Salvation)Sign.Leo(Lion) and Sagittarius (Centaur) all ready for action and full of Fire You can connect to the Fiery signs this way. And remember in advanced books many sentences can be written in just one Short single sentence containing just symbols. Aries (Ram). dissapear. then learn and practise.pride the tail of Escape.12 Pisces Symbol.Ankle and Toes (The above is not Exhaustive. haughty.despair. The Characteristics : (Quadruplicity) The 12 Signs of the Zodiac are divided in 3 major Characteristics as under – Cardinal or Movable Aries Cancer Libra Fixed Or Root Taurus Leo Scorpio Dual.allurement. Scales for example connected to Libra needs Air to be suspended in .Common-Mutable Gemini Virgo Sagittarius .elopment. Note.extent.superficial. (Do not take this as written in scriptures.range. and you just can push it because its feet are firmly fixed to the ground (earth). therefore Airy sign. but just remember what the signs stand for. another Body Part – Feet. If You notice the Watery signs are Cancer (Crab). all related and found near/in water.gliding. scope.despondency. or Bull needs earth to stand firmly upon. one in Slipping. That much load would be less. So start right now. but just to remember as we were taught as students).for example the Rapheals Ephemeris would contain these and when you learn aspects then you will have another lot of symbols to be learnt. Two Fishes Loose ones way.Scorpio(Scorpion) and Pisces(fishes).inducement. That way You should connect and remember the watery signs. Form your own logic. go astray.

Intuitive awareness. Earth.9 and The rest of the Signs for Earthy. Same for The other Quality for example Duality.Ideas. Egoism etc.defensive. and rest would come in line. supsecptible to diseases caused by Heat in body. My way of remembering was this. which had entered the Indian Market in full swing some years ago. feelings.9 and 12. which we would be taking in other Chapters as we progress through our Course.Friendly etc.Earthy. its easy to Remember 3. Air.Intellectuality.Business & professional affairs. Wanting concrete results.Caution etc.automatically. Rational. heat in his arguments.Human relations. Fixed and Dual. . Mental agility.Involved with Financial. forceful nature. Thus CFL for Cardinal . enthusiasm.5.Potential.. Open minded.Capricorn Acquarius Pisces How did I memorise this ? I remembered CFL a short Form for Compact floursecent Lamp.etcetra.6. hot temper. Sensitivness. when we check the Planets in signs. Creativity. More Planets in Fiery signs would denote a person with fiery Constitution. What do the triplicities (Fiery. Water – Emotions. Energy.I used to draw the above Grid and remembered CFL and while filling in the L part I switched over to writing Dual . Now looks as under for memorising - C 1 4 7 10 F 2 5 8 11 D 3 6 9 12 Another way to remember the Signs for Fiery would be to just Remember 1. Please remember Why am I taking time and efforts to write all above Is simply because the whole astrology for prediction is based on these Qualkities and more.Airy and Watery)denote ? In any natives chart. More Planets inFire – Leadership Qualities.reflective etc. Aggressiveness. The temperament in personality of the native with predominance Of any of the Triplicities would be as under.Practical.Airy and Watery would come automatically by putting in The next numbers in line. (We call here in India predominance of Agni tattwa –or Fire) This man would be more given to heat in his body.

push. Energy and inherent vitality in such people. The air element is warm and moist. Thus the native with more planets in Earthy signs too. their Emotional issues would predominate. He would have strong body . If the ascendant is Fiery and Saturn. They like to lead and act on impulses rather’than being subordinate to others. then the native is likely to be lean. than others. They are More receptive and passionate at times. stubborn and self-protective. indicating solidification and inertia.People with more Planets in fiery signs indicate independent. Novel writers. would be diffcult to move Physically or mentally. is active. Such people should be connecetd to any professions connected to Heat or Metals. Engineering etc. For them businesses which suit their Characateristics are Building constructions.fastest. Thus When a native has Airy signs in the 3rd house (Denoting communication) Plus Planets in that House (Example. It tends to rise upwards and spread outward. secretive and supsicious. Such people are best suited to Advisory businesses or scientific. which makes Air a good communicator. then the abilty of communications of such native is extraordinary or enhanced. in which time. They also have patience. Financial and business affairs play an important role for them and Matters of Status (Material). media People etc.Mercury in Gemini) which represent communication too .) they are confident and can get easily into fights and duals. artists.reporters. Earth Element is cold and dry.. Lawyers.mental. . Such people are practical.It is a positive element faster and more active. literary persuits. Business would be best suited for them. Comfort and security are their major concerns. labour and perseverance are required.lightest and represents a Extrovert Nature. Such natives have a good ability to communicate intelligently and freely. They indicate less of vitality. like Accountants. more to do with mind. mechanical. They have extreme sensitivity and sympathetic understanding. Just like Fire cannot just be.thus even natives with more planets in Fiery Planets would be restless in nature and seeking change in the departments where the Planets gather in the particular sign and house. Their power of grasping is above average. fond of reasoning. methodical and economical.or Mars or Sun influence the same. People with more Planets in watery signs. Mining and all laborius. It is the slowest and heaviest of all the elemnts. (You may find their palms more Pinkish or reddish if one is interested in palmistry applied to astrology. heavy and slow work.courageous and assertive nature. People with more Planets in Airy signs denote the intellectual stimulus at play. Such people would be careful and cautious. Fire is hot and Dry in Nature. They can suffer from inflammatory disorders and fevers . would not like much movement or travel.Scientists. they will have active circulation of air in their body. There is ambition. Sun which is source of fire and energy all around and this Energy (Heat-Fire-Light) is brought down to earth by Air Present in the atmosphere . and also not easily accept advises or new ideas. well behaved and tactful. People with more Planets in Earthy Signs would show stability . pre-meditative and practical. Fertile imaginations if well disposed.

