December 20, 2011 The Honorable Scott Brown United States Senate 359 Dirksen Senate Office Building Washington

, D.C. 20510-2102 Dear Senator Brown: I read with great interest of your support for a two month extension for unemployment benefits and your comments concerning House Republicans “plan to scuttle the deal to help middle class families” being “irresponsible and wrong.” You are well aware of the difficulties suffered by middle class and poor Americans in the current economic climate. You are also keenly aware that the American people grow weary of partisan politics in Washington taking priority over the best interests of the American people. We need more people in congress willing to reach across the aisle in order to reach compromises to ease the pain of middle class America. I, along with the members of the Springfield Branch NAACP, formally invite you to meet with us and our constituents at a town hall meeting at the Spring of Hope Church in Springfield, MA in the early part of the New Year at a time convenient with your schedule. Senator, we want you to directly hear from residents from all walks of life, from small business owners and their employees to the unemployed, on their ideas how to increase jobs and prosperity in our area along with many other concerns. It is important that the constituents understand your priorities and to work together with you to craft a consensus solution for Massachusetts. Please let me know what date(s) and time(s) work best for you. I look forward to setting up this meeting right as soon as possible. Sincerely,

Talbert W. Swan
Rev. Talbert W. Swan, II, President Springfield Branch NAACP

! ! January'26,'2012' ' The'Honorable'Scott'Brown' United'States'Senate'' 359'Dirksen'Senate'Office'Building'' Washington,'D.C.'20510H2102' ' Dear'Senator'Brown:' ' I'recently'received'a'letter'from'your'office'week'denying'our'request'of'December'20,'2011'that'you' conduct'a'town'hall'meeting'with'our'constituents'sometime'early'this'year'on'a'date'convenient'with' your'schedule.' ' While'I'understand'the'demands'of'your'extremely'busy'schedule,'I'remind'you'that'you'serve'a'very' diverse'constituency'across'the'Commonwealth,'including'members'of'the'NAACP.'It'is'no'secret'that' you' are' in' the' midst' of' a' tough' reelection' campaign' and' will' be' spending' quite' a' bit' of' time' in' the' Commonwealth' in' the' months' to' come.' It' is' inconceivable' that' you' cannot' find' any' time' during' the' course' of' this' entire' election' season' to' meet' with' our' members' in' Springfield,' which' IS' a' part' of' the' Commonwealth,'which'you'represent.' ' I' urge' you' to' reconsider' your' denial' of' our' request,' which' took' into' account' your' schedule' and' gave' your'office'the'flexibility'to'hold'the'session'at'a'time'of'your'convenience.'To'summarily'dismiss'our' desire'to'meet'with'OUR'senator'is'quite'concerning.' ' I'look'forward'to'speaking'with'your'staff'concerning'the'particulars'of'your'upcoming'visit'to'our'city'to' meet'with'citizens'represented'by'the'NAACP,'an'important'part'of'your'constituency.' ' Sincerely' '' Talbert'W.'Swan' Rev.'Talbert'W.'Swan,'II,'President' Springfield'Branch'NAACP''