The Blind One

The constant beeping of the alarm clock set Andrew Wray on edge. It was six in the morning, and the alarm sounded like a fire-truck siren, blaring through his head in an infuriating manner. He woke up and lift off the shades by the window, and the shaft of sunlight shone through the glass windows, piercing his bloodshot eyes. He mumbled a few words, and went for a quick shower. His wife was still in a deep sleep as Andrew seemed to ignore her attention. He knew she would be awake in a few minutes time to make him breakfast, which he usually skipped. However, within thirty minutes, Andrew was actively engaged in a conference meeting while his limousine drove him to his office. An hour later, he was stuck in a severe traffic jam. Andrew looked grimly at the long row of cars and was irritated by the constant hooting of the cars behind him. Curse the traffic, he thought. As the clock reached half past seven he reached the headquarters of the Acorn-Kraps Company, the founder of a video game box that drove billions of dollars in revenue as the best-selling game for the past three years. Andrew was working continuously day and night for the company and very quickly, he had vaulted to the top of the world, becoming one of the richest men in the city. Andrew and the company appeared in every business magazine, and his quotes were golden words to entrepreneurs who prayed to follow his example. He and his wife lived in a luxurious villa where it was about approximately five thousand feet house and had a staff of eight thousand. Andrew was an efficient workaholic. Normally he was able to work twenty-hours a day, nonstop, and had a habit on skipping meals, which was not vital to his health. Not that he enjoyed working, but he was forced to work day and night. Sometimes he had to work overnight in the office, leaving his wife at home alone, which caused a hard relationship between the both of them. “All this busyness makes it monotonous. Am I really happy doing this?” asked Andrew himself, as his employers handed in stacks of reports and proposals, and he signed every single page which he was cautious of. After a huge burden of work was completed, Andrew gave a sigh of relief as he drove his limousine, completely drained by all the work he had done without having meals. It was chilly night then, and it was late at night – most of the streetlights were switched off, and he was all alone in the dark with his limousine. His eyes seemed to droop as he drove, and he thought of the noiseless mansion he was returning to. Spending hours in business transactions left him devoid of emotions, and he felt like a dead man. His phone rang while he was driving. He picked up the phone and saw his wife was calling for him. He didn’t bother to pick up the call, but fortunately he answered. “Where are you now?” asked his wife. “Can’t you go to sleep first and stop interrupting me on my driving?” Andrew said in a stern voice, “now if you’ll excuse me, I’m unavailable to chat with you at the moment…”

Now. Agonized by the fact. Look closely at the light. who seemed to be successful in everything and never failed to succeed. He was unable to see who was starting the conversation. When money in his saving accounts came to his mind. have mercy on me – and let me continue to live on!” “I am not going to tell my name. He looked closely at the light. He had honour and fame.” A white light shined above his head as he looked up. my Lord. He ventured deep into parts of his life. down in Earth. asking him of his success. but he was too late. who just graduated from high school and was about to receive a degree on his global business on his university. Within seconds. you deserve their prayers. He later remarked that he seemed to be in a black hole. This was equivalent to Andrew’s case. even you live – as well as you die. “Who are you?” questioned Andrew. “Your family and your wife are praying for you. “If that’s you. He realized a truck was heading towards him and he tried to avoid the crash. and a voice was heard. who was broken into tears. and you’ll see the reality. his car flipped sideways and hit a nearby light post. That astronomical amount of money is completely useless. and one can see its past. he witnessed himself as a young toddler who was paid lots of attention by his parents. His family and relatives were also by him. But do you think. I have been expecting you. he wasn’t aware of his surroundings and heard a loud honk. he tried to think of his past. he will enter tunnels of light. “It is all so useless. for your ignorance on them while you’re alive?” “I give them money to live on – that is what I do to make them satisfied. and hearing the cries of the truck driver calling for help. he thought. His only goal was to earn plenty of money for a living. he lost all his consciousness.” said the voice.” Andrew seemed to be shocked. “but I can tell you – that you’re the blind one.” replied Andrew. . and saw ambulances were by his limousine. He began to faint as he felt no more. where his only memories were related to business.As he put down his phone. but he had no happiness of his own. “See that?” said the voice. Excruciating pain shot through his right leg just as the glass broke and one of its fragments pierced his left eye. *** People say that when a person loses sensation. and forever. “Andrew Wray. Another few seconds later he witnessed himself as an eighteen year old teenager. but what he had forgotten was the pursuit of happiness which was apparently everyone’s ultimate goal for a living. as well as his wife. and also memories that had long ago erased from his mind. Moments later. he witnessed himself as a forty year old businessman. and they seemed to be praying for him to be alive.” said the voice. He seemed to see himself being surrounded by reporters. The truck crashed into his limousine and upon impact. with bright light zoomed continuously as if his historical moments were rewinding.

