Prepared by: Md. Abdullah Aziz Md. Saifur Rahman Md. Shafiq Uddin Sharif Ibn Shahid Md. Intisher jahin Arup


2 6.4 6. 2. 6.5MIU sachets Communication strategy Target audience Promotional aid Hospital promotion Detailing programme/schedule (3months) Coverage of target doctors (3months) Promo material allocation (3months) Motivational moves for field forces Training programme XXXXXMYCINE CALENDAR OF EVENTS 1996 EXPENSE BUDGET Marketing budget on Xxxxxmycine Breakdown of Rova promotional budget PROFIT AND LOSS STATEMENT PAGE NO.6 6. 4.1 2.5 6.8 6.2 3.3 6.2 2.9 6. ANNEXURE 13 .1 1.7 6. 8 8.12 7. 5.1 8.75 & 1.2 6.10 6.1 6. TOPIC OVERALL MARKET SITUATION Major competitors of orolac Market share of Direct competitors of Ketorolac INTILAC MARKET Market potential Market projection STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES OF COMPETITORS SWOT ANALYSIS OF KETOROLAC TROMETHAMINE OBJECTIVES Qualitative objectives Quantitative objectives STRATEGIES Product positioning Price positioning Rova 3MIU tablet Price positioning Rova 0.MARKETING/LAUNCH PLAN ON INTILAC TABLE OF CONTENTS SL. NO.2 9. 1 1 2 2 3 5 5 5 5 5 5 6 7 7 7 8 8 8 8 9 9 10 11 11 11 12 10. 5. 1.1 5. 1.11 6.

65 5. GLOBE IBN SINA ESKAYEF BEXIMCO ORION SANDOZ Value Lc Tk 246.601 19.136.630 19.313.298 41.700.672.07 21.203 26.30 2.04 76.08 3.24 95.16 1.24 2.154 31.49 -19.171.65%.77 53. Attracted by the growth & profit gainable from analgesic market.081 Market share Lc tk% 28. 1.995 135.71 3.933 31.370.210.180 56.18 2.779.22 -9.462 19.83 1.690.452 15.54 1.970. we intend to launch a product “INTILAC” (generic Ketorolac tromethamine). following molecules are likely to be the major competitors of Ketorolac: Brand name ROLAC TORAX ETORAC TODOL TORADOL MINOLAC ORADOL WINOP EMODOL ZEROPAIN TORADOLIN PAIR ROKET ETOLAC KETONIC XIDOLIC KETORIN ZEPAC Company name RENATA SQUARE INCEPTA OPSONIN ROCHE ACI ARISTOPHARMA ACME JAYSON HEALTHCARE RADIANT DRUG INT.86 6.774.347 12.972 17.463.48 22. OVERALL MARKET SITUATION: Total pharma market of Bangladesh is valued at Tk 60.682 13. 1995) .142. Market share of direct competitors (Ketorolac) of Xxxxxmycine (IMS.323.81 3.48 23.86 93.MARKETING/LAUNCH PLAN IQC Pharma which stands for Innovative Quality Compliance(IQC).12 27.716.943.2. 4Q.49 Growth Lc GRW 26.44 34. IIH.548 25.194.772 of total pharma market with a growth rate of 24.922 15.32 2.02 1.85%.48 78. is a promising pharma company in our pharma industry.709.09 169.1 Major competitors of Ketorolac According to our doctors’ prescription habits in case of NSAID (non-narcotic analgesic) treatment and the product’s potential.30 36. 2010) with a growth rate of 17. Ketorolac(analgesic) market accounts for approximately Tk 802.79 15.81 1.01 2.041 in the year 2010 (IMS.800.286 46.03 41.47 4.74 15. The overall launching plan is proposed here under: PRODUCT: INTILAC 1.778.163 18.74 3.00 22.872.

