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The annual increase in the population of a town is 10% and the present population be 13310, then what was it three years ago? Suppose three years ago population was 100, today it should be 100*(1.1)^3 =133.1 Thus population 3 years ago was : 100/133.1*13310 = 10000 answer. 2.In a mixed school, 20 percent of the scholars are children under 7 and the number of girls above 7 is 2/3 of the number of boys above 7 and amounts to 64. Find the number of the scholars in the school. No. of girls above 7 = 64 No. of boys above 7 = 64*3/2 = 96 Total children above 7= 160. Solution Since 20%children are below 7, 80% are above 7 years of age . Thus total number of scholars are 100/80 *160 =200 answer. 3.A reduction of 25% in the price of suger would enable a purchaser to obtain 25 kg more for Rs.45. What is the reduced price per kg? Let us assume reduced price to be X. Original price = 1.33X 45/X - 45/1.33X = 25 (60 45) / 1.33X = 25 15 = 100/3 X or X = 45/100 or .45 per KG (original price 60, reduced price 45 paise per kg) 4.In a student hostel the number of students increases at a certain rate per annum Four years ago the number of boarders was 49, now it is 196 What will be the number of students after 2 years. Let us find the number of students 2 years ago: = sqrt (49*196) = 98 Thus number of students after 2 years : =196/98 * 196 = 392 answer. If X exceeds Y by 50% and Yis 50% less than Z, then what percentage is z of X? -

Suppose Y = 100 X = 150 Y is 50% less than Z, so z is 200. Z is 200/150 *100 = 133% 5.What is the geometric mean of 9,12, and 2? Let us multiply 9, 12 and 2 and then find the geometric mean: = 216 ^1/3 =6 answer. A reduction of 40 percent in the price of eggs would enable a purchaser to obtain 56 more for Rs.10. What is the initial price? Let us assume that the initial price was X. Reduced price = .6X 10/.6x - `10/X = 56 (10 - 6) = 56(.6X) = 33.6X = 4 or X = 4/33.6 = 12 paise The product of the two numbers remains constant. If one of them increases by 40%, then by what percent does the second diminish? Let us assume the two numbers to be 10 each. The product is 100. first number becomes 14. the second number is : 100/14 = 7.14 Thus the second number reduces by 28.6% The length of a rectangle increases by 10% and the breadth diminishes by 25/o. How does its area change? Let assume the length and breadth to be 20 and 10. the area is 200. new length and breadth are : 22 and 7.5. The area becomes : 165. thus reduction in area is 17.5% answer. There are 2 trains moving in opposite direction. They are of equal length. Their speeds are also 90 KM per hour each. They 1 minute to cross each other. What is the length of each of these trains? Solution Speed of 1 train : 90

Speed in meters / per second = 90*5/18 =25 meters per second. The combined speed is 50 meters per second. Thus the two trains have taken 60 seconds and have travelled : 60*50=3000 Thus length of one train = 1500 meters. (each). Ram Kap and goti start business with equal capital. Ram double the money every month. Kap trible the capital every quarter and goti quadruple the capital every 6 month. What is their profit sharing ratio at the end of the year? Solution Their capital ratio comes to : 4095:120:84 answer. 3/4 th of 68 is less than 2/3 of 114 by? *68 = 3*17 = 51 2/3 *114 = 2*38 =76 Their difference is 25 answer. LCM and HCF of 2 numbers are 84 and 21 respectively. If the ratio of the two numbers is 1:4, the larger number is ? The two numbers are X and 4X. Let take factorisation of 84 and 21. Factorisation of 84 = 2*2*3*7 Since HCF is 21, the numbers are 21 and 84 answer. 1/3 rd of a number is 3 more than 1/4 th of the number, what is the number? Let us assume the number to be X. X/3 X/4 = 3 (4X 3X ) / 12 = 3 X = 36 Answer.

