Del Cerro Action Council Minutes of Community General Meeting on October 26, 2011

President Jay Wilson called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. and led the Flag Salute  October Agenda: Motion duly made by Jay Wilson, seconded, by Mark Rawlins, and carried, the members approved meeting agenda.  Officers Report: Presidents Report:  New 7th District has been formed. Jay, as the President of the DCAC, is meeting with the other community presidents in a new District 7 Steering committee. They will focus on common issues such as the San Diego River and Traffic.  Patrick Henry Auditorium Update: Fundraising underway. Need to raise $5 Million. Looking at alumni who would be willing to donate such as Annette Benning Vice President:  Nothing to Report Treasurer: Not present (July 2010 balance) Balance: Checking account: $ 3,471.21 Savings account: $ 239.73 Money Market: $ 15,820.16  Police Report: Officer Ed Zwibel, Community Relations Officer (858-495-7943):  Rotation in East Division: From Gang unit – Andrews Mills (New LT)  Crime – very quiet – solicitors need to show picture and San Diego Seal. If not, call police at 531-2000. Don’t let in your house.  Twin Lake day time burglary: Master bedroom, 3 white men and one women looking for Jewelry and electronics. One was an armed parolee from Bakersfield.  College/Del Cerro intersection: traffic engineering plans to replace lights, repaint street and put in new signs.

 Elected Officials Report: Assemblyman Marty Block representative, Ben Zeiger:  14 bills signed from Public security to veterans benefits. Authored SB 900 – Expedite work projects process by reducing litigation  Community Input:  Peter Zecheck: Marvin Elementary is closing in June. We need to write our school board/representatives to encourage to change their decision.  Scott Shuman (Candidate for 7th District City Council) introduced himself.  Matt Kostrinsky (Candidate for 7th District City Council) introduced himself.  Program: San Diego City Auditor, Eduardo Luna: Resident of Del Cerro He explained what he does. He reviews financial statements and investigates ways to make things more effective/efficient. He has 18 employees (16 Auditors) with Master degrees in public policy. He has 22 years of experience. So far his team has generated 75 reports and has made over 560 recommendations with 200 recommendations implemented so far. He has identified over $34 million in savings and 95% of his recommendations being approved. Couple of recommendations that were approved: stop taking home city vehicles – reduced cost by 20%. Better coordinate city street work. Line up all work on the street at the same time. Saves from keep digging the same hole.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m. Next meeting scheduled for January 26, 2012. Respectfully submitted, Mark Rawlins Secretary

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