and the first few years of his marriage were peaceful as well as memorable. people around them were clapping and they hugged each other. he received no phone calls from his parents. His mother was phoning him. and continued to work. he ignored his wife and only spoke to her few minutes a day. will you come around for dinner tonight? The whole family is waiting for you. but she never received the happiness from his her husband after the marriage. After the acceptance. It reminded him of poverty. he declined hotly. or perhaps anywhere you like? Why can’t you spend some time with me to a trip. Do not ask for more. one day she exploded. He was excited but worried about others’ skepticism. as conditions were difficult. after a few years when his workload began to increase. Every day his parents would struggle to bring enough food to feed the family. However. There was another scene which came to his mind and he saw his wife in a coffee shop. I am your husband. Normally his wife received stacks of money per month. After that. At that time. Every time his wife kept asking when they will go out for dinner or perhaps to the movies. His parents were selfless and caring. He saw himself seated in a cramped public estate with five other siblings. He knew that that place was the first time he met his wife. in a serious state. The scene changed and he saw himself involved in a quarrel with his wife.“Money implies everything to make a life happier?” questioned the voice.” Andrew looked closely and saw his old times with his family. Look closely and you’ll know what’s going on. and Andrew replied her in an impatient tone. sharing two plates of meager-looking vegetables and lumps of leftover beef. and you shall listen to me whenever I tell you to do so.” “No! You know how busy I am! Don’t ever call me on such unimportant matters again!” His parents called him for dinner for several more times and he replied in the same impatient attitude. he had become rich and successful. “Why can’t you spend one single day with me at home. I provide you with my money and you shall spend it. maybe to the Bahamas? Or somewhere near like Taiwan? Is that even a mission impossible for you to accomplish?” “Don’t you compare the other people to me. He didn’t know that winning a minute’s peace could mean losing the support of his family. The scene changed and saw himself driving his other Mercedes-Benz. He was already a businessman and had high salaries every month. the new face of the future. as he gave her a bouquet of flowers. and laughter was filled in the air of his olden days. Finally. “Your money life days are over. the moment I’m through with work and I get absolutely furious with you I don’t know what will be the end of you!” “Fine! You worthless money lover! I was wrong to marry you and such a fool I was to be such a stupidity!” . “Son. which was then. where he bowed down to her and asked for an engagement. Andrew – what you have done turned out to be saddening among the people you know.

and love was abundant in the air.Since then. but he hadn’t treasured them. These were his happy moments. you will still be the blind one as you continue on to live. He had been happy while living his family. But. Andrew had already been unconscious for three days. With all the earnestness of my heart. and he stated his wife as “a person who asks for more”. and Andrew was no longer interested in her. and I am willing to live once more. To Andrew himself it felt like thirty years. he greeted his wife good morning and had breakfast together. His wife was in tears and embraced him. the memory came back to him. which he never admitted as one. “What a fool I was! I never treasured my love from the others. like an electric shock. Every morning.” said Andrew. His mind was filled with abhorrence of her. he was startled to see so many people around him. Even though he resigned working at Acorn-Kraps Company. His successful career had sucked all the meaning out of his life. He was also being called as the “hypocrites”. relatives and your wife are calling for you down there. His limousine was destroyed in the crash and he was sent to hospital. and the willingness to live again?” “I have the privilege. their relationship diminished.” said the doctor. When he awoke. when Andrew totally recovered from his injuries. he moved on and . they embraced him. “Andrew Wray. and of course his wife. couldn’t resist the tears coming out from his eyes. you’re lucky to be alive in such serious matters. do you think you have the privilege. “I remember everything now. *** A month later. yes! I will live it well!” The mysterious walls and lights dissolved and Harry awoke to the glare of hospital lights. his first question was. I have no choice but to repeat myself. for I think this should be a punishment for you to wake up and remember the relationship you once had. He yelled at his employers. and had been happy spending his honeymoon with his wife. “You’ve finally woken up. The doctors failed to save his left eye and his right leg. “Where am I?” As the people around him kindly answered his question. Like many who regained consciousness after a serious trauma. for he was a lover of money but nothing else in his life.” “Your family. he realized that his family and his wife were important than his work. Andrew himself. The truck driver was arrested for driving carelessly. Life was bitter but sweet. and to those anxiously waiting it seemed like a century.” “I desire to live again. However. I am willing to change once more!” The voice went silent for a while as it continued. and fired those whom he never liked. Andrew thought deeply as he remembered his happy moments in the past. they managed to save his life. “Now do you think you deserve their sympathy?” boomed the voice. One after the other. including his family. and I am willing to live again.

which was like grasping at thin air. Andrew realized that one could only be truly happy if one knew how to appreciate life. Marco Cheng . Even though his monthly earnings were less than expected originally. One day. but he wouldn’t mind. he knew he would be permanently blind. instead venturing to search for the satisfaction in money that was never there for him. he knew that his life was much more important than his career. forgive me on my indecorous attitude to you all. It collected funds to help all kinds of people fight eye diseases. and he was proud that he was able to help others and support his family at the same time. A total of twenty thousand people had already benefited from the services of his organization.” said Andrew. He was blind. “And mom. He knew he was blind not to realize that his wife was the most suitable person for him. Andrew invited his family to dine with him and his wife at his villa. he knew that his work in the Wray Vision United had given him more joy and satisfaction. His wife and himself prepared the meal for everyone. In fact. dad. named as the Wray Vision United.” His wife gave him a smile as he began to love him more than ever. my dear. It was a touching moment as they embraced him once more. including cataracts and eye cancer. Even though he’s partially blind. as they all forgave him and gave him all the support he needed. nor his wife complained about his blindness. “Forgive me on all the things I have done to you in the past. and in return supports were given to him.opened a charitable organization. because he failed to realize the happiness that was always within his reach. she gave him support as well as his family. He spent more time with his wife and his family. and when dinner was set. he said to them. After the incident.

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