The consequent growth & market share which can be achieved are: Launching Year Ye ar Product Tablet 10 mg (PS-30) 30 ml Inj (PS-5 Ampl) Expected Plan 2012 Unit 40. and to some extent due to recent awareness of physicians’ community about the usage of analgesics in various indications.635.80 0 1. therefore.078. INTILAC MARKET 2.2 Market projection If this proposal is granted.216.50 0 3. Market potential: The overall growth rate of analgesic market was quite encouraging (14.253.1. and market size of ketorolac has grown very rapidly (by 24.71 28. we will hopefully be able to market the product within January 2012.705.80 0 Unit 65.60 0 1.79 15.81 5.9% .65 3.700 - 30.Mark shareof direct com et petitors 4. is expected to take its momentum from 2009-10 and worth about Tk 2.280.891.80 0 2271610 0 Growth Value 47% 3493700 0 1368170 0 4096800 20. Analgesic market.00 0 3.86 ROLAC(Renata) TORAX(Square) ETORAC(Incepta) TODOL(Opsonin) TORADOL(Roche) MINOLAC(ACI) ORADOL(Aristp) 2.900 - 25.850 Value 1514550 0 5.996. 2.81%) in comparison to overall market growth (17.85%) after the introduction of new & efficient formulations.74 3.00 0 3811650 0 2015 Growth 42% Value 9.350 46% 68% 43% 60 ml inj (PS-1 Ampl) Total 16.609.900 53% 65% 33% 1438890 0 Probable Market Share % - 57% 2.85% 5271550 0 38% 6.864.65%) in 2010.7% 67% 4.350 2013 Growt h - 2014 Growth Value 63% 2540350 0 9.47 6. This is probably due to high potency and extended spectrum of activity and many other advantages of the new entrant over conventionally used drugs.

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES OF DIRECT COMPETITORS: 1. clinical meetings. MINOLAC of ACI Strength: a) Promoted by a highly motivated field force b) ACI is still perceived as a multinational company by many physicians . TORAX of Square Strength: a) High company image b) High profile launch. Weakness: a) High price (recent price reduction restrained the product image) b) Restricted positioning of the product (Torax was positioned in complicated and resistantcases) c) 7 days treatment schedule is not well accepted by physician’s community 2. distribution of news letters. TODOL of Opsonin Strength: a) A new non-opioid analgesic for post-operative pain from the house of number 1 company b) Good market penetration (large no. aggressive promotion.Monthly Value Sale (Lac tk) forecast _ Intilac in 2012 3. of field forces) c) Aggressive promotion through clinical meetings and news letter Weakness: a) High price b) Wrong positioning of the product c) Poor educational back up support d) 7 days treatment schedule is not well accepted by physician’s community 3. etc.

Perfect choice for sequential therapy in acute pain. acute pain that requires analgesia at the opioid level. waiting for Beximco’s success in this field 4. Ketorolac tromethamine ophthalmic solution is also used in the treatment of post operative inflammation in patients who have undergone cataract extraction & intra ocular lens implantations & for cystoid macular oedema. Ketorolac tromethamine ophthalmic solution. SWOT ANALYSIS (summary) OF Ketorolac tromethamine: 4. in patients with recent gastrointestinal bleeding or perforation. Less injection site pain than diclofenac. and in patients with a history of peptic ulcer disease or gastrointestinal bleeding. Only analgesic available in both injection & oral forms with 100% bioavailability. KETONIC of Eskayef Strength: a) Introduction of injection dosage form increased better patient coverage b) Good company image Weakness: a) Not in active promotion b) Introduction of new non-opioid analgesics restricted its growth 4. Ketorolac tromethamine is contraindicated in patients with advanced renal impairment. usually in a postoperative setting. or in patients at risk for renal failure due to volume depletion Ketorolac tromethamine is contraindicated in labor and delivery because.Weakness: a) High price b) Poor promotional support c) As a follower. 0.5% is the 1st choice NSAID for the temporary relief of ocular itching due to seasonal allergic conjunctivitis. it may adversely affect fetal . Ketorolac tromethamine is rapidly absorbed when administered by either the oral or the intramuscular route ensuring quick onset of action.2 Weaknesses: • Ketorolac tromethamine is indicated for the short-term (≤5 days)excellent management of moderate to severe. Provides better analgesia compared with morphine in emergency situation. • • Ketorolac tromethamine is contraindicated in patients with active peptic ulcer disease. through its prostaglandin synthesis inhibitory effect. Exerts fewer side effects than morphine.1 Strengths: • • • • • • • • • 4.

