Projects R12 New Features & Enhancements

Oracle Projects new features and enhancements in Release 12. Project Costing
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Labor Cost Processing for Contingent Workers - Timecard and PO can be linked Changes with respect to Oracle Payables Invoice Lines new feature Adjust supplier cost in Oracle Project Costing under certain conditions New mass adjust concurrent process Oracle Payables now provides a drill down to the Project Expenditure Inquiry window from the invoice workbench. Integration with Oracle Project Manufacturing

Project Billing
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Integration with Oracle E-Business Tax Customers can now be attached at Top Task Invoice Method at Top Task: Enables to invoice customers with different methods such as, fixed price and time and materials, within the same project. Invoice Write-Off at line level Invoice Concessions for credit memos Project functional currency conversion attributes Enhanced Billing Review with New Interface

Project Foundation
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Integration with Oracle Sub-ledger Accounting Multi-Org Access Control Separation of Reporting and Planning Resources Increased granularity for planning and reporting against inventory items and manufacturing resources through increased integration with SCM. Resource Breakdown Structure enhancements Define and utilize contingent workers on projects in the same capacities and manner as employees. Enhanced Configurability of Project Home, Project List, Workbench and Page Layouts Element level options while coping a project to create another project

Oracle Project Management
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Supports dependencies between tasks within a single project or across projects. Now can assign planning resources to tasks, including people, equipment, material items, and financial resources. Can associate workflow to tasks that can be configured to send notifications depending on various businesses. Expanded Integration with Microsoft Project Can define the deliverables for a project, including all the associated actions needed to complete each deliverable.

The advance required flag will be enabled or disabled for the Agreement. A new security function allows the flag to be overwritten. revenue generation supports partial billing for transactions. and automatically draw down that cash balance. Without enabling this option. Transactions are only billed against the agreement if the entire transaction amount can be funded (no partial recognition) for both revenue and invoicing.Oracle Project Costing • • • Federal Budgetary Accounting for Project Expenditures via Subledger Accounting Contingency Worker Clearing Projects to allow CWK to charge multiple projects Additional Project Information in Oracle Time and Labor (Project Name and Task Name) Oracle Project Billing • • Cascading Billing Schedule Overrides from project to all tasks or top task to all tasks Agreement Definition Enhancements o Start Date o Customer order number and accounting reference o Billing sequence number o Advance Required checkbox o 15 additional descriptive flexfield attributes (bringing the total to 25) Prepayment Receipt Applications • • • • • Advance payment receipts entered in Oracle Receivables can now be associated with Agreements. A client extension is available to determine which customers are required to provide an advance payment. Allows cash to be identified to a specific agreement up front. Date Effective Funds Consumption • • • Project Type option that requires cost and event transaction dates to fall within the agreement start and end dates. Therefore billings cannot exceed advance amounts. New Parameters for MGT: Invoice Review • • • Project Status Project Closed After Date Project Range New Parameters for MGT: Unbilled Receivables Aging • Project Status . “Apply Receipt” button allows the receipts to be associated with the Agreement. Federal Budgetary Accounting for Project Revenue • Additional journal entries are available in Subledger Accounting for the required Federal Budgetary entries. total funding cannot exceed the amount of advance payments associated with the agreement. When the advance is required. Receipts are automatically applied to the Project invoices when they are interfaced to Oracle Receivables.

Rate now has a lower precedence than quantity and amount in automatic calculations. The . and warning messages appear on HTML pages during Apply Latest Progress as well as the Submit Progress processes. Maintaining. Where no latest published workplan version exists. the current working version displays on the Update Tasks page when navigating to the Workplan Tasks. View. baseline version. Messages include status information during processing and the availability of the latest progress information. When the burden multiplier is overridden by updates to the raw cost or burden cost. and Deleting Programs New set of public API procedures: • • • • Designate a project as a program and indicate whether projects linked to the program can belong to multiple programs. and workplan versions included in a program hierarchy) Usability Enhancements • • • • • Update Work Breakdown Structure page is now obsolete. Confirmation. the amount is no longer copied to the quantity field with the rate value set to 1. Indent or outdent multiple workplan tasks in a single step. New Public API for Creating. information. The rate will be re-derived when the quantity. rate and amount are entered at the same time for a plan line.• • Project Closed After Date Project Range Oracle Project Management New Audit Process for Project Performance Reporting Setup • AUD: Project Performance Reporting Setup New Parameters for Refresh Project Performance Data Process • • • Actual or All Amounts (Plan and Actual) Workplan Version Financial Plan Version Workplan Enhancements Ability to Delete Published Workplan Versions (except the latest published version. Create links from a program to one or more projects Update links from a program to one or more projects Delete links from a program to one or more projects Budgeting And Forecasting Enhancements Enhanced Automatic Calculation and Derivation Logic • • • For plan lines that do not have a specified a quantity. and update a workplan structure from the Update Tasks page. maintain. subsequent calculations of the burden cost will use the override burden multiplier.

