1. Introduction to project report 2. Company profile 3. Supreme auto dealer’s Pvt. Ltd.,- a profile 4. Product profile 5. Consumer attitude towards two wheelers 6. Analysis of buying pattern of consumers 7. Findings, Suggestions and Conclusions Annexure • Questionnaire • Bibliography


Chapter – 1

Introduction to the project report

• Introduction • Aims and objectives • Scope of study • Methodology • Limitations


Introduction Now a day two wheelers has become more popular among the middle class and rich class people of the city. They have a craze of purchasing two wheelers but sometimes there must be a necessity. Two wheeler is a convenient and comfortable for every one. Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i is one of the dreaming bike of younger as well as elder generation of the trend. It has become a fashion to ride the two wheelers in city. To increase the importance and demand for two wheelers in malanad city of shimogga I have selected this topic for my project report. This project report required the details about history, achievements and dynamic growth in marketing of Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i and also to study the regarding history of bajaj auto ltd. And improving competition in present market.


Scope of the project:

• The scope of the study is restricted to the consumer attitude towards Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i in Shimogga. • Finding the strength and weakness of the Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i • Finding the number of future purchase • Finding the market potential and awareness of this vehicle • Finding the position of the vehicle among the competitors • Finding the perception of consumers about the vehicle.


Objective of the study: • To the practical fulfillment of the requirement of the B B M degree. • To analyze the general problems in marketing of the bajaj Pulsar DTS-i. • To analyse the marketing strategy of supreme motors shimogga. • To find factors influence the selection of the product. • To give suggestion to improvement of marketing strategy of supreme auto dealer’s pvt. Ltd., • To find the potentiality of the bike pulsar in shimoga city.


Methodology of study: Both primary and secondary data have been collected to bring out this project report. Primary data have been collected through • Personal interview with two wheeler customers • By the process of random sampling. • Structured questilnnaire was used to avoid unnecessaey detail to get the required data. Secondary data : This another source of information that I got from secondary sources by means of the following. • Supreme auto dealers pvt ltd., • Auto magazines • News paper and journals • Web sites • Friends and relatives etc.


Limitations of the study • Project work and study is confined to Shimoga city only. • The data was collected from 100 respondents only. Their feeling and views are portrayed in the statistical and graphical manner. Thus it can be a limitation. • The total number of users of Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i used in project work is 40. This is very small compared to real number of users of this vehicle. • The duration for the survey was very less.


Chapter – 2

Company Profile

 History of Bajaj Pulsar  Financials Summary  Sales turnover  Exports  Management profile  Organization chart


Company Profile

Bajaj auto is a major Indian auto mobile manufacture it is India’s largest and the worlds 4th largest two and three wheeler market. It is based on Pune, Maharashtra with plants. In Akurdi and Chakan (near pune) waluj ( near aurangabod ) and pantnager in uttaranchal. Bajaj auto makes and export motor scooters motor cycle and the auto rickshaw. Bajaj Auto Ltd. Was established on 1926 by Jamnalal Bajaj, but came into existence on November 29,1945. M/s Bachraj trading corporation private ltd. It stared off by selling imported 2 and 3 wheeler in India .in 1959, it obtained license from the govt of India to manufacture 2and3 wheelers, and it went public in 1960. Since 1986 there is a technical tie up of bajaj auto ltd. With Kawasaki heavy industries of Japan to manufacture start of art range of latest 2 wheelers in India. On 1995 the agreement signed with Kubota of Japan for the development of diesel engines for 3-wheeles and with Tokyo R&D for ungeared scooter and moped development. Presently, company has paid up equity share capital of rs 1011835100/divided into 101183510 shares of Rs 10/- each.


The company has no external registrar or share transfer agent all work relating to physical transfer of share is done in house at the register office of the company at pune as started above. Transfer documents / letters etc. can however be submitted at the company’s office in Mumbai bajaj bavan, 2nd floor ,226nariman point Mumbai, 40021 onall working days. The company has associates, subsidiaries and joint ventures.  Bajaj auto finance ltd.  Bajaj allianz general insurance com ltd. Presence distribution net work covers 50 countries dominate presence in Sri Lanka , Bangladesh , Columbia , Guetemala , Peru , Egypt , iran and Indonesia. Company’s total number of employees on 2006-2007 is 10250.


