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Unit 12: Crime and its effects on society P1 / M1 / D1 P1 Produce a report that outlines the current crime and

disorder legislation Outline = To write a Clear Description but not a detailed one Legislation Crime and Disorder Act 1998 Police reform Act 2002 Criminal Justice Act 2003 Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 M1 Analyse To identify the strengths and weaknesses Choose 2 of the above Legislative Acts and Analyse their strengths and weaknesses in terms of achieving their aims. How can they achieve their aims? Are the likely to? What might the legislation cause that is negative? Why might it not work? Legislation Strengths Weaknesses Outlined Yes / No

D1 Evaluate Review the information then bring it together to form conclusions. Give evidence to support. Choose 1 piece of legislation and evaluate it. These questions may help!!!! What is the Impact of this Legislation on Society? On the crimes it looks to deal with? On the criminals? On the Police and other organizations such as Courts that are trying to administer and follow the Legislation?