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(Formerly) Malaviya Regional Engineering College, Jaipur Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, Jaipur - 302 017 (Rajasthan) Department of training and placement

Prof. K R Niazi
Professor, In Charge, Placement & Training, M N I T Jaipur.

Phone No.: 0141-2529065(O) 0141-2376615(R) Fax No. : 0141-2529065 0141-2529065 Mobile : 9414262615 Email :

No. PTP/MNIT/2010 To Mr. Neeraj Saxena Deputy General Maneger, (P& IR) Rajasthan Electronics & Instrumentation Limited, B-21,Kala Colony, JLN Marg, Malviya Nagar, jaipur- 302017 Dear Sir / Madam,

Dated : 06 - 05 - 2010

Practical training/Project for a period of 60 days during summer break, after VI Semester, is a prerequisite for the award of B.Tech. degree. The training, equivalent to 2-credit course, undergone by the student is assessed on the basis of a written training report submitted by him / her, a seminar talk delivered by him / her and a viva-voce, by a panel of examiners. Practical training enables the students to supplement their studies at this Institute with practical orientation, providing opportunity to understand industrial environment prior to their final placement. As far as possible, the student may kindly be given / assigned a project, which can be completed by him / her in stipulated period of 60 days. Mr. / Ms VINEET KUMAR SINGH Institute No. 2007UCP159. is a bonafide student of this Institute and is now studying in B.Tech. VI Semester (Third year) COMPUTER engineering during academic session 2009-2010. I would like to mention that he / she is required to undergo practical training for a period of 60 days during ensuing summer vacation between 10 May 2010 to 10 July, 2010. The necessary guidelines, to be observed by the trainee / the organization imparting training, are given overleaf. It is requested that suitable training for 60 days may kindly be provided at your organization to the student. It is also requested that hostel / residential / stay facilities may kindly be provided to the student trainee (s) or he / she / they may kindly be helped / guided to get suitable lodging facility in the close vicinity. With Warm Regards, Yours sincerely, (K. R Niazi)

GUIDELINES FOR PRACTICAL TRAINING OF THE STUDENTS 1. The practical training facilities are generally granted by industrial organization without any charge and without any claim by the students trainee. However, the Training Centres may grant any stipend T.A. & D.A. , free lodging and boarding to the students. 2. The students should report to the training centres on or before the date of commencement of training. 3. The students are not allowed to split the training period in more than one part, without prior permission of the Prof. & Head, Training & Placement, for taking training in two or more organizations. 4. The students are required to furnish their personal bio-data, bonds, securities, clearance certificate, as and when required by the Training Centres. 5. The students should abide by the rules / terms and conditions as laid down by the industrial organization/training centre.
6. They should carry with them their identity cards and two recent passport size photographs for verification, gate

pass, etc.

7. They should send themselves their joining reports, through ordinary mail, within two days of joining the training centre, preferably countersigned by the training supervisor. 8. During the training period, the student must be regular, punctual and well behaved. He/She should seek prior permission of training supervisor for leaving the training centre or for abstaining from attending organization / factory / department on any day. 9. While undergoing the practical training, the students are required to maintain a daily work diary. He/She should also submit copy of the training report/final report to the training supervisor, if required. 10. The training centres are requested to send to the Institute a confidential report about the conduct of the student. 11. At the end of the training, the trainee student must get himself/herself formally relieved from the training centre. 12. The training centre is requested to issue one training certificate separately to each of the students on completion of training. Such certificate should contain details of training period, field of training and performance of the trainee student. 13. Certificate, if issued by the training organization on an un-printed paper, may kindly be affixed with official stamp. If the trainee student worked on Sundays and holidays, the same must be clearly and specifically mentioned in the certificate. 14. In case any specific clarification/ permission is required, the Professor / Faculty Incharge, Training & Placement Department should be contacted immediately. 15. Students are advised to approach only those industries / organizations, which are sufficiently large / approved by the Institute for training purpose. A brief note about the industry must be sent immediately to the Professor & Head, Training and Placement Department, after joining the industry. 16. The facilities of training granted / extended by the training centres to the bearer, on the basis of this personal approach letter, will be in addition to the facilities granted in general to the Institute.

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