Financials summary of bajaj auto ltd :
Q2 Particulars Sales and income from operation Other income and wind power Total turnover Gross profit after interest before taxation& depreciation Profit before taxation Provision for taxation Profit after tax Earnings per share 4,439 1,250 3,189 31,4 4,028 1,120 2,908 28,6 8,399 2,550 5,849 57,7 7,068 2,070 4,998 49,2 15,807 4,791 11,016 111,0 200607 24,360 1,424 25,784 5,056 Q2 200506 18,669 1,362 20,031 4,518 H1 200607 46,386 2,370 48,756 9,613 H1 Full year 200506 35,011 2,290 37,301 8,020 2005-06 76,679 4,385 81,064 17,944


Sales turnover of the company In nos. Motor cycles 2-whellers 3-whellers Total Exports Q2 Q2 growth H1 2006-07 1.191.24 8 1.203.66 0 151.558 1.335.21 8 210.190 H2 2005-06 868.100 939.280 121.796 1.061.07 6 112.406 growth 37% 28% 24% 28% 87%

2006-07 2005-06 623.061 445.557 40% 627.441 487.067 29% 80.683 68.485 18% 708.124 555.552 27% 111.846 61.913 81%

A meeting of the board of director of bajaj auto ltd. was held today to consider and approve the result for the second quarter of 2006-07 and the half year ended 30th September 2006 Highlights of Q2 • Motor cycles sales 40% - double the industry growth of 18% • Market share 34% - increase of 3% • 2 & 3 wheeler sales 27% • Exports 81% • Operating ebitda rs. 3.7billion-14% • Operating ebitda margin -15.1% • Gross profit Rs 5.1 billion-12% • Profit after tax Rs 3.2billion-10%


In No.s


Q2 2005-06 38,235 40,454 21,459 2,263

growth H1 105% 95% 54% 88% 2006-07 148,972 150,075 60,034 7,885

H1 2005-06 68,953 73,966 38,440 4,072

growth 116% 103% 56% 94%

2006-07 Motor cycles 78,201 2 wheelers 78,898 3- wheeler 32,948 Total 4,261


MANAGEMENT PROFIE Board of comities Audit Committee S K Khan : Chairman J N Godrej Nanoo Pamnani D J Balaji Rao Naresh Chandra Share holders committee D J Balaji Rao J N Godreg Naresh Chandra Remuneration Committee D J Balaji Rao S H Khan Naresh Chandra


Chairman and Managing director Madhur Bajaj Vice Chairman

Rajiv Bajaj Joint Managing Director

Rahul Bajaj Chairman & Managing Director Madhur Bajaj Vice Chairman & WholeTime Diretor Kantikumar R. Podar Director

Manish Kejriwal Director

S.H. Khan Chairman


Chairman & Managing Director

Executive director

Whole time director

Vice chairman


Company Secretary

Vice president





Business development & marketing



General Manager

Production & engineering

Corporate officers

Information marketing

Machine tool division


Engineering support

Production Engineering 3-wheeler


Management& Information service

Motor cycle division

Marketin g

3-wheeler Marketing

Over seas manufacturing

Corporate Finance


Chapter – 3 Supreme Auto Dealer’s Pvt. Ltd., - a Profile

• Infrastructure • Organization strategy • Organization chart • Marketing mix strategy


FIRM PROFILE Supreme Auto Dealer’s Pvt. Ltd., have been incorporated as a partnership . the firm was establish in 1989 the firm is located in Shankar mutt road in Shimoga, but later the partnership firm turned in private limited. First it was established as supreme motors that it is named as Supreme Auto dealer’s Pvt. Ltd., Infrastructure facility: Land and building : the firm has its own land whose room, work shop & spare parts section. Power : the total electric power used by the firm is 600 units per month & the same is supplied by K E B Machinery : The firm is well equipped with all required tools. There are require for the servicing of all vehicles. MAN POWER AND OFFICE STAFF OF THE FIRM The firm has sufficient staff there are 100 employee in the firm. The office staff includes 4 departments. They are 1. Sales department 2. Service department 3. Spares department

