PANITIA BIOLOGI SEK MEN SAINS TAPAH LATIHAN SEMASA CUTI : TINGKATAN EMPAT LATIHAN DUA OBJEKTIF: 1. Menguji pengetahuan sediaada pelajar di dalam subjek sains PMR 2.Meningkatkan sifat ingin tahu pelajar dalam subjek biologi dan keupayaan diri untuk mencari maklumat sendiri sebelum pengajaran oleh guru.

ARAHAN: Jawab semua soalan Tarikhhantar:

An experiment is carried out to investigate the pollution level of a river in W district.

orchard Housing area Food factory



1% methylene blue solution is added into the water sample using a syringe. 100ml of the water sample P is measured using a measuring cylinder and poured into a clean reagent bottle. First.2 . 1ml of 0. The mixture is stirred carefully with the needle of the syringe.1 Three samples of water are collected from the three location respectively. The stop watch is started (Table 1.1% methylene blue solution to decolourise. Figure 1. and named water sample P.Figure 1. water sample Q and water sample R.2). The samples are brought to the school lab and tests are conducted.1) and the colour of the solution is observed from time to time to determine the time taken for the 0. The reagent bottle is closed quickly and kept in a dark cupboard (Figure 1.

Water sample location Treatment Time shown on the stop watch when the methylene blue solution decolourises Time taken (min) 45 minute P Q 25 minute and 1 second .1.The above steps are repeated with water sample Q and water sample R. The time taken for the solution to decolourise is recorded in table 1.

Observation 1: Time taken for the methylene blue solution to decolourise in water sample P is longer than Q and R. (3 marks) .1.R 7 minutes and 2second Table 1. Observation 2: Time taken for the methylene blue solution to decolourise in water sample R is shorter than P and Q. Inference 2 : Because the water sample R contain more oxygen so it is less polluted. Inference 1: Because the water sample P contain less oxygen so it is the most polluted. state two observations for the experiment. (3 marks) (ii) Write down an inference for each of the observations in (a).1 (a) (i) Based on the results in Table 1.

Controlled variable The amount of methylene blue solution used/0.1% Table 2.1. Responding variable Time taken for the methylene blue solution to decolourise. (3 marks) (c) Complete Table 2.1% methylene blue solution in the spaces provided in Table 1.(a) Record the time taken for the decolourisation of 0.1 based on this experiment Variable Method to handle the variable Manipulated variable The type of water sample location.1 (3 marks) .

stop watch.1% methylene blue to decolourise 45 25 7 The BOD level of the water samples. water samples. (3 marks) f. 0. record the results of this experiment obtained in (c) in a table. State the hypothesis for the experiment ? -Water sample P is the most polluted. Based on Table 1. The water sample P Q R (3 marks) The time taken for the 0. Your table should include the following aspects: The water sample The time taken for the 0.1% methylene blue solution.1% methylene blue to decolourise The BOD level of the water samples.(d) The following list of apparatus and materials are used in this experiment. Complete the table 1. reagent bottle.4 below by matching each variables with the materials used in this experiment Variables Manipulated Responding Constant Apparatus stop watch syringe. water sample Q is less polluted and water sample R is the cleanest of the three. high medium low .1% methylene blue solution (3 marks) e. measuring cylinder. syringe.1. reagent bottle Materials water samples 0.

explain the relationship between the location from orchard area and time taken for the decolourisation of 0.O.D. From the experiment.the water sample P is the most polluted because it contains less oxygen but have high B.1% methylene blue solution and the B.More than 25 minutes but less than 45 minutes. what can be deduced about B.D.O. (3 marks) END . for water in location Q.D. level of the water sample.D. . level of water samples used by microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi which decompose organic matter is highest in water sample P. followed by water sample Q and water sample R is the lowest.D. . (3 marks) h.O.(g) From the table you have drawn in (f) above. level of water samples ? - The B. and took shortest time (3 marks) g.O. If the number of houses in housing area increase predict the time taken and the level of B.O.

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