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By Hannah Heeps and Jacob Parkin

"We wanted an American Style Amusement Park, the fundamental principle of which is to make adults feel like children again and to inspire gaiety of a primarily innocent character" W.G. Bean - Founder of Pleasure Beach, Blackpool 1896-1920s Alderman William George Bean founded Pleasure Beach in 1896 and bought the 42 acres of land to build the theme park. Various Rides, including Sir Hiram Maxim Flying machine still stands to this day! The War Years Leonard Thompson said: Entertainment is about the only commodity that isnt rationed. Pleasure Beach, Blackpool remained open, all year round, so that thousands of Evacuees were able to visit. 2000 and Beyond! The year 2000 saw the biggest investment to date of 15 million when Pleasure Beach, Blackpool opened, Valhalla. Valhalla, the world's biggest dark ride was officially opened on 14th June 2000 by Jonathan Ross. 2003 saw The Big Blue Hotel open its doors at the south end of the park offering luxury accommodation. The 186 bedroom hotel has now established itself as one of the most popular hotels in Blackpool.


Infusion Prepare for an exhilarating infusion of the elements, soar to amazing heights and be taken through a whirlwind water experience to amaze and astound the senses. Height restriction for Infusion is: 52"/132cm Big One Brace yourself for The Big One, Pleasure Beach biggest, fastest, scariest coaster will have you shaking in anticipation and screaming in delight. sponsored by Pepsi Max Height restriction: 52/132cm. Nickelodeon Streak Launching from a gleaming, contemporary building with a curving, streamlined silhouette that suggests unstoppable speed and power, youll fly around the perimeter of Nickelodeon Land for a screaming sneak peek at all the other attractions. Arcades There are over 6 major arcades located around Pleasure Beach with high tech simulation experiences, state of the art video technology games, immersive virtual reality systems and challenging skill games. Ripley's Believe it or not! Two floors of interactive exhibitions and displays await your enjoyment. From two headed cows to the world's tallest man, it's a museum of the extra ordinary found along the famous Ocean Boulevard.


Height restriction: 52/132cm. The Big One is a steel roller coaster and was sponsored by the soft drinks firm Pepsi, under their brand of Pepsi Max until 2011. The ride cost 12,000,000 ($19,669,316 USD) to build and is the second biggest ever investment for Pleasure Beach, beaten only by Valhalla, the most expensive dark ride in the world. At its highest point above ground level, the ride reaches 213 feet (65 m) with the first drop measuring 205 feet (62 m); the ride is marketed as being 235 feet (72 m) high which is the height from mean sea-level. It is also one of the longest out-and-back roller coasters. There are three trains for the ride, however only a maximum of two trains are ever used. Location Pleasure Beach Blackpool Status Operating Opened May 28, 1994 Manufacturer Arrow Dynamics Designer Ron Toomer Model Hyper Coaster Lift/launch system Chain lift hill Height213 ft (65 m) Drop205 ft (62 m) Length5,497 ft (1,675 m) Max speed74 mph (119 km/h) Duration3:00 Max vertical angle65 Capacity1700 riders per hour Quiz Max G force3.5

Question 1 What style Amusement park did W.G Bean want? A) English B) American C) Jamaican

Question 2 What height does the Big one reach? A) B) C) 213 feet 250 feet 10010 metres

Question 3 Which ride launches from a gleaming, contempory building? A) B) C) Infusion The Big One Nickelodeon Streak

Question 4 How much did it cost to build the Big One? A) B) C) 12,000,000 8,000,000 $19,347,688

Question 5 Who was the founder of Pleasure Beach? A) W.G Bean B) W.H Bean C) W.J Bean

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