4. Accounting department

1. Sales Department :

Here the vehicle is sold to the customer as their wants. this department includes both two and three wheeler vehicle. The monthly sales is 80 of three wheeler and 300of two wheeler. Now the supreme auto dealer’s pvt. Ltd., has become highest selling two dealer in Shimoga city. In this department the customer never had to complaint about the firm. 2. Service Department After the sales of the product, the customer wants friendly service by the firm and it is in supreme auto dealer’s pvt. Ltd., they have hi-tech work shop for motor cycle. And also it was awarded for excellent service twice. In January 24th, 25th, of 2009, the supreme auto dealer’s pvt. Ltd., held motor cycle care camp in Shimoga. An advertisement was given in local news paper like Navika & janavarthey about the care camp. In this care camp, the vehicle attend in large number. The highlight of the care camp is costrol had give, t-shirts key broachers & pens. Every day 20 men enrolled. Separate stall are installed for new vehicle displays, as already they have hi-tech work shop, it has well trained mechanic and they will fulfill customers complaints or problems regarding this a sample survey was made and the number of respondents chosen was 50.

3. Spares Department :

In this department, we get all spares part of the vehicle easily, which gives you best quality which gives you best quality in best price.

4. Accounting Department :

This is the main and financial department of the firm here we can came to know about the sales volume of the year accounting concerns the accounting department.


Supreme Auto Dealers Pvt. Ltd.,

Board of Directors

Branch Manager

Works Manager

Accounts Dept Manager Accounts Computer Operator

Spares Managers Assistant Computer Operator

Sales Manager Sales Executives Sales assistant

Supervisor Head Mechanics Assistant mechanics Helper



Marketing Mix Strategy Marketing is analysis planning and controlling the firm activities with a view of satisfying the needs wants of the chosen customer can be attracted by the following four ways namely. 1. Product 2. Price 3. Promotion 4. Physical distribution These four are called 4 PS of marketing are the marketing mix strategy. 1. Product It is first ‘p’ of the marketing. It consist of bundle of utilities and expected to customer. A product must be satisfactory to the consumer because it is to be who is the ultimate user. In case of the product concept not only the physical attributes are accountable but also other attributes like presale & service are considered some of which may be as following. • The physical product itself • Brand name • Package • Colour, size shape etc. • Price • Service offered • Safety • Corporate image as well as the brand image.


2. Price Price is a very important factor. Price means the exchange value of an article in terms of money without it we cannot buy or sale anything. Price of a product consist of the physical product plus the bundle of expectations the product should be worth the price only then will be the consumer is satisfied. Thus in case of bajaj auto ltd., they have fixed responsible price for their vehicle & thus their great demand in the market. 3. Promotion It is activity concerned with the market communication. Promotion involves advertising personal selling , dealers & sales promotion. Advertising means nothing but a form of non-personal presentation & promotion ideas. Good services by an identified sponsor. It is a form of publicity. Sales promotion plans are required to attracted the attention of the consumer & create demand for the product.








DEALER’S PVT. LTD., a) Advertising policy The advertising policy is to be adopted by the supreme auto dealer’s pvt. Ltd., as follows • Demonstration of the vehicle in rural areas through mobile service van by the cable t v advertisement • Through hording boards • Advertisement through media like news paper etc. b) Counter Sales Counter sales is nothing but sales department sales their product their customer when the customer came to his show room. The receptionist or sales executives attend the customer & give complete information about the product which product do they want and also they try to motive the customer to buy their prodct. c) Direct Marketing It is also a kind of marketing here sales executives of the firm meets the customer face to face and give full information about the product and also collect their opinion towards the product. d) Tele- Marketing It is also a kind of marketing here some employees in the firm call to many people and give detailed information about product in sometimes the company gives marketing responsibility of their product to BPO

e) Mela’s This is a outside marketing it is conducted by the firm or company. The main objective of these kind of marketing is to do publicity about our product & firm. The firm can arrange exchange and loan mela that provides an opportunity to exchange their old bike and also provides loan for purchasing new bike. F) Invitation Letters This letter send to many customer or people who are located near to show room. This letter contains detailed information about their new offers and their new products. 4. Distribution It is flow of goods the producer or the manufacturers to the ultimate consumer. Distillation channels represent a chain of middle man participating in the transferring of goods. Some of the channel s are :
• • • •

Manufacturers  whole sellers  retailers  consumers Manufacturers  sales man  dealers  consumers Manufacturers  retailers  consumers Manufacturers  consumers


In case supreme auto dealer’s pvt. Ltd., products after receiving from the manufacturer that is bajaj auto ltd., or they are the authorized dealer’s of bajaj auto ltd., in Shimoga district.

