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A Study on the Effectiveness of Client 90409601001 AARTHI A S R.S.Balasenthil Activation in JRG Securities Ltd. A Study on Analysis of Interpersonal Behavior of 90409601002 ARTHI V B.Palanivel Rajan Executives and Staffs Using FIRO-B A Study on Sales Promotional Techniques 90409601003 ARUN KUMAR M V.S.Harshith Babu towards Sri Meenakshi Industries, Madurai A Study on Working T.C.Surya 90409601004 ARUN PANDIAN M Capital Management on Narayana Prabu PEPSICO Ltd. A Study on Working Capital Management in the National Co 90409601005 ARUNKUMAR K C Dr.A.C.Kannan Operative Sugar Mills Ltd. A Study on the 90409601007 BALAKUMARAN A B Performance Analysis of A.C.Anbudevi Infrastructure Funds A Study on Working Capital Management of 90409601008 BALAJI G B R.S.Balasenthil Sakthi Sugars P. Ltd. In Pollachi A Study on Employee 90409601009 BALAJI K J Engagement in TVS Sri V.S.Harsith Babu Chakra Ltd. A Study on Financial Performance towards Future Generali India 90409601010 BALAJI P A A.C.Anbudevi Life Insurance Company Ltd. Madurai Branch A Study on Employee BALASUBRAMANIAN 90409601011 Motivation in TVS Sri B.Palanivelrajan B Chakra Ltd A Study on Financial CHANDRASEKARAN T Performance of ELGI 90409601012 Dr.A.C.Kannan S Electric & Industries LTd., CBE. A Study on Working T.C.Surya 90409601013 DEEPIKA G Capital Management of Narayana Prabu

JKM Auto Dynamatic Technologies Ltd.N.C.Bala Senthil B.Jothimurugan Dr.R.G.Anbudevi K.Palanivelrajan V. A Study on Employees¶ Perception about Management Strategies A673 90409601014 DURGA B at Aravind Eye Hospital.A. A Study on Technical Analysis and to A679 90409601020 KARTHICK G N Construct an Optimum Portfolio using Can SLIM Methodology A Study on Performance KARTHICK KUMAR K A680 90409601021 Appraisal in Pulsewear S Tirupur A Study of Best Performing SCRIPS of Nifty in last Five Years in Banking Sector in A681 90409601022 KATHIRAVAN M Dowell Associates (Religare Securities) P. Chennai.C. Ltd.S.Palanivelrajan Dr.Harshith Babu T.Madurai A Study on Job Satisfaction among EMMANUEL ELIAZAR A674 90409601015 Executives in Sundarm SANTHOSKUMAR Industries Rubber Factory A Study on ³Brand Awareness towards A675 90409601016 GANESHRAMARUN D Future Generali Life Insurance India´ A Financial Performance Analysis of Sree A676 90409601017 ISHWARYA S Vadivambigai Textile Mills P. A Study on Job A678 90409601019 KANNAN D Satisfaction in Sri Kannpiran Mills Ltd.Surya Narayana Prabu A.Srikumar B..T.Kannan . Sivagangai Analysis of Liquidity Management in A677 90409601018 JAYAPRAKASH K S Balavigna Weaving Mill¶s (P) Ltd.C. Ltd.Nalina R. Comparitive Study of Systematic Investment Plan and LumpSum A682 90409601023 KAVITHA G R Investment Plan in Mutual Funds with special reference to JRG S.S.

C.T.T.Jothimurugan Multi Commodity Exchange of India.A.C.Kannan TVS Srichakra Ltd.C..Kannan India Ltd. Ltd. Vellaripatti A Study on Security Analysis on Selected 90409601029 MUTHUKUMAR M Stocks in Dowell Dr.Kannan Hedging at Aditya Trading Solutions P..Chenai A Study of Relationship between Bullion Market 90409601026 LAVANYA C B Dr.Madurai A Study on the Performance of Invest to 90409601033 RAJASEKAR P Equity Share in the Dr.T.N.Anbudevi Sundaram Iyengar & Sons Ltd. A Study on Working Capital Management at 90409601024 KEERTHIKA C Dr. at Aditya Trading Solutions P.A.C.A. Madurai Attrition of Employees in 90409601032 PRIYADHARSHNI M Vadamalayan S.Ltd.A683 A684 A685 A686 A687 A688 A689 A690 A691 A692 A693 Securities Ltd..A.Srikumar Hospitals.C. Ltd.Kannan and Stock Holding Market for the year 2010 A Study on Price Fluctuations in Commodity Market with Speical Reference to 90409601027 MAHALAKSHMI A Dr.R.Surya 90409601034 RP Performance of Invest to Narayana Prabu . Ltd..Jothimurugan Capital Goods Sector in NSE-India RAJKUMAR ALAGESH A Study on the T.C. A Study on Indirect Tax 90409601030 PRASANNA DOSS O R Implications in Fenner Dr.Jothimurugan Comstar Automotive Technologies P. A Study on Comparative Financial Analysis at 90409601031 PREETHI K A.T. Chennai A Study on Financial Performance Analysis at 90409601028 MEENAKSHI G R Dr. A Study about the Effectiveness of Future Contract as a Tool of 90409601025 KIRUTHIKA V B Dr.Jothimurugan Associates (Religare Securities) P.

T.Anbudevi .N.C.Nalina 90409601040 SANJEEV R K Generali India.Srikumar Rubber (India) Ltd. A Study on Liquidity.Jothimurugan Shantigram Dairy NARAYANAN S Promotion Unit Natham 90409601045 SEENIVASAN M A Study on Inventory A. Risk and Profitability T.A694 A695 A696 A697 A698 A699 A700 A701 A702 A703 A704 Equity Share of the Sugar Sector in NSEIndia A Study on Comparative Analysis on Growth T.C.Jothimurugan Coats Pvt.C.Surya 90409601039 SANGEETHA P Analysis of JKM Auto Narayana Prabu Dynamatic Technologies Chennai A Study on Employees Job Satisfaction in Future K. .Anbudevi Investment Using DATA Source from JRG Securities Ltd.C.Madurai A Study on Working SANKARA Capital Management of T. Ltd.T. in Chennai A Study on Comparative Analysis between Equity and Derivatives on Selected Scrips in 90409601038 RUBAN A A. Ltd.Anbudevi Dowell Associates (Religare Securities ) P.C.Balasenthil Centtinad Cement.S.G.R.Surya 90409601035 RAMARAJAN V Prospects of Private and Narayana Prabu Public Sector Banks in NSE-India Preference of Investors towards DEBT Scheme of Mutual Fund 90409601036 RAMYA S K A.C.Surya 90409601041 NARAYANAN M Shantihigram Dairy Narayana Prabu Promotion Unit Natham A Study on Employee Retention at Bharath 90409601042 SANKARASUNDARI M S. Madurai Capital Management 90409601043 SANTHA LAKSHMI G Analysis of M/s.Madurai A Study on Liquidity Management in SATHYA 90409601044 Dr. A Study on Financial Statement Analysis in 90409601037 RANJITHKUMAR J R.Madura Dr.

S. A Study on the Effectiveness of Training 90409601047 SHAKILA M S.Balasenthil Shares in Selected Industries of Nifty A Study on Central Excise and CEN VAT 90409601052 SWEDHA MAI R S R.Nalina Solutions P.N.Nalina to EDM Soft Solutions. Chennai A Study on Evaluating Oil Pulling Strategy 90409601056 VELMURUGAN K K. A Study on Performance Analysis of Equity 90409601051 SURESH N R R.Srikumar of the Employees in HiTech Arai Ltd.C.Jothimurugan . Madurai A Study on Stock Selection in NSE for NAÏVE Investors with Dr.S.A.Kannan 90409601046 SETHURAMAN R S reference Angel Broking Ltd.S.A705 A706 A707 A708 A709 A710 A711 A712 A713 A714 A715 A716 Management in Sundaram Industries Rubber Factory.. Ltd.C.Palanivelrajan Mission Hospital and Research Centre Madurai A Study on Financial Performance of T..Balasenthil Direct Banking Channels of HDFC Bank Ltd. Madurai Job Satisfaction of Employees in Meenakshi 90409601048 SINDHU S B.Balasenthil Credit at Pricol Ltd. Madurai A Study on Employees Job Satisfaction in 90409601055 VAISHALIMOHAN R M perfectio Marketing K. Coimbatore A Study on Financial T.Nalina Among Consumers 90409601057 VENKATESH B R A Study on Financial Dr.C.Surya 90409601049 SUMITHA P Semansys Technologies Narayana Prabu Chennai A Study on Customer Perception towards 90409601050 SURESH BABU P K R.R.Surya 90409601053 THIRUMALAIRAJAN S Performance of KASIM Narayana Prabu Textiles Recruitment Challenges Faced by BPO Industries 90409601054 UMA JAYANTHI R J with Special References K.G.T.G.G..

