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1. Non good payers can take loan maximum of his/her capital build up. 2. Good payers , coop may counterpart 50% of his/her capital build up. 3. Savings can be withdrawn from coop during emergency cases only subject to be return anytime without interest. Minimum maintaining balance of 5,000.00 pesos should remain. 4. Rate of interest is fixed at 2% monthly. 5. Processing fee - 25 pesos below 7,500 pesos and 50 pesos for loans 7,500 pesos and above. 6. Weekly savings of 50 pesos will be added to savings while granting loans. Members who does avail loan should regularly pay weekly savings until he/she comply the minimum 50 share capital or continue to pay until the maximum 250 shares. 7. Mode of payment is daily or weekly. In few cases when members are not earnings daily or weekly, maximum of 15 days may be allowed but not beyond. 8. In few cases when loaning members are unable to pay completely his/her loan on due date, renewal may be granted if at least 75% is paid. The balance should be deducted from loan.

COMPARATIVE STUDY ON LOANING OPERATIONS TAYTAY (TSK) Rate: Principal Loan: Term: Mode of Payment weekly: Principal: Interest: Savings: FEE: TOTAL Weekly Payment: NOTE:
There is extra charge before loan release: 300.00 pesos

LIFE BANK 4% per month 5,000 pesos 6 months

LA VILLA DE AREVALO MPC 2% per month 5,000 pesos 6 months

4% per month 5,000pesos 6 months

25 weeks 200.00 pesos 48.00 pesos 60.00 pesos 1.00 pesos

24 weeks 208.34 pesos 41.67 pesos 50.00 pesos

25 weeks 200.00 pesos 24.00 pesos 50.00 pesos 1.00 peso

309.00 per week

300.00 per week

275.00 per week

125.00 pesos


CREDIT COMMITTEE REPORT The cooperative (La Villa de Arevalo MPC) started credit operations to serve its members in February 1, 2011. For 11 months up to December 31,2011 our capitalization increased by 136, 000.00 pesos from less than 200,000.00 to over 336,000.00 pesos. During the period we have served 174 member applications with a total volume 1,474,766.00 pesos an average 16 applications per month and average volume of 134,070 pesos per month respectively. Our lending rate of 2.5% monthly is further reduced to 2% ease interest burden to loaning members. Our study show that our interest rate is the cheapest in the market. More over our protectionist goal is further enhanced by providing insurance for loans and life coverage so that both members and the coop is protected against uncalled circumstances.

Certified correct : FELIZARDO CATUBUAN Chairperson DEMOSTHENES RABANERA Vice Chairperson MERLYN TUYO Secretary

Noted: PANCHO N. SIOSON Chairperson La Villa de Arevalo MPC

GENERAL POLICY 1. New applicants for membership may be accepted upon paying membership 200.00 pesos and capital build up minimum 50 shares. In case applicants cannot meet the required CBU, balance may be subscribed for 3 to 6 months maximum. 2. Members are required to come earlier or on time during meetings. Those who come 10 minutes late will be imposed 5.00 pesos penalty. 3. Members who are absent during meetings will be subject to 15.00 penalty each day of absences. 4. Warning notice will be served to loaning members who violate the provision stated in the loan agreement. First violation may be excused depending on validity of reason. Second violation demand letter will be forwarded to the Barangay for proper action.

ETHICS COMMITTEE REPORT During the 5th General Assembly to the 6th General Assembly meetings, nothing of any misbehavior or misconduct among members or abuse of authority of officers observed. Smooth operations of the of the cooperative exist as the ambience of peace prevail during the period.

Certified correct: EMMA DE LA CRUZ Chairperson OTHELIA ABAYGAR Vice Chairperson ROSEMARIE ARANGOTE Secretary

Noted: PANCHO N. SIOSON Chairperson La Villa de Arevalo MPC

CONCILIATION AND MEDIATION COMMITTEE REPORT From February 10,2011 5th General Assembly to February 12,2012 6th General Assembly has not received any complaint from any member. Camaraderie and harmonious relationship among members exist during the period. Certified Correct: BENEDICT ABROT Chairperson ASTRIO RASCO Vice Chairperson ROMEO PESCADERIA Secretary Noted: PANCHO N. SIOSON Chairperson La Villa de Arevalo MPC

ELECTION COMMITTEE REPORT I. On the 5th General Assembly held on February 10, 2011 in 0smena St. Brgy. Sta. Felomina,Arevalo Iloilo City, the following officers have been elected: A. BOARD OF DIRECTORS 1. Pancho N. Sioson Chairperson 2. Eugenio Junsan Vice Chairperson 3. Margarita Wendam Member 4. Constantino Molino Member 5. Ritchelle Love Sudario Member B. AUDIT COMMITTEE 1. Jasmin Tejada Chairperson 2. Rosalie Escultero Vice Chairperson 3. Lilian Gepana Secretary C. ELECTION COMMITTEE 1. Jessie Abella Chairperson 2. Vivian Sadsad Vice Chairperson 3. Tomas Legislador Secretary

Certified correct:



PANCHO N. SISON Chairperson La Villa de Arevalo MPC

Guide to Agenda 1. Presentation to General Assembly A. Treasurer Financial Report B. BOD and Management Report i. Annual Developmental Plan ii. Budget C. Committees Report i. Audit Committee Report iii. Election Committee Report and iv. Education and Training Committee Repot v. Mediation and Conciliation vi. Ethics Committee Report vii. Credit Committee Report D. Policy i. General Policy ii. Credit Policy Acceptance/Approval of General Assembly Declaration of Reserves and Distribution of Patronage Refund Issuance of Shares Certificates CLIMBS Insurance Presentation and open forum Election of 0fficers 2 BOD members 3 Audit Committee Members 3 Election Committee Members

2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

7. Appointment/reappointment 2 Members of Education and Training Committee 3 members of Credit committee 3 Conciliation and Mediation committee 3 Ethics Committee