Chapter – 4 Product Profile

• Introduction • Key Feature • About Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i


Product Profile The bajaj Pulsar DTS-i has a set of new standard for new area of kikes in India. It has been developed exclusively for the Indian market after closely examining the changing life styles and needs of the consumer. The bajaj Pulsar DTS-i is equipped with a number of new function and mechanisms introduced for the first time in India. It is design to offer greater functionality, performance , economy and ease of handling and maintainance to a wide cross selection of the Indian society. Features of bajaj Pulsar DTS-i • New masked front fairing • New rectangular swing arm and an increased wheel base • New rugged and muscular rear shock absorbers • New mertail lamp • New classy handlbars • Introducing the number plate name


• New handle bar clamps • Dts-i engine • Ignition with digital c d t


Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-I : The bajaj pulsar is the first bike in India which came in direct competion with the hero Honda CBZ later bajaj introduced oulsar 150 dts-I with digital twin spark ignition and till today pulsar is one of the most sought after bike in the 150cc segment. let us justify its triumph. It has definitely won over other bikes, but

Bike advice overall rating : 4/5 Performance rating : 4/5 Pros : trendy looks, fuel efficiency, great pickup Cons : a little unsafe, riding posture is not good for people more than 6ft tall. Bajaj pulsar 150 DTS-I Specification Maximum power : 10.37kw (14.09ps)@8500rpm Maximum torque : 12.76nm@6500rpm Gear box : 5 speed Wheel base : 1320mm Tires : rear : 100*90 Top speed : 133km\h Displacement : 149.01cc Engine : 4 stroke, single cylinder, air cooled, 2 plug. Cooling type : air cooling

Weight : 137.00 kg Fuel tank : 18 ltrs Brakes : 240 mm disk Brakes (rear) : 130 mm drum Speedometer : digital


Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-I

Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-I


Bajaj pulsar 180 cc is elegant in its looks with aerodynamic shape. It has a flush-fitted tail lamp and thank god no tail lamp protuberances. The bike has an LCD Speedo and tachometer console. It’s the fuel tank of pulsar 180cc that gives the muscular shaped body to it. The tank of pulsar extends down wards touching the engine head almost. The poster of bajaj pulsar 180cc is so flexible and the bike has a proportionate blend of style and functionality on the whole the bike is good in its look feel handling as well as mileage. with a tank capacity of 18 liters

and great mileage people can be assured of the minimal petrol pump visits within the busy schedules.


Technical specification Engine : 4 stroke, single cylinder, air cooled Cubic capacity : 178.61cc Max power : 15 bhp @8000rpm Gear box : 5 speed Ignition : CDI Front brakes : 240mm disc Rear brakes : 130mm drum Front tire : 2.75*18 Rear tire : 100/90*18 Wheel base : 1292mm Ground clearance : 155mm Dry weight : 137 kg Tank capacity : 18 ltrs


Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-I


Bajaj pulsar 200 DTS-i Bajaj auto unvelled the bajaj pulsar 200 DTS-I in February 2007. this is a more powerful version of the pulsar 150 cc and 180cc. its higher stance with greater chassis rear inclination makes it sporty. Pulsar 200cc feature India’s first oil cooled engine which delivers a maximum power of 18ps @8000rpm it’s an air cooled single cylinder with an alloy barrel and head as well as twin valves digital twin spark ignition & torque expansion chamber. It has a five speed gear box with one down & four up pattern. Pulsar 200cc clocks a top speed of 121 km/hour pulsar 200cc cruises to 60kph from rest in 4.73 seconds. The motor cycle offer an impressive mileage of 38.3km in city & 42.4 km in highway.