or allergic manifestations to aspirin or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Ketorolac tromethamine injection should not be mixed in a small volume (e. It can be used instead of post operative hallucinatory episodes of opoid analgesics. The concomitant use of ketorolac tromethamine and probenecid is contraindicated. hemorrhagic diathesis. Therefore. withdrawl & respiratory depression does not occur. Ketorolac tromethamine is contraindicated as prophylactic analgesic before any major surgery. and is contraindicated intra-operatively when hemostasis is critical because of the increased risk of bleeding. contraindicated in patients with suspected or confirmed cerebrovascular bleeding. If the dosage variety is available. The use of ketorolac tromethamine is contraindicated in nursing mothers because of the potential adverse effects of prostaglandin-inhibiting drugs on neonates. therefore. Ketorolac tromethamine is contraindicated in patients with previously demonstrated hypersensitivity to ketorolac tromethamine. this will result in precipitation of ketorolac from solution. • There is a wide variety of NSAIDS which may show more efficacy than ketorolac tromethamine.3 Opportunity: • • • • • • 4.g. Unlike opoids tolerance. . Ketorolac tromethamine injection is contraindicated for neuraxial (epidural or intrathecal) administration due to its alcohol content. Ketorolac tromethamine inhibits platelet function and is. promethazine hydrochloride or hydroxyzine hydrochloride. meperidine hydrochloride. thus increasing the risk of uterine hemorrhage. ketorolac may be a therapeutic agent for the management of moderate to severe pain. So the product must be more compatible & elegant to patients. Threats: The ophthalmic formulation can be used instead of steroidal anti inflammatories in cases where a raised intraocular pressure (Glaucoma) is to be avoided.• • • • • • • • circulation and inhibit uterine musculature. Ketorolac does not alter gastric motility. and those at high risk of bleeding Ketorolac tromethamine is CONTRAINDICATED in patients currently receiving ASA or NSAIDs because of the cumulative risks of inducing serious NSAID related adverse events. incomplete hemostasis. Its common in market that the demand of NSAID product is increasing day by day and Ketorolac can take this opportunity along with other NSAID.4. in a syringe) with morphine sulfate. 4.. ketorolac tromethamine must be more acceptable to patients. So it can be used effectively instead of opoid analgesic.

Intilac 60mg (1’s pack) amp: (2012-2015): Vol: 56900 boxes. and grow at an average rate of % for next couple of years. Long Term Objective: To establish Intilac as the drug of choice over all conventionally used NSAID’s or analgesics in indications where the drugs fits best and obtain a significant portion of total analgesic market within next 3 years. orthopaedic.3. 6.00 TK 210.1.00): Tk 18193750 Val: (@ 95. diazepam & opoid analgesic fentanyl are also creating threat for ketorolac .1. To make the doctors aware that Intilac is a superior drug than those of other NSAID’s and analgesics in terms of both efficacy and safety.3 6. renal colic. 5.1 STRATEGIES: Product Positioning Val: (@ 300. particularly in relief of pain associated with surgical procedures such as major abdominal. Intilac 30mg (5’s pack) amp: (2012-2015): Vol: 72775 boxes. 5.2. Qualitative Objectives Short Term Objective: To promote Intilac tablet & injection as a better product in the market and to obtain about 7-8% of the ketorolac market within the first 2 years of its launch. Ketorolac is not recommended for long-term chronic pain patients. OBJECTIVES: 5. 5.2.1. Intravenous anaesthetics ketamine & propofol are also creating threat for ketorolac. 6.00): Tk 5405500 TOTAL Tk 69169250 First line of analgesic treatment for empirical use in pain.00): Tk 45570000 Val: (@ 250.00) Total treatment cost (7 days): (7x3xTK10. Sedative & analgesic peri-operative drugs-lorazepam. acute & chronic muscuko-skeletal pain.1 Price positioning of Intilac 30ml & 60ml inj. cancer pain etc with superior use to other analgesics.• • • • Diclofenac is becoming a potential threat for ketorolac while using with misoprostol that reduces the frequency of gastrointestinal ulcers & erosions & cost effective also. 6. (pain associated with surgical procedure) Price positioning of Intilac 30ml inj: TK 10.00 Max 10 mg per day TK 30. dental or gynaecological surgery.1.2 Price Positioning of Intilac 10mg tablet: 10 tablet cost to patient per tab: Adult Dose: Average daily cost of treatment: (3X TK10.00 . So its uses are becoming less . Intilac 10mg(20’s pack) tablet: (2012-2015): Vol: 151900 boxes.00) 6. Quantitative Objective: To achieve 7-8% share of analgesic market by the end of 2015. 5.