. A604 A605 A606 A607 A608 A609 A610 A611 A612 A613 A614 Student Name Project Title A Study On Factors Influencing Employee Attrition Rate In Sundaram Industries Ltd Rubber Factory.Srikumar Vogue Pvt..N. Madurai Working Capital Management in Clifton R.Suriyanarayanaprabhu A Study On Competency Of Employees At Trends In S.No.Anbudevi T.N.C.2010 BATCH LIST OF CANDIDATES PROJECT TITLES AND COMPANY Unv.. Tirupur Back to Top DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES 2008 ..Reg.S.C.Harshithbabu B..A717 90409601058 VISHNUKUMAR V G A718 90409601059 VITHYALAKSHMI V A719 90409601060 VIVEK NARAYANAN D Performance of ASSEFA Dairy Development Federation A Study on Retention of the Customers in K.Srikumar Reference to Hi-Tech Arai P. Sl.Balasenthil Ltd..R. Change Management Initiative And Adoption On TVS Rubber Company..S.T..R.G. Ltd. Madurai V.Jothimurugan Madurai A Study On Customer Perception Towards Asians Motor Services In Madurai A Study On Investment Pattern And Preference Of Retail Investors In Madurai City With Special Reference To Shares. No. A Study On Investments Patterns Of Investors In Mutual Funds For Aditya Birla A Study On Employee Perception Towards A.Nalina Reliance Retail Ltd.S. Ltd. Dr. For Jrg Securities Ltd. Madurai Name of the Guide S.N.Balasenthil Export (P) Ltd.S.Srikumar 90408601001 ABILASHA M J 90408601002 ABINAYA B K 90408601003 AMUTHA G R 90408601004 ANANDHA LAKSHMI P S 90408601006 ARUN PRABHU V 90408601007 BALAJI.S.Anbudevi R.PalanivelRajan A Study On Employee Retention In Power Soap Pvt.C.Harshithbabu V.R. Chennai A Study on the Attitude of Employees towards Quality Circle with S. R.M 90408601008 DHANA SEKAR S 90408601009 DINESH BABU M P 90408601010 GOKILA LAKSHMI T V 90408601011 GOWRI SANKARI K G 90408601012 GUNNIA AARTHY Analysis And Impact Of Profitability In Asian Motors.Balasenthil . Puducherry A Study On Consumer Behaviour On Brand Preference And The Services Provided In The Automobile Industry A Study On Liquidity Management In Hi-Tech Industrial Instruments A.

Ltd In Madurai A Study On Effectiveness Of Performance Appraisal System At Taj Coromandel.A.Jothimurugan V.Kannan S. Chennai A Study On Performance Appraisal In Invictus Technology Solutions (P) Ltd.Suriyanarayanaprabhu R.Balasenthil .KUMARAN A615 A616 A617 A618 A619 A620 A621 A622 A623 A624 A625 A626 A627 A628 90408601013 HEPZIBAH A 90408601014 JAMEEL AHMED A 90408601015 JEGAN V S 90408601016 JEYA PRABHA M 90408601017 JEYAKALYANI V 90408601018 JOSEPH PRABHAKARAN P 90408601019 KALEESWARRI K 90408601020 KAMATCHI S MAHESHSRINARAYANAN 90408601021 KS 90408601022 MAHESWARAN C 90408601023 MANIKANDAN D 90408601025 MANIVANNAN M S 90408601026 MATHAN KUMAR M 90408601027 MONESHA P M Recruitment Process In Sundaram Industries Ltd.Srikumar Analysis Of Long Term Solvency Position Of Chennai V.Suriyanarayanaprabhu A629 90408601029 PARTHASARATHY P R Dr.S.T.S.R.Kannan Management Of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd ..N.Balasenthil A Study On Team Work And Employees Involvement R. Measuring The Service Quality Of Madurai City Permanent Fund Ltd.S.Harshithbabu Dr. Madurai A Study On Financial Performance Analysis Of Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd Impact Of Working Capital Management Of Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd A Study On Working Capital Management Of Thirupur Surya Hi-Tech Apparels Ltd.PalanivelRajan B. Chennai A Study On Asset Liability Management Of Canara Bank A Study On Quality Of Work Life In Mmhrc.A. Ltd In Madurai Dr..PalanivelRajan T.A. Study On Effectiveness Of Performance Appraisal System In Sgj Motors Pvt.Balasenthil Dr.R..N.C.Chennai Comparative Analysis Of Selected Securities With Nifty Index A Comparative Study On Performance Of Bank Stocks In NSE Market A Study On Profitability Analysis In Dicitex Décor Pvt Ltd A Study On The Level Of Employee Engagement At Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd A Study On Customer Satisfaction Level In Asian Paints Ltd Dr.Harshithbabu Petroleum Corporation Ltd Employee Job Satisfaction B.Anbudevi Dr.S.Balasenthil In Invictus Technology Solutions (P) Ltd. Madurai By Applying Gronroos?s Service Quality Model Study On Motivation Factors Of Employee In Sgj Motors Pvt.S.S 90408601033 PURATCHI RAJAN K 90408601034 RAJAN M C 90408601035 RAJESH KANNA P 90408601036 RAM BABU S M 90408601037 RAMESH RAJA S 90408601038 RAYMOND RAJ M S.Harshithbabu R.Kannan A630 A631 A632 A633 A634 A635 A636 A637 A638 90408601030 PARTHIBAN J 90408601031 PRABHU K S 90408601032 PRABHU.A.C.C. Rubber Factory. Madurai A Study On Analysis Of Profitability Of Performance Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd A Study On Financial Analysis Of Thiruppur Surya Hi-Tech Apparels Ltd.S.C.S.S.C.T.Jothimurugan V.Jothimurugan Dr.C..T.Kannan A.C.PalanivelRajan A Study On Analysis Of Working Capital Dr.Kannan V.A. Chennai A Study On Investors Preference Towards Financial Intermediaries In Madurai City (For Aditya Birla Money Ltd) A Comparative Study On Performance Of Banks Equity Share In National Stock Exchange In Aditya Birla Money Ltd At Paramakudi A Study On Measuring The Effectiveness Of Leadership Enhancement Through Excellence In People Management ( LEEP) T.Srikumar B.Harshithbabu R.C.