Technical Specification Model designation : 4-stroke, dts-I, oil cooled . Engine response : new silencer with exhaus TEC technology now ensures improved engine torque over at varying land conditions. Fuel efficiency : 50-55 kmpl Displacement (cc) : 198.8cc Wheel base : 1340mm Weight : 145 kg Transmission : 5 gears Top speed : 135 Front brakes : 260 mm hydraulically operated disc brakes Rear brakes : 130mm drum type Max horse power : 18ps/13.25kw@8000rpm Max torque (kgm/rpm) : 1.75kgm/17017nm


Bajaj Pulsar 200 DTS-i


Bajaj pulsar 220 DTS-FI Bajaj auto would achieve a close second in the race to offer a microprocessor based fuel injection motorcycle to Indian customers, after hero Honda’s 122 cc glamour fi motorcycle The new pulsar has a longer wheelbase than its predecessor, factory fitted front and rear disc brakes & detailed digital instrumentation. Thepulsar DTS-FI generates a maximum power of 20bhp (15kw) and a maximum torque of 19.12nm (14lb.ft) DTS-FI stands for “ digital twin spark fuel injection “


Technical Specification Displacement : 220cc Engine ; air cooled Top speed : 135kmph Type : sports Maximum power : 20.06ps@8500rpm Maximum torque : 19.12mm@6000rpm Gear : 5 speed Clutch : 177 Bore : 67 Stroke : 62.4 Cylinder configuration :N A Length :2035.00mm Width : 750.00mm Height : 1140.00mm Weight : 136.00kg Fuel tank : 15ltrs Wheelbase :1350.00mm Brakes : 260 mm disc Brakes(rear) :230mm diadisc Fuelguade:digital Self start Tubeless tire


Bajaj pulsar 220 DTS-FI





• Consumer attitude • Determinant of buyer behavior, internal factors • Conclusion



Consumer Attitude Consumer attitude is comparative a new field of study. It is the attempt to understand and predict human action is the buying role. It has assumed growing importance under market oriented or customer oriented market planning and management buyers market for many products and the growth of consumerism and consumer legislation since 1960 have created special interest in buyer behavior and the formulation of marketing mixed to responds favorable buyer behavior in the market place.

Buyer behaviour is defined as all psychology social and physical behaviour of potential, customer as they become aware of evaluate purchase consumer and tell other about “product and service “ each element of this definition is important.

• Buyer behavior involves both individual ( psychological) process and group (social) process. • Buyer behavior is reflected from awareness right through past purchase evolution indicating satisfaction or non satisfaction from purchase.

• Buyer behavior includes communication, purchasing and consumption behavior. • Consumer attitude is basically social in nature. Hence, social environment plays an important role in shaping buyer behavior. • Buyer behavior includes both consumer & industrial buyer behavior.

Buyer behavior includes the acts individual directly involved in obtaining and using economic goods and service including sequence of decision process that processed and determine three acts. Actual purchase only a part of the decision process. In buyer behavior we consider not only why,how and what people buy but and under what condition the purchase is made understanding of buyer behavior is essential in marketing planning and performance. The final analysis of the buyer behavior is one of the most important key to successful marketing


Determinant of buyer behavior Buyer behavior is a process, consumers are subjected to various stimuli, therefore the consumer mind regarded as a block box as we cannot see what is going on in his mind he response to the stimuli or inputs and may purchase some products 2 service of interest to the marketing managements. The model of behavior is a stimulus responds model. Response may be division to purchase or not to purchase. Under the system views of buyer behavior have : 1. 2. 3. 4. Inputs Processing Outputs Feed back loop

The object of the process is of course expected satisfaction or service. Buyer behavior is an orderly process where by the buyer interest is with his or her environment making a purchase decision on product. 1. Internal or individual factor are psychological factor such as : a) Motivation b) Perception c) Bearding d) Attitude e) Personality

2. Socio- culture factors are : a) Family b) Reference group c) Social class d) Culture 3. Environmental factors are : a) Economics b) Technological legal and political factors 4. Buyer is the “comer- stone” of marketing strategy. Firms must understand buyer behavior to achieve the defective of customer satisfaction buyer mind is called the black box inputs are processed in this mind and buyer response become the output of the psychological process. The output in the form of buying a product is the objective of the market but this project is only a study of consumer psychological behavior. Consumer psychology towards two wheeler is very different some of them time two wheeler as luxury amd for some it is a necessity and at least to own two wheeler. But now as the civilization progressing two wheeler no larger a prestige of luxury they have become necessities.


Conclusions The psychology of consumers towards two wheelers are; 1. Luxurious 2. Costly 3. Inadequate fund 4. Necessity The necessity of two wheeler crores over the other 3 points, for the dynamic society two wheelers are considered to be luxury for the benefit of consumer who are not having adequate fund, companies have proposed hire purchase schemes. With the rapid growth of finance companies availability of finance at very competitive terms has become popular and on coverage of 30 to 40 percent of the potential buyers opts for this facility.


