Kenny A.

Regis BSN-4


Self On the first day of duty at ANEX I was learn a lot of things in my C.I and staff and also to my classmates. I learn more on the chart how to carry out and administer drugs properly. I learn to be more cooperate with them though there are some who are very FEELING Mr. Albaciete is a good instructor he teaches us about the function of the primary nursing.

I was Glad because the staff are supervising us to administer drugs and do special procedures. It was a great experienced

Difficulties encounter

Action taken
I promise to myself to be more focus to my work and be attentive always.

This is the last time to put all my effort, this is the last semester and I need to be more attentive.


It feels great we had a great time.

All of us are worried because we thought we don t have food on that day.

We buy food like biscuits and also softdrinks.

Let s help one another to accomplish our goal successfully.


were glad for the things that we knew.



Continue to help students and encourage them to study and focus.

. I m glad. So far no problem during first duty. Nothing Continue to serve people with good quality care and serve them spiritually and by heart.Hospital I was amazed by the improvements of the hospital.

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