Suriyanarayanaprabhu B.T.C.A.C.C.A639 A640 A641 A642 A643 A644 A645 A646 A647 90408601039 RING KUMAR T R 90408601040 SAKTHI KUMAR M R 90408601041 SARANYA R 90408601042 SARAVANAPPANDI C 90408601043 SATHIANARAYANAN N 90408601044 SELVARAJ. Coimbatore Perception Towards Insurance Agents Above IRDA Regulation On ING Visya Life Insurance Ltd In Madurai A.Jothimurugan Special Reference To IOB A Study On Public Deposited Schemes At Sundaram T.C.Suriyanarayanaprabhu A Study On Labor Welfare Measure In GHCL Madurai R.Kannan T.Harshithbabu A648 A649 A650 A651 A652 A653 A654 A655 A656 A657 A658 A659 A660 90408601048 SIVAKAMI DEVI C S 90408601049 SRICHITHRA V S 90408601050 SRINIVASAN T 90408601051 SRINIVASAN T R 90408601052 SUBHA R 90408601053 SUBRAMANIAN @ THILAKAR V B.PalanivelRajan Dr.C.Anbudevi A.C.PalanivelRajan A Study On Profitability Analysis Of Thiruppur Surya A.C.Balasenthil 90408601054 SUDHA T 90408601055 SURIYA PRAKASH S 90408601056 UDAYA KUMAR T S 90408601057 VIGNESH BABU K D 90408601058 VIGNESH BABU K K 90408601059 VIJAYALAKSHMI M 90408601060 VINODHINI B M A Study On Employee Empowerment In SIVI R.T.S..A.Balasenthil Software And Infrastructure Service Pvt Ltd Chennai A Study On Inventory Control Technique In BSNL A Study On Quality Of Worklife In Jeevan Technologies T.Balasenthil T.S.Jothimurugan B.Anbudevi V.T.Kannan Industrial Instruments A Study On Liquidity Management In Madras Cements Ltd.PalanivelRajan Management Of Non Performing Asset Of Bank With Dr.C.Jothimurugan R.Jothimurugan A.Anbudevi Hi-Tech Apparels Ltd.C.S. Coimbatore Identifying The Effectiveness Of Performance Appraisal Of Cyberway IT Solutions Pvt Ltd Chennai By Applying Critical Incident Method Dr. Chennai A Study On Liquidity Management Roots Industries India Ltd.Suriyanarayanaprabhu Industries Ltd Madurai Back to Top .C.Suriyanarayanaprabhu A Study On Liquidity Management In Seetaram Mills Dr.C.A.Kannan Dr.M 90408601045 SENTHIL K S 90408601046 SENTHIL KUMAR K S 90408601047 SHASTIDHARSHAN S Analysis Of Liquidity Management Of Dicitex Décor Pvt Ltd Inventory Control Techniques Of Pepsi Co India Pvt Ltd Financial Performance Analysis Of Cossmotex Pvt Ltd Thirupur A Study On Employee Welfare Measures In Fenner (India) Ltd Dr.S.Anbudevi A Study On Working Capital Management In Hi-Tech Dr.T. A Study On Analysis Of Working Capital Management Of Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd A Study On Working Capital Analysis In TVS Sri Chakra Ltd A Study On Market Requirement Of Powder Coated Racks For Tool And Machine Tool Engineers (TMTE) Chennai A Study On Effectiveness On Training Among The Employees With Special Reference To Hi-Tech Arai Ltd.. Madurai A Study On Current Assets Management In Roots Industries India Ltd.

MDu Balasenthil R S Nalina K G Srikumar SNR Balasenthil RS Nalina K G . POTTAPALAYAM DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES 2007 . A Study on employee¶s Welfare Facilities in Apollo Speciality Hospitals Mdu.. Project Titles and company Name Name of the Guide A555 90407501001 AlaguKumar S A556 90407501002 Balaji M B A557 90407501003 Balakrishnan J A558 90407501004 Balasaranya K A559 90407501005 Chellapandi B A560 90407501006 Chitra M A561 90407501007 Christy Beaula Jebakumari A562 90407501008 Dhamodharan N P A563 90407501009 Durga M A564 90407501010 Freeda Shanthi R A565 90407501011 Gnaneswari P V A566 90407501012 Gopinath N R A567 90407501013 Gopinath V A568 90407501014 Hariharan K S A569 90407501015 Jaividya R A570 90407501016 Jeril Raj A R A571 90407501017 Kannan K R A572 90407501018 Karthikeyan R A573 90407501019 Krishnakumari M A574 90407501027 Pradeep M R A575 90407501026 Pandiarajan M A576 90407501025 Ohmprakash T S A577 90407501024 Nagarajan C A578 90407501023 Mouleeswaran A579 90407501022 Marikannan V A580 90407501021 Manikandan R A Study on performance evaluation of selected mutual fund schemes Jothimurugan T in kotak mutal fund.No.. Profitability Analysis of St. Nallina K G Madurai A Project on Employees Job Satisfaction A Study on Employees Job Satisfaction in Hi-Tech Arai Ltd. Madurai A Study on Employee Satisfaction Towards the various Pension Scheme Kannan A C A Study on Working Capital Analysis In Bharat heavy Electircals Lts. Jothimurugan T Jothimurugan T Palanivelrajan Palanivelrajan Jothimurugan T Anbudevi A C Jothimurugan T Jothimurugan T Kannan A C Srikumar S N R A Study on Factors Affecting Organizational Effectiveness in TVS ltd.. Stock Price Behaviour of Listed companies in Auto Mobile Sector A Study o Mutual fund Industry at ICICI Prudential LIC. A Study on Evaluation of Employees Performance in GHCL Madurai A Study on Investors Perception Towards various Investments for Networth Stock Broking Ltd.K. Tamilnadu A Study on Projection of Cement consumption in Madurai Urban Areas A Study on employees Welfare Measures at ETA Star property Developers Chennai A Study on Evaluation of Leasing Proposals for Sundram finance Ltd. Electronic Performance management System in Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ld.No.. Manali...N. Chennai Jothimurugan T Anbudevi A C Srikumar SNR Kannan A C A Study on Customer preference towards Insurance services at ICICI Nalina K G Prudential Life Insurance in Madurai Employees Compensation and Benefits A Study on Advisor¶s Satisfaction towards ICICI Prudential Life Insurance in Madurai A study on Training Effectieness on the Training given to the contract Employees¶ At TAFE A Study on Employees Perception towards Performance appraisal System in MMHRC A study on Motivational Factors of Employees in Airport Authority of India. A Study on Working Capital management in Madras Cements Ltd.COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING. Mdu....Chennai A Study on Customers Perceptions Towards Network Marketing of Health Care Services of Tiens company Ltd... Madurai A Study on Employees Performance Evaluation through HR Scorecard in Tractor and Farm Equipmemnt Ltd.2009 BATCH LIST OF CANDIDATES PROJECT TITLES AND COMPANY S. University Student Name Reg. Anbudevi A C Nalina K G A Study Team Work and employees Involvement in Airport Authority Anbudevi A C of Idia..L.John Freight Ltd. Mdu.

Chennai A Study on employees Recruitment Process in Apollo Speciality Hospitals.. Madurai A Study on Working Capital Analysis of ARS Metals (p) Ltd. A Comparative study on Performance of Banks shares in the NSE Market A Study on Opinion of Employees towards Safety Measures in RVS Spinners ltd. ltd. POTTAPALAYAM DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES 2006 ..AKS Srikumar.N. Madurai A Study on Performance Evaluation of selected Birla Debt funds for Birla sunlife AMC. Madurai A Study on Comparative study between Ready Mix Cocrete and Site Mix Concrete A Study on Advertisement Effectiveness on Radio Services in Madurai city A Study on Financial Planner in CI investment Consultants. University Reg.L.SNR Jothimurugan Nalina K G Srikumar.COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING.. Kovilpatti Nalina K G Palanivelrajan Srikumar SNR Kannan A C A583 90407501029 Praveen Kumar A R A Study o employees Attrition Towards DB CISCO (I) Ltd in Chennai A584 90407501030 Raman R A585 90407501032 Ravi Kumar K A586 90407501033 Rubika S A587 90407501034 Sankaranarayanan V A588 90407501035 Satheesh Kumar K A589 90407501036 Selvam P A590 90407501037 SenthilKumar P L A591 90407501038 Senthil Prabu A H A592 90407501039 Shalini R V A593 90407501040 Shyamala Devi P A594 90407501041 Sivakumr N G A595 90407501042 Siva Prakash O S A596 90407501043 Sundarji M G A597 90407501044 Vasu Jayadran T C A598 90407501045 Vasundhara S A599 90407501046 Velraj h A600 90407501047 Vijayakumar M N A601 90407501048 Vijayalakshmi P A602 90407501049 Vinoth S A603 90407501050 Vishwanath P R Kannan A C Nalina K G Jothimurugan T Palanivelrajan Srikumar SNR Sukumaran.A581 90407501020 Lydia Rachel R A582 90407501028 Prasanna T S A Study on employees Welfare Measures in TAFE A Study on Customer Satisfaction of Fly Mobile Handsets tieh reference to Madurai city A Study on Market awareness and interest level of the potential buyers of residential property in North zone of madurai city for real estate bank India pvt. Chennai A Study on Performance Evaluation of Equity based selected Mutual Fund in Birla Sunlife Mutual fund. A Study on Consumer Satisfaction towards Sales and Service rendered by Sornam Motors in Honda Shine.R S Back to Top K.2008 BATCH LIST OF CANDIDATES PROJECT TITLES AND COMPANY S. Chennai A Study on the Need for Employees Trainig with respect to Hyundai Motors India Ltd..No. Chennai A Study on the Investors Perception towards the Performance of Mutual funds Schemes in Madurai A Study on performance Appriasal System SDB CISCO ltd.SNR Kannan A C Palanivelrajan Jothimurugan Kannan A C Balasenthil Srikumar. Student Name Project Titles and company Name Name of the Guide . Dindigul A Study on Job Satisfaction in TVS & Sons Ltd. SNR Kannan A C Jothimurugan Balasenthil.No... in Chennai A Study on Online customer Behavior towards E-Shopping in Gateway. Madurai A Study on Leverlage Analysis of Sundaram Clayton Padi.. Madurai A study on Significance of Outdoor Advertising in Madurai city A Study on Training Effectiveness in Invictus Technology solutions. Madurai A Study on Employee Job Satisfaction at ICICI Prudential LIC.