Chapter - 6 Analyses of buying pattern of consumers

Introduction: Marketing is a social process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need through the creation and exchange of production and value with others. The starting point of the discipline of marketing lies in human needs and wants, use full distinction may be down amongst needs, wants and demands. Human needs in a state of felt deprivation of some basic satisfaction. Needs are not creating by society or markets, but exist in the very texture of human biology and candidates of living. Human wants are desired for satisfying those roads. Thus, a consumer who feels a need for personal transport wants to buy two wheelers. Human needs continuously shaped and reshaped by social force and institutions. Demand or wants for specific products that are backed by an ability and willingness to buy them. Thus, wanting to buy a two wheeler will lead to the demand for as purchase. From the above definition, it becomes clear that sellers do not create needs. In deed, needs precede sellers and sellers along with others influential factor in society will influence the wants.

They also influences demand by making their own products attractive affordable and easily available. A product can be definded as anything that satisfied a need or a want the existence of several products which can produce that satisfaction of a given need or want places individual competitors in a position where they have to try and understand the process by which a consumer arrives at a brand choice as well as the criteria the employees in making a brand selection. Before this century, most marketing experts assumed that the value was the guiding principles in brand selection of the consumer. But the presumption that every consumer is a rational utility miximising persons. Need not always rational utility maximsing person need not always be true. Therefore, modern economists have dropped this assumption of cadial utility. They assume that only consumers have the capability of banking any to objects in terms of preference. This assumption forms the basis for any consumer research survey to determine the reason for consumer brand choice. The present study is also based on the assumption that a consumer has the capability of ranking the influencing factors tesponsible for the selection of brand.


The study is an attempt to determine the factors effecting the selection of two wheelers. a) Good mileage b) Price c) Safety d) Appearance e) Durability f) Zero maintains g) Quality h) Technology i) After sales services j) Resale value k) Colors


Factors Influencing Buying Decision

Factors Mileage Price Safety driving Appearance Durability Zero maintains Quality Technology After sales service Resale value Colour Total

No.of Respondents 20 06 03 03 04 02 02 05 02 02 01 50

Percentage 40 12 06 06 08 04 04 10 04 04 02 100









0 Mileage 20 Price 6 Safety driving 3 Appearance 3 Durability 4 Zero maintains 2 Quality 2 Technology 5 After sales service 2 Resale value 2 Colour 1





Graph showing Factors Influencing Buying Decision


Mileage It is seen that 40% of the total respondents indicate milage as a very significant factor is influencing the selection of two wheeler. Then, is the present case being the amount of fuel consumer per kilometer of trawel. Even increasing price for petroleum products have made the consumer and prefer vehicle with the extra made. Price Initial cost of the vehicle is another significant factor, 12% of the total respondents have rounded it. This clearly indicated that price is one of the important parameter under the control of production manager, plays a vital role in selling a product. This is especially important in a developing country like India where many people struggle to take both ends meet together. Safety Driving It is seen that 6% of the respondents indicates that safety driving is another important factor influencing the selection. The consumer who is assured of the quality products than look convenience of riding even increasing accidents of two wheelers vehicle has resulted to prefer vehicle which are safety to ride. Appearance Every motor cycle has its own appearance. A motor cycle should be designed that consumer feel price of owning it. Here 6% of the respondents have given the opinion that appearance also counts while purchasing. It is also

one of the important factor which influence the selection. This factor is influential by the younger generation. Less Or Zero Maintenance The two wheeler id a vehicle which is continuously used, trouble free performance is expected by each and every buyer. 4%of the respondents state that it is one of the influencing for selection of vehicle. Durability When the customer are paying for a product they expect durability of product. A two wheeler is a long term investment, durability of the bike is an important factor which influence in buying. Quality Now a days, buyers are becoming quality conscious. Two wheeler is an assemble of various parts. The quality of each every part in and essential in maintaining the overall audit of the two wheeler. 4% of the respondents indicated that quality is one of the factor of selection. Technology Technology being sophistication into life. It gives more and more comfort features. So that easy free, riding trouble free, performance is achieved. 10% of respondents indicate that technology is one of the factors for buying decision.