2.00) (5x4x Tk50.1.00 Price positioning of Intilac 60ml inj: (Pain associated with surgical procedure) 60ml inj cost to patient per inj: Average daily cost of treatment: Total treatment cost (5 days): (2x Tk 95.00 2 inj per day Tk 190.00 Tk 950.4. Target audience 20 doctors per territory comprising of: a) General surgeon . 6.00) TK 95. 6.30ml inj cost to patient per inj: Average daily cost of treatment: Total treatment cost (5 days): Tk 1000.00) (5x2xtk95.3.3 Competitive pricing of Ketorolac formulations: Product(brand) & strength Torax 10mg tab Etorac 10mg tab Ketonic 10mg tab Rolac 10mg tab Kenodol 10mg tab Toradol 10mg tab Todol 10 mg tab Zepac 10 mg tab Company Square Incepta SK+F Renata Rangs Pharma Roche Opsonin Sandoz Day x Times 7X3 7X3 7 X3 7X3 7X3 7X3 7X3 7X3 Treatment cost(Tk) 210 210 200 210 240 460 210 190 Product(brand) & strength Torax 30 ml inj Etorac 30 ml inj Rolac 30 ml inj Toradol 30 ml inj Todol 30 ml inj Zepac 30 ml inj 6. Communication strategy Campaign theme: Company Square Incepta Renata Roche Opsonin Sandoz Day x Times 5X4 5X4 5X4 5X4 5X4 5X4 Treatment cost(Tk) 1000 1100 1100 3600 1120 1200 Intilac second to none an empirical.00) TK 50.00 3-4 inj per day Tk 200. 6.2 (4x Tk50.3.4.00 6. Objective a) A high profile launch b) Building a high product image for its uniqueness and superiority over other agents in post-operative pain. highly effective non-opioid analgesic used in post-operative pain.

gynaecological surgery. Exerts fewer side effects than morphine. orthopaedic. etc. Hospital promotion: To gain attention of opinion leaders and help build a good image of the products we will arrange a special promotional campaign in all medical college hospitals about ketorolac tromethamine film coated tablet 10 mg launching. 6. f) High safety profile In addition to above.6. This literature will contain following information: a) b) c) d) e) Only analgesic available in both injection & oral forms with 100% bioavailability. acute & chronic musculo-skeletal pain. Directors of Hospitals or Clinics. Less injection site pain than diclofenac. dental. .7. Head of the Departments. Promotional aid First a large four page literature and a pad will be printed on Ketorolac tromethamine film coated tablet 10 mg in order to make the doctors aware about the product with rationale for its use in relief of pain associated with surgical procedures such as major abdominal. cancer pain and other complicated and uncomplicated indications. Perfect choice for sequential therapy in acute pain. The campaign may comprise of following guidelines: .b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) Orthopaedic surgeon Dental surgeon Gynaecologist Gastro-intestinal and hepatobiliary surgeon Cardio-Thoracic surgeon Neuro surgeon Vascular surgeon Plastic surgeon Paediatric surgeon Opinion leaders (Professors.) However an outer core of 10 more doctors per territory should also be considered for inclusion. 6. Provides better analgesia compared with morphine in emergency situation. 2-3 months after the launching of Ketorolac tromethamine film coated tablet 10 mg.three gifts: a) a poster highlighting 100% bioavailability ketorolac tromethamine film coated tablet 10 mg b) a poster highlighting less injection site pain c) a poster highlighting multi-surgery induced pain removal. to widen the doctor coverage. renal colic.

