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Call of the Wild

Chapter 1: Into the Primitive

Gold just been discovered in in the Arctic. Californian people are rushing to the Northland, looking to gain some gold. Everyone is looking for strong and big dogs to carry them to the severe cold in the Arctic for their journey. Buck is a strong dog and the main character of call of the wild tale. Buck lives in the home of Judge Miller in Santa Clara Valley. Other dogs are present in the tale; however, Buck is the king of his domain. He escorts the Judge's daughters on walks; he hunts with Judges sons, carries his grandchildren on his back. Buck weighs around 140 pounds. He is not as large as his father was, but he carries himself like a king. Hunting and walking keep him fit.

Buck doesnt know what danger is waiting him. Manuel, a gardener's helper, who fall in debt, his salary cant support his big family. One night, when the Judge and his sons are gone Manuel takes Buck on a walk. They arrive to a flag station where a man is waiting for them. Manuel sells Buck to a stranger for some dollars and when the stranger tries to grab the rope around his neck he flies violently at the man and bite the mans hand; however Buck is thrown into the baggage car of the train. The man tells the conductor that Buck is being taken to San Francisco in order to cure him. Buck was hold into a brass collar and thrown into a cage. During the first night, Buck wonders why he is there. He wishes that the Judge come for him. Buck kidnappers put him in an express train to reach Seattle in two days. They harass him by poking him with sticks while he in the cage. They dont give him food and drinks. Buck refuses to let another rope be placed upon him. When the train reaches the destination and unloaded, a man in a red sweater approaches the cage. The man carries a hatchet and a club; first, he uses the hatchet to break open Buck's cage. Buck tries to rush and leap up to the man; however he is

Call of the Wild

struck by a club until he is beaten and bloodied. This experience let Buck to know not to fight a club. Other dogs arrive and undergo the same process. Buck respects the red sweater, but never seeks the man's affection, as other dogs do. A Canadian man named Perrault notices that Buck is the best and worth a thousand dogs. He purchases him with others. He takes them to a ship, where they are turned over to Francois, another French-Canadian. There are two other dogs: A white dog, who is friendly, and Dave, who seems completely disinterested in everything around him. The trip ends. Buck sees snow for the first his first snow, and he does not understand what it is.

Chapter 2: The Law of Club and Fang

On Buck's first day on the Dyea beach he notices that he has been thrown from civilization into chaos. He has to be working under the law of club and fang. Attack is an endless threat. The friendly dog is killed for trying to make friendly advances towards a husky dog only half her size. The dog put her down in an efficient and quick technique. When the friendly dog could not raise again, the rest of the dogs in the camp attack and kill her. Spitz, the lead dog of Buck's team, laughs. Buck hatreds him extremely. He has learned that fair play does not exist, and he has to make sure never go down.

The first time Buck is harnessed by the sled, he lose honor and he feels that his dignity is hurt. Even though, he is too wise to rebel. Dave, an experienced wheeler, tries to attack Buck whenever he is making mistakes. Spitz growls at him warningly from his front post. Buck learns quickly from these two dogs. Two huskies, Billie and Joe, are joined the team. They are brothers, but very different. Buck receives them as friends. Dave ignores them, while Spitz attempts to control them all to become the lead dog. Billie immediately submits, but Joe refuses. Soon

Call of the Wild

another husky, Sol-leks, arrives. Like Dave, he is cautious and expects nothing from anyone. Buck accidentally approached Sol-leks from his blind side, and he is given a vicious cut in return. He learns quickly not to repeat the mistake. When Buck tries to sleep that night, he is unable to find warm place. After wandering in the camp, he decides to see how the other dogs in the team are making out. He notices that Billie buried in the snow and then he wants to make his own hole and fall asleep. When he awakes next day, he barely moves out of the snow that has gathered over and around him. When the dogs are harnessed, Buck notices the change in Dave and Sol-leks. They become active and excited to work. Many dogs are added. The journeys in the snow become more difficult. Buck is exhausted by these journeys in this new climate. Buck is bigger than the other dogs, and even though he receives a bigger meal, he never feels satisfied. He starts to steal a chunk of bacon and He never got caught, and another, weaker dog is punished in his place. Buck realizes that if he wants to survive to have to steal. He does things because they are necessary and he develops more heightened senses, hardened muscles, and an iron stomach. All of this happens to Buck, because a gardener's helper did not make enough money to support his family.

