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Nazi Methamphetamine Tabletop Recipe: Standard Equipment Needed (5 Grams): 7.

5 Grams Iodine Prill or Iodine Crystals Ephedrine or Pseudoephedrine.1665 Pills produces 5 Pure GramsSodium Hydroxide1 Pint Red Devil Lye3.5 Grams Red-Phosphorus...5000 Matchbooks250ml Glass Flask2 20oz Plastic Jugs2 Coffee Filters.6 Electric Coffee Cup Warmer.16 or longer Rubber Hoses...3Plastic Gallon Jugs...1

The push/pull does not take a lot of skill but does take a bit of understanding of what one is dealing with.First of all this method does require some very watched items. Red phosphorous and iodine crystals canbring unwanted attention if ordered from different supply companies. If by chance one cannot seem toobtain these items anywhere, there is still hope. It is possible to obtain these items OTC (over the counter)at your nearest supermarket. If one can get one's hands on lab grade without getting a one-way ticket to theslammer, it is well worth it.The striking pads of matchbooks contain a small amount of red phosphorous. It is not pure, so consider cleaning it up a bit before use. It is possible to convert iodine tinctures to iodine crystals. Tinctures can befound on the shelves of many different supermarkets, and come in 30 ml bottles of 2% iodine in solution.Tinctures are also available at cattle supply houses, in pint and gallon sizes, which contain 7% iodine insolution. Iodine prill, a common name for iodine powder or pellets often available in cattle supply stores aswell, works great just the way it is.T h e r e a r e m a n y d if f e r e n t wa y s t o c o l l e c t r e d p h o s p h o r o u s f r o m t h e s t r i k in g p a d s o f m a t c h b o o ks .Scraping it off with a razor blade is a simple collection process. A better way is to cut the strikers off andsoak them in acetone until the red phosphorous falls off. It takes a very large number of strikers to obtain alarge enough pile to do anything with, but it is a proven method in use by many people.When all of the phosphorous falls off the paper, remove the paper, filter the acetone/red phosphorousthrough two coffee filters, rinse with distilled water, and let dry. Now mix up a solution of 20% sodiumh y d r o xid e . T h a t is 2 0% g r a m s o f s o d iu m h y d r o xi d e i n 1 00 m l o f d is t il l e d wa t e r . P l a c e t h e d r y r e d phosphorous in a beaker or flask of choice and add the hydroxide solution to it. Heat this mixture on lowheat for a few hours, and then filter through two coffee filters again. When dry, rinse with hot distilled water a few times and let dry. This will produce a more pure powder that will fire off a push/pull reaction.

To convert 2% iodine tinctures, the following are used:500 ml 2% iodine tincture 125 ml muramic acid (hardware store strength) 235 ml hydrogen peroxide(3% topical solution) 862 ml distilled water To convert 7% iodine tinctures, the following are used:1 pint of 7% tincture 3 pints of 3% peroxide 2 oz. of muriatic acid '/a cup of distilled water Pour the tincture in a onegallon milk jug, add the muriatic acid, and mix it all together well. Let this mixturesit for half an hour. Now add the 3% hydrogen peroxide, with thorough mixing, and let it sit for another half an hour. Next, add the distilled water and shake vigorously until your arms tire, then let it sit for another half an hour.There should be an orange layer on top of a dark grey layer. The grey layer is what you want. The greylayer is iodine crystals that have crashed out of solution. Pour off the orange layer, add more fresh distilledwater to them, and shake again. Let it sit for a few minutes, and then pour off the orange solution again.Repeat this process three times, and after the third time, pour the contents through two coffee filters. Nowone must wring dry the crystals in the coffee filters. Wring dry, put them in another stack of coffee filters,and wring them out again. Keep doing this until one gets a nice solid dry ball of crystals.That is it. One should have nice iodine crystals that will work in the reaction. Store the crystals in adark-colored jar or bottle. Warning:
When making one's own crystals from tinctures, wear eye protection and chemical resistantgloves. Remember that iodine is poisonous, so be safe, and work outdoors.

