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Statement of Purpose

My desire to land a successful career and my interest in technology had led me to pursue a in Electrical Engineering from the reputed VNIT (Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology). This four year programme provided me with fundamental engineering training based on solid foundations in applied sciences and mathematics. But what really captured my interest and exposed my skills were the technical festivals I had participated in during these years. I found out that I had an inclination for the management and business events in particular. These events revolved around activities like taking the role of an entrepreneur setting up his own virtual business enterprise, managerial events, resource optimization and advertising for products. I either worked individually or as part of a team. Through these activities I was able to identify my sound decision-making and interpersonal skills. I also took part in social work for the organization Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) in Abu Dhabi (U.A.E.) in the year 2003 where I had collected money for a fundraising drive. I was enrolled with the task of collecting money from friends/family as well as from individuals at their doorstep. I succeeded in amassing Dhs.400 in a span of 3 days despite being declined by many people. This experience taught me to be relentless, optimistic and also helped further in developing and improving my public speaking, communication and marketing skills. The knowledge of these skills and my keen interest in up-to-date business matters has encouraged me to pursue a career in the corporate world. A strong educational background is a critical factor in a successful career. The analytical skills acquired during my engineering combined with an MBA degree will help in achieving my goal of being among the top management of an organization and later on realize my dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. SIBM is an ideal place to pursue my postgraduate MBA. As someone who wishes to develop skills in several methods and who enjoys interdisciplinary studies and group work , it is of utmost importance that I find myself in such an environment. At Symbiosis, which has a multi-disciplinary faculty, state of the art infrastructure, wide industry interface and a vibrant alumni network, I believe that I will be able to enrich my knowledge and sharpen my skills to create an edge required for todays competitive business world. I hope to use the skills gained at SIBM to achieve the greater good of the world and make SIBM proud of me.