Chapter 3: The Dominant Primordial Beast

Buck's horrible nature gradually grows. He concentrates on getting through each day as he can. Spitz always reminds Buck of his place. Many times he attempts to start a fight that must end in one of their deaths. At one particularly difficult and cold night; Spitz takes over Buck's nest while he has gone to eat his ration. Buck angrily leaps at Spitz. Suddenly few starving huskies have invaded the camp. They pounce on the food. The team has never seen such dogs. The strange huskies attack and Buck finds himself wildly fighting for his life. While he kills two of

Call of the Wild

the huskies, Spitz attacks Buck from the side. Buck shakes him off and concentrates on fighting the strange dogs. The men concentrate on defending the food. The team runs into the forest, where they regroup to return to camp. All of them are wounded. Half of their food is gone. Due to the fight, Francois is worried that the dogs will develop madness because of their wounds; however, Perrault (Francois partner in the journey) refuses to give the dogs any type of mercy or rest them. It takes 6 days for them to travel 30 miles. Sometimes they run into heavy ice, and the dogs have to be thawed by a fire. Perrault is ruthless. He cannot be frightened, and wants to travel the 400 miles to Dawson as soon as possible. Several times the sled drags under the ice, but each time Perrault manages to get them over again. Buck's feet make him suffer from the coldness. Francois makes buck four moccasins to protect his leg and when he recovers it will be thrown away. Buck depends on Francois in many occasions, one of the newest dogs, Dolly, attacks Buck therefore he runs towards Francois to save him. Francois kills Dolly with an axe. After this fight Buck collapses, Spitz takes advantage and attacks him but he is driven off by Francois. Perrault believes that Spitz is going to kill Buck, but Francois insists that it is Spitz who should be afraid.

No doubt that the fight between Buck and Spitz will happen soon. It is his nature, he want to be dominate, everyone aware of this even Spitz too. Buck begins to interfere when Spitz punish other dogs. He wants to undermine all punishments that Spitz do for other dogs. The unity of the team is destroyed by Buck's undermining of Spitz's authority. The team arrives at Dawson. Buck meets a few dogs like himself, dogs from the Southland, but most are wild huskies. Each night the dogs howl together.

Call of the Wild

A week later the team leaves Dawson One night the dogs notice a rabbit, and they chase after it, joined by a nearby pack of police dogs. Buck, leading the pack, celebrates in the hunt, all of his natures overwhelming him. Spitz, cold and calculating, he takes a different route to reach faster than Buck to the rabbit. Spitz jumps upon the rabbit, and without thinking Buck leaps over him. This is a fight to the death. At first Spitz is fighting betters than Buck. After a few moments Buck is covered in blood, while Spitz is still untouched. Spitz is an experienced fighter, however Buck has more imagination. He is able deceive his enemy; therefore, he breaks both legs for Spitz. Spitz is beaten by Buck, he knocks Spitz onto his back and the other dogs brutally attack Spitz to finish him off.

Chapter 4: Who Has Won to Mastership

The next day Francois notices that Spitz is missing. As the dogs are about to be harnessed, Buck moves to the same position that Spitz used to occupied. However, Francois brings Sol-leks to the position of leader instead. Buck becomes angry and he tries to springs upon Sol-leks. He refuses to let Sol-leks to be the lead of the team. Francois brings a heavy club to punish Buck. Buck still remember his lesson at the hands of the man in the red sweater, however, Buck stays just out of reach and insist to be the lead. After an hour, Francois finally throws down the club, and makes a place for Buck in front.

Francois is surprised by the Bucks action while he leads the team. He starts to punish the dogs for any bad behavior. The work becomes harder. They have to pull the mail carts back over the trail to Dawson. Feeding time is a critical event at each day. Buck quickly the head over the other dogs. He sits in front of the fire every day and dream. Sometimes he remembers the great memories from his California home.

