Stolen Legacy by G. M.

James George

Mandatory Reading For All High School Seniors And College Freshman

The book is an attempt to show that the true authors of Greek Philosophy were not Greeks, but the people of North Africa, commonly called the Egyptians; and the praise and honor falsely given to Greeks for centuries belong to the people of North Africa. Consequently, this theft of the African legacy led to the erroneous world opinion that the African continent has made no contributions to civilizations, and that its people were natura lly backward. This is the basis of race prejudice, which has affected all people of color. For years i have observed european scholars claiming greek philosophy as the one and true source of science and technology. however what they tend to forget is that they lost this knowledge during europes dark ages.we must remember that reading and writing in europe's dark ages were lost after the fall of the roman empire. With the exception of latin which was only spoken in the catholic church and spoken only by the priest. this is why the church had so much influence over western europe. however i will acknowledge that it was somewhat preserved in the eastern byzantine empire but history will tell you that neither the eastern or western roman empire had nothing to do with each other since the excomunication in 1096 between the pope of rome and the patriarch of constantinople.history will also tell you that the roman emperor constantine moved the roman empire east to what is called modern day turkey.In spite of all that i have written greek philosophy was restored to western europe when the african moors and arabs of spain began to translate greek works into arabic and finally into the english was this exposure that allowed europe to reclaim their lost heritage. stolen legacy tells you where the greeks received their knowledge from. to add the greeks could not have invented the arts and sciences without learning from the egyptians. egypt was in its twenty fifth dynasty when the greeks began to create this philosophy. i leave with a quote from author george well parker

" Historians may 'distort truth and rob the African race of its historical position, but facts are everywhere throwing open the secret closets of nations and exposing ethnic skeletons that laugh and jest at our racial vanities. The Aryan savages of''.Europe came down upon Greece, foun d there a great . civilization, merged with the inhabitants and builded a greater. 'The all but savage European of the Dark Ages knew nothing of culture save what had been taught him by the Roman legions, the heirs of the Mediterranean civilization. This little was almost forgotten until religious fanaticism started the Crusades and brought them into contact with the civilized refinement of the Arabians, Moors and Saracens, likewise peoples in whose veins flowed the fiery ferment of African blood. If, as Si r Arthur Evans declares, classical students must consider origins and admit the ancient Grecians of African descent, so must they go a bit further and admit the Renaissance to have sprung because of contact between feudal Europe and African Mohammedanism. "

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