I was born in Ulaanbaatar city, the capital of Mongolia, as the second son of our family.

My family has 5 members I have one older brother and a little sister. Entirely, my childhood was very happy and I have grown under warm love of my mother and father. Thus, I always say to myself that I should become talented person, which is the best way to repay my parents love. In our country their 53% of people are Buddhists, 37% are Atheists(irreligion), 3% are shamanists, 3% are Islams , and 4% are Christians .Actually our native religion is a shamanism but our nation accepted Buddhism in the 17th century then most of our people started to believe in Buddhism. And even in our living room still exists pictures of the monk ³Dalai lam´ and some Buddhist stuffs. But my parents they don¶t believe too much in Buddhism. They just go to Buddhist church once or twice in a year. I think they are Atheists. About 20 years ago after Socialism collapsed, one of the biggest movements that happened in society was Christianity. People started to know about Lord. When I was a little I always watch TV in order to read books. I watched a cartoon which named ³Super book´ from that cartoon I heard about the name Jesus Christ first time. In that cartoon there shows a lot of Egyptian heroes and people and it was very interesting. Afterwards I think it was a message of good news from the Lord. From that time I started to see Christian people who live around me in school area and even in my family area. When I was in 10th grade I heard about my cousin that he was a Christian and even he is going to marry with Christian girl in the church. Visiting to his wedding was my first time that I entered in the Christian church. I liked the all activities and all people that were there even I felt that I wanted to make my wedding in the church. At that time I had a feeling that the Christians are very good people and really under those people existing something. In the next year when I entered in 11th grade my brother went to Korea to study in Korean university by scholarship. In summer he came back to Mongolia in his holiday he told me that he became Christian even baptized and I was very interested in him then he told me a lot about the Lord. He gave me the bible and I started to read it every day .Then he found the church which his friends go and we started to go to the church. When I came in the church there were many people who were worshiping and firstly I felt little strange but I liked the song. But the most interesting thing was the pastor s teaching. We went to the church three times in the week Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. After 2 months my brother went back to Korea I joined In University of finance and economics. And I continued to go to the church two years. There I learned a lot about the Lord and made many friends. During the time I wanted to study abroad by scholarship like my brother and I gave many government exams of Korea and Japan but I failed all of them always in second stage( it was the English). In the second year accidentally I gave the exam that my friend convinced me. And I was conformed. That exam was the scholarship of studying in Romania. I was very happy. I think it was Lord s will. Then I came in Romania first year to study Romanian language in Pitesti. There were a lot of church of Orthodox but I didn t find the Baptist church. And in that one year I read bible by myself, watched online sermons ,worshiped by myself and read mails from Daily success(mailing lessons) every day. In the second

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