After Sales Service As after the sales in one of the influencing factor in buying decision. Customers are not aware of the sale after services rendered by the dealers. In order to save the amount ultimately to save the cost of the bike the customers have made their purchased at Ananthpur and Goa. This clearly show that the customer have least bothered about the after sales service I. e., why only 4% of the total respondents have stressed the important of this factor. Resale Value The table clearly states that only 4% of the total respondents have thought of considering this factor. It is so because few owners have the hobby of changing the vehicle often. Colour Even though customers desired to have their bike with different colours they have expressed that they don’t have variety of colour choice. Since the vehicle are available with black and red and blue in case of bajaj Pulsar DTS-i


Table 1: Classification of respondents basis on age
AGE GROUP 18-21 21-24 24-27 27 & ABOVE TOTAL NO OF RESPONDENTS 10 40 25 25 100 PERCENTAGE 10 40 25 25 100

Source: Survey analysis Interpretation: The table indicate the age group of respondents out of which 10% of the respondents belong to 18-21 group the youngsters wants power of the bike so they don’t look for mileage and also out look. 40% of the respondents belong to 21-24 group this group of guys prefers outlook and design of the bike, 25% of the respondents belong to 24-27 group,25% of the respondents belong to 27 & above group they always want good mileage and safety .


Graph 1: Classification of respondents basis on age

27 & ABOVE 25%

18-21 10%

21-24 40% 24-27 25%


Table 2: Classification of respondents on the basis of income of the family

INCOME GROUP 50000-100000 100001-150000 150001-200000 200000 & above TOTAL Interpretation:

NO OF RESPONDENTS PERCENRTAGE 40 40 25 25 20 20 15 15 100 100 Source: Survey analysis

The table indicates the income group of respondents. The 40% of respondents belongs the income group of 50000-100000, 25% of the

respondents belong the income group of 100001-150000,20% of respondents belong the income group of 150001-200000,15% of respondents belongs the income group of 200000 & above.


Graph 2: Classification of respondents on the basis of income of the family

40 40 35 30 25 25 20 20 1 5 1 5 1 0 5 0

50000-1 00000

1 00001 50000 -1

1 50001 -200000

200000 &above


Table 3: Shows brand of bikes having customers


NO OF RESPONDENTS 55 10 25 10 100 Source: Survey analysis

PERCENTAGE 55 10 25 10 100

The table indicates out of which 55% of the respondents have Bajaj bikes because that company creates a goodwill in the market,10% of the respondents have TVS bikes ,25% of the respondents have Hero Honda bikes, 10% of respondents have Honda bikes.


Graph 3: Shows brand of bikes having customers


BAJAJ 55% TVS 10%


Table 4: Showing promotional activities

Sources Advertisement Company image Friends & relatives Publicity Others Total Interpretation:

No of respondents 45 10 30 15 0 100 Source: Survey analysis

Percentage 45 10 30 15 0 100

This table clearly that the source of information is large by an advertisement factor which amounts to 45%, Advertisement is an effective media that creates an image in the mind of customer. The next source

company image influence 10%, company image is nothing but good will of the company. next friends & relatives influence 30% , impact on the consumer and publicity has 15% influence on the person who want to purchase the products


Graph 4: Showing promotional activities

45 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Advertisement Company image Friends & relatives Publicity Others 0 10 15 30


Table 5: Facilities expected from dealers Facilities Mileage Outlook After sales service Price reduction Other Total Interpretation: According to above table, 30% of the people want to make us to give good mileage by servicing because they are above 28 or 30 year age group they are professionals they use the bike only for transport of him in the city. and 40% of people looking for design & outlook , they are all youngsters they uses bike only for the purpose of faction now it becomes craze . 10% of people want after sales service, many of the show rooms they sell his bikes but not give sufficient service to customer. 25% of people expect reduction of price, now the price of the bike is high so the respondents ask why do we spend that much investment to that bike. And rest 5% of wants other thing. No of respondents 20 40 10 25 5 100 Source: Survey analysis Percentage 20 40 10 25 5 100


Graph 5: Facilities expected from dealers

Other 5% Price reduction 25%

Mileage 20%

After sales service 10%

Outlook 40%


Table 6: Opinion about Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i

Opinion Excellent Good Not bad Ineffective

No of respondents 50 40 10 0 100 Source: Survey analysis

Percentage 50 40 10 0 100

Interpretation: This table clearly shows that out of which 50% of respondents opinion is excellent because the bike has more power compare to other company bike and have a good pickup. and next 40% of respondents opinion is good because out look of the bike is good but mileage is not, rest 10% of respondents opinion is not bad, because every thing is good but not its mileage and also high price. no one person can’t give the opinion ineffective


Table 6: Opinion about Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i

50 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Excellent Good Not bad Ineffective 0 10 40


Chapter -7 Findings suggestions and conclusion Findings • Sales & Net profit of bajaj pulsar dts is increasing year to year • Provided plenty of employment opportunity.

