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Sustaining Excellence through Quality Business Education 2012 Annual Conference Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs Baltimore Marriott Waterfront -- June 15-18, 2012 Baltimore, Maryland, USA
The ACBSP Annual Conference Committee invites proposals for presentations during the 2012 ACBSP Annual Conference. Presentation proposals may be either practitioner or research based. Practitioner-based presentations should be interactive with a high level of participant engagement and hands-on experience. Research-based presentations should include the appropriate research design and scientific methodology. All concurrent sessions are 45 minutes. This typically will include five minutes for introductions at the beginning, 25-30 minutes to present, five to ten minutes for questions and discussions, and five minutes at the end for concluding remarks and completion of session evaluations. All proposals must indicate one of the following concurrent conference tracks: 1. Sustaining Excellence through Quality Business Education As organizations increasingly face the challenge of maintaining and sustaining excellence in this fast-paced, increasing global, economically restricted, post financial crisis business environment they are looking to the educational institutions who are teaching business to help lead the way through research and the production of graduates with the appropriate skill sets for success. Governments are also increasingly asking educational institutions to justify their use of public funds and to quantify the quality of the education they are providing, while showing that their stakeholders and taxpayers are getting the best possible returns on their investments. Many experts have questioned if part of the blame for the recent world-financial crisis can be laid at the feet of business schools the world over. As an extension of that climate, more and more stakeholders are looking for schools with proven quality certifications in the form of accreditation and new ideas on how to sustain excellence. This issue attempts to provide a forum where corporate and academic leaders can offer strategies that organizations can employ to successfully ensure that they sustain a culture of excellence in the business community. We are seeking examples of how business education is being delivered in an innovative, traditional or non-traditional, environment that promotes excellence. The presentation in response to this Call for Presentations may focus on the delivery platform, the assessment of learning, or the unique teaching process. While the major focus is in the classroom, the world is a classroom and the focus may be on delivery in other environments such as the office, government buildings, online, for credit or non-credit. To suggest topics and stimulate thinking on possible topics the Annual Conference Committee has proposed series of topics as examples of presentations: • How does one define excellence? • How does one sustain excellence? • What were any new practices or concepts that were implemented? • What was the success of or failures of these new practices and concepts? • How and in what way was the business unit changed as a result? • What does the future hold for the business unit? • If pursuit of accreditation or reaffirmation of accreditation occurred during this time period, what was the experience that related to the sustaining excellence? • Business excellence during this post-crisis environment.

Teaching Excellence This track focuses on best practices for the or call 913-339-9356. 2012 April 30. Date January 4. 2012 March 26. Presentation at the region provides an opportunity to test and further develop the presentation in an audience in advance of the Annual Conference.php?sid=1019. This includes delivery of global business education which is included in a separate track at the conference as the Global Business Education Committee supports a series of sessions focused on global business All proposals are peer-reviewed by representatives of the Annual Conference Committee or the Associate and Baccalaureate/Graduate Board of Commissioners.acbsp. 2. and reaffirmation of accreditation. assessment of student All proposals must be submitted electronically via email to conference@acbsp. • World class business and operational strategies and techniques for achieving excellence. 2012 May 18. 2012 Activity Conference registration form available for download from www. • Knowledge management for improved performance. or not accepted. Presentations should demonstrate linkages between institutional experience and the accreditation processes. If you do not receive an acknowledgement of your submittal. • Information technology/systems as related to achieving business excellence. 2012 May 11. Authors will be notified of the status of their proposal and the committee's decision as either accepted without Deadline for submission of response to this Call for Presentations Email notification of acceptance from Sarah Schwartz Deadline for submission of 70-word bio for inclusion in onsite program Deadline to submit form for audio-visual requirements First conference call with presenters/authors (optional but recommended) Second conference call with presenters/authors (optional but recommended) Early registration deadline (presenters are required to register for the conference) Electronic submission of conference documents . and online delivery of learning. The form is located at the end of this document and is available for download as a Word document at www. 2012 March 5. Best of the Region Presentations Each year a select number of ACBSP regional councils adopt the theme of the upcoming ACBSP Annual Conference as the theme for presentations at their meetings held in the fall and winter. Submission Process & Deadlines A one page form is used to submit a response to this Call for Presentations.acbsp. maintenance of accreditation. 2012 January 31. lessons learned.• Methodologies and tools for performance measurement to prove quality and a pursuit of excellence. Proposals will be acknowledged by email within five working days. • Best practices in managing to sustain excellence. Persons considering responding to this Call for Presentations should consider submitting a response to Call for Presentations at a regional meeting in addition to or in lieu of a presentation at the ACBSP Annual Conference. 2012 May 3. and obtaining administrative support when pursuing and obtaining accreditation. Potential topics include involving the faculty in the preparation of self-study or quality assurance reports. The chart that follows provides detailed information for deadlines and submissions. • Understanding the customer requirements during a period of heightened focus on quality and excellence. More information about regional meetings is available at Regional Council Meetings or by contacting the ACBSP offices. One presentation from each participating region is designated as Best of the Regions and is automatically selected for presentation at the Annual Conference in Indianapolis including a special rate for registration. Please consider these dates as you prepare your submission in response to this call for Presentations. please contact Sarah Schwartz at the ACBSP offices at conference@acbsp. • Process and curriculum design and management. Accreditation Process These sessions focus on the actual processes associated with initial accreditation. 3. • Leadership and corporate governance for excellence in business. 2012 May 21. accepted with modification.

