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Discovery of a new mathematical relation in the
series formed by powers of consecutive terms in
arithmetic progression
Dhanesh Kumar M

So, this is how the story unveils. To put it simple, I have discovered some
theorems in the field of mathematics. And when I explored further I was
astonished to find out that these theorems have a lot of practical applications
and resolve many ancient mysteries. I, then compiled all these into a book. So,
before making this book public, I would like to share the main discoveries to
everyone as anyone with the knowledge of high school level mathematics can
comprehend these theorems.

The main goal of this paper is to elucidate some new theorems in number
theory. In a nutshell, the theorems relate to the series formed by powers of
arithmetic progression. These innocent looking mathematical relations not
only contribute to this area of mathematics but also have wider practical
applications. This document explains the main theorem, while the book,
which is about to be completed explains many subsequent theorems and
applications .