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Fact & Myth

The Fracking Truth

Myth: Banning fracking will stop oil development in North Dakota. Fact: Banning fracking with chemicals will force the multibillion dollar oil industry to develop non-toxic fracking. Myth: There are no alternatives to fracking fluids that are nontoxic. Fact: Regulations for offshore drilling require the use of non-toxic fluids to protect marine life. Meanwhile, our fresh waters are absorbing toxic fracking fluid from this land-based technology, simply because the industry is not being required to use nontoxic fluids! Canada is currently developing non-toxic alternatives. Myth: Fracking fluids do not contaminate the groundwater, aquifers, drinking water, or surface water. Fact: This summer, France banned Fracking from the entire country. Their study was based on contamination studies in the U.S., which included North Dakota.

In Tioga ND, on the Jorgenson farm, an open pit and others in the area, overflowed from rain and snowmelt. The Oil and Gas Regional Office of Williston told the Jorgenson s that if they wanted a water analysis done it would cost them $2500. In Wise County Texas, properties with Fracking wells have lost 75% of their value. In 2008, a Colorado Fracking wastewater pit leaked 1.6 million gallons of fluids, some of which contaminated the Colorado River. In 2009, in Dimock, PA, a Fracking well leaked 8420 gallons of fluids that contaminated their water. The company was fined $240,000. Since then it has cost over $10 million to haul in clean potable water to it s 2400 residents. Currently, the EPA is studying the water in Dunn County and the town of Killdeer for possible water contamination from Fracking.

y Hydraulic fracturing or fracking, is a method of extracting oil and natural gas that involves blasting underground rock thousands of feet deep with a cocktail of sand, water, and chemicals. y It uses 1-8 million gallons of water per frack. Each well may be fracked over 20 times. Waste Water is stored in open or closed pits.

More than 80,000 pounds of chemicals are injected into the earths crust at each drill site.

Myth: Water treatment plants can clean the fracking wastewater. Fact: Water treatment plants can t process fracking waste water because they contain

radioactive elements, biocides, endocrine disruptors, and cancer-causing carcinogens. Myth: The oil industry and its allies say we ve been fracking for 60 years without a problem . Fact: Hydraulic fracturing is a new unconventional method implemented by Halliburton in 2005 to drill for oil. Myth: The EPA can regulate fracking. Fact: In 2005, chemicals used in fracking were exempt from the Safe Drinking Water Act. The EPA is only required to test for diesel. Myth: The oil industry is good for the economy and creates jobs for North Dakota residents. Fact: The majority of the workers are from out-of-state and are homeless living in man camps , women camps their work trucks, hotels, RV parks, vehicles, or according to the New York Times the Walmart parking lot in Williston. Many are without access to their basic needs, such as adequate shelter and water. y According to Forbes, in 2010, the Big 5 oil companies reduced their workforce by 4,400 employees and recorded y

a $73 Billion profit. It takes 25 to 100 workers for the initial drill process. Once the well is producing oil, it only takes one to two people to run it. y According to the Minot Daily News, traffic accidents, crimes, and fatalities have tripled. There is a police force shortage in the Western part of the state. Housing prices have sky rocketed. People are being forced out of their homes. In New Town, ND, a gallon of milk is around $7.00. The infrastructure is falling apart. Oil companies in ND are not adequately taxed for the oil that is extracted. ND taxpayers are footing the bill for the economic havoc that they have created.

Myth: Oil Industries Follow Federal Regulations. Fact: This year residents in the western part of the state have reported smog. Up until now, smog was unheard of and is attributed to burning off the gases from thousands of oil producing wells in the state, with disregard to regulations.

In August 2011, the EPA for violations has cited these Oil companies in North Dakota: Marathon Oil Company Slawson Exploration Co. Inc Petro Hunt QEP Energy Company Spotted Elk Dev. LLC Dakota 3 E&P Company LLC Enerplus Resources Corp

Myth: Fracking does not cause earthquakes. Fact: In the past couple of months scientists have confirmed that fracking has caused earthquakes in several areas across the United States and in other countries, including Pennsylvania and Oklahoma.

Information provided by No Fracking Way Turtle Mountain Tribe. You can find this site and others on Facebook.