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ERP system for Sugar factories and SMEs, based on Indian style of Accounting and having many great features.

Heramb Infosystems, Pune

Providing sales, development and support services to sugar factories in Maharashtra from last 5 years.

Materials management module provides many facilities to manage your in and out of materials along with stock reports, valuation and accounting. It contains good receipt, good issue, stock transfer, stock counting, valuation, reporting and accounting processes. This module is tightly integrated to other modules such as purchase, sales, manufacturing.



Analyze Inventory Transactions Business Partners Create DO/Delivery Challan From/Against Sales Order Create Material Issue For BOM Create Material Receipt From PO Delivery Schedules Inventory Aging Analysis Inventory Analysis Inventory Valuation Analysis Manage Aprrovals Manage Issues Manage Physical Counting Manage Receipts Manage Rejections Inward Manage Rejections Outward Manage Stock Adjustments Manage Stock Valuation Documents Manage Transfers Material Approval Material Issue Material Receipt Material Transfer/Adjustments Movement Analysis Physical Inventory Product Groups Product Lots Product Substitutes Products Master Stock Analysis Stock Query Stock Rules Stock Types Stock Valuation


Receipt against PO

Receipt against Direct Purchase

Receipt against Loan

Receipt against Rejections Inward


Receipt against PO by using PO No, create a GRN for the received qty out of ordered qty. Receipt against Direct Purchase by using supplier invoice. Receipt against Loan receiving material from employee/contractor which is already issued to him. Receipt against Rejections Inward material which is sold, but rejected by the customer.


Issue against Rejection Outward Issuing rejected material to the supplier. Issue for Production/Job work issue the material for Production or for using any job work. Issue against direct utilization Directly issue the material for production/other purposes. Issue against sales order Sending material to the customer as per the sales order.


Transfer Transferring material from one unit to other unit or from one premises(bin location) to other premises (bin location). Stock is adjusted accordingly for both source and destination. Adjustment - Change the final stock quantity after physical counting differences or for any other reason. Proper reasons should noted for adjusting the stock.


Stock Counting - At the end of the specified period stock should be counted for checking the quantity and status. Counting slips can be generated for this and stock should be adjusted as the slips. Current stock is automatically shown on the screen for each product by binlocation. User can enter the actual counted stock in front of the estimated stock. Slips for the difference will be created and after posting these slips stock will be adjusted accordingly.


Product Master Contains all the data about products. New products (items) can be added and existing can be edited. Many settings for each product can be given here. Business Partners Suppliers, Customers, Agents, Contractors come under this process. All data like name, addresses, contact details, business preferences, and other settings can be entered here.


Bin-Locations Ware houses, compartments etc. where we normally keep our stock can be managed under this process.


Many reports for stock, value, cost analysis of the stock and material transactions are provided. Most notable reports are Material Inward-Outward, movement analysis, transaction analysis, stock analysis, stock valuation, inventory aging analysis etc. Stock valuation by FIFO, LIFO, Std Price, Simple Average, Weighted Average methods. All reports have related display from where data can be exported to MS Excel, Text, RTF/Word, HTML, etc. this data can be used for further custom use.


Each user have to enter user-name and password (not only password). Data communication can be encrypted by using SSL, SSH etc. No details of the database are required to work on the system. Users can have Add, Edit, View, Delete, Approval and Process Admin rights for each process without which he can not work and view the data.


Integrated with other modules such as purchase, sales, accounting, manufacturing. Can be loosely or tightly integrated with other modules. In loose integration most of the document flow is done manually but through the system. In tight integration user creates source document and all other sub sequent documents are created based on source, using business rules. From a Purchase request, Accounting vouchers can be created including Inquiry, order, GRN, Invoice etc using a chain of documents.


Best suited to private sugar and other factories. Good security. Free and open source back-end database. Built-in data export features. Runs on any windows from windows 2000 to windows7 without any other requirement. Well integrated with other modules. Low price with good features.

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