.. Sukumaran AKS Srikumar SNR Nalina K G Swarnalatha C Sukumaran AKS Kannan A C Kannan A C Kannan A C Nalina K G Swarnalatha C Swarnalatha C Balasenthil R S Swarnalatha C Balasenthil R S Jothimurugan T Dr Swarnalatha C Jothimurugan T Dr Jothimurugan T Dr Jothimurugan T Dr Jothimurugan T Dr Sukumaran AKS Kannan A C Sukumaran A KS Srikumar SNR Jothimurugan T Dr Kannan A C . Madurai A study on readers perception about the New Indian Express A study on the Effect of Job Stress on the Employees Performance in CRUX Technologies Pvt. A study on Financial Performance Analysis of Sulekha.A497 A498 A499 A500 A501 A502 A503 A504 A505 A506 A507 A508 A509 A510 A511 A512 A513 A514 A515 A516 A517 A518 A519 A520 A521 A522 A523 A524 A525 90406631001 90406631002 90406631003 90406631004 90406631005 90406631006 90406631007 90406631008 90406631009 90406631010 90406631011 90406631012 90406631013 90406631014 90406631015 90406631016 90406631017 90406631018 90406631019 90406631020 90406631021 90406631022 90406631023 90406631024 90406631025 90406631026 90406631027 90406631028 90406631029 A Study on Evaluation of Recruitment Method in AISWARYA LAKSHMI V B ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd.TCS A Comparative Study on Mobile Service of GSM Operators with special reference to Vodafone A Study on Customer satisfaction towards Hero Honda Passion+-Covai E-Sat Survey at Bangalore Central Mall(a div.. Opinion of Employees about training methods followed in Sara Packaging industries at Kappalur A study on Employee job satisfaction in Proteck circuits and systems A study on Customer satisfaction in Nagappa Motors(P) Ltd... Bangalore A study on working capital management in electronics corporation of India Ltd...Ltd. Ltd.of Pantaloon retail Ltd... Hyderabad A Study on Job Strees in TV Sundaram Iyengar & Sons Ltd. A Study on Training Identification Process at Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Insurance Ltd.) Analysing the effectiveness of Educational Institutions for assessing Placement Preferances by Recruiting Organisations A study on Employees Perception towards Job in Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd.. Madurai Customer satisfaction towards TVS Star City in Sathya Jyothi Motors Pvt.. Chennai AMUTHA L A AMRUTHA RANEE A ANNIE RAGA PRIYA C ARJUN M B ARUNKUMAR K ASHOK KUMAR B BALA SUBBULAKSHMI P BALAZHAGAN P CHOCKALINGAM S FAROOK RAHMAN M FELIX RICHARD G GANESH LUMAR R GOKULAKRISHNAN S HIRALAL N GADA JAWAHAR I KARTHIKA RANI N C KOTHAI G S KUMAR A KUMARAN T R MADHAN M MAHALAKSHMI R B MARIAPPAN P MITHRA B MUTHUKUMAR G NAGARAJ S NANDA KUMAR T J NASHEER MOHAMED K NIRANJANI H S A study on Job satisfaction of Employees in Bajaj Allians. Ltd.. Madurai.. Chennai A study on Employees satisfaction towards the welfare measures provided by Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre at Madurai A study on performance appraisal system in TVSUNDARAM IYENGAR & Sons Ltd.... Madurai EVA-Performance Analysis of L & T . A Study on Consumer Behaviour towards pepsodent Tooth Paste A study on Effectiveness of Training and Development in GHCL Limited(Unit:Sree Meenakshi Mills) Paravai A study on employee motivational level in JKM Daerim Automotive New Media Pvt. Madurai A Study on Investors Attitude towards Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund at Madurai A study on customers Awareness towards MYTVS A study on Financial Performance Analysis Sukumaran AKS Balasenthil R S Jothimurugan T Dr. A study on working capital management in Hi-Tech Arai Ltd. Ltd. Sriperumudur.. A study on employees perception in Susee Auto Sales and Service(P) Ltd. Chennai A Study on Effectiveness of Training in CEGEDIM Software India Pvt.

Chennai A Study on Evaluation of recruitment policy and process in KFAM Information Techology Pvt.... Madurai A study on Investment Pattern in Capital Markets towards the Reliance Communication A Study on Technical Analysis of Selected scrips on Junior Nifty A Study on Labour Welfare in GHCL A Study on Customer Relationship Management in Capital Market Publishers India Pvt. Srikumar SNR Balasenthil R S Balasenthil R S Jothimurugan T Dr Balasenthil R S Nalina K G Srikumar SNR Srikumar SNR Balasenthil R S Nalina K G Jothimurugan T Dr Jothimurugan T Dr Srikumar S N R Sukumaran AKS Srikumar SNR Jothimurugan T Dr Swarnalatha C Kannan A C Sukumaran AKS Jothimurugan T Dr Sukumaran AKS Kannan A C Srikumar SNR . Ltd... Bangalore A study on Quality of Work Life of Employees Study on Training Effectiveness among the executives at CRUX Technologies Pvt. Madurai A study onInterviewees Perception on Effectiveness of Recruitment for TROI Management Consultant Balasenthil R S Swarnalatha C Kannan A C Kannan A C Swarnalatha C Jothimurugan T Dr. . Ltd. A study on performance evaluation of selected MIDCAP funds Payroll Outsourcing Implementation by Ramco Systems A Study on Training Programmes in Selvaraaj Tex A Study about Managing Employee Retention in Srisarawathi Crown Cork Industries at Kappalur A Study on influencing of Advertisements on customer buying behaviour A study on absenteeism of employees in Susee Auto sales and service(P) Ltd. Chennai A Study on impact of quality Circle Activities on organizational culture.A526 A527 A528 A529 A530 A531 A532 A533 A534 A535 A536 A537 A538 A539 A540 90406631030 90406631031 90406631032 90406631033 90406631034 90406631035 90406631036 90406631037 90406631038 90406631039 90406631040 90406631041 90406631042 90406631043 90406631044 PADMA M PALANIVEL RAJAN R POORNIMA S PRIYADARSHINI A RAJA K RAJAN I S P RAJESH K RAMJI A A RAMKUMAR R R REKA MAI B S SAKTHI T A SARAVANA KUMAR S SARAVANAN M J SASI REKHA P SATHYA BAMA N J A541 A542 A543 A544 A545 A546 A547 A548 A549 A550 A551 A552 A553 A554 90406631045 90406631046 90406631047 90406631048 90406631049 90406631050 90406631051 90406631052 90406631053 90406631054 90406631055 90406631056 90406631057 90406631058 SENTHIL KUMAR M SENTHILRAM K R SUJAY C SURIYANARAYANA PRABHU T C THIYAL NAYAGI R VAISHNAVI G J VANITHA S T VIGNESH KUMAR G VIGNESHWARAN A E VIGNESHWARAN S K M VIJAY KARTHIK O S VIMALA RANI M VINOTH KUMAR G VINOTH KUMAR V P A Study on workers Absenteeism In Wheels India Ltd.. Madurai Comparative study on Rural and Urban customer preference towards Mobile Services with special reference to vodafone A study on Employees strees management in Mahindra SGJ Group of companies. A study on preparedness Level on Soft Skills of arts and science and professional colleges with reference to placements in Madurai City A Study on Absenteeism Aircel Cellular Ltd.. Chennai A Study on Analyzing Financial Performance in SPIC Ltd.Chennai A Study to Identify Potential New Retailers with reference to Vodafone Prepaid services in Madurai City A Study on Recruitment Practices of ITES Industries in Chennai A Study on Receivable Management in TVS-Ecomet Services.. at Chennai A Study on Training Evaluation in HCL Technologies Ltd. Madurai A Study on Sales Promotion At AAVIN.Ltd. MaduraiA Study on Sustainable growth rate of Goodwill Industries. Madurai A Study on Profitability Analysis after VAT Implementation at Sun Pressing(P) Ltd. Chennai A study on performance evaluation of Equity based Mutual Funds towards Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund..