enthusiasm. Such people make good business men. It has a passive and rather introvert nature. execution of plan only after studying the feasibility and chances of success . Earth and water are again friendly to each other since when water is mixed with earth .Their constitution would be weak as they have less of power to re-vitalize or recuperate. The Fixed quadruplicity would incline the native towards future set goals with Pesistence and unwavering efforts to achieve them. Whereas Earth and Air are Mutual enemies as a gust of Air (Wind)can drive away the Earth (Dust) and displace it. Professions best suited would be related to liquids or where water is predominantly a Integral part of that business. run together and collect in the lowest levels. RELATIONSHIPS One may also check the friendships or relationships between two people on the above basis. Fire and earth are neutral to each other. Such natives with Fixed Ascendants and many strong planets influencing these would develop Stubborn and uncompromising attitudes and stick to their own ideas . He is conservative and a slow starter. It is a negative element. .obstinate.Mobility and energy and are called Rajas (In Hindi). They love changes.. reliant. This Element (Water) is cool and wet. self-made ones. They are firm in their attitude .often dogmatic. Thus the native influenced by more Watery signs especially ascendant . They are among the most reliable people in the world.There is les of stamina in them. Who can make breakthrough against heavy odds and succeed. Whereas Fire and Water are natural enemies as water can extinguish the Fire.unrelenting and rigid.They are sentimental and may be psychic and interested in occult. And if the influences of many Planets on the 5th House .they do not like to be makes it concrete and builds. the pioneers.fame.then there would certainly be offsprings (Issues or Children) to the native. Because life originates from water which is the essence and signifies fertlity (seed and watering a plant).ambition. They make good Mediums . but with a strong sense of loyalty and commitment to their goals and objectives. They Like to control and not otherwise. execution and ability to execute plans. It tends to fall. action oriented nature. What do Planets in Cardinal.recognition. For example Fire and Air are Mutual friends as air increases and spreads the fire. They Are persistent in their efforts. Fixed and Dual Signs denote ? (How to check ? See the Ascendant first and then rest of the Planets where they are placed) The cardinal (Also known as Movable)Signs have quality of aggressivenes . If pre-dominance of Quadruplicities in Movable signs exists then this indicates a very rapid. then taking up. This would incline the native towards constant activity. Such signs would represent movement from one place to another. ie. is likely to be Round in shape (Physically). with concern for present not accept defeat. Air and water are neutrals. slower and passive. and reach their goals slowly but surely.

The odd Signs or Masculine ones are 1. POLARITIES The whole Universe is effected by the Law of Duality And so are the sexes.7.mental Communication and adaptability. They are often found to be vascillating.The Dual (Also known as Common or Mutable) Quadruplicity signs When influencing any natives chart. would not like to wait. Common Signs are known as – Dwisbhava Raashis. Fiery – Agni tattwa Earthy – Prithvi tattwa Airy – Vayu tattwa Watery – Jal Tattwa.6.4. the person with predominance of Odd signs in his chart. Their nature is dual and fluctuating .They are intellectual.8. indecesive and constantly seeking change. amd have mature understanding borne out of experience. Even Signs or femine are 2.3.sympathetic.sensitive and versatile ie. for instance. Now we come to. . They lack stamina and outseide conditions can easily dominate them. Dual signs are very difficult to understand. Positive and Negative. They are best fitted to be employed rather than be employers. but immediately get the Carrier and start loading the Suitcases himself.changing nature. Fixed Signs are known as – Sthira Raashis. Means if a group of people are waiting on a Airport Subway waiting for the porter.Male and Female. The predominance of masculine Signs in a Chart (means more Planets in Odd Signs)would mean such individuals would take iniatives and action without resort to outside stimulus or coaxing them. which can be advantageously adopted by a student. They would be in other words self-starters in those Departments of lifewhere such signs fall.9 and 11 while the. 10 and 12. They often get trapped in their own memories.5.while the last 5 degrees or so of a common sign often tends the characterisitcs of the following Moveable sign.physchological conditionings. this natives relationship would be based on past experience. In Hindi Moveable Signs are known as – Chara Raashis. They drift and dream of the future. They are pleasing in manner and peaceful types. But a general rule of the thumb. is that the first 5 degrees or so for a common sign. Their power is mental and spiritual. They are also averse to strenous physical actions. The native is often pre-conditioned and prejudiced in his attitudes and by subcoscious. Masculine or Feminie.intelligent. The 12 Sugns are divided in two Partitions. But they are equally flexible. invariably absorb and display the fixed characteristics of the previous fixed sign.

