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Accessing BI Publisher 11g Web Services through a JDeveloper Web Service Proxy
November 24th, 2011 by Robin Moffatt In the second part of this series looking at Web Services in BI Publisher 11g, I will look at using JDeveloper to create a Web Service Proxy. This exposes the BI Publisher Web Services in Java, from where they can be embedded in numerous other applications. I demonstrated in part one how simple it is to invoke a Web Service, such as running an existing report in BI Publisher and writing the output as PDF to file. Now we will take a look at extending this to something that can actually be used in real applications. JDeveloper is Oracle’s development platform for Java applications, and it includes functionality to dynamically generate java code for accessing Web Services. It calls this a Web Service Proxy, for obvious reasons since it is generating a proxy for the Web Service proper as a set of java methods and data types. By utilising a Web Service Proxy, calls can be made out to the BI Publisher Web Services from any java code. Think of the possibilities! Whether you just want to touch BI Publisher briefly to schedule a report, or integrate a lot more closely, perhaps putting together report components on the fly, all of this is possible from java code.

Before we start on the worked example, a very important note about versions. Pay attention to this and you will save yourself the loss of hair and hours that I suffered! If you are running OBIEE, then you must use JDeveloper You cannot use JDeveloper 11.1.2! If you try to use JDeveloper you will most likely see the following: Using a JAX-WS style proxy, the generate fails with an error:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Not a valid simple name: 'v2/ScheduleServiceClient'

Using a JAX-RPC style proxy, your Java code will be generated full of these errors:
Unreported Exception

Create a Web Service Proxy in JDeveloper, step by step
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1/18/2012 3:07 PM

The following steps walk you through creating a Web Service Proxy in JDeveloper for the ReportService BI Publisher Web Service.com/2011/11/accessing-bi-publisher-11g.1. insert a Web Service Proxy (under Business Tier -> Web Services) 1.. 3.5... and create a new Generic Application. Use the same WSDL URL as you prototyped in soapUI. You should get a successful creation of your proxy. http://www. Remember. but is still just java code.. Click Finish (you don’t need to specify anything in the rest of the Wizard) 2. it is just a java program.rittmanmead. In the new project.1. that has been generated to wire into the specified Web Service. It then uses the proxy to invoke the runReport method that we prototyped in part one to run a report and write the output to PDF. for example. 2 of 8 1/18/2012 3:07 PM .Rittman Mead Consulting » Blog Archive » Accessing BI Publishe. Select a JAX-WS Client Style 2. 1. Run JDeveloper 11.

rittmanmead... If not open already.Rittman Mead Consulting » Blog Archive » Accessing BI Publishe.com/2011/11/accessing-bi-publisher-11g. open up V2ReportServiceClient. http://www.. So now. you can add your code to call the desired methods :-) 3 of 8 1/18/2012 3:07 PM ..java and locate the line which says “Add your code to call the desired methods”.

BI Publisher. BIP. Java. Web Service Proxy. BI Publisher Web Services and BPEL The third part of this series will demonstrate incorporating a call to a BI Publisher Web Service in a SOA / BPEL process. Jdeveloper. runReport..Rittman Mead Consulting » Blog Archive » Accessing BI Publishe. Web Service Proxy.rittmanmead. ReportService. BIP. XML Share 1 Tweet Tags: 11g. XML Posted in Oracle BI Suite EE | 1 Comment » Comments 4 of 8 1/18/2012 3:07 PM . using the JDeveloper Web Service Proxy functionality NB: The above java code is heavily based on Venkat’s original code here.. BI Publisher. Java. ReportService. Web Service. runReport. Web Service.com/2011/11/accessing-bi-publisher-11g. and you should get “Success!” in the JDeveloper message window And there should be a PDF file in the path specified: So there you have it — easy access of BI Publisher 11g Web Services from Java.. Run it. Click here to read it. http://www.. Tags: 11g. 3. Jdeveloper.

1. 2011 at 12:16 pm That’s good!!! thanks a lot for sharing.Rittman Mead Consulting » Blog Archive » Accessing BI Publishe.5 – Calling BI EE 11g Agents through Oracle Data Integrator 11g Rittman Mead BI Forum 2012 Call for Papers Now Open – Closing Date 31st January 2012 Scripted OBI 11g Linux startup/shutdown Looking Back at 2011.rittmanmead..1.1. http://www.com/2011/11/accessing-bi-publisher-11g. Web Designer Tampa Says: December 27th. Write a comment Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website Your comment Recent Posts Agile Data Warehousing with Exadata and OBIEE: Model-Driven Iteration BI EE 11... Looking forward to 2012 Recent Comments 5 of 8 1/18/2012 3:07 PM ..

.Rittman Mead Consulting » Blog Archive » Accessing BI Publishe..0 BI 2... Stewart Bryson on Agile Data Warehousing with Exadata and OBIEE: Model-Driven Iteration Shailesh Kulkarni on OBIEE 11gR1 : Installation and Initial Configuration Dan on Agile Data Warehousing with Exadata and OBIEE: Model-Driven Iteration Dan on Agile Data Warehousing with Exadata and OBIEE: Puzzle Pieces Matt on OBIEE 10g Web Catalog "Best Practices" Categories Apple Application Server BI (General) BI (General) BI 2.com/2011/11/accessing-bi-publisher-11g.rittmanmead. http://www.0 BI Suite Developer Book Conferences Courses Data Mining Data Quality Data Warehousing Dimensional Modelling Discoverer Exadata FMW General Hyperion Hyperion Essbase Hyperion Smart View Linux Methodology Oracle BI Apps Oracle BI Apps Oracle BI Suite EE Oracle Data Integrator Oracle Database Oracle Discoverer Oracle EPM Oracle GoldenGate Oracle News Oracle OLAP Oracle Reports & XML Publisher Oracle Warehouse Builder Professional rant Real-Time Decisions Rittman Mead Seminar Series Technology The Great Blog Disaster Uncategorized User Groups & Conferences Call us now to talk about your BI project: 6 of 8 1/18/2012 3:07 PM .

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