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“The Universal Bank Of Spirit Consciousness”

A wise sage once told me about one particular kind of bank


It has super high interests for savings. Whatever you invest into

it grows exponentially

You get an account with a free deposit the moment you are born.

It also has an overdraft facility. But be careful, if you just keep

taking from it, it will penalise you in more ways than one, that is

the risk you take!

You dont want to abuse the generosity of this bank.

The interesting thing about this bank is that the more you abuse the bank, the more lessons it will teach you on what to do next time.

If you learn from your previous errors, then it will help you

along to make your account grow.

By helping you to grow your account, the bank's own account can grow too.

If you don't, then the tougher and tougher your life becomes as

the bank strips away the spiritual currency it has given you and

the more you will need to learn to get it back.

You learn to earn

2012 amAya Niraj Naik


The spiritual currency is energy.

Give value to the universe and help the spiritual bank to grow.

The more value you give, the more you are valued

and the more you will be rewarded in whatever way you desire.

If you want money, you will get money

If you want power, you will get power

If you want sex, you will get sex

If you want better health, you will get better health.

If you want love, you will get love

If you want peace, you will get peace

Whatever you desire, you will receive

But be careful in choosing whatever you desire as anything that you choose that exits on the physical dimension, like superficial sex, self indulgent possessions and power is subject to the laws that govern the physical dimension.

These are desires driven by your ego and this requires funding from the universal spiritual bank.

Alternatively desires driven by your ego that are aligned with the laws of consciousness, will result in the manifestation of things in the physical dimension that are beneficial to universal growth.

2012 amAya Niraj Naik

Self indulgence is only a one way flow of energy from the universal bank to you.

So you could end up spending more than you save and invest

What you do with the energy you receive is very important.

If you use that energy you are rewarded with to further add more value to the universe, then your account balance will skyrocket.

There is a simple formula for adding value

Identify Problems + Find Solutions To Fix Them =


Spiritually this can be identified by working on raising the vibrational energy of a person or system from low energy (emotions such as apathy, fear, anger) to higher energy (emotions such as courage, acceptance and peace)

Here are ways to increase energy and add more value:

1. Just little things like helping out around the house, paying the bills, cleaning the dishes, doing things for the people you love.

2. Making a kind gesture to someone on the street. Making an unconditional compliment to a friend or family member. Basically making someone else feel good for a change without expecting anything in return.

3. Doing a job well that you love within a company or system that adds value to the customer

2012 amAya Niraj Naik


Creating a product or service that adds value to the customer. The more the product helps a persons own spiritual bank account to grow, the greater your reward.

5. Creating a system that adds more value to more people. So if you create many products and you create a system to distribute these to people then you will be rewarded many more times than if you just had one product. If you dont have your own product but you create a system to distribute other peoples products, you will be rewarded in the same regard.

6. If you go one step up and create a system that employs people or works with people to grow everyone who is involved's, own spiritual bank account then you will be rewarded significantly.

Products and services can exist in many forms, in the form or delivery of spiritually purposeful information such as books, audio, video, through to the creation or distribution of physical products such as spiritually enhancing food, tools, homes and machines.

If you however create systems or products or work knowingly within companies that devalue universal spirit, suck energy off the land without giving anything back, then you run the risk of getting heavily overdrawn.

If however a company, system or service first starts with the intention of delivering a valuable service, but then realises that it is now doing more harm then good but does not change and continues, they will be penalised for it. But if they learn and change then they will be rewarded much more.

If you pursue the goal of creating value but you ignore all the little details like being kind to others, finishing your chores, making time for your family, this will negatively impact on the success of your journey, as it is the mastery of self and

2012 amAya Niraj Naik

remembering the little details that will allow you to create value purposefully.

So first work on yourself and make an agreement to continuously improve in order to add more value to others.

If you learn from the lessons the bank will throw at you, continue to develop your own self by learning from the wisdom of others, then your ability to grow your account will be much easier and less costly over time.

This works exactly like a normal bank account. If you borrow and self indulge in things you cant really afford, without paying back, you have to pay back much more over time.

If you work hard, save and grow your account, the bank rewards you with more money.

