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Hosted by: Reach Further & Weetwood Hall Venue: Weetwood Hall, Leeds 8.45 Tea, coffee and Registration 9.30 Welcome and opening remarks Feedback from our previous meeting, updates on the Trainer Accreditation Program 10.00 ‘Social Media for Customer Service – the good the bad, and the ugly’ - Liz Cable, Reach Further Looking at how mobile and social has affected how we offer customer service, and how our brand is viewed online. Examples of best, and worst practice will be given, from little companies doing it really well, to big companies doing it, often badly, and what the future holds for customer service, and the whole customer journey, online.” 11.00 Tea & coffee 11.15 ‘The Strength of One and Power for All’ – How to find, keep and grow the strength to flourish… even in hard times - John Hotowka, Speaker, Humorist & Magician What is ‘The Strength Of ONE and Power For All’? How to find, keep and grow the strength to flourish… even in hard times. A collection of simple tools to help the individual succeed and contribute to their and your organisation’s success. Presentation outline: 1. Creating beliefs to promote growth and lose the baggage that holds you back 2. Three simple words to get almost anyone to do almost anything for you. 3. The power of focus and how to combat distraction. 4. The ‘reality check’ needed to create your own reality and build resilience. 5. The 3 critical steps needed to surround yourself with the people you need to achieve success. 6. How to relax and do more, even when everything is going against you 12.00 ‘Eyes Without Sparkle’ - Elaine Hanzak-Gott, author ‘Sometimes in life, no matter how we plan it or expect it to turn out, it simply does not happen. Elaine Hanzak-Gott has always been a ‘planner’ and has become an expert in rising to the challenges that have resulted in her having to follow a new path. Today she will share with us some of those stories but most importantly to give us some signposts on how we may use her experience to make the road ahead easier for ourselves.’ 13.00 Lunch 14.00 ‘New Tent, Same Circus’- Dave Bradley, Development Director, Paradigmantics Ltd As Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport opened in March 2008, one frustrated passenger gave an insightful analysis of the cause of her experience. "New tent, same circus". This has become a brilliant metaphor which shines a light on the current opportunities for transformational change. No animals will be involved in the presentation. (We can’t get the elephant through the fire doors. Sorry.) 14.45 Tea & coffee 15.00 ‘Loyalty Beyond Reason’ - Helen Hamilton, Owner, Helen Hamilton Customers today have higher expectations and less patience than ever before. A new approach to customer service is therefore necessary for success. This session will focus on the benefits of creating Addictive Customer Experiences – the kind of experiences that customers will love and want more of. It will demonstrate how certain small, simple actions can have a hugely positive impact on customer loyalty, and how, if ignored or overlooked, they can be extremely damaging. It will also show how to effectively embed this new thinking into any organisation. 15.45 Close Members fee £80.00 + VAT & Non-Members £99.00 + VAT
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