If 1/8 th of a pencil is black, half of the remaining is yellow and remaining 3.5 CM is blue, what is the total length of the pencil? Let us assume the length of the pencil to be 16 CM . 2CM is black. 7 CM is yellow. 7CM is blue. Thus if 7CM is blue, total length is 16, if 3.5 CM is blue, the total length is 16/7*3.5 = 8 CM Answer. What is the next number in the sequence: 5,25,50,250,500? Let us first multiply a number by 5 and then multiply by 2 and so on. Thus we are able to get 2500 as the next number. What is the value of (1/4)^-(1/2)? Let us first solve or sign. We get 4^(1/2) We know the answer now = 2*2 =4 so the answer is 2 How many 5 digit multiples of 11 are there, If the 5 digits are 3,4,5,6,7? We have only 5 digits, which we can interchange. The total of these numbers is 25. for 11 to divide the difference of the alternate groups of numbers must be either 0 or 11. (25-11) = 14, dividing it in 2 parts, we get 7,7. thus alternate totals must be 7 and 18. Thus possible numbers are: 53647. We can inter-change 5,6,7 and also 3 and 4. Thus 3! *2! = 12 is the answer. What will be the remainder when we divide 9^6+7 by 8? we can solve it as (1^6 +7)/ 8 (because when we divide 9 by 8, the remainder is 1.). Thus the remainder is 0. Answer. In a bill the accountant transposed rupee for paise and vice versa. The actual invoice amount was 5.42 more than 6 times of the bill. What were the original invoice & bill amount? Options: (a) 44.06 and 6.44 (b) 18.25 and 25.18 Solution try options and solve it? Solution 6.44 * 6 = 38.64 Add 5.42 in this. We get + 44.06. Thus this is the right answer.

6 workers can make 270 units per minutes (together) How many units can be made by10 workers for every 4 minutes. 270/6 *10 *4 = 1800 Sumit buys every year Bank s cash certificates of value exceeding the last year s purchase by Rs. 300. After 20 years, he finds that the total value of the certificates purchased by him is Rs. 83,000. Find the value of the certificates purchased by him in the 13th year. Solution Sum = n/2 (2a + (n-1)d) =20/2 (2a + 19*300) = 83000 2a + 5700 = 8300 2a = 2600 A = 1300. Thus 13 th investment was : (A + 12 D) = 1300 + (12*300) = 4900 answer. BM started from his house one morning in a hurry. While moving out he looked at the mirror image of a wall clock. The clock had no number on its dial. It took him 10 minute to reach his office and then only he realised his mistake as he could recollect that the time he saw while leaving home was exactly one hour behind that shown by the clock at ilie office. What was the time by the clock in his office? Options: 5:25, 5:35,6:25, 6:35 answer: 6.35 answer. In a showroom there is Buy 2 Get Some Free offer. The number of free shirts (of same type) is to be decided by tossing a coin, on which numbers 2 and 3 are written on its sides. The number of free shirts is equal to the number that appears after tossing the coin. By how much percent more than the cost price the selling price of a shirt is kept so that the showroom dealer must not incure any loses? Solution Let us assume that the cost of one shirt is 100. Expected value = 2 *.5 + 3*.5 = 2.5 Thus when he sells for 200, his cost is 450. he gets 225 per shirt. He must keep at least 125% above the cost to ensure no profit no loss. What is the maximum number of soaps that can be produced in a day?

A factozy uses two machines, M1 and M2 to manufacture three types of soap, P, Q & R. The efficiency of the two machines with respect to the three types of soap is given in the table below. The numbers indicate the time taken (in min.) by the two machines to manul.lcture one unit each of the three types of soap. Solution Let us assume that machine works for 12 hours. Machine M1 will make P (because the required is minimum) and M2 will make Q. Thus total production is : (12*60)/8 = 90 (12*60)/9 = 80 Thus they will make total 170 soaps. If X is 90% of Y. what % of X is Y? Let us assume Y = 100 X = 90 Thus y = 100/90 *100 = 111% answer. If X is 90% of Y. Y is 90% of Z what % of X is Z? Let us start with Z. Z is 100, Y is 90. Now being being 90, X is 90% of Y, thus X is 81. Z is 100/81*100 = 123.45 % of X. answer. At what rate percent per annum will a sum of money doubles itself in 12 years? (SI) This is a question on simple interest (SI) We have 100 rupees now and we want 100 more in next 12 years. Thus annual interested expected is 100/12=8.33 approx. per annum answer. At what rate percent per annum will a sum of money doubles itself in 12 years? (CI) This is a question of compound interest. Let us assume that the amount is X. 100 (1+R)^12 = 200 (1+R)^12 = 2 Therefore the rate is 5.9% per annum.