 Ketorolac Tromethamine samples will be made availabe in the stall for free distribution among first few outdoor patients. 6.  We will call it a “Ketorolac Tromethamine Day” and engage all med.  We may keep some Cookie (snaks) and Soft drinks for doctors.5%(5 mg/ml) sterile isotonic ophthalmic solution launching. Two display stands will be raised in the hospital out door premises. 1000 500 600 1200 10 20 50 Targeted No 400 200 100 500 10 20 50 % of Doc.5 Calls/Month 4 4 3 3 4 3 3 .  We will inform the hospital authority in advance that on that very day some Ketorolac Tromethamine prescriptions will be served from our Ketorolac Tromethamine stall.3 100 62. (We may also arrange a round table meeting with the doctors on the same day).5 62. Detail programme and budget will be chalked out at the time of ketorolac tromethamine 10 mg/1 ml ampoule and 30/1 ml ampoule : injection and ketorolac tromethamine 0.9. reps of that territory for this special campaign. Detailing programme/schedule (3 months: 1st half or team A): Priority P1 January Intilac tablet 10 mg Movex(tab) Diclofen(tab) opsofen(tab) Indomet(cap) Naxin(tab) February Intilac tablet 10 mg Movex(tab) Diclofen(tab) opsofen(tab) Indomet(cap) Naxin(tab) March Intilac 30 mg/1ml ampoule Movex(tab) Diclofen(tab) opsofen(tab) Indomet(cap) Naxin(tab) P2 P3 P4 R1 R2 6. displaying Ketorolac Tromethamine poster. etc. Pop 100 100 83.  We will invite doctors to our stall and detail our product. Coverage of target doctors (): Speciality General surgeon Orthopaedic surgeon Dental surgeon Gynaecologist Gastro-intestinal and hepatobiliary surgeon Cardio-Thoracic surgeon Neuro surgeon Tot. No.3 83. Journals.8. Folder.

key ring. *Promotional materials = Literature.12. pad. Training programme: 6. show piece etc.7 3 6.1 A comprehensive training programme will be arranged in eight phases Phase: I Training on abdominal pain: 1 day .12.Plastic surgeon * After Intilac launching 30 30 85.10. prayer mat. showcard. knife set. charger light. wall clock. monthly promotion plan will be efficiently changed according to the need. On the upcoming years during the promotion of the product. 6. Promo material allocation (12 months): Month January February March April May June July August September October November December 1st call Sample+literature+pa d Sample Sample Showcard+gift Gift+sample Showcard Sample Pad Sample Pad Showcard Sample Gift 2nd call Literature+sample Sample+pad Sample Sample Gift Sample Pad Sample Pad 3rd call Sample Pad+sample Sample Showcard Gift Showcard Sample Pad Sample Pad Showcard Pad 4th call Sample+pad Sample Sample Sample Gift Sample Pad Sample Pad Sample *Sample = ketorolac 10mg tablet(4 pcs) *Gift = Pen. money bag.

2 Breakdown of promotional budget vs sales forecast Month January February March April May June July August September October November December Total 8. Dhaka (1 day programme) ITEM Floor charge Morning Tea Lunch (Chinese) Evening Tea QNTY/NOS.V.VIII will be arranged team wise locally and Phase VIII will be arranged centrally in Dhaka. Sales Forecast 720000 856800 378500 1039000 198200 1365200 1502000 1502000 1430000 1332000 1209600 1118800 14388900 Promo Expense 102000 130000 1000000 162000 850000 112000 100000 60000 100000 60000 12000 150000 2838000 % Expense 14 15 102 16 71 8 7 4 7 5 1 13 20 Launch meeting at Hotel Sheraton.II.12.000 25.000 25.2 Training materials: a) b) c) d) e) A training manual on ketorolac tromethamine A booklet on ketorolac tromethamine Photocopy on major competitive products and comparison chart Important journal reprints Knockout (a question answer review to handle objections) 7.VII.000 .000 40. XXXXXMYCINE: CALENDAR OF EVENTS 8. 6.VI.2.Phase: II Phase: III Phase: IV Phase: V Phase: VI Phase: VII Phase :VIII Training on orthopaedic pain:1 day Training on dental pain: 1 day Training on gynaecological pain: 1day Training on renal colic pain:1 day Training on cancer pain:1 day Training on acute&chronic musculoskeletal pain:1day Launch Meeting (product profile & Marketing aspects): 1 day Phase I.2. 200 200 200 UNIT COST (Tk) 125 200 125 TOTAL COST (Tk) 20.IV.III.

510 (budget allocation Tk 48.000) 46.10.02. PROFIT AND LOSS STATEMENT (as per budget plan) ANNEXURE .37.000 5.000 2.62.000 Total expense (in Tk): Promo and Advertisement: Launch programme: Incentive/motivational: 200 10 4 4 4 200 600 (50+10+40) 12.Dinner Cultural programme Banners/festoons Gifts for quiz competition Gifts for best 4 detailing Gifts for phase I & II exams File cover+Pad+ Pen 3.850 15.600 9.560 3.000 5.000 Tk 52.37.950 Med.0000 50.500 44.000 20.000 22.000 5. Rep.10.00. (1350x150): AS/AE (1950x23): RM (3900x4): 2.

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