R.S..Balasenthil M.Mahendra Babu Enterprises Ltd. Coimbatore A comparative Study on Midcap Mutual Fund in Sundaram BNP Varivas... Study on employee Morale with special reference to T. Vellaripatti A study on employee welfare Measure in whell in Trichy.No Reg.. Back to Top K.Jeyarathnam T.Kannan R.Srikumar M. Chennai. Madurai A study on Job Satisfaction of employees in Bajaj Alliance. Chennai..No. Madurai The Reason For Choosing An Equity Stock Broker By An Retail Investor With Special Reference To Chennai A Study On Customer Satisfaction Of Essae ± Teraoka Elctronic Weighing Machine Scale In Madurai City T.N.S.C.R..Jothimurugan A444 90405631005 Arumuga Kumar P A445 A446 A447 A448 A449 A450 A451 A452 A453 A454 A455 A456 A457 90405631006 90405631007 90405631009 90405631010 90405631011 90405631013 90405631014 90405631015 90405631016 90405631017 90405631018 90405631019 90405631020 Arunkumar T G Arunkumar S Bala M Balaji D S Balasaraswathi P Ganesh Babu K K Hakkim K Jeyaprakash J Jothipriyadharsini V Jothilakshmi P Kalidas K P Kaishwaran K Kamatachi S T. ltd. A study on the Market Potential and Promotional activities of Samson Plosmo Television in Chennai A study on significance on outdoor Advertising in Madurai Sustainable growth rate in TVS Motor Company Ltd.S.Mahendra Babu A.Swarnalthata A Study On Performance Appraisal Of Capex / Infrastructure Fund In Sundaram Bnp Amcparibas A. Pottapalayam -630 611.S.V. A440 A441 A442 A443 90405631001 90405631002 90405631003 90405631004 Name Of The Students Anand S Anbuselvam P Anwar Nivas A Aravindh Kumar V Project Title & Company Name Name Of The Guide Cost Behavior Analysis In City Financial Consumer M. Madurai A Study On Market Potential Of Unit Linked C.K.K..C. R.Srikumar service provided to ICICI bank A Study on customer preferance of photocopies for skylark Information Technology Pvt.Mahendra Babu Services Study on customer satisfaction of credit holders of S.Kannan Anc Ltd.C.K.Swarnalatha Insurance Plan In Bajaj Alliance Kllanz Lic Madurai A Study On Dealers Opinion About Ramco Cements At Chennai City C.Jeyarathnam A.L.Kannan .Balasenthil S. Chennai R.College Of Engineering.Jeyarathnam Finance India Ltd.Srisakra Ltd. Ltd.Pvt.Jothimurugan Study On Customer Preference Towards Insurance T.N.Balasenthil Study on the employee perception Apollo Hospital T. Department Of Management Studies Project Details 2005 -2007 Sl. A market survey of Software use and to be used in small and medium segment in around Coimbatore to pricol Ltd..N.

Jothimurugan R.. Trichi.R.Kannan T.Jothimurugan ..R.Mahendra Babu T. Chennai R..Swarnalatha A study on customer preference towards on online M..Balasenthil C. Larsen & Toubro Ltd. A Study on effectiveness of advertisement with special reference to Dukes Biscuits K.C.Mahendra Babu C.S.Swarnalatha A476 A477 A478 A479 A480 A481 90405631039 90405631040 90405631041 90405631042 90405631043 90405631044 Rajesh A Rajeshkanna A Ramya R Rathna Kumar M Saravanan M Shankara Krishna A.Balasenthil K.N.Jothimurugan reference to Pepsi.N.Nalina A463 90405631026 Madhan Periya Durai C A study on market potential for Mango Industry in Grocery Channel in Madurai City with special T.G..S.A458 A459 A460 A461 A462 90405631021 90405631022 90405631023 90405631024 90405631025 Kanimozhi P Karthick S Karthick V Karthigairajan S M Karthikeyan M S N Study Absenteeism of employees at toolfab engg.Nalina A.Kannan M. A study on advertising.Srikumar S.S.C.Srikumar T.G.Balasenthil T. P.Nalina A464 90405631027 Megavarnam A P R A465 A466 A467 A468 A469 A470 A471 A472 A473 A474 A475 90405631028 90405631029 90405631030 90405631031 90405631032 90405631033 90405631034 90405631035 90405631036 90405631037 90405631038 Muthu Velu K Nisha E Nithya S Palanikumar P Prabhakaran R Pragalathan Vignesh Kumar M Prema S M Radhika S Ragagatythri K Raja G Raja H S.Kannan A study on Identifying the reasons for T. A study on retailer satisfaction towards Mobile services with special reference to HUTCH. Chennai A study on usage & need for computer Hardware products with special reference to HCL in Chennai City A study on evaluation of recruitment Polity and Process in Reliance Infocom Ltd. Madurai A study on quality of work life in Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd..T.K.C. Paravai A Study on Market share Analysis of three Ranbaxy Products in Madurai City K..Jeyarathnam R.G.Ltd.K.Mahendra Babu T. at Chennai A study on market potential for Broadband and telephone services in commercial segment with special reference to Airtel A study on market potential of Paddy pre cleaner machine with special reference to Flower Westrup in Tamilnadu A study on Activity based costing in Sundaram Industries Ltd. A study on customer satisfaction of Bajaj Allianz Insurance.Jothimurugan A. in Chennai Central City A study on quality of work life employees with special reference to Panasonic Home appliances India company Ltd.Jeyarathnam and off line marketing of UTI securities ± Chennai A study on investors attitude towards Risk for T.Balasenthil R. Rubber Factory (TVS).Health Care Limited at Chennai A study on the analysis of the derivatives as a Tool for Risk Management with special reference to India Bulls. Chennai City A study on Organizational Health in Meenakshi Mission Hospital.Jothimurugan absenteeism among the workers in Madura Coats. Madurai Advisors satisfaction towards ICICI prudential LIC A study on quality of work life balance.. the need of Every Company with respect to Madurai A market study on awareness level of Video Surveillance System in Chennai City Time management in Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Paper Ltd.K.S. A study on Job Satisfaction among employees in T.K.

G. Services Marketing ± Hospital Management with special reference to Theni Nattathikshatriyakula Hindu Nadargaluravinmurai Hospital. Comparison of P & G products with its Competitor Product for Solaimalai Enterprises. A.Swarnalatha A study on distribution under retailers Networking S. Trichy Job satisfaction among the employees ± A study at GB Engineering Pvt Ltd.N.C.Jeyarathanam S.Srikumar A494 A495 A496 90405631057 90405631058 90405631059 Vijay B Vijay Kumar M S Vinod V S.N..Kannan programme in M/s.Mahendra Babu C. Theni.G.G. Cethar Vessels (P) Ltd.Nalina Back to Top K.No Reg.K.Kannan A study on customer satisfaction towards Compaq T.Nalina K. in Coimbatore A study on measuring the employee welfare A.L.Jothimurugan computers Ltd.N. White Cement in Madurai City Market study of Home Appliances with special reference to Panasonic products in Madurai A study on gaining the upper Hands against HIV / AIDS among female Sex workers in Madurai District A study on employees perception on training and development in Skylark Information Technologies in Chennai A study on consumer satisfaction towards Honda Activa in Madurai A study on Brand Equity on Major Ayurvedic Brands M.N.C.Swarnalatha Customer satisfaction of Hero Honda Passion Bikes K.R.Nalina C.G. Madurai Region A study on Profitability analysis of Andale Information Technologies Pvt Ltd..K.No A399 A400 A401 A402 A403 A404 A405 90404631001 90404631002 90404631003 90404631004 90404631005 90404631006 90404631007 Name of the Candidates Alwin Vinod T Anisen Gilly Anto Parani J Appuraj T Arumugam K Balaji M Deepa Elizabeth Iype Project title Potential Buyers Segment for Cosmosoft ERP Enterprise in Chennai City Viewer ship of News Channels in Kerala and Impact of live News Consumer Preference towards Shampoo in Chennai.R..Swarnalatha Mobile.. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES PROJECT DETAILS ± 2004-2006 Sl.Srikumar K.Moorthy G A482 A483 A484 A485 A486 A487 A488 A489 A490 A491 A492 A493 90405631045 90405631046 90405631047 90405631048 90405631049 90405631050 90405631051 90405631052 90405631053 90405631054 90405631055 90405631056 Shiek Abdul Khader A Sivaprakash Babu T S Sreejith C Suresh Kumar T Suresh N Suriya Prakash P Thavaselvi C Tilsha Abraham M Varatharajulu S R Vasanthakumar B Vasanthakumar S Venkatesh J Integrated Enterprises A study on performance Evaluation of Sundaram BNP paribas select focus Fund with other mutual fund schemes A study on customer satisfaction on Cellular services in Madurai City T. A Study On Investors Attitude Towards Mutual Fund and Perception In IDBI .Srikumar of J.Nalina A study on customer satisfaction towards Reliance C. Madurai K.R. A study on customers satisfaction of service in TVS (Villapuram) Working capital management in dual structurals and Industries (p) LTD.