the simple interest on a certain sum is 9/16 of the sum. Find the rate percent and time, if both are equal. Let us assume that sum is 16. interest will be 9. PRT / 100 = I (p=principal,R=rate,T=time). 16*R^2 / 100 = 9 (R = T) R^2 = 900/16 R = 30 / 4 or 7.5% per annum answer. A sum when reckoned at simple interest at 3 per annum amounts to Rs.364.80 after 4 years. Find the sum. Let us assume that the amount was Rs. 100. As per question : 100*3*4/100 = 12 or the amount becomes 112. Thus sum was 100/112 *364.8=325 (approx.) Amount = Rs 1110, Time = 100 days, Rate = 5% p.a. what is simple interest? 1110*100/365 *5/100 =15.2 Rupees. A is 20% more that B and B is 10% more than C. A is what % more than C? Let us assume C = 100. B is 110. thus A is 120/100 *110 = 132. A = 132, C = 100. Thus A is 32% more than C. Answer. Goti spends 30% of his pocket money and has $210 left. How much did he get as pocket money? Money left out is 70%. 100/70 *210 = 300$ The average age of the boys in a class of 20 boys is 15.6 years. What will be the average age if 5 new boys come whose average age is 15.4 years? Average = Total / Number Total of 20 = 312. total of 5 = 77 Total of 25 = 389

New average = 389/25= 15.56 answer. A sum of Rs.10,000 deposited at compound interest becomes double after 5 years. After 20 years, how much will it become? Let us assume that money doubles in 5 years, from 1 we get 2 in 5 years, 4 in 10 years, and 8 in 15 years, and 16 in 20 years. Thus this amount will become 160000 in 20 years. A sum of Rs.5000 was taken as a loan. This is to be paid in two equal installments. If the rate of interest is 20% compounded annually, then what is the value of each instalment? Let us assume that there are 2 instalments of X amounts. Thus discounting them will give 5000. X /(1.2 )+ X / 1.44 = 5000 Solution X /(1.2 )+ X / 1.44 = 5000 2.64X = 5000*1.2*1.44 X = (5000*1.2*1.44)/2.64 =3272.7 ANSWER. If a certain sum is doubled in 8 years on simple interest, then in how many years will it be four times? Let us assume that Rs 100 becomes 200 in 8 years. Thus this money generates 100/8 = 12.5 per annum of interest We have to generate interest of Rs. 300 on Rs. 100 years. Thus years will be : 300/12.5 = 24 years. Answer. A testator bequeathed by will 2/5 of his estate to his son, 60% of the remainder to his daughter and the remainder to his widow, the son got Rs.750 more than the daughter. How much did the widow receive? Let us assume that the total amount was Rs. 500. Son got 200 and daughter got 180. thus the difference was only 20. If the difference is 20, the total amount is 500/20 * 750 18750 is the total amount. Share of widow : 18750*3/5 *40/100

Thus the widow got. Rs. 4500 answer. A s mother is sister of B and has a daughter C. How, can A be related to B from among the following? (a) Niece (b) Uncle (C) Daughter (d) Father (a) Anil, introducing a girl in a party, said, She is the wife of the grandson of my mother. How is Anil related to the girl? Father in law. A man said to a woman, Your mother s husband s sister is my aunt. How is the woman related to the man? (a) Grand daughter (b) Daughter (c)Sister(d) Aunt Sister Showing a lady in the park, . Sumit said, She is the daughter of my grandfather s only son . How is Sumit related to that lady? (a) Father (b) Son Brother (d) Mother Brother Puzzle (a) A x B means A is the brother of B. (b) A + B means A is the mother of B. (c) A B means A is the son of B. (d) A B means A is the husband of B.