Call of the Wild

They reach Dawson, however this time they will not get ten day rest; they have another load of mail just two days later. The road is harder this time, the weather becomes colder and it has begins to snow. The men are very good to the dogs; provide food to the dogs before they eat. The strength and the health of the dogs are quickly waning. Dave, the strong dog, becomes awfully ill; however, he rejects any dog to take his spot in the lead. He refuses to lay off pulling the sled. One day the driver puts Sol-lek in his place, he aims to give Dave some rest by let him run easily behind the sled. Dave cant stand to see another dog taking his position. He runs into the soft snow beside Sol-lek, trying to take up again his usual place. Finally Dave falls behind the sled, but at the next rest for the team he tries again to resume his place. Finally the driver decides it is kinder to allow Dave to pull until he gives up. During his final pull, he falls many times. The next morning, Dave is too weak to rise. He is so weak. The team starts moving ahead some ways. After a while everyone hear a gunshot that rings out. Buck and everyone else know what the shot means.

Chapter 5: The Toil of Trace and Trail

The team arrived to the Skagway from Dawson again only after a thirty days from the first visit. The dogs were very exhausted. The loads for the dogs were too heavy. They moved slowly due to the critical bad legs. Although, the men were very exhausted however, they kept pushing the dogs and told them that they would get a long rest. New men had arrived at the Klondike. The team received new orders, and was told to sell of their exhausted dogs and replace them with fresh ones.

Two new men, Charles and Hal, bought the dogs and the sled for lower price. The camp is untidy. The team wants to move. Mercedes, wife of Charles sister of Hal, is in the camp. Buck

Call of the Wild

watches to them while taking down the camp. They roll the tent in improper way. The load on the sled is too heavy. Other men from the neighboring camp told them that the load is too heavy but they will not listen. The team cannot move the sled. They are whipped harshly by Hal. Mercedes shout over the dogs. Buck does not like her, but tolerates. Barely, the dogs move the sled. The sled falls on its side. Most of the items are scattering. Then, Hal takes the advice of those around them; they remove many of the luxuries ignoring Mercedes shouting. More dogs are added to the team. The journey begins. The new dogs are useless -Buck can teach them "what not to do," but he can't teach them "what to do."

They are barely traveling ten miles a day, and it is certain they will run very short due to the small amount of the dogs food. Dogs start dying one by one. Hal and Charles curse and Mercedes still shout. They did not have patience. Charles and Hal constantly fight over who does more work; Mercedes changes her commitment from husband to brother and back again.

Mercedes insists on riding on the sled. Her weight adds more load weakens the team further, until one day they cannot move at all. Even though all of the heavy load and weaken dogs, Mercedes refuses to walk. Eventually the dog food gives out completely. Hall begins to feed the dogs some strips of frozen meat. Buck is bad situation. His coat is matted with blood due to some injuries by the Hal. His power is collapsing. Just seven dogs were left and they are in bad conditions.

Billie falls and cannot get up. Hal brutally kills him with an ax. The team knows this fate approaches. The next day Koona dies. Five dogs remaining struggle on, despite their serious pains. They all arrive into John Thornton's camp for a rest. John alerts all travelers that the ice is thin, and the trail is likely to fall in at any moment. Hal refuses to listen, and calls the team to

Call of the Wild

order. He whipped all of the dogs to make them rise. All of them rise except Buck who remains on the ground. He refuses to move. Hal raise the club over Buck but he cannot move.

All of a sudden John Thornton jumps over Hal and pushes him back, telling him that he will kill him if he hits the dog (Buck) one more time. Hal stops hitting Buck and then John cuts Buck's traces. The team proceeds. A quarter of a mile away, the ice breaks and the sled goes down, and all of the team sinks.

Chapter 6: For the Love of a Man

Both John and Buck had cold injury last winter; however they recover soon and become stronger in a beautiful warm weather. Buck's muscles swell and return to his shape. Buck makes friends with John Thornton's dogs, Skeet and Nig, as they await the boat that will carry them to Dawson. Skeet takes care of Buck's wounds during his recovery. Nig is also quite friendly.

Buck has never felt this way before. He is full of passionate for John Thornton, who not only saved him, but is also the ideal master. John loves his dogs, he treat them as his children. John talks to them for long periods of time. He holds Buck's head and rests his own upon it. It is almost as if he understands what Buck says to him. By time buck does not want to let John out of his sight, he afraid of that he will lose him as he has lost other nice masters.