org . to ensure its inclusion in the proceedings. The purpose of these conference calls is to respond to your questions to ensure the best possible presentation. For presenters/authors who wish to do so. Fax: 913-339-6226. Handouts will not be distributed at the Conference. handouts will be placed on the ACBSP web site for download prior to the Conference. the author will be responsible for providing fifty copies of the handout for distribution on-site during the session and will provide a copy of the presentation to ACBSP immediately following the Conference. Authors not presenting can be recognized in the brief or detailed description (see submittal in response to Call for Presentations) and in the content of the presentation. The registration form will be available for download on the web site January 4. The handouts do become part of the proceedings of the Conference and are published on the Web site following the Conference. Presentations will be accepted from ACBSP member institutions and non-members. Each author is asked to participate in only one of these calls but may participate in both.ppt). Preference may be given to authors from member institutions. More information on how to register and where to download the Author Registration form will be given to you once you have been notified your presentation has been accepted. Contact Information For assistance in responding to this Call for Presentation or for more information about the 2012 Annual Conference please contact: Sarah Schwartz. KS 66213 Phone: 913-339-9356. PDF files will not be accepted. Individuals responding to this request for presentations are asked not to submit their registration until after they have been notified of their acceptance as an author. Nonmember registration is $150 more per person. Advance registration ends on May 18. Conference Registration Submitting a presentation implies that all authors listed in the program book and on the web site proceedings will register for the conference. 2012.doc) or PowerPoint presentation (. conference@acbsp. If a handout is not submitted by May 21. 2012. If the presentation is accepted the main contact will be asked to fill out a special registration form to register for the conference in order to receive the 50% discount. During the Conference we will have print stations available for conference participants.Two conference calls with all conference authors will be conducted in May with notice to all authors selected for presentation during the Annual Conference. The advance member registration fee is $480 and the two-day registration fee is $430. Conference and Meetings Manager Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs 11520 West 119th Street Overland Park. Instructions on how to call in will be available later. Electronic files must be submitted as a Word document (. Each accepted presentation entitles one author to a discount of 50% off one regular or advance conference registration. 2012 with regular registrations approximately $100 higher.

Overland Park.Submittal in Response to Call for Presentations 2012 ACBSP Annual Conference Title: ______________________________________________ Pages in this submittal  one  two Presentation Type: Practitioner Research Track: Sustaining Excellence through Quality Business Education Teaching Excellence Teaching Excellence—Global Business Education Accreditation Process Abstract (40 words): Session Description (200 words): This is the a full description of what is being proposed for the session including detailed description of (a) the topic. Conference and Meetings Manager Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs 11520 West 119th Street. Please submit this complete form prior to January 31. 2012 to: Sarah . (b) the presentation format. KS 66213 Phone: 913-339-9356 Fax: 913-339-6226 conference@acbsp. If not registered and attending. They may also be included in the brief description for the program book or the detailed description within the allotted word count. they may be listed in the presentation. title and affiliation of each co-author Co-author #1: Email: Co-author #2: Email: Co-author #3: Email: Attending Conference Yes Yes Yes No No No The co-authors will be listed as presenters at the Conference if registered and attending. and (c) importance to conference attendees. Why should your presentation be accepted (no more than 100 words)? Primary Author: Name: Title: Institution: Address: Phone: Email: Street City State/Province Zip Code Please provide the name.

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