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ज 26 Jan 2012

This Very Day Today, 20 Years Back This very day today, twenty years back I was honoured with the Shaurya Chakra And my name was eternally added To the sagas of bravery Today, it must be rotting in some random box That blood stained Shaurya Chakra The very same one, I proudly wore for years Over my proud chest Somewhere in my battalion’s motivation hall My photograph must be wrapped in dust Someone passing by; may notice and turn Dusted off, my photograph would wait patiently For the next layers of dust The tag of Shaurya Chakra Is eternally etched to my name It is not as if I was lacking in bravery before the medal Today, why is it that I am just wearied The storm in my eyes is missing Where is my enemy in this damned lonesomeness? Tell the enemy, To no more hide inside of me Tell him, I am well versed In the art of ambush and counter ambush Why does my enemy not emerge out in the open? Deeper and deeper like a termite within He turns hollow My very being! 26 January 2012 Shyam