The report template establishes each report’s layout and content. Average rates fields on these pages are now disabled for entry and are used for display only. o Raw Cost Rate o Budened Cost Rate o Bill Rate • • Override rates are applied to all existing and new periodic lines for the planning transaction. Reporting Pack for Generation and Distribution of XML Publisher Reports • • • • • • A reporting pack is a set of report templates and recipients by project role. Enhanced Handling of Override Rates on Budget / Forecast Lines • Override rates for a planning transaction on Edit Budget and Edit Forecast pages. Simplified Addition of Planning Elements and Resources • • New but unbudgeted tasks and resources can be added to a budget or forecast version. Predefined Reports: • • • • • • • • • Project Project Project Project Project Project Project Project Project Change Document Report Committed Cost Report Cost Detail Report Cost Labor Report Cost Summary Report Earned Value Report Financial Summary Report Forecast Summary Report Revenue At Risk Report . The Generate Reporting Pack concurrent program emails the reports generated from the report templates based on pre-defined intervals. New or modified reports can be added to an existing reporting pack or be used to create an entirely new report set.same is true when the markup percent is updated by changes to plan line components: the override markup percentage will be used in revenue calculations. New reports templates are configured using XML Publisher tools. Predefined data definition files that contain XML tags for performance measures and project data are provided. Add either all new tasks and planning resources or new tasks only to the current plan version. Self Service Expenditure Inquiry • Ability to drill into expenditure details from the Financials tab.

Associations between the customer invoices and the subcontractor invoices may be automatically maintained based on the billing of project expenditures for cost-plus contracts. The workflow can be customized to interface budget lines to external budgeting applications.. Workflow notifications about the receipt of the customer payment allow the project manager to automatically or manually release the subcontract invoice. or may be manually maintained for fixed price contracts. QTD and At Completion calculated measures are available on the following pages: • • • Performance Overview Period-to-Date Summary/Analysis Task Summary/Analysis Resource Summary/Analysis Project Performance Reporting: Inter-Project Revenue / Billing Amounts Inter project revenue / billing amounts are available on the following pages: • • • • Project List View Workplan Cost Exception Reporting Performance Overview Task Summary/Analysis Resource Summary/Analysis Period-to-Date Summary/Analysis Supplier Cost Dashboard Subcontractor Payment Controls Support for Pay when Paid Scenarios • • • • A new “Pay when Paid” payment term for subcontracts automatically places holds on all subcontractor invoices under that subcontract until the corresponding customer payment is received. . Oracle Procurement Contracts allow a subcontract administrator to specify payment impact controls that will take effect when a subcontract deliverable is not met. Microsoft Project 2007 Certification • Integration with Microsoft Project 2007 is supported. Project Performance Reporting: Additional Measures YTD.Budget Integration with Federal Budget Execution and/or 3rd Party Budget • • The budget integration workflow supports integration with the Federal Budget Execution module. with visibility into both the customer invoices and the related subcontractor invoices. Payment Controls for Subcontract Deliverables • • Support for the tracking and monitoring of subcontract deliverables that place automatic holds on subcontractor invoices in the case of noncompliance. Subcontract Payment Controls workbench allows project manager to manage the holds.

Improved Exception Handling of Maintain Project Resources Process • PRC: Maintain Project Resources delivers improved exception handling and notification when it encounters errors while processing employee records. New Public APIs for Resource Management The new PJR APIs fall into the following four categories: • • • • Requirement Public APIs Assignment Public APIs Candidate Public APIs Competence Public APIs Organization Authority: Obsolete Forecast Authority • • Removes the forecast authority functionality from the organization authority form Removes existing security data relating to forecast authority. A project team role end date cannot be beyond the project end date. Defaulting of Work Patterns’ From and To Dates • Work pattern from and to dates will default from the requirement start and end dates.• From the Subcontractor Payment Controls workbench. the project manager can view a checklist of the all the current subcontract deliverables. When project transaction dates are moved corresponding assignment dates are validated against the new project dates. users are given an option to shift the assignment dates or cancel the date adjustment. to assist in evaluating the subcontractor status prior to releasing monthly progress payments. If the roles are created before the project end dates are entered. Assignments cannot be added beyond the project end date. . If the new project transaction dates fall outside the dates for existing assignments. Oracle Project Resource Management Resource Search Enhancements • • • Resource Search by Email Address Resource Search by Person Type Streamlined Navigation on Staffing Home Cross Validation of Project and Assignment Dates • • • • Requirement start dates are equal to or greater than the project start date and less than the project end date and that finish dates are equal to or less than the project end date but greater than the project start date. users will receive an error if they later try to enter an end date that is earlier than the end date for existing roles.

• • Replaces the PJR forecast functionality with the new HTML based forecasting functionality. Improves the performance of security calls to organization authority because the existing security data is being removed . The new forecasting functionality has its own security mechanism and does not honor the old forecast authority model.

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