Digital intermediate and high definition services in Prasad EFX. A Market study of toothpaste with special reference to anchor white toothpaste in Madurai city. Chennai. Kottayam Branch. Kochi. Chennai. Ltd. A Market share of private label products of Spencer¶s retail in Chennai. Sustainable growth rate in dual structurals and Industries(p) LTD. A study on working Capital Management of Carborium Universal Limited (CUMI ± EMD) Edappaly. A study on working capital management at Srinar Communications Pvt. Madurai Limited. Ernakulam District. A Study On Customer Satisfaction Towards the Ford Fiesta In Chennai. A Study On Brand Preference of Soft Drinks In the Muslim Dominated Areas Of Kerala with Special Reference To Kozhikode And Malappurram Districts A study on marketing strategies in promoting HIV drugs by CIPLA Limited.chain A Study On Financial Analysis Of Kochi Refineries Limited. leadership and personality profile of Executives of Sakthi Sugars Limited. A Study Of Reapproching the Potential Customer For e. A Study on the Executive ness of training imparted to Employee of TAFE Limited Chennai. Kerala A study on financial performance analysis of English Indian CLAYS Limited. Chennai. A survey on the perception of the employees for a HR Scorecard ADITI technologies PVT LTD. A study to identifying the reasons for absenteeism among the workers in Dharani Sugars & Chemicals LTD. A study on financial analysis of OPEL Exports. A study on the morale. Tripur. Kerala A406 A407 A408 A409 A410 A411 A412 A413 A414 A415 A416 A417 A418 A419 A420 A421 A422 A423 A424 A425 A426 A427 A428 A429 A430 A431 A432 A433 A434 A435 90404631008 90404631009 90404631010 90404631011 90404631012 90404631013 90404631014 90404631015 90404631016 90404631017 90404631018 90404631019 90404631020 90404631021 90404631022 90404631023 90404631024 90404631025 90404631026 90404631027 90404631028 90404631029 90404631030 90404631031 90404631032 90404631033 90404631034 90404631035 90404631036 90404631037 Hitesh Kumar S Ibrahim Shakani N Johny K Karthikraj P Karthikeyan K R Lakshmanan R M Mageswaran R Mani G Manikandan B Manivasagan N Meena E Mohammed Al Rahim M B Muthumurugan R Muthuvelan P Nikhil Patel R Nithya M Potrirajesh P Prathap D Preethy C Raijomon Varghese Ram Kumar PL Ramya Meenakshi G Sankareshwari G Seetharaman M Shanmugaraju R Shanthikumar S Soumya Sasidharan Sreejith O S Subramoni S Sureshkannan A A Study on Market Acceptability for Virtual calling card among the dealers with special reference to Chennai. A Study On Analysis of the Perception of Credit Card Holders Towards Service Providers with Special Reference To HDFC Bank. A study on working capital Management of Opel Exports. Sivaganga Unit. Competitor Analysis To Launch New ERP Software A study on Employee Productivity with Special Reference To ARASPVPV Madurai A statistical study on Analytical CRM For APEX Laboratories Limited. A Study On Labour Welfare Measures With Special Reference To TamilNadu State Transport Corporation. Availability and visibility of the range of Parle AGRO Products across Madurai City. unit: Kovai. .Bank . Madurai and Vellore cities. PSPD. Madurai A Study On Market Acceptability of Fluoro ± Bact in Five Prime Cities in Tamilnadu A study on Market potential for computer graphics. A study on stock classification and control of quality in ITC Limited. A study on customer satisfaction regarding Channel services with special reference to Roaming current account holders in ICICI Bank. A study on Market Potential of osteoporosis molecule with reference to CIPLA in Madurai city. A Study On Analysis Of Business Opportunities for HCL Products in Corporate Sector.

A Competitive Analysis of Kissan VS Maggi with Special Reference to Chennai Employee¶s job Satisfaction in BSNL in Tamilnadu Telecom circle.... . Ltd. Chennai A Study on Absenteeism at Sundaram Industries Ltd.No. A Study on the Effectiveness of Training with special ref. To trichy city and its suburbs A market survey on consumer awareness and attitudes regarding HDFCSLIC in Chennai A Study on market demand of car security system in roots industries A study on unit linked insurance plans in madurai with special reference to ICICI Prudential Ltd.No Reg. A Study on the Credit Appraisal System in the Leasing Department of Sundaram Finance Back to Top K.... To Idukki Dt. Kerala A Study on Working Capital Management with Special Reference to Thermax Ltd. Madurai Market coverage of chocolate brands-A comparative study with ref.COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING.N. DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES PROJECT DETAILS 2003 ± 2005 Sl.. Chennai A Study on the market share of rebeprazole and pantoprazole molecules with special reference to Dr. POTTAPALAYAM ± 630 611. Sivaganga Consumer Attitude towards branded Coconut Oil A Study on Customer Satisfaction towards Aircel Mobile prepaid card service in Madurai city Retailers Satisfaction of Mohanlal¶s taste buds-A Study in trivandrum and kollam dt.. for Cadbury India Ltd. to Sakthi Sugars Ltd. To Titan Industries Ltd. Financial Analysis of BASF India LTD. A Study of the system of Budgeting and control in the fertilizer division of SPIC Ltd.. Hosur A Study on customer satisfaction of liberty vanaspathi with special reference to parisons pvt. Thrissur A Study on the level of job satisfaction among the employes with spl.ref.L. A Study of Working Capital Management of Apollo Tyres Ltd...A436 A437 A438 A439 90404631038 90404631039 90404631040 90103631044 Suresh S Suresh S Venkatesh T S Sekar A A study on analysis of working capital management in ASHOK LEYLAND Limited A study on potentiality of CELLO PEN in the market Chennai city. Market study on retailers to increase the productivity with ref.. A Study on Employees welfare activities in Synthite Industrial Chemicals Ltd..Reddy¶s Lab. A340 A341 A342 A343 A344 A345 A346 A347 A348 A349 A350 A351 A352 A353 A354 A355 A356 A357 A358 A359 90403631001 90403631002 90403631003 90403631004 90403631005 90403631006 90403631007 90403631008 90403631009 90403631010 90403631011 90403631012 90403631013 90403631014 90403631015 90403631016 90403631017 90403631018 90403631019 90403631020 Name of the Students ABY ABRAHAM AGESH S THOMAS AHAMED MUSTAQ M ALEX SURESH B ANAND VIJAY G ANANTHA RENGANATHAN N ANOOP VARKEY ANUSHA A ANVER SADIQUE MAVUNGAL ARAVINDAN S ARMUGA PRABHU R ARUN RAMANATHAN K BABAN KUMAR M BALAJEE R S DEEPU JOHNSON DEEPU KUMAR M M DURAI B EESA R GANESAN P GOPALAKRISHNAN H Project Title & Company Name A Study on Customer Satisfaction of Federal Bank ATM in Quilon District.

