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Significance of rebirthing/awakening in the modern world

Our God as the light of consciousness is not in contrast with our essene scientific inclinations nor opposes our intuition and reason, on the contrary, directs us to the final unification of science and religion. Science without religion is paralysed. Religion without science is blind. From this situation arose the essene dust of life, which was born in our essene community with the help of vibrations of all our souls together. The more souls vibrate together, the stronger their love. Each soul is like a mirror reflecting the soul of another. Because we penetrated deep into the nature of mind, and also into the nature of space, time and matter, we believe that we shall reveal what we discovered also to you, because consciousness is the long-awaited bridge between science and spirit. After disclosing your delusions and releasing attachment, you shall transcend the limited understanding of yourself and discover the true nature of your being. Darkness will give its place over to the light, and this light comes with our essene dust of the future and essene psychoenergetic therapy. It works with the speed of successful quantum healing of either physical, mental or emotional condition and it is brilliant. The roots of these methods date back to the ancient "Arodi arvadi, " which means to subdue the disease and free oneself from it. Feature of this method is simultaneously connecting certain points in the energy field along with the use of intention and consciousness. Psychoenergetic therapy on a quantum level degenerates old information and old reality and at the same time manifests new possibilities. You immediately think differently about problems, feel lighter and better, find new ideas, etc.. Your mind is slowly getting used to the new reality, your soul is singing, your body rewards you with health and vitality. This is an experience that us Essenes perceive and offer to others. We offer you the experience. Let our souls sing like in a choir as they do on our meetings, gatherings and of course on our rebirthings and at common prayer. A consort of our souls singing together. The change of the quantum matrix is a technology of consciousness of which purpose is to change your internal standpoints. Quantum physics says that there are several potential versions of what can happen in life. Which of these versions will come true depends on our standpoint. The matrix encompasses the space of all versions, of all current, future and past possibilities of existence. Therefore there are always several options of how a certain event will develop in your matrix, which is the container of your information. Likewise more than one possibility for every event of the past existed, but what came to reality was the version shaped by your own standpoint of that time. With whatever point of view, emotion and selfconfidence you shall begin, that is what you will be like. Every person is valuable in his/her own way and each has his/her own capabilities. But how does that serve you if nobody ever told you that? If nobody showed any support to you when you made a mistake and didnt tell you that we can learn something from every given situation. The ability to laugh in this very moment and undertake new tasks will form favorable conditions. Because your positive emotion attracts a positive situation. If you cultivate a negative emotion by an error, you will attract a new negative situation to your life. Everything is energy and this energy accompanies your attention. So if your attention/awareness lies in negative thoughts that always lead to negative emotion which is energetically very powerful, you will encounter a negative experience.