Which of the following would mean M is the father of N: (a) M N +0 (b) M x 0- N (c)M+0 N (d)M-0+N Solution Option D gives you correct answer. Puzzle test . (1) In a family of six persons : A, B, C, D, E and F there are two married couples. (2) D is grand mother of A and mother of B.

(3) C is the wife of B and mother of F. (4) F is the grand daughter of E. What is C to A? Solution Grandmother is D, Grand father is E Grandson / grand daughter are A and F. Thus C is mother of A. answer. Proper course of action? The exodus from villages, to cities is detrimental to both. Courses of Action: I. Rural postings must be made mandatory. I!. There should be fewer trains linking cities to smaller places. III. Employment generation scheme should be launched in rural areas. Solution Only III is the proper course of action. Which information is sufficient to answer the question? Has Smith ever won an award for literature? A. Smith won the only award existed during his time B. During smith s time, writing was looked down upon let alone merit an award. Solution Both the statements are not sufficient to answer the question. Which is an appropriate course of action? Every year, at the beginning or at the end of the monsoons we have some cases of conjectivities, but this year,it seems to be a major epidemic witnessed after nearly four years. Courses of action: I. Precautionary measures should be taken after four years to check this epidemic. II. People should be advised to drink boiled water

Solution Both the course of actions are appropriate and should be immediately taken up. Which is the most logical idea? If an ant were as big as a horse, could it move mountains? No. A giant ant . . . . . (select from a,b,c,d) (a) Would be a structural failure. (b) Would never be able to move mountains. (c) Would be a mere curiosity. (d) Would never be able to hunt for food. Solution A giant Ant would not be able to move mountains because it is just a curoisity (we are not sure about what could it do). Other options are not logical as logically we cannot say that it is structural failure or it cannot hunt for food or it cannot move mountains. Puzzle test Nine cricket fans are watching a match in a stadium. Seated in one row, they are J, K, L, M, N, 0, P, Q and R. L is at the right of M and at third place at the right of N. K is at one end of the row. Q is immediately next to 0 and P. 0 is at the third place at the left of K. J is right next to left of 0. Who is sitting in the centre of the row? (a)L (b)O (c)J (d)Q Solution NRMLJOPQK J IS IN THE CENTRE A and B start walking in opposite directions. A covers 3 km and B covers 4 km. Then A turns right and walks 4 km while B turns left and walks 3 km. How far is each from the starting point? A is 3 KM in one direction and 4 KM in right. Applying pythogorus, we find that A is 5 KM from the starting point. Similarly B is also 5 KM from the starting point. Ans.

Ram walks 10 m south from his house, turns left and walks 25 m, again turns left and walks 40 m, then turns right and. walks 5 m to reach to school. In which direction the school is from his house? Draw a map and get the answer = north-east. In a class of 35 students Kiran is placed 7th from the bottom whereas Sohan is placed 9th from the top. Mohan is placed exactly in between the two. What is Kiran s position from Mohan? 10 th From 9 th to the top and 7 th to the bottom, we have 21 candidates (35-(6+8) ). Mohan is just in the centre. So from Mohan, Kiran is at 10 th place. Answer. A watch reads 4 If the minute hand points towards the East, in which direction does the hour hand point? The hour hand is towards South West. Puzzle Goti and I started walking towards each other from two places lOO m apart. After walking 30m, Goti turns left and goes lO m, then he turns right and goes 20m then turns right again and comes back to the road and starts walking. If we walk with the same speed, what is the distance between us at this point of time Solution (Goti walks 70 meters in all), so I walk 70 meters towards Goti s starting point and now I am 30 meters from that. Goti takes only 30+20 meters on the road. Thus Goti is 50 meters from my starting point. Thus there is a gap of 20 meters between me and Goti. Answer. Sum of 1 st to 30th terms of a series in arithmetic progssion is 150. if the first term is A, what is 30 th term of the series? Sum = 30/2 (2a + (29)D) = 150 2a + 29d =150*2/30 = or 29 D = 10 2A 30 th term = A + 29D 29 D = 10 2A, putting the value, we get the answer = 10 A answer Question on number system Convert 252 into binary system 252 / 2 = 126 / 2 = 63/2 = 31/2 = 15/2 = 7/2 = 3/2 =1 (starting from last remainder to the first)