Cements Corporation Ltd. To MFL A study on satisfaction among middle level and lower level employees in the residency hotel. bangalore A Study on consumers attitude towards samahan Study on retailer satisfaction towards services rendered by Coca Cola Customer Satisfaction Towards photocopier Machine in Tirupur A Study on effectiveness of employees union with ref.. To Hindustan Lever Ltd.N. To airports authority of India. Brands in Chennai city Ratio Analysis of Financial Statement of T. Attitude and opinion towards Eureka Forbes Aquasure Brand Water Purifier in Bangalore City .. An analysis of customer behaviour towards various mobile service providers Project report on Study on the preference for various fertilizer grades for orchard crops with spl ref. Ref. Chennai An Analytical Study about Labour Welfare Programme in Indian Oil Corporation A Study on Attitude of Customers Towards Buying in Tamilnadu A Study of employee satisfaction at Simpson & Co. Ltd. chennai A Study on the effectiveness of grievances handling procedure in CMS Computers Ltd. To tirupur and its suburbs To analyse market share of various share brokers in Madurai A market study of ITC Food products with special ref. Asbestos.. Madurai A Study on consumer electronics customer satisfaction in research view. Chennai Evaluation of Distribution Network of Britannia Biscuits in North Chennai with special Reference to Triplicane Study on Reality of Television Audience Measurement System (TAMs) in Channel Media in Special Reference with Kairali TV A Study on Transformation of work place as a Joyous Centre with special reference to the associates of TATA Consultancy Services.. T. Chennai A Study on Tax Practices with special reference to Pepsi Company (Bangalore Plant) A Study on Consumer Preference of Bus tyres with Specialreference to Ceat Tyres in Cochin A Study on Customers¶ perception towards Servicing of Cars at TVS with reference to Madurai City A Research on Key Benefits of Adopting various quality Models Like CMM and CMM in Hexaware Technologies.A360 A361 A362 A363 A364 A365 A366 A367 A368 A369 A370 A371 A372 A373 A374 A375 A376 A377 A378 A379 A380 A381 A382 A383 A384 A385 A386 A387 A388 A390 90403631021 90403631022 90403631023 90403631024 90403631025 90403631026 90403631027 90403631028 90403631029 90403631030 90403631031 90403631032 90403631033 90403631034 90403631035 90403631036 90403631037 90403631038 90403631039 90403631040 90403631041 90403631042 90403631043 90403631045 90403631046 90403631047 90403631048 90403631049 90403631050 90403631052 HARIHARAN S JAVED AHAMED K KARTHIK RAMNATH T R KUMAR A LAKSHMI NARAYANAN S V MAHENDRA PRASAD D MAHENDRAN A MANIKANDAN S MOHAMMED RIZWAN K MURUGAN V MUTHU KUMARESAN R NAVEEN JACOB PARTHASARATHY T PRABHU B PRABHU S PRAKASH P PRASANTH K S RAJAVELU M RAJESH KUMAR J RAMA SUBRAMANIAN S R RENJU XAVIER SANGEETHA H SATHYA SRI D SENTHIL KUMAR S SHAJU S R SHINEY VAISILA VEDASHREE H SREENU K VISWAM SRIRAM NARAYANAN K V SUBRAMANIAN P SULFEEKER ALI K P A market study on industrial needles among the garment Manufactures with ref.. Ratio Analysis of Financial Statement of Madura Coats Ltd. To surf products. Alangulam To study the investment pattern in capital market in Madurai city A study on employees welfare activities in Apollo tyres Shoppers behaviour towards detergents in chennai with spl. Ref. A Study on Customer Perceptions. Madurai A Study on the Customer Satisfaction in the Hotel.. To biscuits and confectioneries for ITC Ltd..N. Chennai A market study on tea with spl.

to Reliance mobile Phones in Madurai city A Comparative study on performance of a mutual fund and enquiry shares A Study on Customer Satisfaction of Hotel Ramanashree A Study on Evaluation of performance of mutual funds A Study on Customer Satisfaction on BPL Mobile A Study on Sales Analysis & Sales promotion of AKAS Medical Equipment A Study on Effectiveness of Credit Appraisal Process with Special ref. 90403631059 A397 A398 90403631060 90403631500 Back to Top K. To special savings A/c.Hosur A Study on Customer Attitudes.Solai Nadar Brothers A Study on Customer Satisfaction with special ref.. To Indian overseas Bank Working capital Management analysis of the Tiruvalla East Cooperative Bank Ltd. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES MBA PROJECT DETAILS ± 2002-2004 Sl. Calicut with special reference to Coats India Threads A Study on Channel Pentration of Kiran TV.A391 A392 A393 A394 A395 90403631053 90403631054 90403631055 90403631056 90403631058 SUMITH M IDICULA SUMITHA KURIAN SWETHA K THIRUPATHI R VAMANAN N R VIJAYA SHREE R VIKRAM PANDARINATH L SELVI MEENA V A Study on Market Potential for CF Nylon Threads in Chappal Industry. A Study on Overall Financial performance in Bharat Ex Ltd. A Study on Consumer¶s attitude towards Branded coconut oil Market Analysis of business intelligence tools & services in an transnational software domain Role of wholesaler in cement consignment agency in madurai city ..S. In Bangalore City A Study on Customers Attitude towards Health Insurance in Madurai A Study on the Training Need Identifucation Activity Carried out at each level in TITAN Industries Limited.. A Study on Market Research in financial derivates-Ashok Leyland Finance Ltd.N. Perceptions and Opinions towards Ultrafresh Kitchen Appliances. Bangalore A396. Salaried Customers Awareness & satisfaction on various services & facilities rendered by ICICI Bank Analysis of Knowledge Management System with respect to HR services in India Intellect A Study on Biscuits used in the hospital canteen & Customer preference The role of susee finance in two wheeler purchase & its impact on susee auto A Study on present business opportunities of Henkel detergent sachet brands A study on market potential of ICICI Bank with special ref. Kollam Titan Industries ltd..P.L. (Watch Division) Hosur A Detailed Study on Customer Satisfacation about the AIRTEL A Study on training and Development Programs in Global Edge Software Ltd. Evaluation of Distribution Network of Britannia Biscuits in Changalpattu Dt..No A284 A285 A286 A287 A288 A289 A290 A291 A292 A293 A294 A295 A296 A297 A298 A299 A300 A301 A302 A303 A304 Name of the Candidate Gowri Nagesh K Arun Prasad S Ashokraj T Pradeep Kumar D R Muthupandi S Inigo A Balaji M Kokila M S Giri Scaria Divya Vijay Alwin Jacob Suresh Kumar N Siva Subramanian S Vijay S Vinod Kumar M Viswanathan K Hari G Krishna Gopisaravanan Chella Murugan P Karthikeyan A Muthu Thiyagrajan Project title Evaluation of Distributation Network of ITC Food Products in Madurai city with special ref to M/s.