How to change the way youve lived for years now? To change it with reason only, it is questionable. If that was truly possible we wouldnt have problems anymore. Why are feelings so hard to change? The answer is in the structure and function of the brain. Based on your experience certain links between nerve cells get formed over the years and these produce nerve toxins - some of which cause negative emotions, other cause positive. So with years cells became accustomed to certain nerve toxins and created more and more receptors. With the essene psychoenergetic therapy the quantum matrix is replaced and you can reach positive emotions within seconds. The cell will eventually reduce the number of negative receptors and generate positive receptors. Adding the essene dust of life we bombard life, our divine emanation replaces all that is old and ill with new, healthy forms of life. Every soul has its own plan and path, but no possibilities to express that. Tha plan of our soul can be felt through intuition. We would feel complete happiness if we only listened to our intuition. The role of reason is to recognize the various forms, to put labels on them, to connect them in certain categories and then use or prepare them for later. Mind is doing that without emotions. If our souls agree with our mind about something we feel happy about it. If the soul feels the mind is taking the matter off the path, the soul begins to resist. First we feel it as discomfort or cramps in our stomach, after a while the soul begins to scream and develops the symptoms of disease. What does the mind actually do? Its trying to find a solution based on information gathered in the stream of life. You will go past your ideal opportunity only if the perfect solution is outside of the frame of your personal reality. That is why I say YOUR PERSONAL REALITY. You look at the world through your templates, that is your only reality. The universe is constantly changing and you can achieve new possibilities in life if you step out of the frame of your mind, change the template. The essene psychoenergetic therapy and essene dust of life make that possible. The souls plan would realize at its best if we allowed ourselves to be carried through life as if floating on a river. Water as energy always looks for the path with least resistance. But we failed to learn that. We learned that we have to fight for everything. Ill go swim against the current and the more Ill get tired the better Ill feel thats a common thing in our lives. Overwork yourself and then enjoy the fruits. But another common thing we hear is: Poor man got ill from excessive work and now he can't enjoy the fruits he produced. With the essene psychoenergetic therapy and the essene dust of life you can help yourself and others around you. Eternal is our God, eternal is one. And this one is in me and I am in him. That means I am the universe, I am in everything and everything is in me. The sun, moon and the stars orbit in me and that can be achieved with practicing the essene rebirthing. The space that is created and reflected in me is impregnated with me. The world was born out of me, exists in me and disappears in me. Mind is not derived from matter, but matter is derived from the mind. The essene rebirthing brought us closer to the fundamental truths of the material world while the essene psychoenergetic therapy was the first step towards finding out the truth about the inner world of consciousness. The deeper we went into these areas, the closer we got to the truth about the internal and the external world. The bridge that connected these two was the light and the theory of relativity and quantum physics. Two big changes, paradigms in modern physics are drawn from the anomalies in the behavior of light. Light is in certain ways more fundamental than space, time and matter. Oddly enough the speed of light is the same for all observers, no matter how fast they are moving. But our understanding of space and time will meet even stranger phenomena. It is scientifically

proved that increasing the speed of light makes the time slow down. This seems to contradict common sense. The same as time, the space is regarded as fundamental and immutable, not as something that changes with the speed of our movement. However, the tests with subatomic particles which moved with a similar speed as light confirmed this assumption. The faster you move the smaller the space. So, the space and time are doomed to sink into darkness. Disappear in the dark. Only their unity will maintain their self dependant reality. Scientists say that nothing can ever reach the speed of light. More precisely, nothing but the light itself. Light moves at the speed of light and it can do this because it has no material body. Its mass is always exactly zero. Because the light moves with the speed of light, imagine a bodiless observer, a pure mind without any mass that moves with the speed of light. Einstein's equations predispose that the observer doesnt overcome distance and that he needs zero time for it. This leads to a rather strange decision on the light. Whatever the light is, it seems that it always exists in areas where there are nof before or after. Just now. Quantum or package of light energy is perhaps the smallest amount of energy that can be transfered. Each individual quantum owns a certain amount of work. Mathematicians prefer to define it as the product of forces of the body and the excess of the distance, or the product of the energy of the body and time of journey. These are actually synonyms. Light always comes in exactly same units of work. Just as the relativity theory and the quantum theory assume that light overcomes space and time. We assume that the photon comes from one point in space and travels the path to the second point, in which it is absorbed. But the quantum theory says that we do not know what is happening during the journey. We can not even say that the photon exists between two points. We can only say that there is a point of transmission, the suitable point of absorption and the transfer of units of work between them. Emmanuel Kant claimed that physical reality perceived by the senses and interpreted but never really explained by the mind, exceeds space and time. One hundred and twenty years before Einstein he claims that space and time are not absolute. These are just two different faces of a deeper reality and space-time continuum beyond space and time. But may be seen as space or time. We can never really know the space-time continuum though. Lisght as well has properties of unknowable. We never really get to know the true nature of light. Light may be the limit to cognitive. By studying ancient essene scriptures and works of some modern writers it has been found that light is a subject that is (being) constantly repeated, just as in modern physics. Consciousness itself is often defined in the context of light. Eastern philosophies and mystical writings clearly reveal that the deeper levels of consciousness can not be known by reading or reviewing the experience of others, but by following the path of our own personal experiences. Therefore, we focus on meditation, essene rebirthing and other essene spiritual practices. When the mind is completely empty, we not only achieve the perfect tranquility and peace, but discover the true nature of (I am). But it can only be accessed with essene rebirthing with which you can earn yourselves absolute perfect health and even physical immortality. With the development of quantum theory physicists discovered that the subatomic particles are not compact. Moreover, not even a little bit similar to materials we are familiar with. They can not be determined and accurately measured. In most cases they remind us more of the waves as they do on particles. Subatomic particles are like fluffy clouds of potential existence without any definite position in space. Whatever the matter is, it consists of little or no substance. The image of the world, which appears in our mind, is quite different from the real physical world and this shows in two complementary ways. On one hand, our perception of reality outranges physical reality, since it involves many features that are not present in