11111100 answer. Convert it again to decimal system: 1*2^7+1*2^6+1*2^5+1*2^4+1*2^3+1*2^2+0*2^1+0*2^0 = 128+64+32+16+8+4 = 252 Multiply 12 to 13 ( note - both are octal numbers, your outcomes must also be in octal numbers)? Let us first convert them into decimal numbers: 12= 1*8^1 + 2*8^0 =10 13 = 1*8^1 + 3*8^0 =11 Now multiply 10 to 11 = 110 Now convert it into octal number: 110/8 = 13 / 8 =156 Test = now convert 156 to decimal number Convert 156 (octal) to decimal number .. 1*8^2 + 5*8^1 + 6*8^0 =64+40+6 =110 answer. Multiply 5 (base 16) to 12 (base 7) and get the outcome in binary? (5*16^0 ) * (1*7^1 +2*7^0) 5 *9 = 45 45/2 = 22/2 = 11/2 = 5/2 =2/2 1 =101101 answer. 78.8% of a common medicine for stomach-upsets is absolute alcohol; 3.3% of it is mentha oil; 0.07% spear mint oil; and 0.177% chloroform. How much of each of these compounds is there in a pack of 30 ml? solution alchol = 23.6 ml, 1 ml of menthol oil and so. On. What is the sum of cubes of the first 5 natural numbers? Formula = [N (N+1)/2 ]^2

= [5*6 / 2 ]^2 =225 answer. What is the sum of squares of the first 13 natural numbers? Formula =[n(n+1)(2n+1) ] /6 =(13*14*27)/6 =819 answer. In a Class of 80 pupils, the number of boys is three-fifths the number of girls. Determine the number of girls in the class. Let the number of girls be X X + 3/5X = 80 8/5 X = 80 X = 80 *5/8 X = 50 (the number of girls is 50, boys are 30) answer. The difference between two numbers is 30. On dividing the greater by the smller the quotient is 3. Find the numbers. Let the smaller number be X. 3X X = 30 2X =30; X = 15, Thus 2 numbers are 15 and 45 answer. Gunpowder contains 75% nitre and 10% sulphur. The rest of it is charcoal. What is the amount of charcoal in 9 kg of gunpowder. Charcoal is (100 75 10) = 15% 9 KG = 9000 Grams 9000*15/100 =1350 grams answer. Question on profit

At what percentage alove the Cost price must an article be marked so as to gain 33% after allowing the customer a discount of 5%? (a) 48% (b) 43% (c) 40% (d) 38% (e) None of the above Solution Let the cost be 100 Final price being realised 133 It is after discount, so price before discount (marked price) is : 133*100/95 =140 , so 40 is the answer. A vertical pole PO is standing at the centre 0 of a square ABCD. If AC subtends an angle 90 at point P of the pole then the angle subtended by a side of the square at P is (a) 35 (b) 45 (c) 30 (d) 60 (e) None of the above Solution When diagonal (in a square) makes angle of 90 degree in a pyrimidical shape, then sides make angles of 60 degree. (rule). So answer is 60 degrees. Find the per cent of pure gold in 22 carat gold, if 24 carat gold is cent per cent pure gold. 22/24 *100 =91.67 % answer. In the diagram the two circles pass through each other s centre. If the radius of each circle is 2, what is the perimeter of the region marked B? Solution Permieter of one circle is 2/3 now because, it is being cut by other circle. Thus 2/3 + 2/3 of perimeters added : 2 * 2/3 * (formula of perimeter = 2pi *r) =(8 * pi * r) /3 answer.

What is angle C? Solution Angle O is double the angle A. Thus it is 100 degree. Thus C is (180 -100)/2 = 40 degrees answer. What is angle a? Solution Angles from D and C are equal . 180 60 37 x =83 x Let us sum up for two angles: (180+180 ) = 360 83-x + 83 x + 180+2X = 360 2Y +2X = 180 let us assume Y = 53 2X = 72 or X = 36 answer (solve by options, so angle A = 53 ) answer