.. To Paper boards & speciality paper division unit .. With special ref. To the employees in the factory A Study on financial performance of Addison & Co. In ITC with Ref.. Chennai A Study on retailers attitude towards J K White cement in rural areas around chennai A Study on effectiveness of training & development prog.A305 A306 A307 A308 A309 A310 A311 A312 A313 A314 A315 A316 A317 A318 A319 A320 A321 A322 A323 A324 A325 A326 A327 A328 A329 A330 A331 A332 A333 A334 A335 A336 A337 A338 A339 Kalyana Raman S Jiji J Jayan K Jaison Mathew Senthil Narayanan P H Senthil Kumar K S Vadivel Murugan G Manikandan N S Naganandini A Divya P P Yogesh Kumar O J Swapna balakrishnan Sunish Varghese Peer Mohamed K J Praveen Kumar M Rengarekha C R Saravana kumar A Sasikumar C Valan J Prabu T R Sankar Ananth R Arunprasad R Harikrishan prasad Ramesh N Senthil Kumar B Velpandi K Sterlin Fernandez Srinivasan R Nirai Vinoth Kumar Saravanakumar B Sanjokayathinikal Premodh H Samuel Allan Vivek T Poongodi J Yadeendran K S A Study on Investors practice in Chennai city Create a global contact plan for B14TEL Marketing Campaign A Study on working capital management of federal bank ltd. Indocem Ltd. A Study on customers satisfaction on PC Haulwel Trailers A Study on job satisfaction of employees in Bharat Ex Ltd... Ltd.. Groups towards the purchase decision of higher end mobiles phomes A Study on absenteeiss of employees at shahi export house Unit XIV Bangalore A Study on competitive analysis of Kissan Vs Maggi Competition analysis for Xerox modi corp. chennai A Study on Role of NGO¶s in Villages A Study on motivational program followed in the shahi export house UNIT XIII. A Study on retailers satisfaction towards eastern curry powders in palakkad Dt.. ltd. A Study on quality function deployment on training in TATA motors A Study on financial analysis of BEL bangalore complex Study & analysis of internet marketing in channai A Study on financial performance analysis Dharani sugars & Chemicals ltd.. Bangalore An evaluation of training & development prog. A Study on awareness & satisfaction of customers towards Sanjha Choola Restaurant chennai A study on companies requirement of advertising in and around madurai A Study on labour welfare measures in madhyamam daily Study on customer preferences of documentation device for Xerox modi corp. Bangalore A Study on job satisfaction of the employee Renuka textiles Pvt. Effectiveness of executive development & Training program Perform Analysis & Estimation of working capital requirement for M/s. A Study on Dealer attitude towards first quality enamel paints of organized sector companies in north chennai A market research to identity the influence of advertisements & Ref. To ITC Ltd. A Study on potential awarness of customers on telemarketing & direct mailer A Study on Customer satisfaction towards BSNL mobile prepaid card services in madurai city A Study on distribution under retailers networking & product promotion in J K White cement with special ref. To Jewellery bazaar Mdu city A Study on the effectiveness of training in English Indian Clays trivandrum with ref. To Lazza Icecream A Study on customer satisfaction towards ESSAE Teraoka Ex weighing scales with ref. Ltd. To madurai city Employee satisfaction with special ref.Bangaloe A Study on a Quality culture & human resource practices in mangalore refineries petrochemicals ltd.. Ltd..

technology. access to Leave a commentPosted in Management Projects on December 14. However. It seeks to answer the following research questions: (1) why do firms choose to buy or sell assets? « Read more » Leave a commentPosted in Management Projects on December 4. The refined model explicitly accounts for .Venture Capitalists on the Seed Stage Arena: A Fit or Misfit (Management Project) Background: Growth oriented entrepreneurial businesses need funding for the development of their idea. MBA Finance Asset Purchases and Sales (MBA Finance Project) This project consists of a theory essay and an empirical essay that investigate a firm¶s decision to buy or sell corporate assets. 2011 Tags: Financial. for the businesses in the very earliest stages of development. 2011 Tags: MBA Finance Financial Economics (Management Project) Essay 1. product etc. Constrained Capacity and Equilibrium Forward Premia in Electricity Markets. develops a refinement of the equilibrium electricity pricing model in Bessembinder and Lemmon.

MBA Finance A Study on Inflation (Management Project) INFLATION DEFINITION: GENERAL PRICE LEVELS INCREASES VALUE OF MONEY (PURCHASING POWER OF MONEY ) FALLS MONEY CIRCULATION > PRODUCTION PROBLEMS: PRICE RISE IS FASTER THAN Leave a commentPosted in Management Projects on August 25. MBA Finance Project Report on Corporate Finance (Management Project) Over the past twenty years. it is becoming more important to understand the mechanisms behind why companies take Leave a commentPosted in Management Projects on October 16. group liability without social sanctions. write-offs have grown in popularity. and group liability with social sanctions. MBA Finance Volatility Issues in Financial Markets (Management Project) Studies of asset returns time-series provide strong evidence that at least two stochastic factors drive volatility. 2011 Tags: MBA Finance .Leave a commentPosted in Management Projects on November 21. Utilizing a dataset of over 195. 2011 Tags: Financial. MBA Finance Recent Innovations in Finance: Microfinancing and Floating Rate Convertibles (Management Project) The first essay provides theory concerning the risk-taking incentives of microfinance borrowers in varying cases: individual liability. 2011 Tags: Financial.000 firm-year observations across 53 countries. I examine the impact of foreign Leave a commentPosted in Management Projects on November 9. international trade. With the increased usage of writeoffs. The first essay investigates whether two volatility risks are priced in the stock option market and estimates volatility risk prices in a cross-section of Leave a commentPosted in Management Projects on November 13. 2011 Tags: Financial. The results provide insight into how a community¶s social capital and a « Read more » Leave a commentPosted in Management Projects on September 28. 2011 Tags: Financial. 2011 Tags: MBA Finance Foreign Portfolio Investment and the Financial Constraints of Small Firms (Management Project) This project examines the impact of foreign portfolio investment on the financial constraints of small firms.

There are many ways in which an enterprise can conduct its IPO. This calls for a better understanding of Leave a commentPosted in Management Projects on August 3. Management. MBA Finance. The « Read more » Leave a commentPosted in Management Projects on August 10. You can use electronic funds transfer to: Leave a commentPosted in Management Projects on July 13.Equities and Investment Portfolio Management (MBA Finance Project) NEED FOR THE STUDY: The purpose of the study is to know the fluctuations in the share price of sample companies. This study is based on financial statements such as . in which an enterprise sells its stock publicly for the first time without having a prior price history. Endogenous Growth and International Trade (Management Project) Recent empirical firm level studies reveal the structural heterogeneity of firms in process and product innovation. MBA Finance. The article should be movable of value. MBA Finance Initial Public Offerings and Online IPO Auctions ² Significant Advantages in Pricing? (Management Project) An initial public offering (IPO) is a securities offering. 2011 Tags: Banking. Help the unknown investors for Leave a commentPosted in Management Projects on August 21. 2011 Tags: IPO. 2011 Tags: Financial. 2011 Tags: international trade. 2011 Tags: MBA Finance Financial Performance Using Ratio Analysis (MBA Finance Project) This aim of this project is to analysis the liquidity and profitability position of the company using the financial tools. something which is bought or « Read more » Leave a commentPosted in Management Projects on July 3. as well as the central role of product quality in determining world trade patterns and intensities. Online Firm Dynamics. MBA Finance A Study on Commodity Market (MBA Finance Project) What is ³Commodity´? Any product that can be used for commerce or an article of commerce which is traded on an authorized commodity exchange is known as commodity. also known as electronic funds transfer (EFT). MBA Marketing E-Banking (MBA Project) Electronic banking. rather than by cheque or cash. is simply the use of electronic means to transfer funds directly from one account to another.

An « Read more » . is the time of cooperation rather than a competition. Bank Crises and Growth This paper studies the effects of financial liberalization and banking crises on growth. 2010 Tags: Financial. lawsuits. The financial manager must determine levels and composition of current assets. 2010 Tags: MBA Finance Market Regulation and Supervision (MBA Project) Financial securities market regulation is subject to increasingly rapid reforms. Despite the political interest in different forms of reforms.Leave a commentPosted in Management Projects on June 26. earthquakes. Individuals and corporations obtain insurance policies to provide protection for various risks (hurricanes. MBA Finance Reinsurance: Insurance to Insurers (MBA Finance Project) Reinsurance is a means by which an insurance company can protect itself against the risk of losses with other insurance companies. economic analyses of the rationales for specific securities market regulation are primarily focused on specific issues such as insider trading. Such a panorama teaches us that now. namely cash. It shows that financial liberalization spurs on average economic growth. He must see that right « Read more » Leave a commentPosted in Management Projects on July 19. Banking crises are harmful for growth. 2011 Tags: MBA Finance Disinvestment (MBA Finance Project) Disinvestment is the action of an organization or government of selling or liquidating an asset or subsidiary. now it¶s a time of convergence rather « Read more » 1 CommentPosted in Management Projects on June 10. 2011 Tags: Financial. 2011 Tags: Financial. MBA Finance Financial Liberalization. EVOLUTION OF DISINVESTMENT POLICY: It has been decided that Government would disinvest up to 20 per cent of its equity in selected public «Read more » Leave a commentPosted in Management Projects on May 23. sickness and death. but to a lesser extent in countries with open financial systems « Read more » Leave a commentPosted in Management Projects on June 20. « Read more » Leave a commentPosted in Management Projects on June 3. 2011 Tags: MBA Finance Case Study on SIDBI ² A Successful Financial Institution in SME Financing (MBA Finance Project) Worldwide. collisions. the wind has been changing in the finance sector in general and banking-investment sector in particular. marketable securities. debtors and stock (inventories) and current liabilities. MBA Finance Working Capital Management (MBA Project) Working capital management refers to the administration of all aspects of current assets.

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