Name : Jonathan Putra Class : XII.IA.

3 English For Tourism

Malaka Malay Sultanate Navy
Malaka Malay Sultanate is a maritime country kingdom that have a broad oceans and few island, so they need a powerful navy to secure and control it. The Navy live at the sea, and continous their marriage generation. The navy know very well the ocean and island condition, The dangerous, and how to face the challenges from the sea. Far away before the Malaka Malay Sultante period, the navy or so we called it the seamens, have already guard Malaka Strait and South China Ocean for Sriwijaya. The seamens is very loyal to their ruler. They are powerful enough to disobey and separate themselves from their ruler to form they own kingdom but because their loyalty, they stick with their ruler. When Sriwijaya Fallen, the Sriwijaya king, Pameswara run away from his own kingdom to search a place to from a new kingdom. However, because their loyalty, the seamens follow their king wherever he go. After that, Pameswara find a place to form his kingdom. That place is Bertam, or what we called it Malaka now. The seamens serve and guard the kingdom for almost 100 years, they disbanded when their king is not a pure royal blood from their king and the appereance of the Bugis tribe. Seamens and ruler, need each other to sustain their life. The ruler who lve on the land, ned the seamens to gather source from the sea such as seaweed, agar-agar, fish, etc. Besides consuming it, the source is exported to other country to increase the country economy. On the other side, the seamens need the products from land too, such as, oil, cloth, rice, etc. Base on their tribe and job, the works of seamens is like this : -The Mantang tribe, work as blacksmith to produce weaponary. -The Mepar tribe, work to build a ship to carry foreign delegation. -The Kasi, Trong, Sugi, and Moro Tribe prouduca agar-agar and sago -The Lodi tribe produce woods and furniture under a supervisor of an admiral. One of the famous admiral from Malaka Malay Sultanate is HangTuah. He was very skillful, smart, brave and intelligence. People believe that Hang Tuah was from Bintan or Riau island, together with his brothers, Hang Lekir, Hang Kesturi, and Hang Jebat. Once , Hang Tuah was invited to Majapahit Kingdom to represent Malaka. The Majapahit kingdom look down on Malaka, they don t trust Hang Tuah and try to shame Hang Tuah. But, with his intellingence and skill, Hang Tuah proves that Malaka is a powerful kingdom. After that, Majapahit acknowledge Malaka Kingdom thanks to Hang Tuah. Hang Tuah became a legendary admiral from Malaka

Because their loyalty. The title position is under an admiral position. the seamens was give this title. They given a respectful and acknowledge postion that have Sultanate trust on it. Hang Tuah also is a very loyal admiral. Even after he get betray by his own brother Hang Jebat. the seamens is very loyal to their ruler so they are the main supporter of the Malaka Malay Sultante kingdom. . he was kicked out from his own country. The conclusion is. and powerful.that is Brave. But Hang Tuah still come back to kill Hang Jebat to save Malaka Malay Sultanate that is betray by Hang Jebat too. The Malaka Malay Sultanate give a title to the seamens as Seri Bija Diraja . smart. This title is used to control every seamens where there is a war.

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