But taking from the spiritual bank without paying back arises in negative consequences instead of interest charges

Negative consequences will appear as negative emotions:






You will know your bank is growing as positive consequences will appear as positive emotions:




2012 amAya Niraj Naik

Your soul must realise that it is part of the chemistry of the consequences

Emotion is a consequence of vibrational energy. LOVE is merely a measure of vibrational energy:

L Level





E. Energy

Peace (eternal love for all) is at the highest level, Apathy (no love, devoid of energy) is at the lowest level.

What the universe also understands is that your physical body is subject to death, but this does not mean your account only lasts the lifetime of your physical body.

The funds in your account that you are left with when you die will dictate how many lessons you will be given in your next life.

The more debt you owe to the universal bank of spiritual consciousness, the more things you will need to learn in order to pay back the loan.

The more you save and invest in this universal bank, the higher the state of your vibrational energy becomes.

When you reach the highest level of love, peace, your soul transcends and breaks free from the cycle of the necessity to learn.

The universal bank does not care what religion, faith or colour you are. The bank balance everyone receives at birth comes from the same singular source of energy - “The universal energy of consciousness.”

2012 amAya Niraj Naik

So any negative impact you make with your life on the life, ecosystem and material that coexists with you, will have an inevitable negative consequence on your own life as you spend away the energy from your own spiritual bank.

If you continue to take from the soil without sowing and nurturing the seed, you will starve.

Whether you choose to believe whether this bank really exists does not matter.

This is merely an analogy of the common sense laws that govern you.

The more you take from other people, the earth, in order to obtain material possessions, loveless sex , greed and power without giving back in the form of real value, the unhappier you will become as the spiritual energy that drives you is stripped away from you in order to protect the universe.

Your acceptance that adding value to the universe will bring forth whatever you desire, is based on having faith and keeping integrity at all times with respect to the laws that govern your universe.

Ultimately if you do not adhere to the laws that govern the universe then these very laws will weed out the dna that manifested your life from existence in order to protect it.

A classic example of these laws in motion is when an artist makes great art that many many fans love. In return they receive lots of love, money, power, sex, and fame. The musician then abuses this wealth of energy received and uses the money for self indulgence, has copius amounts of sex without love, burns bridges with all their friends as their ego drive increases, stops writing the great music they once wrote that the people wanted,

2012 amAya Niraj Naik

then wonders why they have ended up in rehab, sick, broke, poor and alone

Those musicians who are not sidetracked by fame, money, sex and power and continue on a journey of self improvement with a purposeful and conscious ego, write great songs that enhance and inspire the souls of countless people, enjoy the merits of a blissful journey through life.

You may feel resentment and cheated by the universe when you see corrupt and greedy people getting financially rich by manipulating other people. But when you closely examine the emotional state of these people, you will quickly realise that they live within only the lowest levels of vibrational energy of fear, anger and grief. That is a very dark, cold and lonely place to be.

Increasing your vibrational energy requires discipline and focused action. When you do this, your ability to create value is enhanced. Miraculous results will show in your own health, vitality and well being.

You can master this discipline by making and strictly adhering to the following agreements.

1. Be impeccable with your word - trust and honour is built on this.

2. Don't take anything personally, we are all in this journey together, everyone makes mistakes and any negative emotion directed to you from others is just a signal that you need to add more value.

3. Don't make assumptions – do not take things face value. Ignorance is very dangerous. Always continue to learn

4. Be skeptical but learn to listen. There will always be those who will try to mislead you, but there will also be those who will try to guide you. Always listen to those who have

2012 amAya Niraj Naik

gone further down the journey you are also taking. They will have priceless wisdom for you to learn from. 5. Always do your best.

For your:

Body – eat a healthy diet, detox and exercise regularly Mind meditate, constantly grow your knowledge and learn from wisdom

This will result in a free, content and peaceful spirit.

Just imagine what could be achieved if we all focused on increasing our spiritual accounts instead of just our financial accounts.

The universal bank of consciousness would grow exponentially in rhythm with the conscious energy we supply it.

Bringing the highest vibrational energy of peace to each and everything in this universe as one.

Peace, Love + Blessings

amAya x

2012 amAya Niraj Naik