Despite this great love, however, Buck still keep in his memory the darkness time of his life. That experienced change his life, he has no fears about stealing from other camps. Buck gets into fights. His lessons from Spitz are not forgotten. He knows one rule, kill or be killed. Inside Buck lives all the dogs that came before him. Each day mankind slips further away; Buck wanders the forest many times, only his passion towards John Thornton bringing him back.

Call of the Wild

Thornton's partners, Hans and Pete, arrive with the expected raft. Buck could not tolerate them. John discovers that Buck will do anything he says. Buck gets a chance to prove his love when John interferes in a fight between "Black" Burton and a tenderfoot. Buck nearly kills him, and due to this incident he has a good reputation in every camp in Alaska. When John falls into a river, Buck helps Hans and Pete for rescuing him. Buck wins a $1600 bet when he pulls a heavy sled weight 1000 pounds of flour. After that Buck becomes very popular dog in Alaska. All people who see the bet are astonished and many of them desire to buy Buck, and one man offers to buy him from John for 1200 dollars, but John refuses.

Chapter 7: The Sounding of the Call

The money that Buck wins allows John to pay his debt and to go for a journey to the east looking for a lost mine. Heading east with the team and Buck leads six dogs 70 miles up the Yukon. John is unconcern of the wild, he manage the team food by hunting it each day. Buck is very happy with this life, as they hike through the wilderness, fishing, hunting and unthinking of time. The team spent two years they wander, seeking an ancient cabin and a mythical mine. They could not find the mind, however, in the second year they find a shallow placer in a broad valley where the gold showed like yellow butter across the bottom of the washing-pan.

The team does not have many work to do, therefor, Buck spends his days by the fire, dreaming of that ancient man. In his mind he thinks in this early, undefined world. Buck every night hears an ancient call deep comes from inside the forest. Sometimes he searches for it. Sometimes he hears it, springs from his place and runs wild through the forest. One night Buck hears that call deep voice more clearly than ever before. He runs into the forest and he sees a wolf. Buck approaches towards the wolf; but the wolf is afraid of Buck who is three times his size, and he

Call of the Wild

runs away. This meeting is repeated, until finally the wolf understands that Buck is intended to have a friend, and they get along and sniff noses.

The wolf makes a motion for Buck to let him know that he wants buck to come with him, and Buck is happy as they run. After running for a while, Buck remembers John. He turns back. When he enters camp he overwhelms John, so happy is he to see him. The next two days Buck does not move out of the camp or let John be out of his sight. After a while, Buck sleeps away from the camp, wandering the forest and searching for his new wolf friend to play and run with for days a time. While wandering in the forest Buck forced to fight a black bear and after a brutal fight Bucks kills him. The need to hunt and kill becomes stronger inside Buck.

Buck starts feel with greater pride in himself. Only the spots of brown and white on his chest denies the fact that he is not a wolf. John and his partners say there has never been such a dog. When he leaves the camp; his character changes to be more wildness. He likes to kill for his own food; therefore, sometimes Buck attacks a wild moose. It takes Buck a day to separate the bull from his herd. Then he follows him for another three, never letting him rest or get a drink of water. His kill finished, and refreshed by two meals, Buck heads back to camp and to John.

One day when Buck turn back to the camp he begins to feel that something very bad has happened. Buck finds a tragedy. Everyone has been shot and killed with arrows. The Yeehats are cheerfully dancing Three miles out he sees a new trail. Buck find an arrow stick in the head of Nig. Hans is dead as well. Buck sees Yeehat Indians dancing around the wreckage of the camp.


Call of the Wild

Buck jumps at the Indians, tearing the throat of the chief. Buck pursues the rest of them, killing a few more as they attempt to flee. Buck sees Pete's body, and then he follows the scent of john then by the lake he finds Johns body lies. Buck feels of pain in himself.

That night Buck hears the call from inside the forest once more, and this time he knows he has to leave for ever. In the way Buck runs into a wolf pack that rushes into Buck. The boldest one strikes Buck and instantly has his neck broken. The rest try to, but Buck holds them off for half an hour. The wolves draw back. Buck recognizes his wild brother, and they touch noses. When the pack howls, Buck joins them. Obeying their law and he runs with them into the woods.

After some years, the wolves of the valley are seen to have one with splashes of brown and white. Indians speak of a Ghost Dog that haunts the woods and slays the bravest hunter. One wolf returns to the valley each year. He sits and thinks, remember, howl once and then rejoin his pack.