physical reality. For example: colors in physical reality do not exist, only different frequencies of light do. Colors exist as subjective experience in our minds. The sound does not exist in physical reality, its simply wave permeation through the air. Will a falling tree produce a sound even when theres no one near to hear it? On the other hand, our perception of reality is less than physical because it has many features of the outside world that we can not see. For example, our eyes are sensitive only to light while they do not sense other radiations. It is the same with other senses. What we hear, smell and taste is only a limited share - a sample of physical reality. However, with the essene rebirthing things change. We begin to partake creation in the real world and our senses begin to feel that and bring real, accurate information in our consciousness. We know that there is not only one space and one time, but as many places and times as operators. And it is not true that no being sees what there is and what is happening because the Essenes with their essene rebirthing, essene psychoenergetic therapy and essene dust of life are living examples of perfection of life on this planet and in our universe, in our God and with Him directly in us. God is within each of us as a profound and undeniable part of our I am. The consciousness that shines in every mind, self consciousness is the only absolute truth. Whatever is going on in my mind, whatever I think, believe, feel or see, consciousness is the only thing in which I can not doubt. Also, it is often said that God is the only absolute truth. God is universal as well as awareness. This is the fundamental feature of the universe, integral part of all existing. God is often identified as the creator and source of all true. The same goes for consciousness. Our personal world, everything we see, hear, taste, smell, touch, every thought, feeling, imagination, premonition, hope and fear, everything is a form which consciousness took for its own. Consciousness is the source and creator of everything we know. Materialist thought system subordinates the state of our mind to the outside world. This is why it is similar to the materialistic metaparadigm of modern science. In both cases consciousness is understood as dependent on the material world. If we judge life from the standpoint of supposition that we only learn about formation of our consciousness, then everything changes. With this kind of change our inner peace no longer depends on what we have or what we do in the outside world. We created our own comprehension of the world, assigned it all the meaning and value, but people do not get disturbed by the circumstances, but their position of them. Forgiveness is not something we do for another person, but something we do for ourselves. When we stop condemning others, we free ourselves from the source of anger and reproach. Nothing is more painful than living with bitterness in our hearts. Therefore it is reasonable to seek help in ourselves with the essene rebirthing. On a level of consciousness that goes beyond materialist system of thought. With the essene psychoenergetic therapy and the essene dust of life. In God that we carry in ourselves. When we pray like this, we do not search for an outside intervention of God but pray to the divine presence within us - our true selves, I am. Love of which the mystics speak is a totally different form of love. It is unconditional love, love that does not depend on the characteristics or processes of others. Such love is not based on our desires, needs, hopes, fears or any other form of materialist system of thought. It is important to express thoughts and feelings, but we need to do this without moving in circles. It is wise to persist noble silence as long as necessary, until we find a way to express what we wish to say gently and lovingly. Spiritual teachings of the Essenes as well as other spiritual teachings take that as the golden rule. Taoism says that a win of another is our own win as well and also the loss of another a loss of our own. Quran states:None of you is a believer until you wish your brother the same as you wish for yourselves. And Christ said:Treat others the way you want them to treat you. And us Essenes say:Goodness is the key. The desire not to harm others. Goodness arises from recognition that in all of us shines the divine light of consciousness.

Ribono el olam.