• Reputation of the company has dragged the attention of the customer and induced to buy the product. • Bajaj pulsar 200 DTS-I has new silencer with TEC technology now ensures improved engine torque over at varying land condition. • Export of the company is increasing year to year. • It is found that low cost, maintenance and pick up is the most important attributes customer look for before deciding to purchase a two wheeler. • The study reveals that majority of the respondents are male as well as students


Suggestions • To offer accessories at discount rates to customer. At present customer buy spares from the local market because they are low priced. But

customer forget that these parts are not equivalent qualitatively to those which are sold by authorized dealer. • To conduct free service camps and to give discount for the spare purchased during that period. Manufactures should conduct free service camps should be supervised by the company service engineers. • To maintain the quality where their product is having a good demand in the market. Once a manufacturer gets a top position in the market many of them fail to maintain the quality of the model. This should be avoided so that they can maintain and improve their turnover. • The dealer should improve the display of two wheelers in their showroom so that customers will be attracted towards the two wheelers and also the dealers should highlight the advantages of the model when compare to other model. • To improve the advertising in the media most of the customer buy their two wheelers after having a complete knowledge of the model. • So the advertisement should give all the particulars about the model regarding cost factor. Special features and other specification.


Conclusions Dealer feel that at present there is good supply should be stream lined so as to meet the customer demand. Because of the supply is delayed the customer may choose other dealer or other brand. There by there is loss to the dealer and to the company the dealer feels that there should be adequate supply of models with different colours to meet the customers choice. Company should give incentives for record sales done by the dealers or that they are interested to do more sales and also they can earn more profit. Dealers feel that there should be proper supply of spare parts and there should be more margin of them so that they can give discount to the customer and with the help of discounts they can complete in local market and it is preferable to give credit facility for the spare parts purchased.



Marketing of bajaj pulsar DTS-i Dear sir, I am Mr Basavaraj J V from Sahyadri arts and commerce college shimogga. I am final year BBM, student as per the requirement of my curriculum. I am currently doing my project with respect to “Marketing of Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i” with a special reference to Supreme Auto Dealer’s Pvt. Ltd., Shimogga. I would be very obliged if you take few minutes to answer the following questions. Personal details: 1) Name : 2) Address :

3) Age : 4) Sex : Male ( ) Female ( )


5) Occupation: Business Govt employee Student Professional () () () ()

6) Income group (per year): 50000-100000 100001-150000 150001-200000 Above- 200000 () () () ()

7) Do you have own bike? a) Yes b) No () ()

8) If yes name the brand : a) Bajaj b) T V S c) Hero Honda d) Honda () () () ()


9) How did you came about Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i? a) Advertisement b) Company image c) Friends\ relatives d) Publicity e) Other 10) () () () () ()

If you had to know through advertisement please name the

media a) News paper b) T V c) Magazine d) Other 11) 12) () () () ()

Year of purchase : _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Are you in need of more benefits from this bike? a) Yes b) No () ()



If yes point out from the following mentioned below. ()

a) Mileage

b) Design \ outlook ( ) c) After sales service ( ) d) Price reduction e) Other 14) () ()

Which factor influenced you to select this bike? () () () () () () ()

a) Price b) Mileage c) Technology d) Appearance e) Safety f) Quality g) Durability 15)

Your opinion about Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i? () () ()

a) Excellent b) Good c) Not bad

d) Ineffective ( )


Do you have any suggestion to offer regarding the

improvement of the bike ? a) Yes b) No 17) () ()

If yes please specify ………………..

Thanking you, Date : Place : Mob : signature



Text Books Philip Kolter R.N.S. Pillai and Bagavathi : : Principles of Marketing Modern Marketing Marketing Management

S.A. Sherlekar, Reddy and Appanaiah : Journals and Magazines  Auto India  Car and bike international  Indian Express  Overdrive  The Times of India



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