so that You do not have to unnecessarily use the keyboard for Page Up or Down and create a headache for You. Understand the same for Male natives with dominance of Even signs in their charts.Fixed and Dual Signs and their pre-dominance in any Chart. Example Chart A (Delhi Birth) . For instance suppose a chart of a female shows many planets in odd Signs including The Ascendant. So dear friends we now come to the close of this Chapter.Watery signs and Their predominance in a Chart.) Let us apply what we have learnt to the Example Chart as below. Also copy the table for the Quadruplicity and Triplicity on the same sheet. Such type of classification helps one to know many things such as Sex determintion when one is expecting a child. What is the meaning of Cardinal.Earthy. Whenever you read this and in future. then it can be easily surmised that though she may be a female but she would behave or look like a Man. but not possible physically. One good astrologer can Also check the chart of any native without actually meeting the native and tell much about the Native what quality he or she may possess.(here there would be more pasiveness rather than active nature).This can also be linked to the Chromosome factors (predominance of X and Y in males or Females as the case may be. What have we learnt in this Chapter ? In a Nutshell – What is the meaning of Fiery. as other matters in life too have to be attended to. Personal Note. Some research if oriented would confirm this).Airy .Understand the opposite for the Even signs. Odd and Even Signs.take a paper pen and copy The chart on that paper and then read. (The above can be made more exhaustive running into hundreds of Pages and with more details and examples.

Asc) 3 planets in Earthy Signs. and 4 in Dual or Common. may also Calculate the Positions of the MC. and 2 planets in Watery Signs. 4 in Fixed. Mars 4 2 10 2 4 Those who wish.Fortuna. The above is a most healthy Mix in all ways.Sign Fire Earth Air Water Total Cardinal Fixed Ketu Dual Saturn.Pluto and Uranus.Ascenda nt Venus Total 3 3 2 Moon Mercury Jupiter Rahu Sun. and fit in above Chart. 2 Planets in Airy.(Inc. The Native has 5 Planets in Odd Signs ( Ascendant inclusive) The Native has 5 Planets in Even Signs. That is again a healthy Mix. Neptune. Now what more remains to be seen more in above . What do we see above ? 3 planets in Fiery Signs.. 2 in cardinal.

and to each his own) . This Person would have a strong constitution and build. Fit for all positions of authority as Mars is a fiery planet joins Sun another Fiery one. would not accept “ No “ as a answer. with the same. After that prepare such tables for your family members too and Check whether their their personalities too match with what is shown in your table. a leader in his field. Fixed in his views which no one could be able to change. then the indicates of the Fire in the person would be reduced to that extent. in Manner. pushing. In speech He would be forceful. Hot tempered and also have diseases of excessive Heat (Pitta) in his system. (Home Work. (Not related to above Example) Suppose We are looking for the Nature of the Person. He would trust only in himself. polish Your Predictions? You should also check whether Male Signs are sitting in Odd Houses Or fiery Planets are sitting in Fiery Signs. Extravagant. So what do You induce ? That the Native would be very strong in Nature. He would Be at times very strong in speech too. What type of women he should marry ? I leave that answer to You.prepare Your own Chart like above and check what Qualities are pre-dominant in You. That would make that department more Fiery. Sun and Mars are both Fiery in nature. spirited and Dash of rashness. He Would be Egoistic. He would always be ready for attack and never be on defensive. If Watery Planet (Like Moon) sitting in Fiery Sign. If Sun is sitting in Aries or Leo along with Mars. He would be impulsive in actions. His social attitudes would be marked with aggression. since You are the Master and know yourself and your family members very well and more better than others – let me know if your attempts are succesful and you find this way of reading Perfect in the Charts You study ) The Planets(This may be Controversial classification . Military type. Leo is also a Fixed Sign. He would be commanding.This Home work no one is going to check except You. and whether it matches with your Persona In real life. Leo itself is a odd and masculine sign. Sun and Mars are both masculine. cutting a person in two. if his demands are not met.

are Feminine Planets. are considered Neutral.Mars.Sun.Saturn and Ketu.Venus and Rahu. Moon. Mercury.Jupiter are Masculine Planets. .

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