Hot Sheet: Lycanthropy

If you were to talk to the average person about a werewolf they would be confused. There are not even folk tales about their kind. Some children’s stores do exist about men wearing wolf skins to hunt, but they’re not really the same thing. That is not to say that lycanthropes do not exist. The process of becoming a Lycanthrope is as follows:





The character must be in an infected area. The disease of Lycanthropy can only be passed on when an existing member of the races dies. Once the hosts immune system can no longer keep the virus in check it aerosolizes into the room. When it is contracted by a new host who either has not made a full transformation yet, or one who will never transform. After exposure the player must fail a 5% roll, unless they are a Street Rat then their enhanced immune system, from years of exposure to everything, means that they only have a 2% chance of contracting the disease. Players then roll a second percentage. If they roll under 50z5 the character is infected but will not turn. They will instead suffer penalties. If they are 50% or over they will begin the process of conversion. -add info from campaign about rolls and penalties over time. When the full moon comes after the last conversion bonus is given, the person will charge into a wolf and begin hunting. The day after. The next day the human will have no memory of what they are, are what they have done. Depending on how good of a hunter the wolf is and where they live some werewolves have gone years without finding out what they really are.

The disease cannot be cured and while the wolf may be confined, it can never be controlled. Many werewolves simply move to isolated locations in hope of minimizing the harm this will do.

©  Katie  Gatto,  2012