Figure 40 the Push/Pull Set UpSTOPPERS, LIDS & HOSES SEALED TIGHT! As one can see from Figure 40, it is very easy to construct the apparatus for this reaction. A small clear beer bottle can replace the flask if one is not on hand. This setup easily scales larger or smaller for different size batches.If, for example, one wants to do a 20-gram batch, use a 500 ml flask or bottle and two 64-oz. plasticGatorade jugs. Make sure all the hoses scale in place because one does not want any leaks.The reaction can be very quick, but other times it may not be. Keep a bucket of dirt or sand at hand tosmother any possible phosphorous fire. A phosphorous fire is a possibility, so be on the safe side.W i t h l a b g r a d e r e d phosphorous and iodine crystals, the ratios by w e i g h t a r e 1 - g r a m pseudoephedrine/ephedrine HCl to 1 gram of iodine crystals to 0.5 gram of red phosphorous. With OTCchemicals, the ratios are 1-gram pseudoephedrine/ephedrine HCl to 1.5 grams of iodine crystals to 0.7gram of red phosphorous.So now, let us get started with the reaction. First thing to do is set up the push/pull vessel. Fill the firstwater tank with distilled water % of the way full. The second one leave empty. One can either put the drainhose from the second tank down the drain past the u trap or in a bucket of cat litter. Weigh out thepseudoephedrine/ephedrine HCl and place inside the flask or bottle, no more than a 10-gram batch in a

250 ml size flask or bottle. Next weigh out the iodine crystals and put them inside with t h e pseudoephedrine/ephedrine HCl. Mix them together very well and stopper the flask or bottle and place it inthe freezer for around 3-4 minutes. Weigh out the red phosphorous. Take the flask from the freezer, thereactants should be dark and may be a dark thick-looking mud. Place the red phosphorous in the flask, mixin good with a glass rod, and hook it up to the water tanks. If the drain hose is down the drain, it is time toturn on the water to keep the fumes down.If using lab grade chemicals, one may have to add a few drops of distilled water to get the reaction going.For OTC chemicals, one should need no water; just heat the reactants a little and it should be fine. Do notflood the reaction with water! Place the flask on a coffee cup warmer or in a hot water bath. When thereaction starts, take it off the heat.During the first phase of the reaction, the mixture turns to a thick liquid and starts bubbling. The smallbubbles will be somewhat silvery looking. Some gas may now be pushing into the first water tank and wa-ter into the second. The contents inside the flask will raise some. A light yellow-colored mist and white foginside the flask is normal. Continue to add, on and off, heat to maintain an easy bubbling reaction, at leastaround 15-20 minutes or until bubbling begins to slow.In the next phase, increase heat to the flask; slowly raise it up to between 160-180 F. The reactionshould begin to bubble very rapidly. The color of the reaction will change to a dark purple or reddish with ayellow tint. The small reaction bubbles will start turning into big bubbles that collapse into large holes. Thereaction should be pushing gas into water tanks, but a lot harder this time. The contents will rise quickly,and may start to smoke. If so, remove from the heat and swirl the contents around in the flask to get thesmoking to stop. Swirling will also keep the reactants from rising too high. Let react until all ^seems to bedead inside the flask (no reaction) even with applied heat. A pull may be noted. If not, that is all right too.Sometimes there is no pull with small reactions. Tilt the flask. If reactants slowly flow off the bottom andsides and are not longer stuck, it should be finished. Let cool to room temperature, and then add 100 ml of distilled water. Next, in an open flask and on water bath, heat the mixture at 150 F for 30 minutes in order to free the contents. Filter all the red phosphorous out of the mix. A couple of coffee filters also works wellfor filtering the red phosphorous

out, the color should be clear to pale yellow. If one gets a dark orange or red color that does not filter out, the reaction might not be complete or the adulterants in the pills may havemessed it up.If this is the case, try putting the red phosphorous back into the water from which it was filtered. Heat itup to about 200 F for two hours to complete it. If this does not work, the crap in the pills may have messedthe reaction up.Now it is time to base and extract the meth base with a non-polar solvent such as toluene. Wash thesolvent/base layer with distilled water a few times, and dry with dehydrated Epsom salts. Gas the sol-vent/base layer to get crystals of methamphetamine.